Theater Vanemuine in Tartu is Estonia’s oldest theatre
Estonia - Estonia’s oldest theatre - Vanemuine in Tartu - received new audio, lighting, video, and communication equipment supplied by Amptown System Company (ASC) as part of a major conversion project.
Berlin-based Ingenieur Gesellschaft Wibbeke & Penders was commissioned with planning and implementing the structural conversion work while Dr. Reiner Chemnitius was responsible for working out the fundamentals for media equipment selection and installation.
Working together with ASC project manager Jan Vandrei and his team, theatre planner Dr. Chemnitius developed and customized the complex redundant audio/video fibre optic system based on Optocore and BroaMan components exclusively for the Vanemuine theatre.
Two management consoles with the real-time capable media control system by adunas were eventually selected. The larger main console to the right of the stage features two adunas 22" touch panels allowing for easy control of audio, lighting, video, curtain, clock functions (stop, timer, time), feeding sources, and gong. For the rehearsals, a smaller mobile console is used which affords virtually the same functions as the main console with the exception of curtain control.
In the second construction stage ASC technicians integrated the lighting control panel into the modernised system, while the sound system was also configured and installed. This included speakers by Meyer Sound, SD7 and SD 10 mixing consoles with theatre software for scene management, and stage racks by DiGiCo plus microphone equipment based on a Shure Axient system with 30 channels.
Theatre director Toomas Peterson comments: "Amptown System Company supplied and installed audio, lighting, video, and communication equipment for the Vanemuine theatre in accordance with the specifications detailed in the international call for tenders and with the plans contributed by Dr. Reiner Chemnitius. Co-operation with ASC went smoothly. All of the work was performed to a high professional standard and completed in due time. To sum it all up, we are very happy with the results.”
Stefan Thomsen, ASC senior sales manager for communication systems, reports: "The intercom system of the Vanemuine theatre relies on a fully integrated OMNEO media network architecture by RTS. Standard TCP-IP network infrastructures can be used to connect intercom devices to the central Adam M intercom matrix which is configured to provide for redundancy. Actually this IP-based intercom system is the most advanced one at present available on the market.
“OMNEO employs the widely used Dante network for the transmission of audio signals and AES70 for the transmission of control signals. This facilitates transparent integration of external components and audio signals into the intercom system to a remarkable extent.”
(Jim Evans)

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