Kvant lasers for Let It Roll
Wednesday, 25 September 2019
let-it-roll-mainKvant Show Production supplied six Spectrum 20 full-colour laser display systems and two LD 30 Spectrum units for the laser mapping of the main stage
Czech Republic - Let It Roll is one of the world's leading drum ‘n’ bass festivals, attracting tens of thousands of ravers for a weekend at an old military airport near Prague.
The event started in 2002 and by 2008 turned it had turned into a large-scale outdoor festival.
A few years back, the organisers approached Slovakia-based Kvant Lasers for some ideas and solutions and the company soon became a supplier of laser displays and other multimedia and visual elements.
Each year the festival production spends a big part of resources on the main stage, with Kvant Show Production supplying six Spectrum 20 full-colour laser display systems for the atmospheric effect and two LD 30 Spectrum units for the laser mapping of the spacecraft-shaped main stage this year.
The laser show sequence for the event’s opening was prepared beforehand and synced to DJ tracks. The laser mapping content was programmed on-site, and also the aerial effects were adjusted during rehearsals. The whole laser display was operated from our grandMA lighting desk, and while the opening sequence ran automatically from the time-line, the rest of performance was done in live mode.
To address laser safety, Kvant masked the outputs of all eight systems with four-way masking plates, securely restricting their projection zones to avoid unwanted scanning of the audience. We run the lasers via the Emergency STOP distribution hub with a single E-stop button.
Due to long-distance between the projector locations and the laser operator position, the laser control signal was distributed via fibre optic cables. The control signal back-up with directional wireless antennas was also set up.
A crew of two managed the whole job, enjoying the festival along with the crowd.

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