JBL debuts all-in-one column PA
Friday, 20 October 2023
jblproirxoneJBL IRX One – ‘plug and play simplicity’
Europe - Harman Professional Solutions has announced JBL Professional’s introduction of the JBL IRX One all-in-one column PA. Featuring an advanced acoustic package, three-channel mixer and Bluetooth 5.0 audio streaming; IRX One is an easy-to-use system that’s road-tested and can be carried with one hand.
IRX One incorporates concert line array-inspired directivity control, resulting in a custom-tuned, C-shaped array. Equipped with six 2" high-frequency drivers, the array delivers exceptional clarity, a wide sweet spot, and seamless front-to-back coverage. Additionally, the 8" woofer employs a bass-reflex design, ensuring accurate low-frequency response down to 40 Hz.
Designed to cater to a diverse range of users, IRX One includes a convenient three-channel mixer with support for the most popular connection types as well as integrated iconic dbx automatic feedback suppression (AFS) and Soundcraft-powered audio ducking.
"What truly sets IRX One apart is its plug and play simplicity,” said Brandon Knudsen, product manager for portable PA solutions, Harman Professional. “We’ve heard from so many education, hospitality and music professionals looking for a pro-grade system that not only sounds great but is really easy for anyone to use. This system does just that. Just plug in your mic, instrument or Bluetooth-streamed audio source and let the music or the presentation do the talking right away without a complicated setup getting in your way.”

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