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Tuesday, 20 February 2024

Size Matters - The UK's largest indoor arena will open its doors for the first time with a headline act performed by Peter Kay. The Bolton comedian will perform at the opening night of the new 23,500-seater Co-op Live venue in Manchester on 23 April. Liam Gallagher, Take That, Pearl Jam and Olivia Rodrigo are also set to separately perform at the £350m arena.
Co-op general manager Gary Roden said Kay was the "perfect" opening act who "embodies what this city is about". The new venue, set to open opposite Manchester City's Etihad stadium, features a "unique bowl design" that would bring fans "closer to the artist than at other arenas of equivalent size", a spokesman for the Co-op said. The arena is set to surpass the Manchester Arena and O2 Arena in size to become the UK's largest indoor arena.
Get Back - Sir Paul McCartney has been reunited with the bass guitar he used on Beatles hits including Love Me Do and She Loves You, 51 years after it was stolen from the back of a van in London. The Höfner bass was found in a family's attic in Sussex thanks to a search by a project called the Lost Bass.
A spokesperson for the former Beatle said he was "incredibly grateful" for its return. Following an appeal for information by the Lost Bass search project, a family living in a terraced house in Sussex contacted the team remembering they had an old bass guitar in their attic.
On the Road - Chicago will embark on a UK tour in the autumn this year, visiting locations including the Theatre Royal Newcastle and Manc

amps-awards-4Zone of Interest sound team receives awards
Tuesday, 20 February 2024

UK - In its 11th year, the Association of Motion Picture Sound (AMPS) winner’s presentation for Excellence in Sound for a Feature Film 2024 took place at The Rosewood Hotel, with The Zone of Interest receiving the award.
Johnnie Burn AMPS, Tarn Willers AMPS, Mateusz Stasiak and Simon Carroll were present to receive their AMPS trophies from AMPS chair Andrew Wilson, in the company of AMPS members including award group leader and three-time Academy Award nominee Graham Hartstone. James Ogden was unable to attend but will be sent his award.
AMPS’ annual awards recognise multiple facets of the sound industry; alongside supervising crew members, AMPS honours key 1st assistant sound/boom operators and supervising dialogue/ADR editors. AMPS recognises the assistants in the team as well as the HoDs, with Mateusz, Simon and James receiving trophies and being named as winners in their annual awards.
"We are deeply honoured to receive the AMPS Film Sound Award,” said Johnnie Burn. “This accolade is a testament to the hard work, creativity, and dedication that we, along with our incredible team of Brendan Feeney, Simon Carroll, Max Behrens, and everyone at Wave Studios, pour into every project. I feel so grateful to work with Jonathan Glazer on such extraordinary projects. It truly is beyond a privilege to see our commitment to pushing the boundaries of sound in cinema being recognized by my peers."
Tarn Willers added: "Collaborating with Jonathan Glazer, and Johnnie, was an enriching experience. The work was incredibly challenging but

wmas-principleUS regulation changes permit WMAS operation
Tuesday, 20 February 2024

USA - The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) approved a change in its regulation that now permits operation of Wireless Multichannel Audio Systems (WMAS) in the United States.
WMAS is an advanced wireless microphone technology designed to meet the challenges of highly demanding live performance and studio applications. Compared to conventional wireless microphone systems, WMAS offers higher spectral efficiency – the ability to transmit more audio channels within a limited block of radio frequency (RF) spectrum – as well as greater interference protection to other wireless services that share the same spectrum.
In her statement during the Open Commission Meeting, chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel pointed out, “Unless you’re in video and audio production, the odds are you haven’t thought much about wireless microphones. But they’re everywhere. […] So when a new technology comes along with the potential to improve the efficiency of wireless microphone operations, we’re going to take a second look. That’s why a few years ago we issued a rulemaking to explore this new type of technology known as Multichannel Wireless Audio Systems or WMAS. […] they can significantly improve the efficiency of wireless microphone operations […] that’s a spectrum win-win.”
Sennheiser started development of its WMAS over 10 years ago. In August 2018, Sennheiser filed a Petition for Rulemaking with the FCC requesting a modification in the bandwidth limit specified for wireless microphones by the Commission. At that time, Sennheiser demonstrated a pr

bluesoundSound Technology to distribute Bluesound
Tuesday, 20 February 2024

UK - Bluesound Professional has appointed Sound Technology, a Midwich Group company, to grow the brand’s reach in the UK and Ireland. The appointment takes effect immediately.
“We are very proud to represent Bluesound Professional as its unique endpoint streaming solutions are cutting edge for this industry,” says Alison Charters, business manager, Sound Technology. “The versatility of the solutions it offers will help our network of integrators grow their businesses by creating new revenue streams while also cutting costs.”
“Sound Technology have such deep roots in the commercial A/V sector with an excellent network of experienced integrators,” adds Graeme Harrison, vice-president and general manager of Bluesound Professional. “We look forward to seeing the kinds of interesting and novel installations that our products will be used in.”

survey-rectangle-bannerPLASA survey on sustainability opens to wider industry
Tuesday, 20 February 2024

UK - PLASA is running an industry-wide survey on sustainability. The association aims to understand how and if companies across the entertainment technology sector are tackling the important issue of sustainability and carbon reduction.
The survey was launched during the Member Business Forum on Sustainability and Carbon Reduction, which took place in London on 18 January 2024. However, the survey is now open to the wider industry until 29 March, in partnership with #WeMakeEvents, LSi, LIVE and PEARLE.
Even though there are no current legal requirements in the UK to implement such plans, PLASA recognises the importance of sustainability across the industry and the need for support. Therefore, the association is now conducting research to understand the current position of the industry. The data will help to inform the activities of the association, as well as future industry collaborative initiatives and membership support.
Bryan Raven, director of strategic projects for d&b Solutions and joint vice-chair for the PLASA Carbon Reduction to Net Zero steering group, says: “Sustainability is not something any company can deal with alone – suppliers, customers, freelancers and audiences need to work together. It’s not about competitive advantages; it’s about doing what is right. As an industry we need to lead the way and work together to minimise the carbon impact of ‘making events’.”
Nicky Greet, director of membership, skills and technical for PLASA, adds: “The drive for carbon reduction will impact everyone in our industry. W

audientJMC Academy turns to Audient consoles
Monday, 19 February 2024

Australia - The ASP4816-HE compact console has been chosen for JMC Academy in Melbourne, the final of the three antipodean JMC education facilities to upgrade to the Audient mixing desk.
Studio/facilities manager, Marcus Hernan explains the setup: “We have five studios on campus as well as numerous smaller production suites and edit labs. Each studio follows the curriculum from small bedroom style production suites with all-in-one interfaces in trimester one, to the ASP4816-HE in tri two, control surface in tri three and a larger format console in tri four onwards.”
Originally a studio lecturer at JMC Academy, Marcus has worked with them for over a decade. He continues: “Our Audient is housed in the trimester two studio as the formal introduction to analogue studio workflow. It is the centrepiece of a studio comprising a ProTools rig with an assortment of outboard gear tailored toward the demonstration and application of the basics of studio operation and recording.”
He describes how certain features of the small format analogue recording console have been helping to inspire students. “Personally, I am a big fan of the bus comp and mix processing options. They are cool additions that you generally don’t see on a lot of other (console) options. The EQ circuit is also very easy to get good results with. For our students in particular, it is great to see the excitement when they get those results so early on, often when they are quite timid with regard to real world processing, especially on the way in.”
Mainly used by audio engin

two-citiesExtensive Ayrton rig lights Two Cities Church
Monday, 19 February 2024

USA - Just before Christmas, Two Cities Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina moved into a new worship centre where modern production equipment enhances the in-person and broadcast experience for a congregation of some 2,500 people who attend three Sunday services.
SES Integration in Mocksville, North Carolina consulted on the design of the new building and, with the support of its SES Production division, suggested a complement of Ayrton Levante, Diablo and Zonda 9 wash lights for the rig. ACT Entertainment is the exclusive distributor of Ayrton lighting in North America.
Seven-year-old Two Cities Church has undergone rapid growth, quickly expanding beyond the capacity of its previous locations. The move to a purpose-built worship centre on 13 acres in downtown Winston-Salem afforded the opportunity to create an all-new production environment to engage congregants attending services in person and those watching livestreamed broadcasts on YouTube.
“SES designed and implemented the complete production system: full AV and lighting, the acoustic treatment and house lighting for the worship centre,” says Michael Brammer, a partner in Special Event Services (SES) and a member of Two Cities Church himself. “The goal was to serve the church well as a tool to expand the ministry and to create a space that the city of Winston-Salem would be proud to have to host other events.”
During the past two years SES has made a substantial investment in Ayrton fixtures for its inventory. “We have just about all of the Ayrton product line,” Brammer

prolightsArcShines illuminate Numbers on the Board
Monday, 19 February 2024

USA - Eastern Lighting Design has completed the lighting design and installation for the new Chicago-based studio of the sports podcast Numbers on the Board, hosted by Kenny Beecham and produced by Omaha Productions.
The project involved 11 Prolights ArcShine M18FC fixtures, transforming a standard office space into a dynamic, visually engaging broadcast studio. Numbers on the Board combines in-depth NBA analysis with lively discussions, creating an accessible and engaging atmosphere for its audience. The design aim was to cultivate a studio environment that supports high-quality broadcast requirements while ensuring the space is optimally lit for video production.
The Eastern Lighting Design team addressed this challenge by integrating Prolights ArcShine M18FC fixtures, renowned for their versatility and high-quality output. "The ArcShine M18FCs enabled us to realise a studio environment that is both visually compelling and conducive to the engaging discussions characteristic of Numbers on the Board,” remarked the design team.
The fixtures' placement was optimised to enhance the set's aesthetic elements and ensure that focus remains on the hosts and their dialogues. The Prolights ArcShine M18FC fixtures provided the necessary luminance to accentuate the studio's features with white light, maintaining the visual integrity of the broadcast and contributing to the podcast's warm, inviting atmosphere.
This implementation not only aligns with the podcast's content strategy but also elevates the visual experience for view

iheartradio-alter-ego3Chauvet shines at ALTer EGO concert
Monday, 19 February 2024

USA - Although a procession of major stars like Fall Out Boy, 30 Seconds To Mars, The Last Dinner Party, Bush, The 1975, and Sum41 graced the Honda Centre stage, the lighting rig for this year’s iHeartRadio ALTer EGO concert, which is traditionally held at the Kia Forum in LA, was smaller than it was in recent years.
The size of the rig, notwithstanding, the design team was given the mission of making the overall production for the nationally televised event, look bigger than previous shows.
“We wanted to make the show seem larger this year,” said Dierson of The Activity. “Yet, there’s no bravado when I tell you that this was literally the smallest lighting rig that I’ve been a part of in the past 20 or so years.”
Describing this challenge as “a blessed reality”, Dierson explained how it sharpened his creative visions. “It’s good to be forced to get more out of less,” he said. “That may be sort of an age old saying, but it’s also the truth. There’s certainly an ease that comes with a challenge where you can throw more gear at something. However, when you’re forced to accomplish more without that ability, your design talents are truly challenged - and that’s a nice thing to be forced to hone every now and then.”
Among the fixtures that helped Dierson accomplish this goal at iHeart ALTer EGO were 20 Maverick MK3 Washes, 16 Color Strike M strobe-washes in 30-channel mode, and 18 COLORado 2 Solos in SSP mode 9-channel. These Chauvet Professional fixtures, like the rest of the lighting rig in this Diversified Pr

laldlcarena1L-Acoustics K Series enlivens Lyon cultural scene
Monday, 19 February 2024

France - The newly inaugurated LDLC Arena in Lyon, boasting a 16,000 capacity, is a prominent addition to France's event venues as the largest indoor arena outside Paris. In a city already known for its vibrant fusion of history, culture, and innovation, this new, Populous-designed venue symbolises the ambitious objective of the local government to offer a versatile space that can host large crowds for electrifying sports events and major concerts.
LDLC Arena will serve as home to Lyon-Villeurbanne’s ASVEL basketball team while accommodating large-scale tournaments, exhibitions, and national and international tours. The venue opened in November with a concert from Lyon-born celebrity and comedian Florence Foresti, and it has already hosted concerts from the likes of The Arctic Monkeys.
Given the stated mission of offering diverse events under one spectacular roof, the LDLC team turned to Marseille-based integration company Snef to design and install a professional concert-grade audio system capable of reinforcing any imaginable content. Snef has a solid history of successful collaboration on similar projects, including the professional sound system installed in Marseille’s multi-purpose Stade Vélodrome. At LDLC Arena, Snef was tasked with providing flexible yet uniform coverage, throughout the audience for any sport or entertainment. In addition, the sound system needed to be compact and adaptable to different arena layouts as the form and capacity of the space changed depending on the event.
"This project was a real adventure for Lyon,” exp

france-24-studio-3Chauvet Ovations light France 24 studios
Friday, 16 February 2024

France - Broadcasting 24/7, the international news channel France 24 reaches an audience of almost 500m households around the world in French, Arabic, Spanish and English. However, as is the case all over Paris, space is quite limited, so France 24 has to make the best of its available capacities, with its largest studios being just under 100sq.m with a grille height of 3.5m.
Given the varied programming broadcast by France 24, cameras on this set are arranged very differently, depending on the show. Indeed, sometimes camera axes are reversed by 180-degrees. Also, since various news and editorial teams require their own looks during broadcasts, the studios have not one, but five different sets, all of which are rolled on wheels.
Working within this set of circumstances, Jean-Louis Rousseaux, director of photography for France 24, was seeking a compact and very versatile projector, with a relatively wide focal length, as well as the ability to illuminate several subjects at very short distances. Additionally, he wanted a projector that delivered the precise control necessary for isolating a subject on the set, an essential requirement for any TV broadcast light.
Looking for a lighting solution that could meet these requirements and modernise the studios, Rousseaux turn to his trusted advisor, Alain Lheriteau from Dushow. Lheriteau provided him with the answer, a fixture that offers the performance features he was looking for in a compact size: the Ovation E-2 FC ellipsoidal from Chauvet Professional. A collection of 168 of these RGBA-Lime colour-mixi

cqlpelation2Elation supports CQLP lighting competition
Friday, 16 February 2024

France - Elation and French distributor Best Audio & Lighting provided lighting for the final of this year’s CQLP (C'est Qui Le Patron) lighting design competition in France. A demanding competition that showcases lighting designer talent, this was the first time the competition was held outdoors, this year at the Collégiale Notre-Dame de Mantes-la-Jolie outside of Paris.
Using the grandeur of the medieval church’ s architecture as a centrepiece, lighting design teams produced light shows that combined quality, creativity and technique. Following an elimination tournament round of 16, quarter-finals and semi-finals, two teams advanced to the grand finale 20 January. There, the two teams had 40 Proteus Maximus LED profile moving heads, 24 Proteus Excalibur sky beam moving heads, and 40 Paladin Panel floodlights at their disposal to awe judges as well as an enthusiastic crowd of onlookers.
As CQLP is a non-profit organisation, the Elation lighting fixtures were generously provided for the final by Best Audio & Lighting.
Thomas Béra and Adrien Alibert of the winning Blue Cicada team expressed their enthusiasm for the lighting rig. “The kit offered by Best Audio & Lighting and Elation during the CQLP 2024 championship was just crazy! The Proteus Maximus, which were used to light the facade and the central stained-glass window, are superb machines with many graphic possibilities. The Paladins are sufficiently powerful for lighting a facade. And the highlight of the show is the machine that we really loved: the Proteus Excalibur. The

bromptonBrompton ‘Embraces the Extra-Ordinary’
Friday, 16 February 2024

Australia - Hosted at The Hordern Pavilion in the heart of Sydney, last year’s B&T Awards revolved around the theme ‘Embrace the Extra-Ordinary’, with 40 categories presented during the night. Collaborating with their client, The Misfits Media Co., for whom Audio Visual Events (AVE) has been the preferred production partner for five years, a sophisticated LED structure powered by Brompton Technology’s Tessera LED processors was orchestrated.
“Before the B&T Awards, we assisted The Misfits team with their internal B&T & Travel Weekly programmes and agency event work,” explains Paul Keating, director at AVE. “The brief for this year’s event, encompassing the client's mood board, event styling, and content, featured dark backgrounds and vibrant colours. This was a perfect fit for utilising LED, allowing for deep, dark colours and contrasting vibrant ones to pop. Given the one-day build, show and strike, we needed an LED control system that allowed for flexible multiple LED canvases with a quick and easy setup and programme.”
Working as a cohesive team, including Eric Spencer (senior account manager), Dan Quinn (technical project manager), Dylan Hovey (technical director), and Brenton Dine (vision specialist), the AVE team closely collaborated with The Misfits Media Co.’s senior producer, Lachlan Russel, and project manager, Romy Bradbridge, to bring the project to life.
“We built a central LED screen, 12m wide by 4m high, flanked by two vertical pillars, each measuring 1.5m wide by 3m high. This gave us a total of

cadogan-hall-2-james-tappingWhite Light refreshes historic Cadogan Hall
Friday, 16 February 2024

UK - Located in the heart of Chelsea, Cadogan Hall is an historic 950-seater concert hall, presenting a wide range of events and performances, from classical music to jazz to musical theatre. Its acoustics and luxurious surroundings make it the first choice for some of the UK’s top orchestras, including the Hall’s resident orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic, as well as a favourite London destination for international touring orchestras.
It recently decided to upgrade its lighting set-up, in order to become more energy efficient as well as offer performances more options and flexibility. As such, they approached White Light (WL), a d&b solutions company, who oversaw this significant investment.
The upgrade of the existing rig was driven by the venue’s head of production, James Tapping. He explains: “Previously we had a ‘concert rig’ of ETC Source Four Pars and Source Four Profiles to provide an open white wash for classical concerts. Also in need of replacing were six legacy Stage Profile SVs which had been in place since the opening of the Hall nearly 20 years ago! (The other 12 Stage Profile SVs we had had previously been replaced with 11 Robe DL7S and 9 JB A12s a few years ago).
“For us, whilst the Source Four Pars and Profiles were bright, they also used a lot of energy and produced a lot of heat. Similarly, the Stage Profiles were simply approaching end-of-life and needed replacing. Alongside the energy efficient gains from LED fixtures, these new units would significantly reduce the number of times the rig had to be flown in t

infocomm-2024-logoRegistration opens for InfoComm 2024
Friday, 16 February 2024

USA - InfoComm 2024, the largest trade show focused on pro AV in North America, set for 8-14 June at the Las Vegas Convention Centre has officially opened registration.
“InfoComm 2024 is the destination to bring together the pro AV industry - from manufacturers to integrators, dealers to end-users - to connect with each other, learn about the latest trends, and explore the newest technology,” said David Labuskes, chief executive officer of AVIXA, producer of InfoComm. “In a continuously evolving industry in a forever-evolving world, it’s critical for industry professionals to keep learning and challenging the status quo to bring forth solutions that make a difference.”
“We are excited to open registration for InfoComm 2024 and eagerly await the return to Las Vegas, a city that epitomises the heartbeat of the pro AV industry, pulsating with technology innovations at every turn. InfoComm is the hub of technological innovation and boundless possibilities igniting inspiration and exploration,” said Rochelle Richardson, CEM, senior vice president of expositions and events, AVIXA. “We can’t wait for the industry to experience the June show where we have curated a robust programme and an array of surprises that promise a memorable experience for all.”
InfoComm 2024 is sponsored by strategic show partner Crestron and supporting show partner Shure Incorporated. Registration is available at

the-chevron-1Chevron takes the stage at Reading & Leeds
Friday, 16 February 2024

UK - Reading & Leeds Festival is to debut a new outdoor stage, The Chevron, at this year’s events. The festival attracts 240,000 visitors combined across both sites over the August Bank Holiday weekend.
Reading & Leeds will now feature an additional 40,000-capacity open-air venue, including the world’s first floating video canopy made up of hundreds of thousands of programmable LED lights that appear to be hovering in the air. The mesh is 90% transparent so festival-goers can dance under the open sky into the night.
“The bespoke structure, exclusive to Reading & Leeds, promises an immersive atmosphere and incredible programming, raising the bar for dance music and hip-hop fans and artists alike, raising the bar for dance music and hip-hop fans and artists alike,” said a statement.
Positioned in the main arena of both festival sites, The Chevron also signals the return of the single main stage. Since 2021, Reading & Leeds has featured two main stages instead of one to allow for six rotating headline acts. The set-up with six headliners will continue in 2024 but on one main stage across each of the sites.
“The stage's construction represents a feat of engineering, as the LEDs will appear to be hovering in the air. The canopy will bathe the audience dynamic light and the mesh is 90% transparent, so fans can dance under the open sky into the early hours. Featuring the biggest acts, bespoke creative visuals, cutting-edge tech and a world-class sound system, the Chevron is a must-visit festival experience you can’t have a

pharos-20-anniversary-logo-print-versionPharos celebrates 20 years with spotlight campaign
Friday, 16 February 2024

UK - As lighting controls specialist Pharos Architectural Controls moves into its 20th year in 2024, the manufacturer is launching a campaign in recognition of key people and projects that have played a significant part on its journey.
The 20 Years of Pharos campaign will spotlight 10 lighting professionals and 10 projects that have shaped the success of the company over the two decades since its establishment.
Pharos Architectural Controls was founded in 2004 as part of the Carallon group, as an independently owned specialist in dynamic lighting control systems.
All Pharos products are designed and manufactured in-house, including each product’s industrial design, the electronics, and the final assembly. By keeping control of the entire design and manufacturing process, Pharos prides itself on maintaining the highest possible standards in quality assurance. All Pharos products are backed by a five-year warranty and supported by an experienced technical team.
The most prevalent solution provided by Pharos is its flagship LPC (Lighting Playback Controller), a compact solid-state lighting controller originally designed for theme parks - bringing together the ideal blend of lighting control and show control in a neat package, while being rugged enough to be bolted onto a rollercoaster.
However, what really makes Pharos products special is the bespoke software that runs on them. For many, the software is the beating heart of any Pharos solution, providing users with a vast array of possibilities when designing their lighting projects.

mastercard-loungeScotiabank Arena renovates with 1 Sound
Thursday, 15 February 2024

Canada - Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) recently announced its $350m renovation for the Scotiabank Arena, home of the Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL) and Toronto Raptors (NBA).
This multi-phase renovation will see improvements to almost every part of the venue to greatly enhance the fan experience. The work began on the Mastercard Executive Suites level along with state-of-the-art technology upgrades, which was the start of the proof of concept with the upgraded audio system.
The initial audio design came from WJHW, a global design and consultant firm, who reached out to 1 Sound to specify 1 Sound’s Cannon C4i’s in the design for the Mastercard Executive Suites, Theatre Suites, and Mastercard Lounge. The goal of the design prompted by MLSE was for the audio system to fit in with the high-end finishes and feel of the room and have an enhanced audio experience in the suites while maintaining a small form factor.
The vision was to bring directional sound from the court, ice, and other high-energy areas of the arena into the suites to create an immersive experience. The Cannon C4i’s fit the bill with their high-fidelity sound quality, extended low frequency, and only taking up a footprint on the wall of a 6-inch box. MLSE produced a full proof of concept suite to demonstrate two Cannon C4i’s and other audio-visual technology.
Branch Audiovisual, with offices in Toronto and Ottawa, was contracted for the audio installation and worked with 1 Sound Custom Shop to satisfy the need for the loudspeakers to blend in. With this option a

crush-concert-at-jamsil-arena-seoulp-nation2Soyoun Lee controls Crush with grandMA3
Thursday, 15 February 2024

South Korea - Soyoun Lee’s is currently working for Lite Factory in Korea, designing and programming shows for several high-profile K-Pop music artists in Singapore and Korea. One of these is Korean record producer and singer-songwriter, Crush, who recently played several Wonderego concerts - in support of his i third album - at Seoul’s Jamsil Arena, for which Soyoun designed, programmed and operated the lighting.
For the first time, she chose to run the lighting control on a full grandMA3 system. Soyoun had used the grandMA3 console / hardware many times already (running in mode 2) and felt that this was a great time to ‘make the switch’, for which she prepared herself via online training videos and in-person training arranged via MA Lighting’s Asia Pacific base in Singapore.
Through the training, her grandMA3 knowledge increased exponentially and she realised that the platform’s many effective programming techniques were also triggering more creative ideas. The grandMA3 lighting set up on the Wonderego concerts comprised one grandMA3 full-size, one grandMA3 light, one grandMA3 processing unit XLone grandMA3 processing unit L and three grandMA3 8Port Nodes, controlling a total of 329 lighting fixtures that was a mixture of moving and static lights and LED fixtures and panels, all adding up to 17,685 parameters. Soyoun found herself using three main grandMA3 features - Recipes, Selection Grid and Phasers - as the backbone of her workflow, all of which enabled her to programme a complex and detailed show quicker, more efficiently and with grea

claypakyfito14Claypaky Sharpys light Fito Páez anniversary
Thursday, 15 February 2024

Argentina - Rock and pop musician Fito Páez continued his El amor 30 años después del amor tour last year with a 16 December concert at the Estadio UNO - Estadio Jorge Luis Hirschi in Buenos Aires where 54 Claypaky Sharpy Plus fixtures enhanced the energy on stage.
The tour marked the 30th anniversary of Páez’s breakout album, El amor despues del amor, the pinnacle of his commercial success. In 1992 the artist sold more than 750,000 copies of the album and played sold-out concert dates. Thirty years later he drew sell-out crowds to a commemorative tour from Gonna Go! Producciones that began in 2022. In the tour’s first year Páez played shows in South America and the US; last year he expanded the tour to include additional South American countries as well as Canada and Europe.
Lighting designer Gaspar Potocnik selected a large complement of Claypaky Sharpy Plus fixtures from rental house Técnica Vidal to enhance the dynamic shows that thrilled fans.
“The Sharpy Plus stands out for its versatility, colorimetry, motorisation and aperture range. It produces a beam or spot that facilitates multiple uses, making them a very interesting tool to operate,” says Agustín ‘Coqui’ Poblete, lighting technician at Técnica Vidal. The company also supplied the local lighting crew, which included Poblete, Gustavo Porollan, Daniel Toledo, José Gutiérrez and Darío Gil.

sound-technologySound Technology hosts JBL VTX A6 events
Thursday, 15 February 2024

UK - Following on from the successful Performance Audio Showcase event at Troxy in January, Sound Technology - distributor of Harman Professional audio brands in the UK & Ireland - has announced JBL VTX A6 open house sessions at its demo facility in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire on 5-7 March.
The A6 is JBL’s smallest VTX loudspeaker product to date, bringing flagship VTX A Series performance to a subcompact form factor. The fully passive, two-way line array is a versatile solution for small to mid-size rental houses, corporate events, theatres, clubs, houses of worship ‘or anyone who demands superior sound reinforcement’.
Hosted by Sound Technology's professional audio application team, the open house events will feature a flown stereo VTX A6 array with the accompanying VTX B15 subwoofer. Alongside listening sessions, the application team will dive into the technology, design and innovation inside the VTX Series, and demonstrate VTX A6's auto-locking rigging mechanism and suspension system - shared with the larger VTX A8 & A12 - together with the range of rigging accessories, intelligently designed transport & storage solutions and Crown VRack amplification.
There will also be demos of Venue Synthesis, JBL’s 3D acoustic simulation software. Sound Technology's demo facility also features other JBL Performance Audio & Portable PA ranges, including the VTX A8, SRX900, PRX900 and more, which visitors can hear.
Registration details are at test

eaw-and-von-braun-center1Hutsville arena opts for EAW ADAPTive
Thursday, 15 February 2024

USA - When officials at the Von Braun Centre, located in the heart of historic downtown Huntsville, Alabama, approved a transformative renovation project at the multi-purpose facility, the task of installing a new audio system was awarded to Verta Technologies, a pioneering force in audiovisual solutions.
Spearheaded by Christian Tuttle, principal and CEO of Verta Technologies, the company selected an ADAPTive audio system from EAW.
The Von Braun Centre has undergone extensive renovations over the past two years and sought a comprehensive update for its aging audio system at the 10,000-seat Propst Arena, home to the Southern Professional Hockey League’s Huntsville Havoc. This is in addition to EAW ADAPTive being deployed in the 1,300-capacity Mars Music Hall and the 2,000-seat Mark C. Smith Concert Hall. While Propst Arena is primarily used for hockey, all three of the Von Braun Centre’s venues can host touring productions of any scale.
“It's impressive to see ADAPTive present in both smaller music halls and large-scale arenas, demonstrating its versatility across various venues,” says Tuttle. “The Von Braun Centre now boasts one of the largest permanent installations of EAW ADAPTive under one roof in the world, showcasing the versatility of the technology across different venues on the campus.”
With a looming hockey season and a tight project completion timeline, Verta Technologies executed a rush project for the arena, receiving the purchase order in July and completing the installation with a week to spare before the first hock

robe-nathaniel-rateliff-ball-arena-2023-2Robe lights Nathaniel Rateliff homecoming
Thursday, 15 February 2024

USA - Popular Americana and R'n'B singer songwriter Nathaniel Rateliff and his band The Night Sweats played their sold-out annual homecoming holiday concert at the Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado, in December.
It was the second time the annual event - which has been running for some years - was staged at this venue, after moving to the larger space in 2022.
The lighting was crafted by Jeremy Roth, who has been Nathaniel’s production designer since 2017. He utilised over 100 Robe moving lights - Fortes, Spiiders and MegaPointes plus a RoboSpot system - to help make it look spectacular and memorable.
Jeremy programmed and operated lights for this seasonal holiday performance himself, working alongside lighting director Adam Waguespack, who often takes the show on the road for him. At Ball Arena, Adam took on the vital role of coordinating the follow spots and RoboSpot system.
Additional video came in for the hometown production in the form of three large upstage screens, with the department overseen by Mike Grant (Black Keys), who is another talented LD in his own right.
The production design saw both lighting and video technologies share the stage, based on a scaled-up version of their current The Future tour which hit the road in April 2023, and an augmented package used for another high-profile set of sold-out local shows at Red Rocks last summer.
The video screens, which were framed by single LED blinders, were one of Jeremy’s creative starting points for the Ball Arena show, with the overhead lighting rig like the t

move-afrikaUnusual Rigging meets challenge of Move Afrika
Thursday, 15 February 2024

Rwanda - Unusual Rigging faced a number of challenges when they were briefed to provide the rigging for the Global Citizen Move Afrika event at the BK Arena in Kigali, Rwanda, on 6 December.
This event, organised by Done & Dusted, was the first event in a five-year large-scale effort to pioneer a first of its kind international music touring circuit throughout the African continent.
Sam Carter, senior production rigger, Unusual explained: “This event was a pretty big deal - not just as a music gig but as an initiative which hopes to help expand the industry in the region. Each year, we are pleased to work with some local people, demonstrating what we do, how we do it and hopefully, by giving some training to these guys, we’re giving them the tools to develop their own entertainment industry.”
One of the first things that Sam and the team had to deal with was a lack of engineering papers, so several conversations were needed with the engineers to get things moving.
Sam said: We knew that the building could take more weight than stated but we had to have some proof behind this. The original team of Turkish engineers pulled out of the project at the last minute, so at the eleventh hour, another company, based in South Africa was found.”
With more calculations and mountains of paperwork to get through for the engineers before any work could begin, an agreement was reached just days before the Unusual team flew out to begin load in.
Sam added: “We had 18 tonnes to hang in total from the roof - it took three days to get the


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