Dante Director beta is free for pre-release testing to any user with Dante devices.
Spain - Audinate has announced that Dante Director, a SaaS solution for remote Dante network administration and management, is available as a pre-release beta. Dante Director enables management of Dante networks from a simple, convenient web dashboard accessible from anywhere.
Designed to meet the needs of users with small to medium-sized Dante networks, Dante Director enables IT and AV administrators to remotely configure Dante channel subscriptions, control user access, ensure network security, and monitor multiple Dante networks from a single account. Dante Director joins the Audinate suite of products that bring professional management to AV solutions and includes Dante Domain Manager, which serves enterprise and on-premise network management needs.
Dante Director works closely with Dante Controller to enable remote AV management capabilities. After initial setup, users can remotely access and manage channel subscriptions for networks managed by Dante Director from any location.
Remote management capabilities are critical for IT and AV administrators and service providers who need flexibility to diagnose, repair and monitor AV networks. With Dante Director, admins can manage multiple AV networks from a single web dashboard, providing faster response times, increased flexibility, and better peace of mind through increased monitoring.
“Dante Director is all about convenience and flexibility when managing Dante networks, but it also brings security, auditing, and API integration,” said Laurence Crew, senior product manager, Audinate.“We are building Dante Director to become the default choice for permanent Dante installations as we continue to grow the feature set.”

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