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triple-e-websafeTriple E supplies Tab & Twin Hooks
Thursday, 22 February 2018

UK - Track specialist Triple E has stepped into the breech born of Hall Stage’s demise by supplying Tab Hooks & Twin Hooks to the theatre industry, acquiring the original tooling and improving the hooks’ strength and durability in the process.
Triple E brand Tab Hooks & Twin Hooks are compatible with its own runners, existing Hall Stage systems and many other track ranges.
The company is currently considering other innovative solutions to fill the void left by Hall Stage.
Triple E managing director, David Edelstein, comments: “Customers asked us to take these products on. They’re now British-made, it’s a proven design that lasts and with rebranded tooling we have given the hooks a greater degree of elasticity to withstand inevitable knocks and rough handling.”
Launched in 1984, Triple E supplies the entertainment industry with standard and bespoke track systems including UniTrack, UniBeam, ChainBeam, ChainTrack, Erail, UniCyc and 2Way, each providing for a different requirement in the marketplace.
(Jim Evans)

raymond-odd--knutKinly celebrates successful launch at ISE 2018
Thursday, 22 February 2018

Europe - Kinly, the new brand identity resulting from the merger of visual collaboration specialists Viju and VisionsConnected, is celebrating a highly successful launch at the recent ISE 2018 show in Amsterdam.
Headquartered in Amsterdam, the combined company today serves corporate and public customers in over 120 countries from established office locations throughout EMEA, the USA and APAC.
The new brand’s management team optimizes the expertise and experience of both companies with former Viju CEO, Odd Sverre Østlie taking the helm as Kinly CEO whilst his opposite number at VisionsConnected, founder and CEO Raymond Alves, will be spearheading Kinly’s solutions and services development in his new role as CSO (Chief Solutions Officer).
“Our new venture is intensely exciting,” says Odd Sverre Østlie. “The opportunity to create a world-leading global visual collaboration specialist under a fresh new brand that builds on the best of two already highly successful companies is a wonderful opportunity for us and our clients.”
“The reaction we got from clients at ISE was tremendous,” reports Alves. “Our clients can all see the benefits of working with a larger organisation with a global reach, whilst still retaining the level of personal, customized service that is our founding principle. We’re so proud and excited to be doing this – we can’t wait to bring the benefits of our combined vision, experience and solutions to help our clients achieve their collaboration goals as fluidly and seamlessly as possible.”
(Jim E

olympicsEAW Adaptive takes gold at Winter Olympics
Thursday, 22 February 2018

South Korea - The Medals Plaza stage within the Pyeongchang Olympic Plaza is home to cultural performances and video displays of the competition during the day and Olympic medal ceremonies in the evening. The experience is reinforced by EAW Adaptive System provided by Seoul-based Dasan SR.
The one-floor Medal Plaza - 1,267sq.m in size - features a wide, domed stage and an audience area wider than it is deep. The challenge was to blanket the outdoor area with clean, high-quality sound while providing the flexibility the different forms of entertainment require.
To accomplish this, Dasan SR specified left-right columns of four Anna modules hung above the stage video screens (covered by scrim to match the dome). Scaffolding towers were erected further left and right of the stage for the main PA, which was made up of 20 Anya modules. Two columns of five Anya modules hang in each scaffold.
A combination of 12 Otto subwoofers - ground stacked 2 x 3 - located under each Anya array along with four SB1002 subs placed under the stage provide the low-end the programme demands. Six KF730 enclosures were placed along the lip of the stage for front-fill while 16 MicroWedge stage monitors were on hand for the artists.
“It is an incredible honour to have our products in such a prestigious location in the Olympic Plaza,” says T.J. Smith, president and general manager of EAW. “When Dasan told us that Adaptive would reinforce the Medals Plaza stage, we were delighted. The flexibility of the system made it an easy choice for a venue that hosts everything

rhc-ddmRH Consulting appointed DDM reseller
Thursday, 22 February 2018

UK - RH Consulting has become an official reseller of Dante Domain Manager.
Dante Domain Manager is a new package designed to monitor and secure Dante audio networks for ease of install and management of networked audio systems.
RH Consulting founder Roland Hemming says: “Dante Domain Manager is another great tool in our armoury to help integrators provide the best audio networking solution to customers. We are pleased to be able to offer this to our customers and have more exciting audio networking announcements coming soon.”
RH Consulting has a DDM demonstration system to show clients the benefits of working with Dante Domain Manager.
The Royal Tunbridge Wells-based consultancy also provides network audio planning advice, DDM config, switch set-up, DSP configuration and plugin development.
(Jim Evans)

montaneGreen Hippo partners with Msonic in Finland
Thursday, 22 February 2018

Finland - Green Hippo has appointed Msonic as its distributor for Finland. Effective immediately, Msonic will distribute Green Hippo’s line of scenic video technology throughout the Republic of Finland.
Founded in 2012 in Vantaa, Msonic specialises in the import and distribution of premium professional AV and lighting products.
James Roth, head of sales and marketing at Green Hippo, says: “I have been aware of the growth of Msonic’s business activities over a number of years and for us, the recent move to their new offices and some changes in the structure of the Finnish market that has meant Johan West can join the team was just too good an opportunity to let go. Bringing together such a fine commercial operation with Msonic, one of the word’s real experts on Hippotizer Media Servers in Johan and our global market-leading brand means that we now have an unbeatable position in the Finnish market.”
Kari Vanhalakka, managing director of MSonic, adds: “Green Hippo is rightfully recognised as the pro sector’s leading media-server brand, and this partnership marks a significant milestone for MSonic. The Hippotizer hardware and software is spot-on, and we can’t fault the support on offer from the Green Hippo personnel. Frankly, we can’t wait to take this line to the Finnish market.”
(Jim Evans)

robe-intralite-slovenia-int041056083Intralite adds MegaPointes & Spiiders
Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Slovenia - Slovenian rental company Intralite has become one of the first companies in the country to invest in MegaPointes, having purchased 12 units from distributor MK Light Sound.
In the last 18 months Intralite has also invested in a total of 24 Spiiders as well as MMX WashBeams, all of which have been added to their existing Robe rental stock.
The launch of the MegaPointe was great timing for Intralite as Ales was looking for some multi-purpose fixtures to cover the diversity of events they service. He attended the demo staged by MK Light Sound for the new light and placed his order shortly afterwards.
“I needed a hybrid that I could use in any location and for any type of event – a wide application fixture is important for smaller markets like Slovenia, (the total population is just over 2 million) and this can be a beam, a spot or a wash, and is also great for concerts and music shows,” he stated.
He recently used the new MegaPointes and around 150 other Robe fixtures across two sites on a massive event for the Petrol Group corporation at Ljubljana’s Gospodarsko Razstavišče Sejem.
They were also encouraged when Slovenia’s largest rental company Event Lighting committed to buying Spiiders, knowing there would also be good cross-rental opportunities, and this same pattern also applied to the MegaPointes.
The first gig for the first batch of Spiiders was Croatian rockers Prljavo Kazalište. LD Sven Kučinić originally had LEDWash 600s on the spec, and was very happy to use Spiiders. Ales himself likes the powe

marius-van-rooyen-from-unlimited-events-with-schalk-botha-dwrAbsen for Stage Effects & Unlimited Events
Wednesday, 21 February 2018

South Africa - Rental company owners Theo Papenfus from Stage Effects and Marius van Rooyen from Unlimited Events teamed up to purchase 400 Absen D2V 2.9mm panels from DWR Distribution.
“Our market is here and it was time,” says Theo. “Marius and I decided on a joint venture to bring in many panels of the same batch bearing in mind that quantity is always a big issue for us.”
For the past two years, Theo had his eye on the 3.9mm, a familiar product to the South African market.
“We wanted to go through a reputable company, and chose Absen to enable us to have the service DWR typically provides,” says Marius. “It’s a much better option for us as to know we have support locally. In addition, we are able to tap into the base of existing Absen users in South Africa.”
Duncan Riley of DWR comments: “The DWR workshop is able to do repairs on the 2.9mm. Bruce Riley is really good at balancing LED screens.”
“It was the right timing and the right product at the right price,” said Schalk Botha, Absen sales representative at DWR. “The market is going towards high res, cost-effective and affordable solutions. The Absen 2.9mm is perfectly priced for the perfect solution.”
(Jim Evans)

alanis-mThe Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Plastic Ban - Plastic bottles could be banned from next year's Glastonbury Festival, organiser Emily Eavis has said. Ms Eavis, the daughter of founder Michael Eavis, told Radio 6 Music the ban was "the big project" for 2019. A Glastonbury spokesman confirmed the plans were in the pipeline but said it was "a bit early to put any flesh on the bones" regarding details. He said: "It's a massive thing which everyone at the festival is working on."
The festival, held in Pilton, Somerset, since 1970, is having a fallow year in 2018 to allow the ground to recover. It is due to return in 2019. At the NME music awards in London on Tuesday, Ms Eavis told BBC 6 Music: "There's lots going on at the moment. We're working on banning plastic bottles... which is an enormous project and it's taking a lot of time to tackle it with all the different people we work with.”
When asked how the line-up was shaping up for the next festival, she said: "Everyone wants to play the 50th anniversary in two years’ time."
Live Music Census - Research from a UK live music census has found that small venues are under threat from business rates and property development. One third of nearly 200 venues surveyed claimed that business rate rises were having a negative impact. The census also found that one in three small live music venues are experiencing problems with property development and noise complaints.
The research, by the Universities of Edinburgh, Newcastle and Turku in Finland, was carried out in Brighton, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle-Gateshead, Oxfor

neg-earth-lights-websafeNeg Earth invests in Chroma-Q Color Force II
Tuesday, 20 February 2018

UK - Rental production company Neg Earth Lights has added the Chroma-Q Color Force II LED cyc, wash & effects light to its stockholding and is supplying the fixture for a number of high-profile concert tours, live music events and TV shows.
Lighting designer Tim Routledge approached Neg Earth looking for a LED washlight for a particular project, and was impressed by the Chroma-Q Color Force II.
In recent months, he has utilised the fixture on a variety of projects. These include using nearly 60 Color Force II to powerfully illuminate the entire room as a single surface for a show by a leading British pop artist inside one of The Tanks - huge concrete, circular underground rooms at the Tate Modern measuring over 30m across and 7m high.
In addition, Tim has utilised nearly 40 fixtures to provide different floor lighting packages for performers during six shows in the latest series of The X Factor.
He says: "The Color Force II are my new 'go to' LED cyc and wash light. They are super bright, the colours are really great, and the evenness of the cyc lighting is superb. I've previously used the original Color Force many times, but the new fixture takes this type of lighting to another level."
Neg Earth has also supplied its stock of Color Force II units for a number of other recent and upcoming high-profile entertainment projects.
They originally trialled Color Force II when, as the premier rental supplier for last year's Glastonbury Festival, Neg Earth made the fixture central to its lighting package for the Pyramid Stage. Nea

backstage-imageLeading brands on show at The Backstage Centre
Tuesday, 20 February 2018

UK - The Backstage Centre will host open days on 1-2 March, inviting visitors to discover and demo new products from leading professional brands including JTS, FBT, ADJ, Allen & Heath, DuraTruss, Elation Lighting, 5 Star Cases, JTS Microphones and Titan Power.
Sat in Purfleet’s High House Production Park 11 miles east of London City Airport, the Backstage Centre has quickly garnered a reputation as one of the UK’s best-equipped production and rehearsal destinations.
Taking place within the facility’s sound stage, The Backstage Event will feature demonstrations of a wealth of FBT audio solutions. Rental companies and live engineers will hear why the dual 10” Muse line array, twinned with the Mitus 218SA, has already proven itself in more than 4,000 projects worldwide. Installers will have the chance to test the weather resistance of FBT’s IP55-rated Shadow loudspeakers, as well as the sharp Italian good looks of the Archon, Subline and Ventis series.
Alongside FBT, participating brands will include ADJ, Allen & Heath, DuraTruss, Elation Lighting, 5 Star Cases, JTS Microphones and Titan Power. Guests will be invited to network freely with refreshments to hand, while testing and evaluating products in a relaxed but professional environment, including listening sessions and hands-on testing. Starting at 10am and finishing at 4pm, both days will begin with seminars, followed by afternoon demonstrations and more.
“This is a great opportunity for rental companies, front of house and monitor engineers, and all members of the

hive-kt-resting-room-guiAudica speakers showcase surround sound platform
Monday, 19 February 2018

Hong Kong - Audica has played a key role in the on-going development and testing of a surround-sound solution designed specifically for hospitality, retail and spa treatment rooms.
Audica’s specialist speakers have been selected as the reference specification for the Musicstyling COLLABORATE + platform, a new application that provides 4.1 surround-sound from an iOS app.
COLLABORATE + is a collaboration between Musicstyling, the specialist supplier of bespoke playlists, and custom content providers, including Tom Middleton. The application allows spas, wellness centres and other businesses within the retail and hospitality sectors to deliver various soundscapes designed to induce optimal physiological, psychological and emotional responses. “Immersive bioharmonic soundscapes from Tom Middleton encourage slow and deep yogic respiration, lowered heart rate and stress hormone reduction, providing a fulfilling and revitalising recharge for mind, body and soul”.
The solution continues to be demonstrated within the Resting Room at The Hive, a co-working and hot desk complex in Hong Kong. Audica’s range of speakers have been specifically chosen and installed within the dedicated resting area, where they deliver the custom soundscapes from Tom Middleton, allowing workers to escape from the noise and intensity of a fast-paced life. The reference 4.1 system incorporates four Audica Professional MICROpoint loudspeakers, the MICROplus ultra-compact four-channel amplifier, and the MICROsub 3 active subwoofer.
November’s launch event at The Hive wa

cuk-and-clearoneCUK Audio takes on distribution for ClearOne
Monday, 19 February 2018

UK - CUK Audio has become ClearOne distributor for the UK and Ireland.
Salt Lake City-based ClearOne is a global provider of advanced conferencing, collaboration, network streaming and signage solutions for voice and visual communications.
CUK Audio MD Stuart Thomson comments: “CUK Audio’s business has transformed over the last few years as we have put in place a number of initiatives to better serve the market and the brands we represent. Distributors can’t simply content themselves with just supplying products any more - we have to offer solutions, support and advice throughout the duration of the project and beyond.
“We have put in place a number of expert, vertical channel managers whose mission is exactly that – to provide effective, well thought-out end-to-end solutions wherever possible from the wide range of brands available in his or her market channel. We also pride ourselves on the level of technical support we provide at every stage of the project, from specifying right through to commissioning.”
Sales director and head of CUK’s AV/conferencing channel, Simon Druce, adds: “Clear One is right at the cutting edge of conferencing and collaboration technology with advanced network streaming solutions for audio and video. Our strength as a sales partner for ClearOne lies in our deep understanding of the market and its technologies, our strong relationships with our customers and our exceptional levels of support throughout the whole of the UK and Eire.
ClearOne chairman and CEO Zee Hakimoglu says, “As we continu

riedelteamDeltaLive adds to substantial Riedel inventory
Friday, 16 February 2018

UK - DeltaLive has taken delivery of a substantial stock of Riedel’s range of products, which it has immediately added to its hire stock inventory.

“We have had a specialist in-house communication department for over 20 years now,” says Delta’s Paul Keating. “As live events communications have grown and clients’ needs and expectations have changed, we have anticipated their requirements and adapted and invested accordingly. Investing in Riedel is part of that process. It’s a great fit for us and we’re really looking forward to supporting both existing and potential Riedel users around the world.
“We’re also excited about getting behind the product range on our own projects and to developing our relationship with Riedel. The company is ahead of the technology curve and produces some really interesting and important products for our industry, including those for the live events, broadcast, sports, cruise ships and corporate markets, in all of which DeltaLive has extensive experience.”
“Delta is a great company with an impressive track record of providing outstanding audio and communication solutions worldwide,” adds Thomas Reidel. “It’s a pleasure to see that Delta relies on us and is investing in our technology and products. We look forward to a long-term partnership and are excited about the upcoming projects.”
Delta now stocks the majority of Riedel’s product line, including the Artist Communications Platform, Bolero wireless intercom and MediorNet. Separately, Delta has also invested in the latest Tier 3

detroit-4CyberHoist IITM joins Fall Out Boy US tour
Friday, 16 February 2018

USA - The XLNT CyberHoist IITM system by CyberMotion recently finished the US leg of Fall Out Boy’s Mania tour. Sixteen CyberHoist II Intelligent, variable-speed chain hoists and one MotionCue 3D console, plus two hoists spare and one console spare were rented to Fall Out Boy management for the 2017 autumn tour.
The hoists were used to float a B and C stage above the crowd with artists on top of them. The B-Stage consisted of a double layer, where the top was raised to reveal a secondary B-Stage with drum set and drummer on top. This bottom, or secondary B-Stage, would then grab onto the video skirt surrounding the B-Stage to lift the whole thing above the crowd.
The C-Stage was used as a three-sided iMag screen throughout the show and it landed during the show to create the C-Stage for the lead singer and bassist. This stage then raised over the crowd so the upper level of the arena bowls could have a closer interaction with the artists. The gear was supplied out of the CyberMotion North American office located in Manheim, Pennsylvania.
Fall Out Boy production manager Chad Olech says: “The CyberHoist II system is definitely the right equipment for the job. It has allowed us a great deal of flexibility for a variety of venues and lends an overall very sleek and sexy look to the set. It’s also a huge plus to deal with a company with really fast, attentive, no-drama service. We always got quick turnaround on quotes and questions.”
PJ Visser, who runs the North American office for CyberMotion, adds: “We deal with sales and renta

adamson-pashop-feb18-hrThe PA Shop poised for busy 2018 with Adamson
Friday, 16 February 2018

Canada - The PA Shop Productions recently bolstered its rental inventory with an investment in Adamson Systems Engineering’s E-Series and S-Series loudspeakers.
The system saw plenty of action on major tours and music festivals in the latter half of 2017 and now, The PA Shop is ready for a jam-packed 2018, which includes the delivery of Adamson’s Applied Certification training at its headquarters from 26-27 February.
“We’d been back-and-forth with Jeremiah Karni, application engineer with Adamson, examining our options and putting several products through their paces in real-world applications,” shares The PA Shop’s vice president and production manager, Kyle Schroeyens. “Needless to say, we were blown away by their performance, but also by the care and service we received from the team at Adamson. That made it even clearer that we’d made the right decision.”
The PA Shop’s new Adamson package is comprised of 24 E15 and six E12 three-way line array enclosures, 32 E119 subwoofers, and 36 S10 two-way, true line source enclosures.
The system has already seen plenty of action in a relatively short period, providing stellar sound for a number of high-profile artists like Diplo, Foreigner, Lady Antebellum, Wiz Khalifa, and The Offspring in both outdoor festival applications and inside the city’s largest indoor venue, Budweiser Gardens.
"I had a great experience with Adamson and the PA Shop at the Rock the Park Festival,” shares Melvin Godfrey, FOH engineer with popular Canadian pop/rock outfit Marianas Trench. “Due t

Vectorworks Japanese distributor wins BCN Award
Friday, 16 February 2018

Japan - A&A Co, Vectorworks distributor in Japan, received a 2018 BCN Award in the CAD software.
The BCN Awards, organised by BCN Inc., aims to reward the best-selling vendors throughout the year for PC/digital consumer electronic products. The winners are selected based on the BCN ranking, which is calculated from daily POS data gathered from volume sellers in Japan.
A&A received the award for its 37.6 percent Japanese market share. Vectorworks outranked software providers Lilac System (27.3 percent market share) and Photron Limited (20.9 percent market share). Market share is based on statistics accumulated from 2,608 stores of 23 companies providing sales reports to BCN Co.
For 19 years, BCN Co. has collected the sales data of major domestic electric appliance mass merchandisers, personal computer specialty shops and net shops in Japan. Based on these numbers, the BCN Awards recognize manufacturers with the highest total annual sales volume.
“It is a great honour to receive the best prize for the CAD software category for two consecutive years with Vectorworks software,” said Takashi Yokota, president of A&A Co. “This is a result of our customers’ support and partners’ collaboration, and we deeply appreciate them. We will continue to do our best to deliver attractive products and services to the market.”
“A&A’s achievement with this award victory is extremely impressive, because despite the highly competitive Japanese market, they were able to not only win, but they also managed to increase their mark

ac-et-to-distribute-avolites-lighting-solutions-in-irelandAC-ET to distribute Avolites in Ireland
Friday, 16 February 2018

Ireland - Avolites has appointed A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) as its exclusive distributor in Ireland for its range of lighting control and dimming products.
AC-ET will be running a series of Avolites product demonstrations, road shows and hands-on training sessions in Ireland. They will also hold stock of core Avolites products ready for immediate despatch from their UK warehouses.
Aaron Cripps, AC-ET’s regional sales representative for Ireland, says: “Taking on the exclusive distribution of Avolites' lighting control & dimming solutions in this territory gives us the opportunity to focus further on providing first-class sales, service and support to what is a fantastic range of products.
“We’ve recently supplied Avolites consoles to venues such as INEC Killarney and the Cork Opera house, where their versatility and ease of operation means they’ve been readily used by both in-house and visiting lighting designers and engineers. Their dimming, distro and networking products are also first class.
“Avolites’ products perfectly complement the other leading brands in AC-ET's portfolio, and enable it to provide customers with everything 'entertainment lighting' from the desks, networking, power and data distribution, through to the lighting fixtures themselves.”
Koy Neminathan of Avolites adds: “Ireland is an important market for us and having Aaron available to provide sales support will be a real benefit to existing Avolites customers and users as well as developing and supporting new users. We look forward

pa200mx-appWork Pro updates Bluetooth control
Thursday, 15 February 2018

The Netherlands - At the recent ISE show Work Pro unveiled the first devices to allow extensive app-based control over Bluetooth: updated versions of the company’s PA 100 MX installation amplifier and MD 82 AX auto-mixer.
The PA 100 MX is Work Pro’s half-rack, three-input 100W installation amplifier with two-line inputs and one mic input, a built-in feedback destroyer and a switchable low-impedance (4/8Ω) or 70/100V output. As well as adding Bluetooth control, the new PA 200 MX being showcased at ISE doubles the power output of the PA 100 MX to 200W while offering all of the features of the original.
The MD 82 AX MkII also retains all the functions of the original auto-mixer (auto-mixing with a selectable Target level and switchable phantom power for up to eight mic channels with full bass, mid and treble EQ, a four-level automatic feedback destroyer function, and high-pass filtering) but with all of these features now additionally accessible and controllable via Bluetooth.
“Remote control has become increasingly important to the installation audio market in recent years,” explains Work Pro’s chief sales officer Juan José Vila. “While we will continue to offer networked functionality via RJ45 connectors, we realised that app-based operation via Bluetooth would provide our integration customers with a more elegant networked remote control solution. And of course, these will not be the last Work Pro units to offer Bluetooth control. Watch this space!”
(Jim Evans)

aesmilanlogoAES Milan explores The Power of Sound
Thursday, 15 February 2018

Italy - The Audio Engineering Society has announced the membership of the organising committee for the 144th International AES Convention and Exposition, taking place in Milan, Italy, 23-26 May at the NH Hotel Milano Congress Centre.
Embracing this year’s theme - The Power of Sound - the convention will be co-chaired by Alberto Pinto (professor - CESMA, NUCT University, Stanford University) and Nadja Wallaszkovits (chief audio engineer - Phonogrammarchiv, Austrian Academy of Sciences and AES President-Elect), who have assembled a team of leading audio professionals to organize the events and presentations for Europe’s largest professional audio education, networking and gear exhibition of the year.
“Throughout their 70-year history,” says Wallaskovits, “AES conventions have gathered the foremost minds in audio to educate and connect with attendees. AES Milan 2018 will carry on that tradition in Northern Italy - not only a wonderful locale, but also home to numerous prominent professional audio manufacturers.”
“AES Milan is offering Workshops and Tutorials from across the broad range of audio engineering specialties,” adds Piotrowska. Sessions will include 3D Audio, Sound Reinforcement, Sound for Cinema, Sound for VR, Multichannel Audio, Recording and Production and Room Acoustics.
“Convention attendees can share and expand their audio knowledge from the fundamentals through to the latest technologies,” she furthers. “New media - AR and VR, game sound, immersive audio, mobile platforms - will be the focus of num

ise-2018ISE 2018 attracts record crowds
Thursday, 15 February 2018

The Netherlands - The largest and busiest Integrated Systems Europe in its 15-year history drew record numbers of exhibitors and attendees from around the world for four days of business, education and networking at the RAI Amsterdam between 6-9 February.
The number of exhibitors totalled 1,296, of which 294 were exhibiting at ISE for the first time. Combined, they filled 53,000sq.m of exhibition floor space. Floor space already confirmed for ISE 2019 currently stands at 103% of the total booked for ISE 2018.
The number of registered visitors by the end of the show had reached 80,923, an increase of 10.3% on the 2017 edition. Over 30% of the total attendees were visiting ISE for the first time.
Mike Blackman, Integrated Systems Events managing director, comments: “It’s been a great show that has delivered on all fronts. I’m delighted to report that visitor numbers and exhibitor satisfaction have both been very high. On behalf of ISE, I’d like to thank all our attendees, exhibitors, partners and our co-owners AVIXA and CEDIA. This combination has made ISE what it is today and ensures that we are able to build on our successes year on year.”
ISE 2019 will be held at the RAI Amsterdam from 5-8 February 2019.
(Jim Evans)

jands-logo-rgb-3d-strapline-black-highresJands NZ continues to support Harman Professional
Wednesday, 14 February 2018

New Zealand - New Zealand distributor of professional audio products Jands has announced that the company will continue to support and distribute the Harman Professional Solutions brands in the New Zealand territory.
The announcement follows some confusion in the region following the decision by Jands Australia to no longer represent Harman in the Australian territory.
Bruce Gray, managing director for Jands NZ, says: “There has always been great synergy with the two companies - indeed, Jands New Zealand was created 30 years ago in partnership with Paul Mulholland of Jands (Pty) Ltd Australia, to sell audio products in the New Zealand market. However, that partnership was dissolved 28 years ago, whilst the Jands name was retained.”
Since then Jands NZ has built a legacy in New Zealand, becoming specialists in sound system design, supplying leading audio brands, providing wrap around support and solutions.
Gray adds: “There has been some confusion since Jands Australia relinquished Harman Professional from its product portfolio and acquired competitive brands that allow them to sell directly into New Zealand. We would like to reassure our customers that Jands NZ still supports and distributes Harman Professional products such as JBL, AKG, BSS, Crown, DBX, Lexicon, Soundcraft and Studer in New Zealand. The brands have and continue to innovate and win accolades in the industry.”
Jands NZ has recently acquired additional brands for its portfolio; such as Ampetronic Assistive Listening and SoundEar Noise Measurement Systems, with m

Ampetronic and Trinity forge partnership
Wednesday, 14 February 2018

UK - Hearing loop system providers Ampetronic has recently announced a new partnership with Trinity fire and security systems.
An independent fire and security services company, Trinity has 10 regional offices around the UK and has been trading since 1997.
Founded in 1987, Ampetronic offers a full range of induction loop and hearing loop systems and technologies. By working together, Ampetronic and Trinity can install and fulfil multiple customer requirements with minimal disruption and downtime.
(Jim Evans)

leedsPLASA Focus Leeds to celebrate 10th anniversary
Wednesday, 14 February 2018

UK - The popular PLASA Focus Leeds exhibition marks its 10th anniversary by returning to the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds on 1-2 May. Free registration is now open.
The show will present over 120 international brands from all sectors of the industry. Highlights will include lighting products from show sponsor Phillips Entertainment Lighting, audio solutions from Sennheiser, Shure and d&b audiotechnik, and rigging services from UK Rigging.
Plenty of fresh faces are expected at the 2018 show, such as sound experts TOA, power systems manufacturers Lex Products, rain protection suppliers SelbyGuard, and award-winning LED lighting company TLS. With a mixture of household names and new discoveries, PLASA Focus Leeds promises something for everyone.
For those interested in opportunities to enhance their professional expertise, PLASA’s industry-leading seminar programme will return with the brightest minds revealing tips and tricks of the trade. The two-day programme of key note talks, panel discussions, practical workshops and technical demonstrations will assist professionals of all levels and help advance the industry forward.
PLASA Focus Leeds is still the only show in the north of England that brings together iconic brands and over 2,500 industry professionals, creating a crossroads of business and networking opportunities.
PLASA commercial director, Chris Toulmin, says: “We are incredibly excited to celebrate the 10th birthday of PLASA Focus Leeds which is set to be a sell-out show with a wider array of exhibitors than ever b

surieThe Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Cast Adrift - Cultural leaders have advocated for a special visa for performers and other creatives after Brexit, warning that Britain will be “cast adrift” if a solution that protects the arts is not found. Speaking at a House of Lords committee session, Andrew Hurst, chief executive of dance body One Dance UK, and the Musicians’ Union’s general secretary Horace Trubridge both argued that special immigration measures needed to be considered for cultural workers in the Brexit process due to the industry’s unique working patterns
These include touring to multiple countries, short-term contracts and the need to access talent at short notice. Trubridge said: “We feel that cultural and creative workers should be seen as a very distinct, atypical workforce who need special treatment post-Brexit. We would like to see a Europe-wide visa they could use to enable them to tour as efficiently as they do now.” He added that UK-based musicians had already started moving to Europe because they were worried about future work prospects.
Just 2% of musicians polled by the MU said they thought Brexit would be good for the music industry, Trubridge said, adding that he found it “very difficult to see any kind of up-side for the music industry”.
Adapting Dahl - The company that manages the licensing rights of Roald Dahl’s works is moving into theatre production and is appointing an executive producer to facilitate its plans. The Roald Dahl Story Company currently licenses Dahl’s work to organisations wishing to adapt his stories into telev


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