MGG shines with ROXX at SPAR convention
Friday, 20 October 2023
mggMGG used their new ROXX Cluster B4 FC LED blinders at the 2023 SPAR convention held at Sun City
South Africa - Technical supply company, MGG, has invested in 24 ROXX Cluster B4 FC LED blinders from DWR Distribution which were set to work at the 2023 SPAR Convention held at Sun City.
MGG’s initial introduction to the brand came about when Thorsten Sattler, one of the founding members of ROXX, visited rental companies within South Africa to support local distributor DWR Distribution. Mark Gaylard, director of MGG, needed a crowd blinder that would be suitable for outdoor events and it was apparent that the robust ROXX Cluster B4 FC LED Blinder ticked that box and many others.
Günther Müller, project manager at MGG, comments, "We received the ROXX fixtures just in time for the Krone 7 music show, and since then, we've used them at various events including a festival in Nelspruit and most notably at the 2023 SPAR Convention.” The SPAR convention, attended by 1,300 people, featured both a conference and gala dinner in the Sun Arena (formerly known as the Superbowl), where MGG provided comprehensive technical support.
Günther praised the ROXX Cluster B4 FC LED Blinder's adaptability, highlighting its ability to produce traditional crowd blinder effects while offering lighting designers a canvas for creativity. "The RGB functionality and individual cell control is amazing," Günther notes. "The robust build quality ensures longevity, and the ability to mix and match different ROXX Cluster fixture types adds to the creative edge we strive for in show design. This means you can connect various blinder and strobe options in the cluster together to produce creative patterns, or ‘clusters’ as they are called. We're already considering additional ROXX models for specific clients or markets."
With a long history of collaborating on projects with MGG, Pierre van Wyk served as the lighting designer for the SPAR convention. He says, “The versatility of the units opened a world of possibilities and allowed me to create a wide range of captivating looks and effects,” says Pierre. “For this show, they served as both blinders and an eye-candy element on the rig.”
The stage featured four trusses staggered in height for a dynamic visual effect. Additionally, two trusses flanked each venue’s LED screen, enhancing the overall visual experience. Placing the ROXX Blinders on the middle-level trusses above the stage and in front of the venue LED screens created a sense of width and depth.
“I was particularly impressed by the ROXX Blinders' flexibility, especially their RGB and cell control capabilities. These features allowed for the creation of a wide array of looks and the fine-tuning of dimmer curves, reminiscent of traditional blinders,” Pierre adds. “In terms of build quality, the Roxx Blinders proved exceptional, designed with durability in mind. Their robust construction and weightiness give them an almost indestructible feel, ideal for the demands of touring.”

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