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punqtum-beltpack-q110-tonhalle-scnenic18punQtum joins Ravenna partnership
Tuesday, 26 May 2020

The Netherlands - punQtum B.V., specialist providers of digital communication tools for the live event and professional audio industry, has today become the latest company to form part of the Ravenna community.
The move underlines punQtum’s commitment to supporting open technology standards and embracing the ongoing transition to digital IP solutions in pro audio applications.
Established in 2019, punQtum recently launched its first product: the Q110 Beltpack is the first element of a larger networked intercom system that offers up to 32 partylines via standard IP networks and infrastructures. Providing ultimate scalability, the Q110 suits systems of any size, ranging from small events requiring just two beltpacks to as many are required for large, complex systems.
Using AES67 as a solid technology cornerstone, the punQtum Intercom system integrates seamlessly with AES67-compliant networks such as RAVENNA and Dante. “Using network technology for digital communication makes total sense,” says punQtum CEO Arie van den Broek. “Ethernet is available in many places already, so the ability to plug into a network instantly broadens and facilitates your scope of operation. Technologies such as Ravenna - which offers high performance and interoperability - are an integral part of the IP landscape and are instrumental in driving progress, so it also makes complete sense that we should be part of that community.”
Andreas Hildebrand of ALC NetworX has welcomed punQtum on board: “We’ve already seen the importance of digital IP-based inter

edge-microphoneHighlite debuts Edge wireless microphones
Tuesday, 26 May 2020

The Netherlands - Highlite International has introduced a new addition to the DAP family: the Edge wireless microphones.
DAP's Edge-series wireless microphones feature a handheld system and a beltpack system. The UHF True Diversity receiver is equipped with a clear full colour LCD-screen which makes operating the system very easy.
The main feature of the Edge-Series is the Scan-feature. With this attribute the Edge receiver shows exactly which frequencies are not occupied, giving the user the possibility to choose the right frequency without having to worry about any interference.
The system operates between 606MHz and 668MHz frequencies and is therefore very well suited for use across many parts of Europe. The handheld unit holds a cardioid condenser microphone and both the handheld and the beltpack are equipped with an OLED-display
Communication between the receiver and the transmitter regarding frequency, gain, microphone name or group happens through a separate infrared connection. The Edge receivers come complete with 19” brackets, power adapter and 8 identification-stickers to label the different microphones. The Edge-series offers optionally a dedicated ED-1 antenna distributor and a set of 2 EUA-1 unidirectional antennas. The Edge handheld and the beltpack are available as additional accessories as well.

celebrationMartin Audio deployed at Minnesota church
Tuesday, 26 May 2020

USA - DP Design of Milwaukee recently designed a sound system based on a Martin Audio Wavefront Precision Mini (WPM) line array system for the Celebration Church in Lakeville.
Describing the project, DP’s David Price explains: “The church was built in the early 90s and they’ve been slowly upgrading for the first time since then. Now they’ve added a new PA, console and wireless, which is a big first step for them.”
According to Price, “Celebration is a very contemporary church with a large area including a stage built to be more of a theatrical performance venue that holds about 850 people. The basic shape is square that eventually curves out into a fan-shaped auditorium space.
“They wanted concert-level sound so we installed Martin Audio WPM based on its minimal impact on sightlines and its exceptional audio performance for mid-sized concerts, something they often do there. There are eight WPM boxes a side powered by Martin Audio iK81 amps with one-box resolution for maximum coverage throughout the audience area along with four SX118 subs built into the stage.
“Celebration has contemporary worship music with electric bands and several vocalists for its services,” Price continues, “but they also wanted the system to be authentic for speech so we ended up installing one Martin Audio XD15 per side for outfills flown outside of the arrays because of the room’s width and fan shape. And we added a CDD15 flown in the centre for the pastor’s mic during the message so they can bring down the arrays a bit and make the sermon feel

paulchurchsouthkoreaJeonju-Paul Church installs Outline system
Tuesday, 26 May 2020

South Korea - Jeonju-Paul Church, South Korea’s largest Evangelical Holiness Church, had its main loudspeaker system replaced on time for the inauguration service of the church’s new pastor.
Outline’s Seoul-based distributor Hebsiba Multimedia opted to deploy a main rig with a L-C-R set-up. The left and right hangs each comprise 12 Outline Eidos 265 line array elements for mid-high frequency reproduction and a FlySub 15 enclosure to add bottom end punch. Four more Eidos 265s were deployed for the centre channel.
Outline’s Eidos 265 was designed for applications ranging from live events to permanent installations. With its low weight (just 21 kg) and size:performance ratio, it houses two 6.5” mid/low-frequency transducers and a high-frequency compression driver with a 2.5” diaphragm and 1.41” throat, loaded with a 100° (horizontal dispersion) waveguide.
A pair of Outline LAB 15 subwoofers is positioned on either side of the stage. Equipped with a single long-stroke 15-inch loudspeaker, the LAB 15 is a hybrid waveguide indirect radiation subwoofer system able to completely recover low frequency sound emission from the rear of its 15” woofer. It’s able to push out a continuous SPL of 134dB @ 1m (140 dB peak) from 33Hz.
The set-up’s powerhouse comprises Outline’s T-Five amplifiers with on-board DSP. Each amplifier channel is capable of driving up to four Eidos 265 or up to two Flysubs. A number of Outline Vegas 10 and Vegas 12 point-source enclosures are used for stage monitoring. Hebsiba used Outline OpenArray 3D software

yamahaYamaha Stagepas showcases immersive sound
Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Switzerland - As an audio professional with experience stretching from the Paleo festival in the 1970s, through working with many of the world’s highest profile artists, to his current role of designing high-end audio installations for events and venues, Pierre-André Aebischer knows a thing or two about sound. He chose Yamaha’s Stagepas 1K all-in-one portable PA systems to demonstrate the advantages of multi-channel, immersive live audio.
Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, Pierre-André has recently started using eight Yamaha Stagepas 1K systems under the banner of for a range of immersive audio projects. These have included the ‘invisible orchestra’ project, a one-off show Les Grands Espaces, as well as a regular experimental multi-channel event Immersive, demonstrating how immersive sound can improve the live experience.
“I needed some small, portable multi-channel line arrays for a system which could demonstrate immersive audio in a live music situation,” he says. “I needed narrow vertical coverage, wide horizontal coverage and reasonably long throw, to make sure everyone in the room had the best experience and could hear all sounds coming from all the loudspeakers. They also needed to be self-powered, with coherent amplification and processing, easily transported, and with as few cables as possible.”
The Stagepas 1K system includes a subwoofer in each array. This lets him quickly steer the low end content from one location to another.
“When moving from theory to practice with live imme

saudiVioso supports Tuwaiq Mountains projection
Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Saudi Arabia - Commissioned by the Qiddiya Investment Company (Q.I.C.) and with phase one planned to open in 2023, the ambitious Qiddiya project is destined to be the upcoming capital for arts, entertainment and sports in Saudi Arabia. The site will be built from a focus on the tourism and recreation industries, as highlighted in the Saudi Vision 2030 expansion plan.
The destination includes plans for expansive water and theme parks as well as a community of 5,000 residents, all within a 40-minute journey of the Riyadh capital. The destination, currently an expansive, vast land with hundreds of miles of potential, will be surrounded by 200m cliffs. Phase one of the project will feature Six Flags Qiddiya as a family attraction, providing visitors with entertainment and attractions to explore which take into consideration the cultural and natural aspects of the area, including the mountains.
This megaproject was officially announced at the closing ceremony of the Dakar 2020 rally in Saudi Arabia, where 84 Barco UDX-W40s projectors were used to light up the Tuwaiq Mountains with the evolutionary story of the summit, up until the expansive Qiddiya metropolis.
The projection showed 150m tall logos of Qiddiya, Dakar, GSA and SAMF, which were visible for miles around, which progressed into an eye-catching three-minute video that told the story of the genesis of the Tuwaiq Mountains, from its volcanic beginnings, through the Ice Age and right up to the modern-day entertainment metropolis that Qiddiya will become. This was a feat accomplishe

dshSchauspielhaus upgrades Optocore network
Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Germany - The Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus theatre has extended its long relationship with Optocore, in order to keep pace with evolving technology. In the case of such a formidable, multi-space complex as this, an agile digital infrastructure, with multiple routing options and interconnectivity, is essential. To maintain this, the theatre has upgraded the original Optocore analogue network, installed in 2011, to an advanced and future-proof system.
The latest integration, undertaken by Amptown System Company (ASC), was overseen by the theatre’s tonmeister (and deputy head of sound) Torben Kärst, who designed the audio system, working alongside head of department Peer Seuken, and video specialist Tim Deckers.
This has seen the installation of Optocore M-series MADI boxes in both the 800-seat main theatre and 350-seat studio theatre, with an Optocore AutoRouter installed in the latter. “The installation was about achieving increased routing options, better sound quality, an increased channel count and greater flexibility,” stated Kärst.
All locations in the main building of this three-building complex (including Foyer, Rehearsal Stage and Recording Studio) are now connected by MADI.
“In terms of transmission it was mandatory to keep system latency as low as possible,” Torben Kärst continued. “This is where Optocore is absolutely the market leader. Reliability and small form factor of the devices, enabling large decentralised systems to be built, are further reasons why Optocore was the choice for us.”
From the original pro

technicontactexteriorTechni+Contact appointed Xilica distributor
Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Canada - Digital signal processing specialist Xilica has appointed Techni+Contact Canada as its sole distribution partner for the Canadian market.
Headquartered in Montreal with multiple Canadian offices, Techni+Contact has served Canada’s professional AV business community for more than 40 years.
Xilica joins a range of Techni+Contact-represented brands, including AMX, Ecler, Utelogy, Spinetix and WolfVision.
“Xilica is the first professional DSP manufacturer in the Techni-Contact portfolio, and fills an important gap in our product line,” said Julie Legault, president of Techni+Contact. “Xilica is aligned with our core verticals, and will help us propose and configure fully integrated solutions that are more competitive and on target with what our customers seek. Their clever, compact, and modular designs are an especially strong fit for the AV over IP ecosystem, while providing end users with the freedom of complete AV device control across the network.”
Legault adds that Xilica’s assorted modules, field-swappable cards, and expansion devices remove the need to invest in large stockpiles of inventory for various products. “Depending on the cards we mix within a Xilica DSP, we can quickly configure whatever functionality our customers need,” she says. “This results in operational efficiency that saves us money, inventory, and warehouse costs, and makes the entire value chain work better for our customers.”
“Techni+Contact is a well-respected organisation that is laser-focused on our core verticals, and equipped

linburyDante deployed in major ROH refurbishment
Friday, 22 May 2020

UK - The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden is one of the world’s leading opera houses. The recent Open Up refurbishment created a series of new spaces within the building offering a more welcoming visitor experience.
Built in 1858, the Royal Opera House is home to The Royal Ballet and the Royal Opera, as well the Linbury Theatre and various restaurants and a gift shop. The Open Up project was a £62m major refurbishment to create a welcoming visitor-friendly experience, improve crowd flow, welcome daytime activity of events for all ages relating to the art of dance and music and refurbish the Linbury Theatre into a world-class venue for intimate performances for ballet and opera.
Martin Adams, technical manager, Open Up Project, Royal Opera House, and Tom Thompson, technical manager, Linbury Theatre, were tasked with creating an audio network to meet the theatre's current and future needs. Adams and Thompson selected the Dante media networking technology in place of the previously analogue-reliant audio, as a major part of the renovation.
Prior to the refurbishment, the Linbury Theatre relied on an analogue infrastructure based on 1990's standards for audio distribution – there was no network infrastructure in place. Because of its analogue infrastructure, the theatre was restricted by the system’s limited expandability and long, expensive analog cable runs.
“We realised Dante would be the right technology for us when we saw how many manufacturers in the industry were using Dante for their own solutions," said Adams. "Hundreds of man

qsc-and-mainline-press-imageQSC and Mainline form sales partnership
Friday, 22 May 2020

USA - Mainline Marketing, an independent manufacturer rep firm, will represent the QSC systems and live sound business in Florida and Puerto Rico, effective 25 May.
The change comes after Mainline acquired former QSC representative Meyer Marketing earlier this month.
“We would like to thank the entire Meyer Marketing team for their hard work and dedication representing QSC over the years,” comments Frank West, senior director of sales for QSC Systems. “We look forward to working with Mainline Marketing in the southeast region and leverage their vast experience and connections in the AV industry, specifically in corporate AV, theme parks, production and retail.
“Our companies share a dedication to integrator and end user training, and as Mainline prepares to open their newest training centre next month, they will help support regional trainings for the Q-SYS Ecosystem and TouchMix. Equally important, their extensive experience will represent solutions at some of the largest AV installations in Florida, making them an ideal partner to continue momentum in the region.”
“QSC has always been a pillar of quality and service in our industry, which is why we are so thrilled to become stewards for their brand. We plan on harnessing our 30-plus years in the region to deliver smart, end-user focused solution offerings that represents the innovation of QSC end-to-end portfolio,” adds Clinton Muntean, president of Mainline Marketing.

rivagepm3pm501Yamaha debuts additions to Rivage range
Thursday, 21 May 2020

Europe - Yamaha has launched new additions to its range of professional audio products, the Rivage PM5 and Rivage PM3 digital mixing systems. The launch of two new control surfaces and two new DSP engines gives sound engineers greater choice and flexibility to deliver optimum sound in a much wider range of applications, says the company.
The core components of the new PM5 and PM3 are the CS-R5 and CS-R3 control surfaces. Both feature the same fader configuration as the rest of the Rivage PM series, with three bays of 12 faders each. The combination of touch screens and selected channel controls offers functionality and intuitive operation familiar to Rivage PM series users, while also offering easy entry for users of Yamaha’s CL and QL series consoles.
The commonality of fader configuration also means the same layout can be maintained when using different control surfaces, for example on different days of a tour.
Designed with multi-operator use in mind, the CS-R5 for Rivage PM5 systems features three 15" ultra-sensitive, extra bright capacitive touchscreens, suitable for daylight viewing, and a condensed selected channel section for smooth, intuitive operation. To maximize the advantage of the screens, the depth of the control surface has been reduced to bring them and the controls within easy reach for comfortable, stress-free operation while also improving sight lines.
Meters located beside each fader offer precise dynamic metering and outstanding visibility, making fine adjustments easy. At just 42kg, the CS-R5 control surface is also re

singaporeCtrl Fre@k embraces Hippotizer flexibility
Thursday, 21 May 2020

Singapore - Singapore’s Bicentennial Experience was conceived to illustrate milestones in the island’s history. It employed a rich mix of immersive audio-visual solutions, from the large-scale to the intimate. Originally aiming for 300,000 visitors, by the time of its close at the end of 2019, its creative storytelling had attracted 760,000.
Behind that success was show design specialist Ctrl Fre@k, whose Wee Cheng Low used the power and versatility of Hippotizer to realise the multitude of solutions. A founding partner of Ctrl Fre@k along with Jeffrey Yue, Wee is one of Singapore’s leading experts in video and lighting control solutions, a long-time Hippotizer user and a member of Green Hippos’s Key User Support Programme (KUSP).
Wee’s career path had its beginnings in 2002, when he worked for a time as a theatre technician for a local theatre company. “I had very little knowledge of the industry,” he says, “but I thought it could be a fun career.”
Exploration led him to Green Hippo and its Hippotizer Media Servers. In 2008, he took advantage of a European tour to check in for HippoSchool in London. He has been an enthusuastic Hippotizer user ever since.
Discussing Hippotizer’s “standout advantages”, Wee says, “First, the ZooKeeper GUI is very well designed, with all attribute controls easily accessible. Hippotizer V4 gives the flexibility to customise our workspace, which definitely speeds up programming and operation. Second, V4 maintains the 2D workflow from V3: for many simpler productions, users don’t need to

rtsRTS VLink helps broadcasters work remotely
Thursday, 21 May 2020

Germany - The VLink communication solution for RTS intercom matrix systems has become a key tool for broadcasters during the COVID-19 pandemic. The software-based virtual intercom platform has been a common part of the broadcast comms workflow for many years. However, it has become even more relevant in recent months as it has allowed broadcasters all over the world to work remotely during the international crisis, maintaining vital public information services while observing social distancing protocols.
RTS VLink enables remote users to interface with their RTS intercom matrices via the Internet using a simple application, allowing a new degree of control and flexibility from anywhere in the world - including from home.
“In the current pandemic, remote production is the new normal for broadcasters everywhere,” says Denis Castanet, director product management at RTS Intercom Systems. “VLink has been designed to make this process as seamless as possible. Judging by the recent increase we’ve seen in software licenses, VLink is becoming a key tool for organisations all over the world.”
To support the broadcast industry during this period, RTS has also decided to offer short term software licences for VLink. These rental licences are valid for three months and can be renewed for an additional three months following this if required.
To empower this expanded user base, RTS recently created a dedicated webinar that focuses on how to set up a remote production using VLink. “Training is a vital element of quickly getting up to speed with

voxchurchVox Church broadcasts live with Waves
Thursday, 21 May 2020

USA - Sound engineer Eugene ‘Geno’ Mulcahy uses Waves SuperRack, Waves Axis Proton computer and Waves plugins for broadcast at the Vox Church based out of New Haven, Connecticut.
“Due to Covid-19,” Mulcahy says, “many churches, ours included, are now challenged with creating a high-quality web-stream/broadcast presentation for their parish. To achieve a smooth-running stream, we went along with a setup that includes a DiGiCo S21 with a DMI Waves SoundGrid interface and a Waves Axis Proton computer running the Waves SuperRack plugin host and all plugin processing handled by the Waves Proton Server.
“We are streaming live, so I create a mix by using Waves plugins so I can manage all levels once I set them in. Waves plugins directly address the input level at the video deck, and I am able to set and get the most consistent output level to video. We also record all the services for a future broadcast.”
“Having been an Avid Venue Profile guy for many years and now working with a DiGiCo S21 and Waves’ SuperRack, it is my first time using this type of a setup. We made the call to go campus-wide with the DiGiCo S21 as our base platform, and the only thing the console was missing was Waves processing. We purchased the DMI-Waves card for the S21 to assist with our broadcast. We had already been web-streaming to our other campuses weekly, and now we just needed to take it out to the world and up another level. So, I dove in and got quickly familiar with Waves’ SuperRack.
“I personally like the way it is laid out, as it is simple a

dm2-kv2Producer & DJ David Morales selects KV2
Thursday, 21 May 2020

Croatia - House music pioneer David Morales continues to produce and to play to packed clubs all over the world and his current rider specifies a KV2 Audio ES System as his preferred monitoring setup.
Morales has also been using a KV2 setup at home for a while - he currently has two EX10s and two EX2.2 subs which he loves - but hadn’t used a KV2 system on a gig until his show at the Boogaloo club in Zagreb, Croatia on St Valentine’s Day this year. He tried out a full ES System comprising an ES1.0 high power active mid/hi loudspeaker stacked on a pair of ES1.8 high output subs per side, powered by two EPAK2500R control and amplification units (one per side).
“These speakers sound amazing!” he enthused, “and I’m in a big room – this is not a small intimate club!” Indeed, Boogaloo has been a cult club in Zagreb since the mid-80’s and with a capacity of 1500 ranks as one of the country’s largest clubs. As a result of his experience at Boogaloo, Morales decided that henceforth, the ES System from KV2 Audio would feature as the designated monitor system on his technical rider.
“I love the clarity and power of the ES System,” he says. “The ES1.0 top stacked over a pair of ES1.8 subs is a killer monitoring set. The ES1.0 packs a 6-inch and a 12-inch driver topped with a 1.75-inch compression driver. I’ve not heard anything else with the same size components sound as good as the KV2s. I’m such a fan, I even have KV2 EX10 monitors in my studio.
“I’ve been listening to all kinds of speakers over the years,” he adds.

alcons-audioE’Spec appointed Alcons distributor for Japan
Thursday, 21 May 2020

Japan - Alcons Audio has announced the appointment of Osaka-based E’Spec Inc. as its Japanese distributor. Established in 1990, E’Spec has offices in Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya.
Initial talks between the companies had started at ISE 2019 when E’Spec approached Alcons with an interest to become its distributor for Japan.
“For the past 20 years, there have been very few systems which feature truly innovative technology,”comments E’Spec’s Yoshiaki ‘Yoshi’ Yamaguchi. “Currently there is almost no difference in the system quality from different manufacturers. Equipment choice is based on slight differences in sound quality, cost performance and usability.
“The beautiful high frequency range at high SPLs and minimal listener fatigue produced by Alcons pro-ribbon systems are powerful advantages, which we know will interest many Japanese live sound engineers.”
E’Spec is looking forward to changing the Japanese market’s perception of ribbon-based audio systems, showcasing how Alcons pro-ribbon technology makes a big difference in applications ranging from the biggest live music events to advanced home theatre.
“Our aim is to showcase the many advantages of this technology that none of the other manufacturers has, so that users will not want to choose other systems in future. With Alcons, we are sure that we can change the Japanese professional loudspeaker market,” adds Yamaguchi.
“With the high-end solutions we offer, and the specific positioning of Alcons in the market, we maintain a strict profile in our d

mercantinapressimage1Genelec adds taste of Italy to Lisbon bistro
Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Portugal - Located on the bustling boulevard of the Avenida de República in the Saldanha district of the Portuguese capital, Mercantina Bistro 37 is the third Mercantina restaurant to open in Lisbon. The elegant building was formerly home to Café Cubana, the favourite watering hole of a coterie of Portugal’s famed surrealist artists.
Seven decades later, the interior with its striking murals and rich colours designed by architect Tiago Silva Dias, offers echoes of the building’s surrealist past. Distribution and AV integration specialists, Garrett Audiovisuais, designed and installed a zoned audio and control system across all areas of the bar and restaurant, based on Genelec 4000 Series installation loudspeakers.
According to Garrett’s Alain Pierre who managed the project, Mercantina’s owners were frequent clients at JncQUOI - a Lisbon restaurant already equipped by Garrett using Genelec loudspeakers - and were very impressed with the audio system. “We were approached by José Bartolomé Duarte, one of the founding partners of the Mercantina brand, who asked if we could deliver a similar experience to JNcQUOI in their own new, high class Italian restaurant,” explains Pierre. “We responded to the tender with a Genelec solution which convinced the client to award us the AV contract.”
The brief was to create a multi-room, zoned solution to deliver high quality ambient sound throughout the various spaces of the restaurant, as well as the cocktail bar. The owners also wanted the possibility to create more of a ‘club’ atmosphere w

hippoMelodi Grand Prix dazzles with Hippotizer
Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Denmark - The annual music competition to find Denmark’s Eurovision entry reached its finale in March at Copenhagen’s 16,000-capacity Royal Arena. Known as the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, hopefuls battled it out against a striking stage design made up of 450sq.m of LED screen, shaped into ever-expanding triangular shapes. These were fed visuals by a chorus of Green Hippo Hippotizer Karst+ Media Servers.
Hippotizer aficionado 4K Projects, which is based in Copenhagen, was commissioned by Danish national broadcaster Danmarks Radio to project manage the video and lighting aspects of the show. The company’s Mikkel Samuelsen and Balder Thorrud have been involved with Dansk Melodi Grand Prix for a decade, and are well-versed in creating memorable visual feasts.
The 2020 heats were held without an audience, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite this, TV viewers at home were treated to a full production, which went ahead to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. All performances were backed by The Antonelli Orchestra, heightening the vibe and spectacle.
“We used four Hippotizer Karst+ Media Servers with a wall controller for the show – using two as main and two for full backup,” explains Thorrud, who served as Hippotizer operator for the show. “All outputs were connected to DVI matrix for easy switching between main and backup system.
“We love using Hippotizer, especially because the VideoMapper, easy content sync and simple way to connect to a grandMA for control, makes our lives much easier and the visuals more e

incheon-seongsan-methodist-church-1JBL solution for Seongsan Methodist Church
Wednesday, 20 May 2020

South Korea - TechDataPS recently equipped Incheon Seongsan Methodist Church with a Harman Professional networked AV and control solution.
Previously named Hwajeong Church, the house of worship took its current name in 1968 and consist of three separate buildings: the chapel, training centre and parking structure. Previously using an audio system that was equipped for small events and speeches, the church contracted TechDataPS to install a world-class audio solution that can accommodate bigger productions.
“Seongsan Methodist Church asked us to deliver a modern audio system that enhances the main chapel with high-quality sound and is suitable for hosting large-scale events,” said a spokesperson at TechDataPS. “The previous system consisted of an ageing JBL SR 4733 main speaker as well as ceiling speakers that matched the color of the walls and complimented the church’s aesthetics.”
TechDataPS installed Intellivox HP-DS170 active beam-shaping, self-powered column loudspeakers to provide crystal-clear sound and even distribution. Complimenting those speakers, JBL AC16 and AC15 ultra-compact 2-way loudspeakers reproduce high-fidelity, full-range sound, while JBL CBT 50LA-1 Constant Beamwidth Technology line array column loudspeakers deliver acoustical performance and consistent vertical coverage.
JBL Control CRV architectural speakers were installed to reinforce speech and music intelligibility, while JBL 104 monitors were used to offer enhanced sonic detail and accurate presentation. To fill out the arsenal of speakers, TechDataPS also

cricket2K-Array and Simai in mobile music initiative
Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Italy - K-Aarray has teamed up with Simai SpA, a Milan-based electric tractors and flatbed transporters manufacturer, to develop an electric vehicle with a professional audio speaker system.
Named Cricket PE30, the vehicle will be marketed with short and long-term rental solutions by Toyota Material Handling Italia and is launching in July.
Massimiliano Bariola, managing director of Simai SpA comments: “We immediately accepted a role in this innovative project proposed by K-array, as it will allow the Simai brand to position itself within the niche of live entertainment and musical events in general.
“In K-array, we have found a partner with our same enthusiasm and spirit of adaptation to difficulty despite the current situation. And this special project - precisely within the context of social distancing and proximity to urban areas which are the most difficult to reach and travel - will provide maximum performance in terms of both mobility and sound.”
Leonardo Salcerini, CEO of Toyota Material Handling Italia, adds: “A distinctive feature of the Italian DNA is knowing how to reorganise, reinvent and have the ability to find the right formulas to overcome difficulty. The initiative promoted by Simai and K-array is placed precisely in this context: Cricket is a simple, yet dynamic and complete solution that can be a valid solution for the world of entertainment, among the most affected sectors by the health emergency, and can subsequently meet challenges presented in other applications.
“Furthermore, the vehicles used are produ

prolightsSeesound appointed Prolights distributor for Spain
Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Spain/Italy - Prolights has announced the appointment of Seesound as its new distributor in Spain with immediate effect.
Nacho Alberdi, CEO of SeeSound, comments: “To me, working in this kind of industry means to carry on my family legacy, as in 1880 my grandfather started manufacturing pipes for church organs. That’s why we aim to continue doing what we do with passion and in the most professional way, taking care of the quality of the work done by our team. This should allow us to offer the best solutions to our customers and partners.
“When I first approached Prolights, I was fascinated by the ambition and dedication I could see throughout the headquarters, from the R&D department, production, logistics right to the sales and managements departments. Prolights boasts a broad portfolio and a one-of-a-kind product design, which will grant us to provide innovative solutions to our reference market.”
Alberdi continues: “Both companies share a common vision of the future, the same values in regards of quality, constant development and commitment to our customers. I couldn’t be more confident about this new partnership. We will face some challenges for sure, but the attitude already shown by Prolights will help us to overcome them, as the brand has grown so much in the past few years proving to be a leading player in the market.”
Paolo Albani, Prolights international sales manager, adds: “SeeSound’s professionalism is well known in the industry, and the company gained a broad access to every market segment through the Spain,

codaNAT takes CODA to school
Tuesday, 19 May 2020

USA - Audio and AV integration specialists North American Theatrix (NAT) services a wide range of distinguished clients on a host of installations across theatre, cinema, conference, education, stadium and house of worship applications. Some of its recent installations in the education sector featured the deployment of systems from Coda Audio.
Set in a 50-acre campus and founded in 1925 by the Dominican Sisters of St. Mary of the Springs, Albertus Magnus College is a Catholic private liberal arts college in New Haven, Connecticut, that offers education to around 1,200 undergraduate students. Last year the college renovated and refurbished its Hubert Campus Center - NAT was appointed to supply and install audio for the project.
Contained within the Center, the Behan Community room is a large, multi-function space used for a variety of college and external functions. This relatively low-ceilinged space which can comfortably seat more than three hundred, required flexible, high quality audio system for speech and music reinforcement. The system needed sufficient power to obtain the necessary throw, whilst being simultaneously discreet. Small and powerful was the order of the day and NAT chose to install a Coda Audio N-APS system to meet the challenge.
N-APS is a unique category of ultra-compact loudspeaker for small to medium size venues that combines the versatility of a point source with the perfect arrayability of a line array, to offer sound designers the absolute maximum in power, flexibility and versatility. With incredible dynamic range and vari

audioheadsetsPoint Source Audio upgrades headsets
Tuesday, 19 May 2020

USA - Point Source Audio’s CM-i family of lightweight in-ear intercom headsets has received a design upgrade. The new design - brought to market earlier than initially planned in light of the current health crisis - adds factors such as detachable earbuds for improved hygiene and accessibility to more easily customize with a user’s custom in-ear monitors.
The upgraded design now features a connector common among in-ear monitor manufacturers that will allow for a much quicker change over should the user choose to personalize their headset with in-ear monitors from brands such as 64 Audio or Ultimate Ears.
A further benefit of this important feature is for rental companies and venues that supply headsets for their techs. The comfort and noise-isolation of in-ear headsets are a no-brainer, but no one is comfortable sharing in-earphones no matter how well they may be cleaned. The new detachable in-ear design addresses hygienic concerns with earbuds that quickly detach from the cable so they can be assigned to the user and replaced for new users.
“The current global situation has brought hygiene to the front of everybody’s mindset, but in fact, these challenges have always been looming,” says James Lamb, president of Point Source Audio. “This design change can help ease the administration process of dispensing personal gear to work crews, especially in regard to reducing the health risks if sharing equipment.
“Customers tell us again and again that they will never go back to their old-style headsets after using a Point Source headset,

avante-imperio-qrcAvante Audio expands Imperio Series
Tuesday, 19 May 2020

USA - Avante Audio has expanded its Imperio Series by launching a collection of pre-configured systems designed to make the lives of audio professionals easier. Devised around specific applications and methods of deployment, each of the systems include everything necessary to get an Avante Audio Imperio PA up and running, including array modules, subs and rigging hardware.
Imperio is a ‘mini array’ system that offers ‘a powerful, flexible and scalable active audio system that is ideal for installation in mid-size venues as well as for use by production companies working on one-off events or touring productions’. At the heart of the series is the versatile Imperio mid/top module, which offers a 90-degree x 15-degree dispersion angle and an integrated rigging system allowing multiple units to be connected together with splay angles of 0, 4, 8 or 12-degrees.
The compact and lightweight cabinet incorporates a 240W (RMS) Class D amplifier module driving a pair of 4.75" Neodymium woofers alongside six 1.75” IDVAT (Inverted Dome Vertical Array Technology) high frequency drivers.
The largest of the new Imperio Series Systems is the Imperio Max210. It combines eight Imperio modules and a pair of Imperio SUB210s with a pair of Imperio Flybar LGs and three Imperio Link Pin Kits. This provides everything needed to fly a full hang of eight Imperio array elements with the two subs sitting above. Two of these systems would create a complete audio rig suitable for theatres and concert venues with a capacity of 1000+.
The Imperio Theatre Rig 210 is


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