‘A straightforward and exciting partnership’
UAE - DirectOut has entered into a strategic partnership with 7Hertz, distributor of professional and home audio products.
John Parkhouse, senior live audio consultant at 7Hertz, expressed his enthusiasm, saying: "We are very happy to welcome DirectOut to our portfolio at 7Hertz. The alignment of our core philosophies has seamlessly paved the way for a straightforward and exciting partnership." Founded in 2009, 7Hertz has become a pioneer in professional and home audio products across the GCC region.
Lorenzo Sassi, business development manager at DirectOut comments on the partnership: "DirectOut is delighted to join forces with 7Hertz to bring our innovative audio technology solutions to the Middle East market. We believe that 7Hertz's commitment to excellence and deep passion for sound harmonises perfectly with our values, making this partnership a natural fit. Together, we look forward to enhancing the audio experience for professionals and enthusiasts in the region."
DirectOut's product range will be seamlessly integrated into 7Hertz's existing offering, enriching the overall collection of solutions the company represents. To deepen the understanding of DirectOut's products, the company will soon hold comprehensive training sessions in Dubai. This initiative aims to equip both the 7Hertz team and their clients with in-depth knowledge to effectively advise, utilise and implement these advanced audio solutions.
"We are looking forward to DirectOut's visit to Dubai, where comprehensive training sessions will be held for both the extended 7Hertz team and our customers. This underlines our shared commitment to providing in-depth knowledge of DirectOut's exceptional products and ensuring that we and our clients are well informed and able to make the most of these state-of-the-art solutions," concludes John Parkhouse.

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