The Netherlands - ISE 2019 (5-8 February 2019, Amsterdam RAI) sees the launch of the d&b audiotechnik DS20 Audio network bridge, the company’s first product offering for connecting its loudspeaker systems to the open standards-based Milan protocol.
The DS20 is a natural networking choice for d&b users. Milan is a deterministic network that inherits all the technical benefits of Audio Video Bridging (AVB) technology: improved reliability, optimum synchronization and hassle-free network set up. Advantages that coincide quite nicely with the efficiency focused d&b System reality.
Together with AVID, L-Acoustics, Meyer Sound, and Biamp, among others, d&b has defined the specifications for achieving seamless interoperation between any product implementing Milan.
Henning Kaltheuner, Head of d&b Market Intelligence and explains: “AVB defines a set of technical standards developed by the IEEE, but what it doesn’t describe is how to implement them in a way that ensures interoperability between devices. Milan is the solution; a layer that completes an AVB network with a standards-based, user-driven deterministic network protocol that guarantees interoperability.”
Integrating seamlessly as part of a d&b system, the DS20 Audio network bridge interfaces between Milan networks and AES3 digital audio signals, while also providing distribution of Ethernet control data. Metadata including Milan channel labels and cabling information is sent via the AES3 channel stream to the four channel d&b amplifiers.
Positioned in front of the amplifiers within the signal chain, this 1 RU device is equally suited to both mobile and installation environments. As well as providing an interface from the Milan audio network to the digital inputs of the d&b amplifiers via Ethernet, the DS20 provides four digital AES3 input channels for applications such as a break in from a front of house console.
The DS20 incorporates a fully AVB enabled integrated 5-port switch, offering a primary and redundant network. This provides extended connectivity for a laptop to control the d&b amplifiers using the R1 Remote control software via the OCA (Open Control Architecture) protocol.
“The DS20 Audio network bridge enhances the value of the d&b system approach to networked audio,” enthuses Kaltheuner. “d&b customers now have the freedom to choose the networking solution that best suits their needs – DS10 or DS20 – while working comfortably within the intuitive d&b Workflow.”
(LSi Online)

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