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goboquick-photoPLASA 2018: custom service
Tuesday, 4 September 2018

UK - will be exhibiting at PLASA 2018 on stand B2 in London Olympia (16-18 September). will present its custom and standard gobos in metal, glass and plastic, plus accessories and Rosco E-Colour filter.
Sister company CutColourPlus (sharing stand B2) offers a bespoke filter-cutting and scroll-making service to the entertainment, educational and architectural markets.
GoboPlus’ latest gobo projector, GoboQuick, will also be showcased. GoboQuick (pictured) is a dynamic effect lantern, with an in-built gobo rotation function, that projects sharp images from glass or metal size-E gobos.
GoboQuick is available with a 30W white LED or a 30W RGBW LED engine with long-life white LEDs. The fixture is supplied with an adjustable mounting bracket / floor stand, a “Welcome” gobo mounted in the rotatable gobo holder, a spare gobo holder, a 1.5m power cable and a full user manual.
Company representatives will also be on hand to discuss GoboPlus’ services Offering comprehensive expertise from some of the industry’s most experienced gobo specialists, delivers quality and service, with outstanding custom gobos and over 3000 designs from Rosco, DHA, and GAM in addition to its own ever-growing catalogue of exclusive gobo designs.
(Jim Evans)

ayrtonforwebPLASA 2018: Ayrton to launch two LED fixtures
Monday, 3 September 2018

UK - Ayrton will unveil two new lighting fixtures and showcase others in the UK for the first time as it exhibits on stand K40 at PLASA 2018 on 16-18 September.
The French lighting manufacturer will launch the Bora-S wash and the Khamsin-S spot, two low-power LED fixtures that are also up for PLASA Awards for Innovation.
Bora-S is a high-output, low-power LED washlight that delivers 38,000lm output from an 8,000K white LED engine of just 750W. Ayrton says its performance surpasses that of any other LED fixture in its class, and 1500W/1700W discharge fixtures at a fraction of the power consumption. Bora-S is ideal for large scale venues and outdoor and indoor arenas, but it's also fully featured with a 178mm PC front lens, a 8:1 zoom delivering a beam range of 8° to 64°, full field framing, an iris, a rotating gobo wheel,two colour wheels and a full CMY + CTO colour system with a CRI greater than 70 - with smooth transitions at all focal lengths. In addition, the fixture comes in a package with the same footprint and similarly compact body as Ayrton’s Ghibli.
Ayrton's other new luminaire to debut at the PLASA Show is Khamsin-S, an automated LED spotlight that outputs 39,000lm from its 750W white LED source. Khamsin-S has the same 750W, 8000K white LED engine as Bora-S along with two rotating gobo wheels, an animation wheel, full field framing, two prisms, an iris, two frosts, two fixed colour wheels and a full CMY + linear CTO colour system, plus a 9:1 zoom with a 6.5° to 56° beam range. The luminaire comes in a similarly-sized housing as its

proplex-cat6a-splayedTMB introduces ProPlex extended length cables
Monday, 3 September 2018

TMB has introduced the first ethernet patch cable with verified performance up to 100m.This one-of-a-kind, stranded, flexible CAT6a patch cable is suitable for all portable networks up to 10-Gigabit, and features renowned ProPlex durability, reliability, handling, low skew, noise rejection, and data transmission characteristics.
In entertainment applications, ProPlex Cat 6a Extended cable is especially useful for front of house cable runs, where the industry standard lengths for sound, lighting, and video are typically either 100m or 300ft. Prior to the introduction of this cable, no portable, stranded Cat 6a or Cat 5e cables providing 100% verified performance were available to support these lengths.
Drawing upon over 30 years of experience and over 15 million feet of ProPlex Data Cable sales, ProPlex CAT6a Extended combines the highest data transmission integrity with the ability to withstand the most extreme handling and conditions, indoors and outdoors. ProPlex CAT6a Extended is available to TMB’s professional customers as either raw cable or fully-assembled patch cables.
“ProPlex CAT6a Extended Length cable is a watershed,” says TMB sales manager, Stephanie Kilburg. “10-Gigabit speed over longer runs with proven ProPlex reliability and handling characteristics is a winner for portable networks everywhere. ProPlex cables are well known for holding up under rigorous conditions where other cables fail; and for maintaining excellent data integrity, even after many years of the physical stress of portable use.”
Kilburg adds: “All cables

prolightPLASA 2018: Prolight Concepts schedules launches
Monday, 3 September 2018

UK - Prolight Concepts Group will exhibit at PLASA (stand G40), highlighting its expanding product range and an eventful business year that saw the company move to a new warehouse and office complex and refresh its logo (pictured).
At the PLASA Show, Prolight Concepts will feature eLumen8, LEDJ and Global Truss and launch many new products, including dynamic backlit blinders and Kudos moving heads, IP65-rated Endura pars and Evora series all from eLumen8.
LEDJ will feature a pixel version of the Spectra Flood Q40 and an addition to the new CZ Stage Pars with an RGBA version, and Prolight Concepts will also showcase its ever-expanding Global Truss staging systems.
(Jim Evans)

halo-a-on-chariotPLASA 2018: EM Acoustics focuses on HALO-A
Friday, 31 August 2018

UK - EM Acoustics is shining the spotlight on its new HALO Arena large-format line array system at PLASA 2018 (Stand U61), which will be shown with its dedicated transit chariot. Nominated for a PLASA Innovation Award, HALO-A has enjoyed a busy summer season including a series of successful demos at London’s LH2 rehearsal and production studios, convincing testing in Norway, and a recent outing at Silverstone for the MotoGP. Further demos will also be taking place at the G Live arts centre in Guildford on 11 September for anyone who would be interested in hearing the system prior to PLASA.
HALO Arena is built on the same core “maximum headroom” design intent as the highly successful medium-format HALO-C system, but it takes overall SPL capability to a level suitable for much larger applications, whilst still maintaining consistent performance throughout the SPL range.
A single HALO-A cabinet exhibits a flat, free-field frequency response from 48Hz to 19kHz (±3dB) and a phase response of ±20 degrees between 150Hz and 18kHz. Due to the unique loading technique applied to the low frequency drivers combined with the high frequency waveguide, the dispersion pattern control is maintained down to 250Hz.
A combination of the four 1.4” exit HF compression drivers and a specially developed patent-pending emulation manifold ensures flawless performance and coverage. EM Acoustics’ technical director and HALO-A designer Ed Kinsella explains: “This assembly provides a very significant moving area for the HF section and twice the headroom of comparab

iscePLASA 2018: ISCE presents Safety First seminar
Friday, 31 August 2018

UK - The PLASA 2018 seminar programme includes a Safety First presentation by Helen Goddard, fellow and director of The Institute of Sound & Communications Engineers (ISCE), which takes place on Tuesday 18 September, 14:00-14:45 hrs in the Fast Track Theatre.
Helen will be outlining the ECS Certification Scheme and how it affects audio engineers working on sites and in venues. She will also describe how sound engineers can become accredited for this growing Health & Safety and core competencies standard within the construction industry.
A recognised ECS trade card is increasingly requested by clients and main contractors in order for operatives to gain access to sites and venues for equipment upgrades and routine maintenance. The ISCE is the only dedicated provider of ECS cards to sound industry professionals.
The 45 minute seminar will outline the following: What is the ECS Certification Scheme and how does it affect me? The mechanism for certification through the Institute of Sound and Communication Engineers.
ISCE is exhibiting at PLASA 2018 for the duration of the exhibition and can be found on Stand no. V2 for anyone wishing to discuss the ISCE Sound Engineer ECS card further.
(Jim Evans)

madrixnebula2018blackMadrix Nebula gets major upgrades
Thursday, 30 August 2018

Europe - Nebula, the popular LED pixel tape driver from Madrix, has received two major new upgrades.
The improved hardware now features two separate Ethernet network ports. Both are fully functionally for data input and output and can be used for the data connection without using a separate network switch or router. More importantly, these ports enable daisy-chain support to linearly connecting several devices together with ease.
On top, firmware 2.0 has been released. The new update adds numerous features to all Nebula devices. They include support for Streaming ACN as well as ArtSync, and settings for start channel, channel order, and output in case of connection loss.
New types of LEDs are also regularly added, and the list currently boasts over 35 SPI protocols for different ICs.
(Jim Evans)

adjADJ expands Entour series with compact fazer
Thursday, 30 August 2018

USA/Europe - ADJ has announced the immediate availability of the latest addition to the company’s Entour range of professional effect generation equipment. The Entour Faze is a robust and affordable portable faze machine, with patent pending rapid heater technology, that creates a thin mist of atmospheric haze using regular water-based fog fluid.
It is suitable installation in a wide variety of venues, including bars, lounges, clubs, entertainment centres, community theatres and churches, and is also suitable for mobile use by entertainers and production companies.
The new Entour Faze builds on the success of the popular Entourage professional touring faze machine and Entour Venue installation model, offering a more affordable and compact solution that still generates an impressive output. Combining the latest heating technology with a high-powered fan, the unit uses standard water-based fog fluid but outputs a fine mist rather than the thick plumes of smoke created by traditional fog machines. This makes it suitable for generating a lightshow-enhancing atmosphere for both stages and dancefloors.
Equipped with a 450W heating element, the Entour Faze is capable of generating 1000 cubic feet of atmospheric haze per minute. It also offers a large three-litre fluid tank and a low consumption rate of 10ml per minute, which means that it is capable of five hours of operation from a single tank of fluid. The unit also features ADJ’s new patent pending Rapid Heater Technology that means the machine can be ready to start producing haze just 40 seconds fr

lisa-newPLASA 2018: L-Acoustics brings L-ISA to Olympia
Thursday, 30 August 2018

UK - L-Acoustics returns to the PLASA Show in 2018 from 16-18 September with a booth space for the first time in 10 years.
The L-Acoustics team invites you to visit them on the ground floor on booth C20 to discover mixing in L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound on the L-ISA Controller using KLANG:technologies 3D in-ear monitors.
L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound is a revolutionary technology for multidimensional mixing and processing that offers extremely natural and vivid sound, creating a sense of proximity and deeper connections between artist and audience.
Join Sherif El Barbari, director of L-ISA Labs as he discusses Bringing the Audience Closer: How Technology is Changing the Live Sound Experience with a panel hosted by taking place on Tuesday, 18 September at 11:00am. Space is limited with advanced registration available on the PLASA website.
(Jim Evans)

danteDante Domain Manager adds more features
Wednesday, 29 August 2018

USA - Audinate has announced a new version of Dante Domain Manager, with additional features and enhancements.
For larger Dante installations, customers can purchase expansion packs for the Platinum Edition to support up to 1,050 devices per instance of Dante Domain Manager.
The automatic device discovery service that customers have grown accustomed to with 4.0 firmware devices, has now been extended to legacy (pre-v4.0) devices. This makes it easier to for products with and without the 4.0 firmware to co-exist in Dante Domain Manager.
Designed to accelerate setup, configuration and troubleshooting, the Network Diagnostics Report provides instant visibility of basic network configuration via connectivity, DHCP, DNS and Internet reachability tests.
Available in the Network & Security settings, it is now just a single click to quickly establish if there are any fundamental configuration errors on the network.
Finally, customers can now rename Dante domains without having to delete and recreate them.
(Jim Evans)

versarray-pro-hangPLASA 2018: UK debut for Versarray PRO
Wednesday, 29 August 2018

UK - Crest Audio is set to present its Versarray PRO powered line array for the first time in the UK at PLASA 2018 (stand U60). Comprising the Versarray PRO VR112 line array element and the VR-PRO 215 sub, Versarray PRO is suitable for all mid-sized line array applications including live entertainment, theatres, houses of worship and more. With integrated Dante audio networking, built-in DSP, innovative flying hardware and world class components, the Versarray PRO powered line array delivers quality audio in a versatile, easy-to-set-up, networkable package.
The VR112 benefits from Crest Audio’s latest-generation Mark III ribbon drivers and proprietary CLEAR FORM Waveguide for crystalline high-end reproduction. The low end is served by the 12” NEO Black Widow neodymium loudspeaker with dual 4” voice coils which works in conjunction with Crest’s patented Ram Air Cooling (RAC) design for even greater efficiency and power handling. The compact, flyable VR-PRO 215 sub, also with RAC design, features dual 15” Black Widow Low Rider drivers and delivers full power down to 35 Hz and a peak SPL of 135dB. Both elements benefit from 3000W of available dynamic power.
In terms of rigging, Versarray PRO is a fully articulating array thanks to an ingenious, easy-to-adjust three-pin system on the back, which enables a range of configurations that are simply unachievable in other comparably priced systems. The result is near-perfect coverage and audio quality across a vast range of applications.
Furthermore, Versarray PRO includes Auto-Hang DSP technology,

timaxPLASA 2018: Out Board premieres TiMax software
Friday, 24 August 2018

UK - At PLASA London (stand S61), UK immersive audio and showcontrol specialists Out Board will demonstrate the new TiMax 500S software for TiMax SoundHub, featuring StageSpace spatial rendering tools which instantly auto-calculate multiple adaptive delay-matrix localisation objects using 3D data imported from CAD files or entered directly.
TiMax spatial objects can be rendered and adapted for a wide variety of stage, audience and sound system configurations, and fine-tuned in rehearsal by the user, because, as Out Board maintains “experienced sound designers will tell you its the last millisecond or dB of adjustment that really make the spatialisation work”.
TiMax 500S integrated TimeLine and PanSpace resources allow quick and easy intensive programming and control of multi-layered immersive soundscapes, with intuitive and versatile task-based workflows tailored for live, presentation and experiential spatial reinforcement and immersive audio. There are also new-look variable day/night skins optimised for outdoor, rehearsal and dark showtime conditions.
TiMax will also introduce the all-new TiMax FPGA dsp core, which offers new creative tools for spatial reinforcement, 3D immersive audio and spatial acoustic enhancement. Currently, the new core replicates all existing TiMax dsp resources, but with extended delay-matrix memory and completely new ultra-smooth dynamic delay morphing algorithms for totally transparent real-time vocal and instrument localisation as well as immersive layered moving effects. An FPGA upgrade option will be available t

pr2017mercuryhero001av1BUK Solutions expands product range
Friday, 24 August 2018

UK - AV technology provider BUK Solutions (formerly Brähler ICS UK) has announced an expanded product range, which now provides its customers with access to thousands of products from leading brands including Crestron AV, Polycom, Sony and BlackMagic.
Simon Sainsbury, managing director of BUK Solutions, comments: “This exciting development brings us increased flexibility, enabling us to explore a wider variety of solutions that meet our customers’ exact AV requirements, no matter how complex, while providing more cost-effective solutions for customers.”
Business development manager, Duncan Conway, adds: “It’s a win-win for all of our customers – not only do they have access to a vast range of excellent audio-visual solutions, but they’ll also benefit from all of our industry-leading expertise which we have built up over 30 years. We have recognised a desire among our customers to improve and upgrade their meeting room facilities. They want to simplify connectivity and enhance collaboration capabilities. Some of our biggest clients are already taking advantage of the impressive range of Crestron products that are now available.”
Among the products now available from BUK is the Crestron Mercury Tabletop Conference System.
BUK provides AV solutions for numerous high-profile clients around the UK including universities, banks, legal institutions and professional bodies. BUK also continues to deliver long-term projects for the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Defence.
(Jim Evans)

current-rms-tousenewPLASA 2018: Current RMS shares latest updates
Wednesday, 22 August 2018

UK - Current RMS will be back once again exhibiting at PLASA London in September, where they’ll be showcasing their latest features built for the AV, lighting and staging industries, including a number of new updates.
The team will be on hand to show how simple managing the entire rental process from start to finish becomes with Current RMS, thanks to the convenience and the ease of one cloud-based solution. See the real-time availability of your kit from any device, effortlessly create quotes and orders to send online to your clients, seamlessly scan to allocate and book out your kit, and manage your crew, transport and venues all from one system.
Since the success of last year’s PLASA London show, the team has been working to implement some of their user feedback, based on votes on their open Customer Wishlist. New updates have included Choosing Accessories, providing users greater flexibility when adding kits and packages to jobs. The system now shows how many of these accessories are in stock, allowing users to make more informed decisions when building quotes.
A more recent update includes Do a Deal, which allows users to set a deal price to their jobs as a whole, or to individual product groups, with Current intelligently distributing the revenue between items. This is ideal for situations where you’d want a charge total to reflect what was agreed with your customer.
The last year has also seen the team checking in with a number of their users across the globe, to see how their software makes it easier for them to man

elcELC debuts new signal distribution concept
Tuesday, 21 August 2018

The Netherlands - DMX control specialist ELC Lighting has launched the DLN8GBXSL eight-port slave node, a new concept designed “to revolutionise ethernet/DMX network distribution”.
The DLN8GBXSL serves as a substitute for a DMX splitter rack, where all DMX ports are fully programmable as output, input, merge, backup and more, as node ports. This slave node forms part of the ELC GBX Distribution System, of which the dmXLAN switch (GBx10 or GBx18) is the backbone. This switch is the master, and up to 15 slave units can be daisy chained via the ethernet ports. The system supports all open protocols including sACN, Art-Net and ShowNET.
When connected, and loaded with ELC’s advanced dmXLAN software, the system transforms how DMX can be distributed from an ethernet network. It is specifically tailored for live entertainment applications where a mixture of data protocols would overload and saturate commercially-available network switches. The system utilises standard ethernet protocols and DMX.
“The ethernet part stays the same, but the idea is that if you usually have one node, and on each port of the node you connect a splitter, you end up with a rack where each splitter can do only one thing - repeat on eight or 10 ports,” explains ELC’s sales manager, Silvio Cibien. “Ideally, we would like to have the node instead of splitters, so each DMX port is used for programming, digital patching, the merging that you like, channel by channel. However, this can be very expensive.
“Therefore, ELC has created this new system, which allows the

onyx-by-obsidian2Obsidian Control Systems launches ONYX
Monday, 20 August 2018

USA - Elation Professional has announced the next chapter in the evolution of Obsidian Control Systems with release of ONYX, a lighting control platform that is backwards compatible with all M-Series lighting control products.
ONYX is a rebranding of the well-established M-Series control platform and is designed for use with all M-Series hardware (M-DMX, M-Touch, M-Play, M2PC, M2GO, M2GO HD, M1, M1 HD and M6). The first software release, ONYX 4.0, includes improvements and library updates and marks a foundation for new features and functions to be available in the near future.
ONYX software is available from a newly launched website for Obsidian Control Systems,, where lighting pros can learn more about Obsidian lighting control products and the ONYX platform while staying up to date on the latest news and developments. The website also includes an online help system as well as a user forum so that users can always find the help they need. Users can also stay connected via a dedicated Obsidian Control Systems Facebook page. The Elation website at offers additional support and product information.
ONYX is a powerful yet easy-to-learn lighting control platform designed for both hardware consoles and PC systems.
With control of up to 128 Universes of DMX, Art-Net or sACN from a single system, ONYX is designed to grow with the user and their shows, offering smart options and affordable solutions along the way. Obsidian Control Systems products are exclusively distributed by Elation Professional wor

bosecontrolspaceexaudioconferencingsolutionBose ControlSpace EX system goes global
Friday, 17 August 2018

World - Coming off of a rigorous six-month beta period with over 50 successful conference room installations, Bose Professional is now ready for global distribution of its ControlSpace EX audio conferencing system.
Designed and tested with leading consultants and integrators, the EX line offers a comprehensive, scalable solution that is easy to specify, design with, and deploy. The suite includes an all-in-one DSP, three under-table Dante endpoints, and ControlSpace Designer software with features specific to streamlined build-outs of audio conferencing systems.
At the heart of the system is the ControlSpace EX-1280C conferencing processor. It addresses a common need in conferencing audio for consolidated, single-model connectivity. The EX-1280C includes integrated support for VoIP, PSTN, analog and USB audio. Twelve advanced, routable AECs with adaptable noise cancellation, non-linear processing and comfort noise enhance the clarity and intelligibility of meetings.
The entire ControlSpace EX system leverages Dante audio networking for simplified routing and connectivity. The EX-1280C processor has 64x64 Dante I/O and native support for all Dante conferencing microphones. Additional onboard connectivity includes 12 mic/line inputs, eight analog outputs, an eight-channel Bose AmpLink digital output, stereo in/out USB audio, dual-line VoIP, and PSTN. To help with installation and monitoring, a convenient front panel OLED display and rotary knob allow for metering and control of basic parameters such as IP settings.
A key highlight of the Control

showmatch-arrayPLASA 2018: Bose highlights broad range
Thursday, 16 August 2018

UK - Bose Professional will be showing the breadth of their product portfolio at the PLASA Show (16-18 September, London Olympia), including new EdgeMax in-ceiling premium loudspeakers which combine the superior coverage patterns typical of larger surface-mount loudspeakers with the visually appealing aesthetics of in-ceiling loudspeakers, thus representing an entirely new product category.
Alongside, will be the new ControlSpace EX-1280 audio conferencing system which includes a conferencing signal processor and three new Dante-based ControlSpace under-table endpoints (EX-4ML, EX-8ML and EX-UH). Designed with input from leading integrators, the system features connectivity for various types of audio conferencing, including USB, VoIP, PSTN, analogue, and phone headset audio.
Bose ShowMatch DeltaQ array loudspeakers for both installation and portable applications will also be on show. With field-changeable waveguides that help provide the best possible sound quality throughout the audience area, ShowMatch DeltaQ arrays provide significant advantages over conventional line array loudspeakers.
DeltaQ array technology improves sound quality and vocal clarity by providing selectable coverage patterns that direct more sound energy to the audience by allowing directivity, or “Q,” to vary with each array module.
ShowMatch full-range array loudspeakers are available with 5-degree, 10-degree or 20-degree vertical coverage with class-leading versatility that allows J-array, constant-curvature, or DeltaQ array configurations. Conventional line arrays

dante-frontAllen & Heath ships Dante card for SQ
Tuesday, 14 August 2018

UK - Allen & Heath is now shipping the hotly anticipated Dante card for its SQ series.
SQ is the first compact mixer to provide a full 64x64 channel, 96kHz interface to a Dante network.
SQ product manager, Keith Johnson, comments: “We’re delighted to make the SQ Dante card available to the many, many SQ customers who’ve been waiting patiently for this release. Our R&D team has been working with the good folks at Audinate on a custom implementation of Dante HC to deliver a high channel count, 96kHz solution that takes full advantage of SQ’s XCVI FPGA core.”
Any SQ mixer fitted with the SQ Dante card can now connect to 96kHz amplifiers, interfaces and other devices on a Dante network without unnecessary sample rate conversion or added latency. In addition to facilitating system integration, the new card enables digital splits and affordable multitrack recording direct to a computer, making it a powerful addition to SQ systems in live, installation and recording applications. The SQ Dante card can also be switched to 48kHz to accommodate existing Dante networks and is Dante Domain Manager ready.
Johnson adds: “Sometimes breaking new ground takes a little longer than taking the easy option – but we’re confident that the results are well worth it.”
(Jim Evans)

smarty-hybridPLASA 2018: Elation to showcase Smarty Hybrid
Tuesday, 14 August 2018

UK - Elation will be showcasing at PLASA Stand H40 the Smarty Hybrid, a full featured CMY colour mixing spot, beam and wash fixture. At the heart of the fixture is the new Platinum lamp using ‘FLEX’ technology which offers a "smartly” designed discharge lamp/ballast package (6,000 hour lamp life) for high output / compact performance at an efficient and affordable price point.
Elation continues to expand its award-winning Artiste series of creative moving heads. At PLASA, look for the Artiste Picasso, a theatrical-grade luminaire that 'connects art to engineering'. One of the brightest and most feature-rich profile LED lighting fixtures on the market today, it is a high-output (22,000 lumens), feature-packed (zoom, framing, CMY, CTO, gobo wheels, animation, prisms, frost and more) yet compact profile light featuring a new high-power 600W Cool White LED engine.
Elation has also embarked on a new chapter in its evolution with the launch of Obsidian Control Systems, an accessible line of advanced yet intuitive lighting control products. Obsidian (formerly M-Series) offers a wide range of lighting controllers, including excellent entry level options, which are exclusively distributed by Elation Professional worldwide.
The Cuepix 16 IP is a 4x4 LED LED blinder and effect panel with all-weather IP65 protection. Designers can add high-impact colour or white light, eye candy or pixel-mapped effects, to productions of all types without the worry of weather and cost and inconvenience of protective coverings.
Elation Professional now offers two n

cat6-superflex-500-0161-hgSommer debuts Superflex
Monday, 13 August 2018

Germany - With the SC-Mercator Cat.6 PUR, Sommer Cable is introducing a high-performance cable for the mobile outdoor transmission of digital audio and network signals.
Despite its halogen-free, flame-retardant PUR jacket and the insulated, shielded wires the new cable is cold flexible and easily reelable, enabling trouble-free transmissions for Ethersound over distances of up to 110m (361 ft.).
Only 8mm in diameter for 4 x 2 wires, the Cat.6 Superflex is relatively compact and therefore suitable for OB van applications. The cable is available both as bulkware and ready-made cable.
“The Cat.6 PUR Superflex is particularly recommended for situations where a reliable temperature resistance, a safe data transfer and at the same time a high flexibility are much in demand,” explains Pascal Miguet, product & sales manager for Sommer Cable.
(Jim Evans)

cflmainCLF announces LEDbar PRO and Hera
Monday, 13 August 2018

The Netherlands - CLF has extended its line of lighting essentials with the introduction of the LEDbar PRO and Hera.
The CLF LEDbar PRO is a multifunctional linear RGBW LED batten. The IP65-rated fixture has 10 individually controllable RGBW LEDs and can be used as a cyc and a pixel-controlled effect machine thanks to its 24° beam angle. Dynamic effects are easily configured by DMX, and the fixture is also Art-Net and sACN ready. Multiple rigging options are offered by the easily adaptable bracket positioning system and the side lock system offers matrix possibilities. Power can be connected through PowerCON TRUE1 connectors.
The CLF Hera is an IP65 rated RGBWAUV LED par has 12 high power dimmable LEDs that deliver “rich colours, subtle pastel tones and a very homogenous 30° beam angle”. A single bracket design provides both standing and hanging opportunities, all in a touring-ready aluminium housing, while an intelligent cooling system promises silent operation. Data and power can be connected through the IP65 five-pin locking XLR and PowerCON TRUE1 connectors.
(Jim Evans)

air-starAirstar launches NEO range
Thursday, 9 August 2018

France - Airstar has launched NEO, the latest addition to the French manufacturer's inflatable lighting range dedicated to event staging.
The tube-shaped product measures 5m x 20cm and offers 8,500 lumens of brightness. The tubes can be either installed on the ground or mounted and are suitable for events and music festivals or as a part of a creative set.
Jean-Pierre David, an industrial designer at Airstar, who designed the product, explains: "It may sound odd, but the NEO concept could be described as a genesis of the Jedi lightsaber and my grandmother's kitchen neon. Although relatively simple, it is truly unique in the marketplace: it creates extravagant and creative lighting effects. Event professionals can let their imaginations run free with the help of this fun and easy to use solution."
NEO was trialled at this year’s Solidays festival, a major music event in Paris that welcomes more than 200,000 punters over three days. In order to mark the 20th anniversary of the festival, the Solidarité Sida association once again called upon Airstar for its lighting needs.
Fifteen NEO tubes were installed in the heart of the Solidays Club, a wooded area welcoming more than 2,000 people a day, located near the main stage ‘Paris’, the biggest festival stage in Europe this year. By deploying NEO, it was possible to overcome the sense of limited space due to the low height of the trees, while providing efficient, aesthetically-pleasing and glare-free lighting.
As a Solidaire partner of Solidays for the past 10 years, Airstar works in cl

adj-controlADJ releases myDMX-RM interface
Tuesday, 7 August 2018

USA - ADJ has announced the release of its new myDMX-RM lighting control interface. The tool offers internal storage with 16 programmable trigger buttons in addition to its function as a hardware dongle for the myDMX 3.0 software.
The myDMX-RM is a 19” rack mountable interface that connects a computer running the myDMX 3.0 software via USB to a DMX-controllable lighting rig through a standard XLR connection. Out of the box, the unit allows use of myDMX 3.0 Express Mode, which includes all of the standard features needed to setup, programme and control a lightshow. It is then possible to upgrade the software (via to unlock advanced features such as a 3D Visualizer, MIDI control and ‘Easy Remote’ smartphone / tablet control app).
Through the software it is also possible to assign lighting programmes to each of the myDMX-RM’s 16 trigger buttons. These programmes are then stored on the device itself and can be recalled, simply by pushing the button, even if the computer running myDMX 3.0 has been disconnected. This makes the unit suitable for use in situations where it isn’t possible to have a lighting operator constantly on hand, for example in a bar, school or event venue.
It is also suitable for use in venues such as lounge clubs where a lighting operator will arrive part way through the day’s operating hours. The venue manager can easily select a pre-programmed ‘warm-up’ Scene, using one of the myDMX-RM’s trigger buttons, when the venue opens. Later, when it’s time to transition from a bar atmosphere to full-o


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