- Indochine's Météor tour reached the Stade de France in Paris where 80,000 fans celebrated the band's 30 years in the music business
France - Indochine's Météor tour took in the Stade de France in Paris where 80,000 fans celebrated the band's 30 years in the music business. The tour officially kicked off on 6 October 2009 at the Zénith in Rouen and ended in a grand finale on 15 September 2010 with a final concert at the Palais Omnisport in Paris Bercy.

Olivier Payen, the tour's lighting designer, who also worked on Indochine's previous Alice&June tour, succeeded in creating a breathtaking light show. However, according to the team managing the project, it was no easy ride. Apart from the challenge of an enormous stadium, from the outset specifications were determined by the video layout. With five 16:9 screens occupying the entire north curve of the stadium and covering a total area of 720m2, there was little space left for the lighting. The design used lighting to surround the screens in order to break up and soften their severity and ensure they would blend into the décor.

In order to deal with all of these constraints while adhering to demanding specifications, rental company Arpège recommended Martin Professional's new MAC 2000 Beam XB fixture.

A number of light sources were used on stage, both rigged and on the floor. In addition, six MAC 2000 Beam XBs were placed on each side of the stage to complement the screen design. The 2000 Beam XB's power allowed them to project effectively in front of the extremely bright video screens.

At the same time, Olivier Payen needed a powerful light source capable of filling the stadium across the audience for the various camera angles. Some 36 additional MAC 2000 Beam XBs were therefore installed beneath the stadium's canopy, fixed to six approx. 15 m long bridges.

Thomas Dechandon of Concept K, the tour's console operator, commented, "I am hugely impressed with the output of this new light. The MAC 2000 Beam XB beams made it easy to draw in the smoke, even though it was still very light! It has all the benefits of the MAC 2000 Wash in terms of dimmer quality and precision of movement." Thomas also appreciates the full capabilities of this new fixture. "You still get the effects of the gobos, but you also keep the option of making the beam burst out using the honeycomb lens to obtain a true wash light. I am fully happy with the output of this light. It's perfect for stages of this size and for open-air use."

The MAC 2000 Beam XBs were not the only Martin lights doing the honours at Stade de France. Alongside the 32 MAC 2000 Wash XBs and 36 Atomic 3000 strobes installed for the occasion, some 22 MAC III Profiles attended the party.

(Jim Evans)

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