The gym – one of three locations in the school to upgrade its AV system
USA - Northeast High School is a four-year public high school in Pasadena, Maryland. With almost 1,600 students, Northeast has several notable sports teams, a growing music programme and its own designated acting troupe that puts on three shows a year.

Originally constructed in 1964, Northeast has recently undergone a major renovation. As part of that renovation, the school received new AV systems in its main and auxiliary gymnasiums, its multi-purpose cafeteria and its black box theater.

Northeast hired consultant Steven Sinclair of Polysonics, an engineering firm in Warrenton, Virginia, to design the new AV systems. After winning a public bid, HP Electronics, a full-service AV integrator in Baltimore, installed the school's new AV systems.

Sinclair specified Community loudspeakers for all three Northeast venues. The gymnasiums feature Community R1-94 two-way loudspeakers supplemented by R2SUB subwoofers. The multi-purpose cafeteria has Community WET Series W2-228 loudspeakers in the high-ceiling areas and CLOUD1299 12" coaxial ceiling loudspeakers in the dropped-ceiling areas. The black box theater uses Community CPL42-94 two-way loudspeakers supplemented by CPL51 subwoofers. The subwoofers are permanently mounted in the room while the two-way CPL42-94s were provided as portable loudspeakers for the varying productions that take place in this theatre.

The loudspeakers in each venue are powered by Lab.gruppen amplifiers and managed by Biamp Nexia DSP systems. The venues are equipped with Shure wireless microphones, whilst a Mackie mixer serves the black box theatre. The theater also received a Panasonic 10K lumen projector for the main area and two new Epson video projectors in the alcoves.

David Martin of HP Electronics says all of the systems have been well received. In particular, he says the gymnasium is in constant use and the school "raves about the new sound system."

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