DWR’s Neutrik brand manager Kyle Robson
South Africa - DWR Distribution has announced that Neutrik and Rean stock is now available in its stores.
“Kyle Robson has been appointed the Neutrik product manager at DWR and it will be his mission to get the brand to as many users in the country as possible,” comments Robert Izzett, sales director at DWR. “In addition, DWR will appoint Neutrik distributors throughout South Africa to make accessibility that much easier for musicians and professionals alike. Our goal is to make Neutrik the connector of choice and we will strive to be as competitive as possible.
“When investing in expensive gear, a reliable connector and the right infrastructure should be a priority,” adds Robert. “One bad connector can bring your gig down. With well over 40 years of experience, Neutrik offers a wide range of connectors that are easy to assemble, simple to use, reliable and robust. We are delighted that the stock has arrived and we believe that Neutrik will become the connector of choice.”

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