ADJ’s booth (#1443) will feature a lightshow designed by experienced concert LD Steve Kosiba
USA - ADJ is preparing to showcase its newly evolved range of professional lighting products designed for concert tours, festivals and special events at the 2023 LDI tradeshow in Las Vegas.
Alongside new products that will launch exclusively at the show, ADJ’s booth (#1443) will feature a lightshow designed by experienced concert LD, Steve Kosiba. This will showcase select fixtures from the brand’s existing range of fixtures.
A partner at Squeek Lights, the concert lighting specialist based in New Jersey, Steve Kosiba has extensive experience in the lighting industry. He joined Squeek Lights after six years at Starlite Productions, where he was head of the automated lighting department, and, before that, spent years working as a house LD at many venues in and around Philadelphia.
“My first experience with the ‘new’ ADJ gear was, as with many people in the concert market, the 32 HEX Panel IP,” comments Steve. “It is a great fixture, which is very versatile and suitable for side light, foot light or drape light, and can also be used as a blinder, a strobe, or for pixel FX. It fills a lot of roles in the Squeek Lights rental inventory, and we recently sold a small venue a whole rig of ADJ HEX fixtures as well. This also included 15 HEX Bar IP and 7P HEX IP units and completely transformed the space.
“When the new Encore Lime fixtures came out, Squeek Lights picked up both the Encore Z7LP and Encore LB15IP. The lime bars are far brighter than our previous generation pixel strips and far sturdier. The zoom pars are fantastic: punchy, with a great zoom range and excellent colour. We also have dozens of the Jolt Bar FX. While working on ADJ’s LDI booth, I've also been really impressed with the Focus Series of automated fixtures, so I wanted to feature as many as possible - even units that have already been out for a year or more.”
The Fcus Spot 7Z, a feature-packed moving head launched earlier this year, will be an integral part of Steve’s LDI rig. Powered by a potent 420-Watt white light LED engine, which has a native colour temperature of 8000K, the unit’s high-quality optics ensure a crisp and even output of up to 20,000 Lumens.
Another recently released Focus Series fixture that will play a central role in the LDI lightshow is the Focus Flex L19. This professional moving head luminaire offers fast movement as well as an impressive zoom range, allowing it to generate both intense columns of light and wide washes of colour.
Also on display at LDI, and integrated into Steve’s lighting design, will be the Encore LP12Z IP.
Having proved both effective and reliable on a series of tours over the past 18 months, the multifunctional Jolt Bar FX will be another star of ADJ’s LDI show.
“When we talk of the ‘new ADJ’ we’re not referring only to our latest product releases but the evolution of the brand which has been ongoing for the past five or more years,” explains ADJ USA’s director of sales, Alfred Gonzales.
“ADJ’s current catalogue of professional lighting solutions are all specifically targeted at the ‘middle market’ of the industry and have been tried and tested by countless production and rental companies worldwide. We have invited Steve Kosiba from Squeek Lights to be our guest LD at this year’s LDI to help demonstrate the full potential of our lighting fixtures.”

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