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aes70-2022OCA Alliance previews AES70 upgrade at ISE
Monday, 9 May 2022

Spain - The OCA Alliance is offering a sneak preview of the latest version of the AES70 device control standard at ISE 2022.
AES70 is the emerging standard for control between audio equipment, offering manufacturers an easy way to implement control, both between their own devices and those of other manufacturers in an open, standardized way. The AES70-2022 release will be upwards-compatible from the current AES70-2018 and offers several significant enhancements for new and improved features along with several documentation upgrades for increased clarity, readability and precision.
In total, the new 2022 release numbers around 40 new or enhanced features and 15 documentation upgrades, making it ‘easier to implement and manage, and even more powerful’.
According to Bosch Communications senior scientist and OCA Alliance technical committee chair, Jeff Berryman, AES70-2022 will provide some welcome useability improvements, making the route to adoption easier than ever. “As with any standard, the more widely it is adopted and used, the greater the benefit to all concerned and the industry at large.
“The 2022 revision offers several enhancements and upgrades to make it more accessible, easier to implement while also improving performance. Combined with our recent lightweight implementation, we now have AES70 control solutions for every part of the spectrum, from the simplest to the most complex systems.”

Daily presentations on the OCA Alliance booth #7-R870 at ISE 2022 will explain the new features and benefits in more detail,

densitron-idsDirectOut and Densitron offer control options
Monday, 9 May 2022

Spain - In cooperation with the British manufacturer of touch-based display solutions Densitron, DirectOut is proud to offer new control options to customers of its modular Prodigy series. Users gain fast and intuitive access to selected parameters of modular audio converter, Prodigy.MC and the multifunction audio processor, Prodigy.MP.
By integrating the Prodigy control protocol within Densitron's IDS display and control systems, access to the Prodigy series is greatly simplified and its range of applications significantly extended towards installation applications.
Alexandra Jakins, Sales Executive at Densitron IDS, "Our flexible, network-based UI system TS10 is based on a 10.1" touch screen, which complements the Prodigy series wherever direct access to the DirectOut devices is required to simplify more complex workflows within the Prodigy devices. We see studio applications in the broadcast sector in particular here, as has already happened at the BBC, among others."
DirectOut CEO, Jan Ehrlich adds: "We ourselves are able to map the extensive functions and processes that the Prodigy series brings with our globcon user interface. globcon is a powerful tool and makes the Prodigy series a powerful overall system for signal conversion, routing, monitoring and processing. However, some of our customers also want the option of having direct access to individual, selected functions and parameters at user level in a clear manner."
Thus, the integration into Densitron IDS allows the parallel operation of Prodigyproducts via a second layer regarding

san184Lavoce launches Powersoft compatible subwoofers
Friday, 6 May 2022

Italy - Lavoce Italiana, the HF/LF transducer company with a heritage of 35 years designing and manufacturing professional loudspeaker components, has announced the official launch of SAN184.50iP and SAN216.00iP high motor strength neodymium subwoofers, designed to partner with the Powersoft IpalMod amplifier and software platform (8500W @ 1ohm).
SAN184.50iP is a 3,400W Program Power 18” with 2ohm nominal impedance and SAN216.00iP is a 5,000W Program Power 21” with 1ohm nominal impedance, and both are uniquely characterized by having very high motor strength, high-efficiency and high-power handling, together with exceptional excursion capability (2.1” and 2.5” Peak to Peak respectively).
To compliment the impressive technology of the Powersoft IpalMod, both models have been designed using Lavoce’s proprietary loudspeakers design software and advanced FEA techniques. Key features include ultra-low distortion (harmonic and intermodulation) and reduced power compression, achieved by ensuring symmetrical force factor Bl(x) and stiffness, full motor magnetic flux saturation resulting in flat inductance over excursion and current L(x,i), and by the optimization of thermal behaviour.
Aimed at OEM manufacturers, Powersoft’s IPAL technology (Integrated Powered Adaptive Loudspeaker) is the only high power, high efficiency, ultra-low distortion, ‘active’ subwoofer system that really connects the amplifier, the speaker/s and the cabinet as a single entity, culminating into an impressive increase in the mains input to acoustic output efficiency

kl-fresnel-6-fcElation grows KL Series with KL Fresnel 6 FC
Thursday, 5 May 2022

USA - Elation Professional is expanding its KL Key Light series of LED Fresnel luminaires with the full-colour KL Fresnel 6 FC. The new KL Fresnel 6 FC projects across the full colour spectrum and meets the strict standards of performance venues that are light critical and noise sensitive like broadcast studios and theatres.
Designed for any application requiring high output soft light with precise colour reproduction and adjustable colour temperature, the KL Fresnel 6 FC excels at highlighting performers or scenery on stage in a uniform wash of soft field light. Offering a wide array of colour from rich saturates to subtle pastels and dynamic white light, it is an ideal key and fill light source for situations requiring outstanding colour quality and is a perfect match with Elation’s KL Fresnel 8 FC, says Elation.
The KL Fresnel 6 FC features dynamic colour temperature adjustment and full colour control. It houses a 220W RGBMA LED engine calibrated at 6500 Kelvin for a diffused wash of light. It produces up to 8,000 field lumens with a motorized zoom range of 10° to 32° for easy adjustment of beam size. For illumination that is more precise with less light spill, adjustable and removable eight-leaf barn doors allow for customized shaping of the beam.
As a flexible complement to any professional lighting system with customizable effects to accommodate a variety of aesthetic design requirements, the KL Fresnel 6 FC has been designed with respect for the whisper-quiet requirements of the professional stage and studio.
DMX controllable wi

eosapex10alringlingtheaterbaraboo9ETC brings Eos Apex to PLASA Focus Leeds
Thursday, 5 May 2022

UK - ETC will be heading to Leeds for the return of PLASA Focus on 10 -11 May with new products to showcase - Eos Apex, Source Four LED Series 3 and fos/4 - on stand N-C06.
The 2022 edition of PLASA Focus Leeds, a key industry tradeshow for entertainment technology in the North of England, takes place in the Royal Armouries Museum and will host a variety of industries including live events, entertainment and installation.
ETC looks forward to meeting with visitors and customers in-person at the show - which returns after three years - and presenting new product releases. ETC’s next generation of lighting control Eos Apex will make its UK debut at PLASA Focus Leeds this year. The new console offers industry-leading lighting control hardware, powerful, award-winning software and programming surfaces which are suitable for top-level control for the most advanced productions.
ETC specialists will also be on-hand to present the Apex 10 console along with new fixtures Source Four LED Series 3 and fos/4. Visitors will be able to explore the full colour X8 array in these fixtures on ETC’s booth. They deliver high quality colour rendering and brightness with the eight-colour mix as well as wireless technology and intuitive user interfaces.

mxa920-productShure introduces ceiling array microphone
Wednesday, 4 May 2022

USA - Shure has introduced the MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone. With Automatic Coverage technology, MXA920 provides pre-configured audio capture with minimal set up required, dramatically reducing the time and cost of deployments for integrators. The MXA920 also employs Next Generation Array Architecture for enhanced directional pick-up and more natural speech.
Plus, the onboard IntelliMix DSP delivers ‘noise and echo-free performance as well as unprecedented audio clarity and intelligibility’ for AV conferencing across room types - executive boardrooms, higher education hybrid classrooms, corporate and government meeting spaces. Two form factors (Square and Round) support design integration into even the most sophisticated facilities and meeting spaces.
“AV conferencing is only as good as the quality of participants’ audio,” comments Doug Daube, director of microphone systems at Shure. “Now more than ever, we’re seeing our customers require solutions that capture the voice naturally, fitting beautifully into a room’s aesthetic, and making it effortless to connect participants - no matter where they are. These modern and evolving demands are met by the MXA920, ensuring easy deployment and unmatched voice capture.”
“Our experience with the MXA920 has been overwhelmingly positive,” shared Mark Lorenson, technology leader in commercial AV sales at Intereum. “Testing the MXA920 in our facilities, it is evident that the Next Generation Array Architecture greatly enhances the directional capabilities of the microphone, eliminating

therma-tour-600-and-800Magmatic launches Thermatic hazer series
Wednesday, 4 May 2022

USA - Magmatic atmospheric effects has introduced Thermatic, a series of oil-based hazers designed to give enduring haze effects for longer-lasting atmospherics. Capable of creating a fine particulate that hangs in the air for hours, each haze generator in the Thermatic line excels at enhancing light beams and mid-air effects for higher impact, eye-catching visuals, says Magmatic.
The Therma Tour is a premium oil-based haze effect generator that produces a fine, long-lasting atmospheric haze. Available in a 350W and powerful 800W version - Therma Tour 600 and Therma Tour 800 - both machines create a safe, clean and odourless haze effect that leaves no residue.
The units hold 2.5 litre of fluid for over 35 hours of runtime with no warm up time required. Hang time is over three hours in an enclosed space after the unit has been turned off.
Both units feature rugged, compact and mobile road case designs to withstand repeated travel and the day in and day out rigors of on-the-road use. Soundproof insulation means the Therma Tour series can also be used in more noise sensitive indoor environments.
Maximum output of the Therma Tour 600 is 1,200 CFM (cu ft/min) while the Therma Tour 800 delivers a remarkable 5,600 CFM (cu ft /min). Magmatic’s oil-based Atmosity ARH fluid has been designed specifically for the Therma Tour series and because the units sip fluid at a low 1.0 ml/min and 1.5 ml/min respectively (fluid level can easily be monitored via an external fluid level gauge), its fine haze atmosphere can enhance lighting effects for hours on e

emcee200-obliqueHall Technologies debuts expanded product line
Wednesday, 4 May 2022

Spain - At ISE, first-time exhibitor Hall Technologies will showcase 13 products in live demos and static displays, including the EMCEE200 Multiview presentation switcher and scaler; and Discovery 2, a 4K extension kit with flexible USB and HDMI capabilities.
The live demos highlight USB workflows, showcasing end-to-end offerings for corporate, education, collaboration and healthcare environments.
Solutions on offer include stand-alone components as well as end-to-end solutions. Two live demos focus on robust management of audio and video signals, addressing the presenting challenges common in today’s work environments.
The EMCEE200 is a tool for managing the challenges inherent in video conferencing, collaboration, lecture and remote learning for education and training, and live streaming for YouTube, Facebook and OBS platforms. With Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Picture-over-Picture (POP) capabilities, the multi-view presentation switcher and scaler features a built-in dual MIC mixer and can process up to four 4K at 60Hz video sources with zero latency. EMCEE can not only record the presentation to an external storage device, but also provides USB3.0 4K capture to stream live with no additional hardware.
Discovery 2 is a cost-effective 4K signal extension kit with flexible USB and HDMI capabilities for software video conferencing and audio extraction. It was designed specifically to address signal extension for multiple participants in the classroom, huddle space or conference room.
Comprising an HDBaseT 2.0 Wall Plate transmitter an

multiverse-studio-kit-loaded-with-5911-square-closeupCity Theatrical highlights new technology
Wednesday, 4 May 2022

UK - City Theatrical will demo its latest technologies on stand N-C04 at PLASA Focus Leeds 2022 at the Royal Armouries Museum.
Live demos will include the Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM 2.4GHz system, including PLASA Award for Innovation winner Multiverse Transmitter 2.4GHz, the Multiverse Studio Kit for film and video, RadioScan Spectrum Analyser, and DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool, as well as QolorFLEX 5-in-1 and HiQ High CRI LED Tape, QolorFLEX Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM Dimmers, and other City Theatrical unique lighting accessories.
In addition to its special commendation in the 2019 PLASA Awards for Innovation, the Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM system was recognised as the winner of the Live Design Award for Best Debuting Product at the 2018 and 2019 LDI Shows in the USA, for the ability of the Multiverse Transmitter 2.4GHz to broadcast up to 10 universes of DMX data while using less radio energy than other single universe wireless DMX transmitters.
City Theatrical’s Multiverse Studio Kit is an all-in-one, battery-powered wireless DMX/RDM solution that offers reliable wireless DMX functionality with greater usability, making wireless DMX easier to install and use for film and video projects. Multiverse Studio Kit features contactless charging for its six Multiverse Studio Receivers, which each contain a long-life lithium-ion polymer battery giving 20 hours of use. Each Multiverse Studio Receiver features a full four button user interface with a backlit LED display, which makes setup easy and gives feedback on system performance, as well as a DM

ayrtonplsAyrton’s Cobra strikes at Prolight + Sound
Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Germany - Ayrton celebrated its 20th anniversary at Prolight + Sound with a new lightshow, created by Stéphane Migné in conjunction with French water effects company, Aquatique Show. This showcased Ayrton’s latest products, including the new Zonda 9 FX with its stunning liquid effects, and Cobra, Ayrton’s first IP65 laser sourced fixture. The imaginative visual choreography gave a taste of the creativity these new products are capable of and ensured Ayrton remained one of the busiest stands at Prolight + Sound.
“It is incredible to be back at Prolight + Sound after two years,” says Ayrton CEO, Chris Ferrante. “We have been busy engineering and developing new products, such as Domino LT and Huracan LT. Now, for the first time, we are showing Zonda 9 FX and Cobra, our laser light sourced fixture. These are all clever, unique products, especially the liquid effects in Zonda which are absolutely stunning, and the narrow 0.6° beam of Cobra - these are things we couldn’t have achieved just a few years ago. It’s been super to show these new products to the industry in person and to hear first-hand their overwhelmingly positive response.”
Central to the show and making their debut were Zonda 9 FX and Zonda 9 Wash, the first luminaires in a new family of products devised for stage lighting. Each fixture has a flat face formed of 37 40W RGBW LEDs, each with a 50mm front lens, that deliver a 25,000lm output and 4° - 56° zoom – and in the case of Zonda FX, a high-definition liquid effect (Ayrton’s LiquidEffects) between its main lenses which

kioskiq1Accenta brings intelligent monitoring to ISE 2022
Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Spain - Accenta Music & P.O.S will feature Kiosk IQ at ISE 2022 and will offer all visitors to stand 6K430 the chance to experience the innovative, cloud-based tool directly and at first hand over all four days.
Kiosk IQ unifies, monitors, controls and analyses digital signage systems independent of location and in real time. To optimize all devices, display, environment and player data is communicated to a cloud-based dashboard and documented.
“For 24/7 monitoring, cloud alert rules with escalation management and notifications via e-mail or SMS alert users immediately and allow them to respond to immediate problems before they escalate,” explains Jessica Kalla, managing director of Accenta. “Through the remote diagnosis of all devices, the service representative knows why a screen is black before customers even notice it. The display and player can be restarted or adjusted via remote control, without the need for an unscheduled on-site visit. This can save more than 50% of regularly incurred service costs.”
The small Kiosk IQ box can be retrofitted into existing installations. The intelligence level of KIOSK IQ can be individually determined. “The user compiles their own variable dashboard using widgets that are relevant to them – whether climate data and status notifications for displays or the memory utilisation of players. Location and clusters can also be filtered, for example by alarm status or postcode,” says Kalla.
Accenta will also be bringing its current bestseller to the fair: the Slimline Poster - a slim displa

robe-prolightsound-2022-post-show-pro260917345PL+S: Robe returns with new show
Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Europe - Robe returned to major live exhibition shows with a new live production, Cuete & The Beast, created exclusively for the Prolight+Sound 2022 expo and presented last week in Frankfurt.
Robe made a very strong statement with the show, offering a new booth design as well as launching five new products and showcasing five others seen for the first time at a major trade show.
Robe’s CEO Josef Valchar comments: “Given the last two years with the pandemic, we didn’t have any specific expectations for Prolight this year, however the response has been extremely positive with a very busy booth every day that’s been a good hub for communication and generating great vibes.”
He noted that Robe’s live show was crafted specifically to illustrate how the different types of fixtures can be utilised, showing the product functionality and why they have been developed in a “real setting” that is new, fresh and so much more dynamic than a black box environment.
Josef added, “The industry is moving forward again in all ways, and of course, we all fully appreciated being able to meet up on person again here! It was a pleasant surprise just how many leading designers and production people came from all over Europe to say hello.”
Robe’s newly launched products were - Painte, TetraX, iBeam 250, Spikie+ and the Anolis Calumma - which were joined by five new ones from 2021 - Forte, Cuete, LEDBeam 350, T2 and T11, all presented physically following their digital launches last year.
As always Robe’s live show was h

stonesMicro-Scope DMX tester reinvented for RDM
Tuesday, 3 May 2022

UK - Artistic Licence has announced the reinvention of Micro-Scope, the DMX tester first launched in the 1990s and a common sight in many toolcases today. Most significantly, the new version - Micro-Scope 3c - supports RDM, hugely increasing its functionality. For all those who already own a Micro-Scope, you can buy a kit containing a replacement chip for your old device which will bring it up to the 3c specification.
Artistic Licence inventor/owner, Wayne Howell brings the story up to date. “It was 1992. The Internet was a scientist’s plaything, email was a curiosity, mobile phones were the size of a bus and the fax machine was the latest must-have gadget. But DMX512 was starting to catch on.
“I’d recently started Artistic Licence and I didn’t have a DMX tester. In fact, I didn’t know anyone who had a DMX tester. It seemed likely there would be a market for such a tool. And so, I set about designing what would become Micro-Scope. My design brief was pretty spartan. I wanted it to be a sensible price, robust, have a good battery life and provide all the features a roadie would need.
“At the time, Artistic Licence was a production company - mainstream product manufacturing would come later. So Micro-Scope was something of a background project.
“The first prototype came to life in late ’93 and earnt its keep on the Pink Floyd Division Bell tour rehearsals in San Bernadino and then the Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge build in Toronto. In fact, some of the first Micro-Scope customers were the crew on those tours. That original prot

aaod5rlx3645aAustrian Audio debuts instrument mics
Friday, 29 April 2022

Europe - Austrian Audio and UK distributor Sound Technology have introduced two new microphones, optimised for use on instruments: the OD5, an active-dynamic microphone, and the OC7, a true condenser microphone.
Both mics are handmade in Vienna and subjected to the strictest quality assurance processes. The OC7 features the OCC7 small diaphragm capsule, also handmade in Vienna.
Most noticeable feature is the ‘swivel joint’ mechanism. Musicians and sound techs are familiar with the problem of microphone stands that are screwed on too tightly and can hardly be reached in the forest of stands on stage. Once you finally get them loose, they lose their position completely - making fine adjustments to microphone angles by a few degrees difficult.
Austrian Audio's engineers have developed a swivel system for the microphone basket that allows a 220° rotation of the field. The microphone can be very easily aligned precisely to the sound source or according to personal sound preferences without having to awkwardly adjust or loosen the microphone stand; frustrations such as microphones falling off or fingers pinched on the stand are now a thing of the past.
Precise directionality is a prerequisite for the targeted alignment of a microphone. The OC7 and the OD5 use Austrian Audio's well-known Open Acoustics technology: the ‘linear cardioid’ polar pattern captures sound not only from the front, but also from the rear or side, perfectly and undistorted. This ensures that even the, sometimes unavoidable, crosstalk from other instruments sounds good

bromptonBrompton Technology to highlight LED at ISE 2022
Friday, 29 April 2022

Spain - At Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), LED processor manufacturer, Brompton Technology, will be demonstrating the rapid advancements it has made in LED processing technology since its last appearance at the show in 2019.
Brompton’s newly designed stand will include an LED screen dedicated to High Dynamic Range (HDR) and accurate colour reproduction, a centrally positioned LED display demonstrating the company’s latest software developments, along with a product display area and private meeting space.
With the increasing uptake of Virtual Production by multiple sectors of the industry including product launches, and corporate and live streamed events, the features in Brompton’s Tessera software, which offer an ever-increasing level of control, including a wide gamut of colour and image controls that allow users to correct and optimise the image on the screen, are becoming an essential component in the process.
Brompton HDR, along with its enabling technology Dynamic Calibration and Hydra, an all-in-one industrial solution that incorporates all the measurement instruments and processing required for panel measurements to enable Dynamic Calibration, will also be on display.
Tessera v3.2 already added ShutterSync, Frame Remapping, and 3D LUT Import, with Pomfort Livegrade and Assimilate integration. Visitors to the stand will now be able to experience the capabilities of Brompton’s latest updates, Tessera v3.3 software, which includes massive enhancements to virtual production workflows such as PureTone, Operating Modes, on-screen t

greentouring1Meyer commits to green touring and sustainability
Friday, 29 April 2022

USA - Meyer Sound has redoubled its long-standing corporate commitment to green touring with the introduction of the Panther large-format linear line array loudspeaker.
Panther has been designed for a reduced carbon footprint in manufacturing, transport, and operation, says the company, adding that its commitment to sustainability will be reflected in all future product development, campus facilities, technical support initiatives, and education programmes.
The design criteria for Panther required a substantial reduction in size and weight compared to prior generations of line array loudspeakers, as well as at least a 20% reduction in power consumption to achieve the same acoustic output. The result is a system with a peak acoustic output exceeding 150dB SPL and weighing under 68kg, retaining the same slender width of the Lyon linear line array loudspeaker but with nearly the same output and long throw capacity of the much larger and heavier Leo system.
“The reduction in power consumption is an important factor regardless of the application, whether touring or installed,” notes Meyer Sound director of global marketing Tim Boot, “but what is really critical for portable applications is the size and weight for truck pack, as cutting back even one truck can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by ten metric tons or more on a tour that zig-zags across North America. Of course, Meyer Sound self-powered systems always have had an advantage by eliminating amplifier racks.”
The green credentials of Panther were a crucial factor in selecting a reinf

liberty-switchHarlequin unveils multi-use Liberty Switch floor
Thursday, 28 April 2022

UK - Harlequin Floors has launched a pioneering new floor system. Harlequin Liberty Switch is a professional multi-use floor that can be switched from a rigid theatrical floor to a sprung dance floor at the touch of a button.
This innovative and versatile floor has been designed for venues who regularly put on both dance and theatrical performances and so require both a sprung and a rigid floor in the same performance or rehearsal space.
Harlequin Liberty Switch is a modular multi-use floor system comprised of a base unit with the drive and control mechanism topped with a Harlequin Liberty sprung floor. The base units house a series of moving carriages connected by rods running on high-strength carrier rails powered by electric actuators located at the ends of each row. Each actuator and associated controller are linked to a master control unit located off-stage.
The upper surfaces of the base units are fitted with wooden battens which align with the sprung elastomer pads of the Harlequin Liberty panel above. The upper panels are standard Harlequin Liberty with the addition of UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) low-friction blocks on the underside.
This new approach has many benefits over the old approach of swapping floors between shows. It transforms between a sprung floor to a rigid floor in minutes, is more cost effective than an equivalent ballet wagon, there are no labour costs in laying and removing a temporary floor and no storage costs.
Harlequin Liberty Switch is a modular system that can be modified to meet an

oc707wl1PL+S 2022: Austrian Audio OC available for Shure
Thursday, 28 April 2022

Germany - Austrian Audio has announced that its OC Sound is accessible for even more artists with the new OD505 WL1 and OC707 WL1 Wireless Microphone Capsule for Shure radio systems.
Matched to the human voice, the OC707 WL1 provides ‘great volume and allows all the subtlety and detail of the vocals to stand out in the mix without anything being overemphasized’. The microphone’s proximity effect has been optimised so that it can be used to the singer’s advantage in any performance, retaining the character of their voice at various distances from the mic and with changes in mic technique.
The OD505 WL1 is a suitable performance partner for any artist, whether lead or backing vocals. It’s natural tuning and strong signal quality provide the perfect foundation to bring out the strengths of any vocalist with minimal tweaking required. In many live situations, ambient noise is a big problem. That’s why a supercardioid was chosen as the directional characteristic for the OD505. This focuses on the voice, so drums or other loud instruments on stage are not additionally amplified through the vocal microphone.

strandPL+S 2022: Strand and Zero 88 add Vision.Net
Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Germany – Signify entertainment lighting brands Strand and Zero 88 have announced that they are previewing a new version of the popular ZerOS console software at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt. The update adds integration with Strand Vision.Net, Color Kinetics KiNet, and Philips Hue, making it easier for small to mid-sized theatres, houses of worship and schools to connect to other lighting systems in the facility with minimal infrastructure impact.
“Most theatrical spaces have multiple systems to control the various luminaires inside and outside their facility, and because these systems don’t talk to each other, there is typically no way to initiate a single lighting cue for an event, such as a show start, across all the systems at once,” explains Jon Hole, global product manager, Strand and Zero 88 Controls and Systems.
“Instead, lighting adjustments need to be made on each system separately. ZerOS 7.12 is designed to address that.”
The new update allows Strand and Zero 88 consoles running ZerOS to natively connect with other Signify lighting systems in the facility, ensuring multiple systems from a single manufacturer can work together. The software update is expected in the second quarter.
ZerOS 7.12 includes the ability to accept input from a Strand Vision.Net control system via Ethernet. Users can press a button on Strand Vision.Net user interfaces such as touchscreens, control stations, or the web-based Gateway-on-the-Go Interface to recall or adjust a cue on a ZerOS-based console without needing to interact with the console

sennheiser-xs-openSennheiser launches starter set wireless IEM system
Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Europe - Sennheiser has introduced the XS Wireless IEM, billed as a complete starter set for musicians ‘who want to professionalise their performances by switching to wireless IEMs’. The system enables users to quickly establish an easy-to-manage wireless connection in the professional UHF range.
“No matter what your musical genre, whether you are rehearsing or performing live, XSW IEM will level up your sound and give you total freedom of movement,” says Bertram Zimmermann, product manager at Sennheiser. “Being able to hear yourself with clarity is a pre-requisite for a great performance. XSW IEM will give you consistency, reliability, and quality audio, and will let you focus on playing and singing your best.
“Once musicians have tried out wireless in-ears, they will not want to go back to wedges,” continuess Zimmermann. “The difference in sound is just too obvious. Hearing yourself well through floor monitors, side fills, or even the PA can be a real struggle. The sound changes constantly, especially when you move around, and is also very different from venue to venue. Trying to hear yourself better by increasing the monitor volume makes things worse, even to the point of causing hearing damage. Also, the overall sound for the audience will deteriorate substantially.”
XSW IEM uses the UHF band to provide a professional-level wireless connection. Aligned and pre-calculated frequency pre-sets get musicians started with ease. If desired, transmission frequencies can also be selected manually.
Backlit displays on both the r

shureShure heads to Barcelona
Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Spain - Shure will be participating in Integrated Systems Europe (ISE 2022) where it will exhibit a variety of its systems, conferencing solutions and collaborations with industry partners.
Shure will be participating as platinum sponsor with an exhibition space at the trade show and as the conference audio partner.
Featured products and systems will include the Microflex Ecosystem for which a major new addition to the portfolio will be announced at the show.
“ISE is a great platform to connect with integrators, innovators and customers,” says Chris Merrick, senior director, global integrated systems marketing at Shure. “We are thrilled to be in-person in Barcelona to showcase our latest conferencing solutions and their benefits to the AV Industry.”

nabbisNetOn.Live launches LiveOS platform
Tuesday, 26 April 2022

USA - NetOn.Live announced at NAB the launch of LiveOS – an end-to-end software-based platform for high-end live and near-live media production.
LiveOS translates the functionalities that are traditionally found in dedicated hardware devices, into software modules that run on generic IT servers over a SMPTE 2110 based, uncompressed Video over IP network.
The LiveOS software modules can be combined in multiple ways to fulfil the various requirements of multiple productions. LiveOS provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to operate these software modules, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world via a standard web browser. Programmable hardware panels from different vendors are also supported by the LiveOS platform.
A LiveOS private cloud platform allows broadcasters to design, configure, and quickly spin up and down multiple concurrent productions, such as drama, sports, news, and entertainment. This could be based on local and/or remote studios with the flexibility of having control rooms in the same or remote locations. All this is supported on the same private cloud platform.
“Moving from broadcast specific hardware to unified IT equipment and software has the potential to transform this industry,” says Michel De Wolf, CEO, NetOnLive. “Installation and configuration times can be slashed down to days, instead of weeks or months, with LiveOS. It’s dramatically more efficient. This software also has the potential to lower power consumption, cooling requirements and rack space in the data centre, so is infinitely more sustain

vari-litePL+S 2022: Vari-Lite, Strand and Zero 88 unite
Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Germany - Vari-Lite will be joined by Strand and, for the first time, Zero 88, on-stand D95, Hall 12.0 at Prolight+Sound this year, to showcase fixture, control and dimming solutions from all three brands.
Vari-Lite will be debuting a new theatrical profile luminaire at the show - the VL1600 Profile. This is a precision key light moving head designed for high end theatre productions and includes a variety of exclusive features that already have top lighting designers buzzing. A premium profile luminaire, it’s launching with the tagline, ‘Naturally Beautiful, The Only Light for Your Encore’.
“The VL1600 Profile is a true Vari-Lite-quality fixture that has been explicitly made for theatre,” explains Martin Palmer, senior product manager, Vari-Lite and Strand Luminaires at Signify. “Designers still express a lot of underlying frustrations when using LED moving lights for theatrical or studio key light applications, and Vari-Lite wanted to address that with the high output and excellent colour rendering you’d expect from our fixtures, along with precision lighting features and tailored creative effects. We designed the VL1600 from the ground up to address the specific needs of these applications.”
Vari-Lite will also be demoing another new luminaire, details of which will be revealed on the stand.
Strand will be showcasing the recently launched Acclaim LED Series, including the Acclaim LED Fresnel and Acclaim LED Zoomspot, as well as both the RGBL and new warm white versions of the Acclaim LED Profile Light Engine (PLE). This seri

cloudCloud unveils passive ribbon microphone
Monday, 25 April 2022

USA - Cloud Microphones, makers of the Cloudlifter Mic Activator, has expanded its microphone line with a new passive version of their popular model 44-A, resurrecting the sound and spirit of the RCA Type 44 ribbon mic.
The ribbon motor design remains true to the original 44, handcrafted to the exact specifications first prescribed in the 1930s by RCA; however, everything else has been upgraded using state of the art materials, manufacturing processes and technology. Featuring an all-black “midnight” finish, the new passive Cloud 44 ‘faithfully channels the sought-after personality and heritage from the past while incorporating all the robustness and clarity required for today’s most demanding recording tasks’.
“I’m a ribbon mic fanatic, so this represents a major labour of love for me,” says Rodger Cloud, the company’s founder. “You wouldn’t believe the number of times we’ve been asked to offer a passive version of our flagship 44-A over the past few years, so we couldn’t be more excited to introduce this latest addition to our family.”
In order to provide as much flexibility as possible, each Cloud 44 ships with its own Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator in a matching “midnight edition” black finish, providing the option of instantly converting the 44 to an active ribbon whenever desired. A shock mount is also included.


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