The system was in use by the end of June
Germany - Technology service provider, EBV Veranstaltungstechnik, has invested in Martin Audio’s Wavefront Precision technology, with the purchase of a WPM line array from territorial distributors, Audio Technica Deutschland.
Based in Hettenleidelheim in the Rheinland-Palatinate, EBV is a family business with a long tradition. Elmar Breitwieser founded the company over 40 years ago and focused primarily on regional musical events, which he initially equipped with sound and lighting systems before adding stage technology.
In 2018 Christian Breitwieser, son of the founder, took over the company and expanded the business from concert and festival events to corporate functions, conferences and more.
Needing to adapt and upgrade the audio equipment to the new requirement he opted for Martin Audio, stating, "I had already been familiar with the brand for a long time.”
His interest was rekindled, first when he became aware of the DD6 and CDD-LIVE series, and he initially expanded the company’s hire inventory by adding these two series, complete with a combination of SXP118 and SX118 subwoofers.
Justifying the purchasing decision, he said, “Both series have an asynchronously radiating horn - even as a self-powered coaxial system in the CDD-LIVE. The resulting performance is outstanding, the systems work very homogeneously and still sound extremely pleasant even at higher levels.
At the same time, he had also planned an investment in a line array, but this had to take a back seat due to COVID. "Fortunately, we now have a large number of events once again where a line array is needed. And for that reason we made an immediate decision to go with the WPM."
Like the other members of the Wavefront Precision family, the smaller 6.5" WPM system offers scalable resolution and very precise control capabilities thanks to the DISPLAY optimisation software. "The WPM fits perfectly into our portfolio due to its flexibility, EBV’s managing director continues. “The optimisation options make the system feel at home anywhere - whether in a rock concert or as a speech reinforcement system."
An additional benefit of investing in Wavefront Precision had been its immediate availability, he confirmed. "We decided to make this investment at short notice in April and were pleasantly surprised that Martin Audio were able to deliver within a few weeks. This meant that the` system was already in use by the beginning of June."

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