Iconic at the Alabama Theatre
USA - Iconic a multi-media production at the Alabama Theatre in Myrtle Beach, SC, (the venue is named after the band) takes audiences on a ‘journey through the music that has shaped our sense of time and place, from country hits and Broadway show tunes, to power rock anthems and pop ballads’.
While a group of talented performers on stage told this story through music, and a large video wall supported it with vivid imagery, the shades of colours so important to its telling was provided by an enchanting rainbow of a lighting design created by Susan Rose.
Helping Rose work her magic was a collection of Chauvet Professional COLORado fixtures. “This show is very edgy and contemporary and definitely a major step up from the typical production shows,” said Rose. “It was especially fun for me to light, since I had such a wide variety of music to light. Creating a rainbow of colours with my Chauvet fixtures was a key part of achieving my vision for this design.”
Most critical of all though, was the help Rose received from David Hart, the theatre company manager/production manager, who designed the set house, and house LD Lance O’Connor. “I was fortunate to work with some very talented people at the Alabama Theatre,” said Rose. “As the LD/technical director, Lance put together a very excellent rig, including the Chauvet fixtures.”
Rose was mindful of the colourful costumes on stage when selecting her palette. She positioned 12 COLORado 1 Solo units stage left and right to accent the colourfully dressed dancers.
“It was so important that my lighting help bring out the vibrant colour and beauty of all these beautiful costumes,” she said. “I relied on colour to complement the colours, as well as create the mood of the song and make people ‘see the music.’ Also, the video content in this show carried a lot of the visual stimulation, so I had to be creative and achieve a good balance to avoid having things become too busy.”
At other times, however, Rose unfurled multi-coloured looks to capture the mood of a song.

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