Sony's latest additions bring greater flexibility to wireless users.
Sony has introduced launched the latest additions to its WL800 Series UHF radio microphone system, using recent innovations to provide increased operating frequencies, bringing greater flexibility for users.

The addition of the ‘B’ versions comes at the same time as two new products: for ENG use is a new single-unit, camera-mounting dual-channel diversity receiver (the WRR-862B), while a new handheld transmitter (the WRT-847B) with five interchangeable capsule options (female vocal, male vocal, speech, shotgun and ENG) brings greater flexibility to a range of applications.

The new additions are all compatible with the existing WL800 ‘A’ and Freedom models, but can operate in any 24MHz frequency block between 470MHz and 862MHz, including the lower TV channel ranges which were previously unusable for wireless microphones because of the size of components required. Advancements in component technology have meant that this problem can now be overcome, opening up a far larger operating frequency for wireless use.

New ‘B’ models include the WRT-822B beltpack transmitter and the WRR-855B SX camcorder-mounting receiver, which replace the WRT-822A and WRR-855A respectively. New to the Freedom range of products are the WRT-805B beltpack transmitter, the WRT-807B hand-held transmitter and the WRU-806B multi-channel receiver, which replace the respective ‘A’ versions. The WRR-805A/B is available in 16 or 24MHz ranges. The existing WRR-820, 840 and 850 multi-channel receivers are now replaced by a new rack-mount receiver, the MB-8N, and a modular receiver plug-in module, the WRU-8N. This system boasts high-speed Ethernet-based communications, auto channel-assignment and simple installation, and does not require an antenna divider for 16 channels or less. Any Sony wireless transmitter (WRT) is now compatible with any Sony wireless receiver (WRR or WRU).

Other new additions from Sony include a new lavalier microphone, just half the size of the popular ECM-77 head, and the SRP-X700 - a combined audio mixer, wireless microphone receiver rack, RGB/video switcher, equaliser, active feedback reducer and power amplifier in a single, compact unit. The SRP-X700 is designed for modern presentation systems which are required to process and switch multi-media sources including microphones, video, DVD and computers. It utilises DSP technology to deliver its extensive range of functions and features industry-standard connectors.

(Lee Baldock)

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