beyerdynamic has supplied the Islington Music Workshop with the first Klein & Hummel 5.1 surround sound speaker system in the UK for its Music Technology College. The circumstances of the speaker system sale were unusual - starting as review samples for a pro-audio trade journal (Audio Media), Simon Tillbrook the reviewer was impressed and decided that the studio should buy a system as they were about to upgrade the monitoring system for 5.1 operation: "Surround Sound is now an important part of the Sound Engineering course we run at IMW and we are planning to extend the system further to cover all surround formats, with the Martinsound Multimax. This will give us 7.1 and Omnimax capability," Tillbrook commented.

As a charity-aided faculty, IMW provides a unique resource for students to gain a Sound Engineering qualification to take them into Sound Recording and Music Technology. With a wide range of ‘industry standard’ products including a 40-input SSL G+ Series console, a wide range of popular microphones and outboard equipment, the studio provides a realistic working environment replicating the facilities found in major studios worldwide.

beyerdynamic was only recently appointed the UK distributor for Klein & Hummel, which has been manufacturing reference speakers for over 40 years in Germany. Our photograph shows Simon Tillbrook of IMW (left) with Matt Nettlefold of beyerdynamic.

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