Spotlight from Highlite
Germany - At Prolight + Sound 2024, Highlite International, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, took the opportunity to present a number of new products from their brands Infinity, Showtec, DAP, DMT, Showgear and Wentex.
From Infinity, no fewer than four new IP65-rated Raccoon models were introduced: three Pars (P7/7, Junior P4/7 and Junior P7/4) and a strobe/wash combo (S420/4). The P7/7 is a high-quality RGBCALDB Par that features seven custom-made 7-colour LEDs with maximum brightness and maximum colour quality modes offering versatility. The Junior P4/7 is a more compact version of the P7/7 with four custom-made 7-colour LEDs. Then, there is the Junior P7/4; it also has a compact housing and uses seven 4-colour LEDs. All pars share the same sophisticated control software with advanced calibrated xy colour mixing, extreme colour stability with temperature compensation and no visible colour shift during dimming, tungsten shift simulation even with colour filters applied, adjustable PWM and many more professional features.
The S420/4 is also part of the Raccoon family and this very powerful strobe/wash combination fixture boasts 420 RGBW LEDs for wash effects with a brightness of up to 30,400 lumens, while the strobe effects are produced by 32 CW LEDs that can produce over 70,000 lumens!
Showtec introduced the IP65-rated Titan Strobe FLEX FX, a fixture that ‘brings a fresh perspective to strobe lighting’. It consists of eight high-power LED strobes, complete with cables and a dedicated controller. Each strobe pod consists of a 100-watt CW COB LED surrounded by 12 individually controllable 2-watt RGBW LEDs. This combination allows strobe effects together with full-colour LED ring effects to create something unique.
Other new introductions by Showtec included the latest additions to the ACT series with the Flood 200 RGBAL - designed for theatrical applications, the Par 200 W RGBAL and the Par 200 W CW/WW – both versatile indoor spotlights, and the Par 200 W UV – a fixture for applications where fluorescence is key. The new Octostrip FLEX Set was also introduced. It is a linear LED fixture consisting of eight LED battens, eight cables and a controller.
From DAP, Frigga (a single active column PA system), the lightweight NRG series active and passive PA speakers and the new TA digital amplifiers also made an appearance. Frigga consists of a subwoofer and a column speaker and has been designed for everything from different types of musical applications to presentations. It has microphone and line inputs and is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 with support for True Wireless Stereo. The NRG series offers practical solutions for permanent and mobile applications with full-range speakers and subwoofers.
DMT’s new Alpha series screens were also on display at PLS. The A2.6i and the A1.9i are HD LED screens with pixel pitches of 2.6 mm and 1.9 mm, respectively. Designed for indoor use, both models have a lightweight cabinet that allows angled connections between -5 and +10 degrees, which makes creating curved displays quick and easy. Front and rear servicing makes the panels ideal for fixed installations too.
Showgear is a brand that focuses on products and accessories for stage and studio use and at PLS a number of handy products were presented.
Wentex’s creative textile solutions include a number of products that allow swift and efficient design setups to be achieved for everything from conferences and trade shows to professional stage and studio environments. At PLS, new products including a Case for FOH Kit and more accessories for the Pipe and Drape system and SET Frame Modules were presented, while the entire Highlite booth was built using Wentex SET Frames.
As Highlite celebrates its 30th anniversary, its continued commitment to the entertainment industry is clear to see. This is not only reflected in the new products it continues to introduce, but also in the creation of dedicated shows like those seen at PLS and the creation of a new Spotlight magazine that shows off its newest products.

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