Miley Cyrus performs during the 66th Grammy Awards (photo: John Shearer/Getty Images)
USA - Broadcast live from Los Angeles’ Arena for the second consecutive year, the 66th Grammy Awards were delivered by an expert production team who trust Shure wireless technology to ensure extraordinary audio.
“Shure’s Axient Digital wireless technology delivers the high-quality sound and reliability that our team depends on for the Grammy Awards,” shared Michael Abbott, audio producer for the 66th Grammy Awards show. “Their wireless, along with the wide variety of Shure mic capsules, ensures the artists sound their best for the live broadcast.”
To flawlessly broadcast the audio of the event worldwide to 16.9m viewers, a stalwart group of industry veterans, including Michael, relied on 28 channels of the Emmy Award-winning Shure Axient Digital Wireless Microphone System and eight channels of Axient Analog. Artists trusted Shure PSM 1000 in-ear monitoring systems during their performances, with a total of 190 Shure bodypacks used throughout the evening.
Frequency coordination serves an essential role in managing the staggering amount of wireless used throughout the Grammys. Working in the already frequency-dense downtown Los Angeles, Stephen Vaughn, Soundtronic’s RF Coordinator, oversaw this pivotal function with Axient Digital and, for monitoring, Wireless Workbench.
“Shure’s Wireless Workbench and Axient Digital prove themselves year after year on the Grammy stage,” shared Stephen. “Tools, like Wireless Workbench, give me reliable control and flexibility in LA’s challenging RF environment.”
“Shure is the gold standard when it comes to microphones. They have proven that in my 20-plus years in the industry,” shared Jamie Pollock, FOH music engineer. “I use their products in the studio, on the road, and at large-scale live events such as the Grammy Awards.”
In addition to Stephen, Michael, and Jamie, the night’s crew included broadcast A1, Tom Holmes, and music mixers Eric Schilling and John Harris. Front of house was overseen by FOH production mixer and ATK project manager Jeff Peterson.
Many artists opted to perform with the most storied microphones from the 99-year history of Shure, including the SM58 and 565SD, as well as the company’s latest microphone innovation, the Shure KSM11.
Dua Lipa kicked off the festivities with a magic act all her own, performing a medley of her songs, including the new hit Houdini, while singing into a Shure KSM11 mic capsule. Later in the evening, Olivia Rodrigo would also use the KSM11 during the blood-soaked performance of her hit, Vampire.
Performing her Record-of-the-Year-winning song Flowers, Miley Cyrus clutched a Shure 565SD, which matched her silver-tassel dress and Tina Turner energy.
Celebrating the tail-end of their residency at Las Vegas’ Sphere, U2 relied on Shure Axient Analog wireless and SM58 mic capsules.
“We understand the importance of wireless audio across all types of live events and media production, and appreciate the challenges involved in making the creative vision for a show come to life, or ensuring a presentation goes perfectly,” said Nick Wood, senior director, professional audio products, at Shure. “This has inspired us to continue innovating in core areas such as spectrum efficiency, wireless reliability, and user-centric design. Shure’s commitment to solving these challenges with our customers remains as strong as ever.”

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