Helen and John Meyer founded the company in 1979
USA - Meyer Sound, founded in 1979, is celebrating 45 years of innovation with a new logo ‘that underscores its commitment to the future of sound’. The loudspeaker specialist has been a driving force in audio since John and Helen Meyer set up shop in Berkeley, CA four-and-a-half decades ago.
Since then, Meyer Sound’s technologies, including trapezoidal loudspeaker cabinets, self-powered loudspeakers, processor-controlled loudspeaker systems, curvilinear arraying, and source-independent measurement systems, have become industry standards. The company’s inventions have earned more than 100 patents and numerous awards, including TEC Awards, Parnelli Awards, and the R&D 100 Award.
“Scientific innovation, engineering excellence, an unwavering commitment to quality, and constant evolution - this is our legacy, and our future,” says Meyer Sound senior vice president John McMahon. “Our dedication to craft defines us, and we’re excited to carry this spirit forward as we set our sights on developing integrated sound solutions on an even broader scale.”
Education is central to Meyer Sound’s mission, with comprehensive and science-based programs tailored to all disciplines and experience levels. The company’s newest offerings, marked by new partnerships and expanded in-person classes and online content, underline a significant investment in nurturing future industry leaders. Advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusivity, the company actively champions women, gender-expansive individuals, and other underrepresented communities in audio.
Accompanying Meyer Sound’s 45th-anniversary celebration is a bold new logo that encapsulates the company’s evolution and readiness for the future. “The goal with the new logo was to create a mark that respects our history while better reflecting the scope of our business growth and strategic direction,” explains Meyer Sound’s creative director Simon Miller. “In a world where Meyer Sound’s presence spans diverse platforms, the robust, modern design ensures an iconic presence that matches the strength of our technologies.”
“This anniversary marks a time of transformative growth for Meyer Sound,” adds McMahon. “As we double down on our investments in both acoustic innovations and digital ecosystems, our emphasis on partnerships, education, diversity, and sustainable solutions will drive our next chapter as we aspire to help people experience sound in ground-breaking new ways.”

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