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mxl-microphonesMXL focus on Revelation series at NAMM
Monday, 25 January 2021

USA - MXL focussed on the complete Revelation line during Believe in Music Week, including its original Revelation, the Revelation II, which was announced earlier this year, as well as the most recent Revelation Mini FET.
Borrowing concepts from the renowned Revelation tube microphone, the REV II offers musicians the clarity and versatility of the classic Revelation but is more accessible to musicians on a budget, says the company.
Offering the itube mic sound, the REV II is designed for capturing ‘crystal-clear vocals and instrumentals for a variety of genres’. Although geared towards studio use, the Revelation II is a versatile and flexible solution that is suitable for both home and studio recordings, and its simple set up makes it an appropriate solution for recording while on the road. Adding to the mic’s versatility, the mic’s polar pattern selection is virtually limitless, controllable by a variable pattern control knob.
“With the REV II, our customers are falling in love with its classic sound all over again,” says Trevor Fedele, director at MXL Microphones. “Today, with most artists working remotely, the last thing we would want is the musical element to be lost. By making high-quality solutions more accessible, we aim to contribute to a seamless experience for both in-person and virtual productions. The MXL Revelation II is sure to take your next performance up a few notches - whether it’s in-person, live-streamed or pre-recorded.”
When Hunter Wolfe, guitarist and vocalist of Born Crooked, was forced to switch gea

powersoftPowersoft launches latest M-Force technology
Friday, 22 January 2021

Italy - Ever since its release in 2013, Powersoft’s M-Force linear transducer has redefined what was possible in the realm of infra-bass, reaching well below the conventional frequency range.
The Italian manufacturer has sought to push its boundaries even further with the introduction of the new and improved M-Force 301P02 and its associated reference designs, which have been created to ensure that everyone from AV professionals to amateur speaker builders will be able to benefit from the company’s powerful technology.
“Although the original M-Force has had a great life cycle, we knew that the time was right for our patented infra-bass technology to take another leap forward,” said Powersoft’s sales manager for OEM solutions Giacomo Previ. “This new iteration of the M-Force linear motor transducer comes equipped with high voltage and high current connectors and a whole range of internal electromechanical improvements. We’re so excited to share the new M-Force with the world, and we can’t wait to see what our fellow audio innovators will be able to create using this new technology.”
The patented M-Force moving magnet linear motor structure allows “extraordinary levels of efficiency and reliability, making it the perfect choice for high efficiency, high SPL low-frequency sound reinforcement applications”.
The implementation of the M-Force technology is now easier than ever, thanks to the 301P02 - a complete solution that enables all levels of speaker builders to incorporate the M-Force into any design with absolute confi

ad-jADJ introduces The Link lighting control
Friday, 22 January 2021

USA - ADJ has introduced the latest edition to its range of lighting control solutions, The Link. This hardware/ software system combines the processing power, wireless connectivity and multitouch screen of an iPad with lighting-specific tactile controls and a four universe DMX interface to deliver a control solution.
The Link fills the void between small single universe DMX controllers and large format lighting consoles, says the company. It is designed to simplify control for aspiring lighting designers, small production companies, churches, community theatres and performances spaces, providing a new connection between lights and creativity.
The ADJ Link control system is powered by the dedicated Airstream LINK iOS App for iPad, which is available as a free download from the Apple App Store. This lighting control platform includes an extensive fixture library, making it easy to setup for different shows and equipment configurations. It incorporates powerful tools to allow the easy creation of complex movements and colour chase effects, and allows the iPad’s memory to be utilized for storing custom scenes and shows that can be quickly re-loaded when required.
The software also makes use of the iPad’s precise touchscreen interface to facilitate actions such as colour mixing and drawing custom movement shapes.
To augment the iPad’s screen interface, the Link hardware offers a selection of ergonomic controls designed to give lighting designers the hands-on experience of a traditional lighting console. Four large rotary encoder wheels, with

leopardNarrow-coverage array joins Leopard pack
Thursday, 21 January 2021

USA - Meyer Sound has announced immediate availability of Leopard-M80 narrow coverage linear line array, a new variant of the Leopard loudspeaker designed for focused coverage and long-throw applications. Leopard D-M80 is identical to the existing Leopard design except that it provides a precisely controlled 80° horizontal pattern instead of the 110° coverage of the original model.
“Leopard has been one of the most successful loudspeakers in our company history and is by far the best-selling member of our line arrays,” notes Meyer Sound vice president and chief loudspeaker designer Pablo Espinosa. “With the introduction of Leopard-M80, we will extend this remarkable success by offering system designers more options for tailoring coverages to the exact requirements of the venue.”
Because the vertical coverage and rigging hardware are identical to the original Leopard, the new M80 may be configured in mixed arrays of both loudspeaker variants. Leopard-M80 loudspeakers in the upper array section provide focused long-throw coverage while Leopard loudspeakers below spread horizontal coverage for closer seating sections. Arrays configured with only Leopard-M80 loudspeakers can offer a long throw with reduced spill to the sides of the array. This can be advantageous in narrow venues with reflective side walls as well as in outdoor applications where side spill into adjacent areas must be minimized to conform to noise regulations, says the company.
“With Leopard-M80 we are offering system designers and rental companies yet another option to crea

csfamilyobrfinal-kopieKV2 Audio introduces the CS Series
Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Europe - KV2 Audio has introduced the CS Series loudspeaker range that has been specially designed to deliver ultra-high vocal intelligibility and music reproduction in a compact form factor. A variety of flexible mounting options and easy connectivity make the CS range a candidate for the corporate and rental markets.
The range consists of three two-way passive loudspeakers; the compact CS6, the medium sized CS8 and the larger CS12. Voiced for speech and utilising KV2’s analogue delay line first developed in the ESD series, these discrete solutions are able to cover surprisingly large areas with relatively few boxes, providing results in even the most challenging acoustic environments.
For rapid deployment the focus was placed on easy handling and quick connectivity. Accessories include a KV2 pole mount for speaker stands, as well as vertical and horizontal brackets with a precise tilt angle setting. The M10 fixing points cater for other standard accessories such as spigots, clamps and couplers.
The low profile trapezoidal cabinet design offers 35 and 55 degree angles, which also makes the CS range perfect for a variety of personalised monitoring situations.
The easy handling and connectivity of these boxes means less time is wasted during set up, with a 1+/ 2+ speakON connection, switchable in the field, allowing an additional speaker ring to be run independently down the same cable. The CS6 also features speakON connectivity in the top and bottom alongside the rear panel for neater cabling possibilities on a truss.

msp3a-qtrYamaha launches MSP3A powered monitor
Monday, 18 January 2021

Europe - Yamaha has announced a new addition to its professional loudspeaker range, the MSP3A powered monitor, building on the sound reproduction and convenience of the much-loved MSP3.
Yamaha’s MSP3 has long been a fixture of many different applications, thanks to its audio quality, compact size and convenient, front-mounted controls. The MSP3A builds on this legacy by adding key new features, including Yamaha’s Twisted Flare Port technology, which delivers an even clearer and tighter low-end, with faithful reproduction across the entire audio spectrum.
The built-in 22W power amplifier is optimized for the speaker unit, which comprises a 10cm (4” ) woofer and a 2.2cm (0.8”) tweeter, for a clear and natural reference sound. The compact 23.6 x 16.7 x 14.4cm (9.3 x 6.6 x 5.7”) cabinet weighs a mere 3.6kg (7.9lb), making it easy to reposition and move to different locations.
Like its predecessor, the MSP3A has multiple (RCA, XLR and 6.3mm) input connectors, level and low/high tone controls. It is compatible with a variety of optional brackets, making it suitable for a wide range of uses. These include audio monitoring in settings from studios, broadcast, post-production suites and other commercial applications, to monitoring audio from digital musical instruments and computers.
A reinforced metal grille ensures that the woofer enjoys maximum protection, which is especially useful for mobile and touring applications.
Included in the MSP3A for the first time in this loudspeaker series, Twisted Flare Port technology is a form of aero

pandoraChristie releases latest Pandoras Box software
Thursday, 14 January 2021

USA - Christie has launched the new Pandoras Box V8 Software Licence for realtime video processing and show control.
Featuring a host of new features, a simplified workflow and streamlined licensing, the licence has the full Pandoras Box software family feature suite, allowing it to deliver the high-level media processing performance required for fixed installations, live events, theatres and other entertainment environments, in a budget friendly platform.
The simpler, more robust software supports NDI network streams, offers a comprehensive and deep implementation of Notch and accessibility to native Dante audio without requiring configuration. It can be paired with an existing custom setup or any Christie hardware such as the Pandoras Box Server R5, a new hardware solution with powerful components available in different specifications.
“Pandoras Box software Version 8 is a great leap forward in terms of the flexibility and workflow it offers,” says Markus Zeppenfeld, product manager, Christie. “With this new software version, we’ve kept the core appeal of Pandoras Box by combining the feature sets of all our existing software licenses into one single package and offering it to every level of Pandoras Box user. This solution will deliver more value, quality, features, performance and further streamline the creative efforts for our partners, be they consultants, integrators, rental stagers or end users.”
One Pandoras Box software product license will now unlock all functionality within the range - previously comprising Server, Player

avolites3sAvolites launches new Diamond 9 flagship console
Wednesday, 13 January 2021

UK - Avolites has launched its new flagship Diamond 9 (D9) console, available in two versions: D9-330 and D9-215. The consoles are the result of years of technical innovation from the Avolites team, utilising their 45 years of industry experience, feedback from designers across the industry and award-winning industrial designers to create “the ultimate control surface”.
“The Diamond series is designed by visual designers, for visual designers and everyone in-between to intuitively combine lighting, media and other visual aspects of a show together,” the company says. “Each screen, fader, encoder and button has been meticulously thought over, so the console becomes an extension of the designer to give them totally unhindered creative freedom to power their ultimate shows.”
Bringing a new distinctive look and feel to the console, the main front panels are machined from a single sheet of sleek aluminium with high-end finishes. The D9-330 boasts 11 ultra-bright touchscreens, including three main workspace screens, three for media preview, and specific screens for attribute control and softkey short cuts. The new motorised touch-sensitive Penny & Giles faders and new encoders each have their own RGB bar graphs, so levels can be monitored at a glance. There’s also a return of the backlit integrated keyboard.
The right-hand side of the D9 offers five encoder wheels, a T bar for controlling scene masters and a new set of bespoke buttons carefully positioned to help ensure finding them becomes second nature for users.
“I had the pr

carbonforunrealguiImaginary Labs releases Carbon for Unreal
Wednesday, 13 January 2021

USA - Imaginary Labs has announced the release of their premium subscription-based DMX plugin, Carbon for Unreal. It provides “the tools and assets necessary for professional, real time productions within the powerful framework of Unreal Engine.” Producers, designers, and virtual production professionals will now have a “singularly powerful solution for design development, renderings, visualization, and XR productions”.
David S. Perkins, CEO & chief architect of Imaginary Labs states: “Trustworthiness is the most important aspect of visualization. We want users to trust that what they are seeing in Carbon is a realistic representation of what they should expect to see in the real world. We are devoted to getting this right. At Imaginary Labs, we subscribe to the scientific method, with an open mind towards constant improvement. Combined with our devotion to service, we have built a solid foundation that meets the demands of today and can evolve to meet the challenges of tomorrow.”
“Before Carbon there were no real-time tools to give designers, producers, and video professionals an amazing image quality with an easy-to-use workflow and interface,” notes Tom Thompson, chief relationship officer, Imaginary Labs. “Now with the Carbon for Unreal plugin we can offer tools and assets that had not been available for the needs of the entertainment and event industry. Carbon doesn’t just add to the possibilities of creativity during visualization, it enhances the entire visualization process. That is why we, and many of our beta-testers, co

arcsystemonecellhoyokeETC adds yoke option to ArcSystem Pro family
Wednesday, 13 January 2021

USA - ETC has added a new option to its ArcSystem Pro family of LED solutions. Building on the success of the popular Pro One-Cell High Output luminaire, ETC now has a yoke variant available for purchase.
The High Output version of the Pro One-Cell yields 8700 field lumens and is available in 2700 K and 3000 K color options. Featuring the same optics as its recessed counterpart, the new Pro One-Cell High Output variant has an adjustable yoke that can be mounted or clamped in spaces that were once challenging to light.
All ArcSystem Pro solutions are designed for “ease of installation, high-quality light, and smooth dimming”.

pseriefamilyp8top15andl15tol18wshadowokNexo completes P+ Series with two new models
Wednesday, 13 January 2021

France - 25 years after the launch of the 15” point source cabinet PS15, Nexo has unveiled the P15, its new top-of-the-range 2-way passive/active speaker which offers a combination of heritage and contemporary design engineering.
This model completes the P+ Series, a range of powerful compact speakers which offer advantages of scalability, compatibility and performance to multiple market sectors, many of which are currently adapting to new operational models.
“The versatility of the P+ Series is especially relevant at this time,” comments Gareth Collyer, Nexo’s sales & marketing director. “As venues and production companies have to redefine indoor and outdoor audience areas to accommodate social distancing, the portable power and interchangeability of the P+ Series cabinets is very useful. The P15 is the ideal multi-purpose audio product for theatres, cultural venues and sportsgrounds, extending their ability to handle different repertoires of performance and events.”
The P15 is a powerful 15” coaxial loudspeaker, designed for FOH and monitoring applications, which can be used with or without its companion subbass, the new L18. It offers modular directivity that can quickly and easily changed by the user.
The P15 features all the hallmarks of Nexo’s new P+ Series point source category, as seen in the P8, P10 and P12 models launched within the last 15 months. The curvilinear enclosures of custom birch and poplar plywood are unique to the P+ Series, the bent wood delivering significant progress in terms of robust lightweight

unite-10-on-monitorNew ClearOne webcams aid remote collaboration
Tuesday, 12 January 2021

USA - ClearOne, a global provider of audio and visual communications solutions has launched two new webcams with the intention of “making true-to-life video collaboration possible for everyone”.
For users who want to upgrade from the basic camera included in their laptop or PC, ClearOne has introduced its most affordable webcam to-date, UNITE 10. The small, powerful webcam supports up to 1080p video quality and offers autofocus. It can capture five-megapixel images with a field of view up to 87-degrees. UNITE 10 attaches to any PC or laptop with a simple mounting bracket, and a 1.5m USB-A cable ensures simple connection to most modern computers. UNITE 10 is also available to dealers and distributors in 20 packs for commercial sale.
Meanwhile, the new UNITE 50 4K AF webcam introduces ClearOne’s new Auto-Framing technology to maximize screen use through intelligent image algorithms and ePTZ automation (electronic pan, tilt and zoom). “With 4K video quality at 30Hz, auto-focus capability, 4x digital zoom, more than 8 megapixels of total resolution and an ultra-wide 110-degree field of view, the UNITE 50 4K AF ePTZ is equally capable of delivering incredible image quality from a home office as it is at capturing all participants in an office boardroom,” the company says.
The camera can be controlled through an IR remote, further simplifying use and enabling real-time control of pan, tilt and zoom to provide greater control when capturing multi-person meeting environments. A standard damping mount ensures fast, easy installation, while an incl

ctrl-for-ipad-superwideNew release and Lite licence for ON LX’s Ctrl for iPad
Friday, 8 January 2021

UK - ON LX Limited has announced the latest release of its bespoke user interface creation tool, Ctrl for iPad. The release features a host of key time-saving and practical features taken directly from user feedback and designed to make configuration and multi-protocol support even faster.
Matt Didon, ON LX’s managing director says: “Our users are the most important part of our product, they heavily drive development and this release was a great opportunity for us to focus on feature requests and meet the changing needs of the industry.”
Alongside the new features and improvements, a new ‘Lite’ license tier has been introduced. ON LX’s James Walton adds: “The motivation behind the Lite tier is to open Ctrl for iPad up to creative applications where full commercial grade interfaces with user permissions and support for HTTP, TCP, UPD and modules simply aren’t needed. Lite is a strong mix of UI controls with the ability to send MIDI and OSC. So far, we’ve seen Ctrl for iPad used in all manner of places, including fitness studios, sporting venues, interactive art installations, escape rooms and much more. We’re looking forward to seeing the new creative ways the user community will look to use it.”
Highlights of the release include: new rotary slider types; bulk copy in edit mode; button groups - a new method to ensure only one button is ever active triggered at a time in a simple visual way (removing the need for internal commands); plus improvements and enhancements to existing modules to allow for more customisation, flexibil

adjADJ IP-rated wash now shipping in chrome
Thursday, 7 January 2021

USA - Following the success of the Element HEXIP outdoor-rated wireless up-lighting fixture, ADJ has introduced the Element HEX IP Chrome model. Offering the formula of 6-in-1 HEX LEDs, a powerful rechargeable battery, WiFLY EXR wireless DMX and an innovative casing design, the new version features a striking chrome housing. This makes it suitable for applications where, instead of blending into the background, lighting fixtures are required to make a bold statement.
The Element HEX IP Chrome is powered by four 10W HEX (RGBWA+UV) LEDs, which generate a consistent colour wash with a 20° beam angle. The 6-in-1 LEDs allow for the creation of a huge palette of colours ranging from vivid saturates to subtle pastels.
In addition to the primary colours of red, green and blue, the inclusion of both white and amber LED elements allows for the generation of a wide variety of colour temperatures of white light, ranging from stark cool white to soft warm white. Meanwhile, the UV LED element not only allows for the creation of the classic ‘blacklight’ effect where white and fluorescent materials glow vividly, but it can also be combined with the other colours to create hues such as hot pink, electric purple and lime green that aren’t possible using tri/quad colour uplighters.
As well as full colour mixing of the six LED elements, which allows the choice of a vast variety of colours, the unit is pre-programmed with 63 colour macros to allow for quick setup when required. It also offers Sound Active operation as well as an Auto Run mode with a choice of 16

ec1frontjpeg300dpiwhitebgCamden EC1 available through Sound Technology
Thursday, 7 January 2021

UK - Cranborne Audio and UK distributor Sound Technology have announced immediate availability of the Camden EC1 which combines the Camden preamp technology with a reference-grade headphone amplifier ‘to elevate your audio interface’s front-end to a professional level’.
“We designed Camden EC1 to make it easy for musicians, vocalists, podcasters and video producers to achieve elite-quality recordings and reference headphone critical listening,” says Sean Karpowicz, managing director and founder.
“Camden's unprecedented performance allows you to vastly improve the quality of your tracks,” says Elliott Thomas, product manager. “Using its ‘Mojo’ control, Camden EC1 goes from extraordinarily clean and natural sounding, to thick, vintage-style analogue saturation that can add that ‘magic colour’ to your tracks.”
The Camden EC1’s reference-quality headphone amplifier and independent, 4ch line mixer allows for direct, zero-latency monitoring of the Camden preamp using headphones connected directly to Camden EC1’s front panel.
Camden EC1 also utilises Cranborne Audio’s C.A.S.T. system for distributing audio around the studio or stage using affordable Cat 5e, Cat 6, or Cat 7 cabling.
“Engineered and designed under the Cranborne team’s watchful eyes,” continued Karpowicz, “Camden EC1 features elite audio specifications and application-based features that defy its price tag and is accessible for professional, project, and home studio engineers.”

codaCoda System Optimiser Beta v0.5 available
Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Europe - Coda Audio has announced the immediate availability of the latest public beta version of its proprietary prediction software - System Optimiser. This is a major update from the current version, providing integration with other software; Trimble SketchUp & Flux: IRCAM Spat Revolution Immersive Engine.
System Optimiser enables the user to accurately simulate several Coda Audio loudspeakers in any 3D scene with ‘unmatched precision and speed’. Design is possible for all sizes of audio system, from the smallest gathering up to the largest of stadium production, with incredible ease. In creating proposals for clients, SPL pressure mapping is presented in detail, with a strong sense of reality. In busy environments, workflow is tantamount to accuracy, and with this in mind, bespoke tools are provided to fully enable the system designer, says Coda.
Various tools are included to create complex designs. The layout tool can be used to place loudspeakers in a multitude of shapes and arrangements. The template engine is a powerful way of managing entities within the layout system. Measurement microphones can be placed anywhere within the 3D scene. Probes are a smart extension of the measurement microphones that make choosing line array angles stress-free. Link Groups define how line arrays are connected, and allow electronic filters to be applied to correct for distance and splay angle.
The System Optimiser Beta is now available as a native macOS / Windows / Linux application for registered users.

amate-audio-g7prodlineAmate ships compact commercial G7 speaker
Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Spain - Amate Audio’s new commercial audio loudspeaker, G7, is rolling off the production line and shipping to customers.
G7 is a ‘ground-up, fully in-house, development, two-way system within an EN54-24 certifiable, hexagonal-form, reinforced ABS plastic enclosure’. Continuous programme power handling and output capabilities are rated at 120 W and 112 dB SPL, and a full-frequency response means that the G7 can be deployed without the need for sub bass reinforcement.
Over several years, Amate Audio has secured a worldwide niche demand in music and hospitality install applications, where high performance and operational efficiencies of its premium, self-powered, self-processing loudspeaker systems have found favour. In pitching for mainstream commercial audio success, the company has eschewed prevailing market trends, in offering a distinctively premium product with a comparatively competitive price tag, says the company.
Vice president and chief technical officer Joan Amate states, “G7 was conceived from the outset to disprove the assumption that ‘premium’ necessarily equates with a premium price tag. In developing a compelling proposition for the largest scale commercial audio applications, we understood we had to develop something distinct, in relation to market expectations. As well as something consistent with and representative of our hi-end brand values.”
As a starting point, the company designed its own injection mould, integrating an advanced internal acoustic architecture, within a compact enclosure with a distinctly ae

streamerdeluxepackGLP’s Streamer enhances videoconferencing
Friday, 18 December 2020

USA - Responding to the current trend for streaming and videoconferencing, necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic and social lockdown, GLP has designed Streamer. This is a small, versatile LED light source whose sole purpose is to present hosts, interviewees and collaborators in professional, studio-type lighting with the ability to be fully remote controlled by a lighting designer, if required.
UL-listed, the spec includes flicker-free high intensity output, with a colour temperature range of 1900-5600K, provided by three different colour sets of LED’s.
A ‘prosumer’ product developed by GLP’s North American operation, it is tailored to both the professional and general consumer markets.
GLP Inc president, Mark Ravenhill, commented that their new solution is both easy to use and transport thanks to the robust yet compact case, that at just six inches long easily fits into a laptop bag. “Streamer plugs directly into a standard USB-C socket on any computer, no batteries or bulky power adapters are required,” he explains.
A range of inbuilt colour temperature pre-sets can be accessed directly from the onboard buttons, which also give instant intensity control. These pre-sets can also be easily modified by the user within the desktop app, available on both Mac and PC.
Streamer has an aluminium outer shell, designed to survive the rigours of a road warrior. “Whether you find yourself in a badly lit hotel room, an overcast airport terminal or just at your home office, you can make sure that you will always look your best,”

chroma-q-pole-operated-pan-and-tilt-yokeChroma-Q adds pole operated accessory
Thursday, 17 December 2020

USA - Chroma-Q has announced the launch of a new Pole Operated Pan & Tilt Yoke accessory for their Space Force Octo and Space Force onebytwo fixtures.
Over the past few months Chroma-Q says it has seen a large increase in demand from their film and TV customers, particularly for its Space Force range of fixtures.
“The development and launch of this new accessory came about due to customer demand. We are delighted to be able to give our customers what they want and endeavour to respond to their needs to ensure our products tick all the boxes,” comments Chroma-Q’s global brand manager, Paul Pelletier.
“In such a fast-paced industry, having the ability to make changes quickly and easily is essential. Thanks to the pole operation, operators will now be able to make adjustments whilst keeping both feet on the ground - removing the need for ladders on set not only keeps things tidier but also removes a potential safety hazard.”

wirelessWireless Solution introduces G6 BlackBoxes
Thursday, 17 December 2020

Sweden - Wireless Solution has announced the release of its new generation of BlackBoxes with the introduction of G6.
The G6 models include some new functionality and communication protocols, including Art-Net and Streaming ACN via WiFi, RDM support in all models, Bluetooth connectivity for configuration and software updates, and full compatibility with LumenRadio’s CRMX technology.
Michael Karlsson, product development manager, at LumenRadio and Wireless Solution, comments: “With the new G6 models, we are taking wireless DMX to a whole new level by introducing official support for both WiFi and Bluetooth as well as support for LumenRadio’s CRMX technology. Especially the question of a common wireless DMX standard within the entertainment lighting community has been an ongoing discussion for many years and with the introduction of compatibility between W-DMX and CRMX, we are now offering customers the world’s first true DMX compatibility.”
Karlsson adds: “With the W-DMX and CRMX technology now under the same ownership we have the possibility to create a truly global standard for wireless DMX. We will continue to work hard to make it easier for our customers to use wireless DMX in their projects without having to think about which supplier to use. We will also look to make it easier to commission products and change settings with minimal effort.”
Robert Larsson, business area manager, Wireless Solution, adds: “Wireless Solution have for the past 15 years contributed to transforming the lighting industry with the development o

magma3-viz-key1170x695enMA Lighting releases grandMA3 viz-key
Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Germany - MA Lighting has answered user pleas for solutions that connect grandMA3 lighting control systems with existing visualisation platforms with the introduction of grandMA3 viz-key.
grandMA3 viz-key provides a stable and safe connectivity between third-party visualisation tools and grandMA3 lighting control systems, says the manufacturer. Users can simply connect the grandMA3 viz-key with the visualisation computer and the new tool will enable all necessary parameters for visualisation.
All compatible third-party manufacturers are MA-Net3 members on the network and can visualize all granted parameters instantly. grandMA3 viz-key also enables all non-granted parameters for visualization.
MA Lighting has reached agreements with several visualisation solution manufactures to co-develop an integration between the grandMA3 viz-key and their specific pre-vis product. Those are Capture Visualisation for Capture; Imaginary Labs for Carbon For Unreal; Syncronorm for Depence²; and Vectorworks for Vision, with the Vision 2021 Service Pack 2.1 already compatible with the viz-key.
MA Lighting is in contact with further companies and will release updated information as new partnerships are formed.

martinp3systemcontrollersoftware52Martin releases P3 System Controller update
Wednesday, 16 December 2020

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has announced that Martin P3 System Controller Software Version 5.2.0 is now available as a free update for the entire family of Martin P3 System Controllers.
Martin P3 System Controller Software Version 5.2.0 comes with a range of new features and improvements that benefit newer products such as the MAC Aura PXL and VDO Atomic Dot, as well as long-time Martin favorites like VDO Sceptron, VDO Fatron and Exterior PixLine.
New features include: P3 Switch: Instantly toggle individual fixtures between video control and DMX control; PixelMap Input: Receive PixelMap input from a lighting desk for up to 128 universes, drive fixtures with a video feed from a media server or dynamically switch between the two; Art-Net to P3 Bridge: Create an Art-Net to P3 Bridge using the PixelMap Input functionality to visualize lighting designs in realtime.
The Spread and Align feature allows you to easily manage fixtures in the workspace and speed up your workflow when dealing with large quantities of fixtures, says Martin Professional.

magmaticrocket-seriesMagmatic Rocket Series takes off
Monday, 14 December 2020

USA - Magmatic atmospheric effects has introduced Rocket, a line of powerful CO2 cryogenic simulation effects that produce ‘dense white clouds of fog for visually stunning atmospherics. Capable of generating a heavy blast of fog that engulfs an area in just a few seconds yet dissipates instantly, each effect is arrayed with high-output RGBA LEDs.
Rocket is making it easier for designers and production houses to implement high-impact cryogenic-type effects into projects of all types - tours, special events, clubs, theme parks and more, says the company. The advantages over traditional liquid CO2 or liquid nitrogen cryogenic effects are many. With the Rocket series there are no cumbersome, high-pressure liquid CO2 or liquid nitrogen cylinders to deal with, making for a safer, less expensive and faster setup that requires no local authority approvals.
Three Rocket series effects are available – Javelin, Sidewinder and Tomahawk – all wrapped in a durable, tour-ready aluminum housing designed to withstand travel and repeated use.
Javelin is a high-velocity CO2 simulator fog machine in a compact and lightweight mobile design. It features 34 x 2-watt RGBA LEDs for bursts of dynamic coloured effect and can rotate 90-degrees for horizontal or vertical bursts of fog. Max throw distance is 20-ft with a 50,000 cu.ft per minute output and max continuous output of 10 seconds at full. Fluid capacity is 2.5 litres. Its compact size and easy mobility means Javelin is easy to position virtually anywhere.
Sidewinder features 22 x 2-watt RGBA LEDs for b

vegas-4--2-sub-110--l3000Outline extends Vegas loudspeaker line
Monday, 14 December 2020

Italy - Outline has announced the arrival of the latest member of their Vegas loudspeaker line, the Vegas 4.
Designed and manufactured in Italy, the Vegas 4 is a multi-purpose miniature loudspeaker featuring a single-driver design and employing a new 4” transducer created by Outline’s engineers specifically for the product. Its power handling, audio performance (even off-axis, traditionally not a strong point of single-driver designs), thoughtful design and robustness allow it to fulfil a huge range of roles in both fixed and mobile applications.
Measuring 12cm x 12cm x 12.6cm and weighing only 1.6Kg (3.5 lb), multiple Vegas 4s can be deployed in projects where high quality audio is required but where minimum visual impact is demanded - for example, delays and surrounds in theatre, in corporate AV, leisure, retail, worship and much more. When combined with Outline’s SUB 110 compact subwoofer a true full-range audio solution can be delivered in a small overall footprint.
Outline’s new L3000 DSP-equipped miniature power amplifier can drive and process up to 16 Vegas 4s, or eight Vegas 4s and two SUB 110s. Alternatively, any of Outline’s amplifiers will work just as well and the iP24 processor is the perfect external processing partner.
Every Vegas 4 is supplied with a specially-designed bracket which allows mounting on virtually any surface but also on regular microphone stands, so deployment in any situation is very easy. The enclosure is manufactured to IP55 protection rating, making it ideal for use in extremes of heat, cold and hu


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