Dispatch’s tour continues into the fall
USA - Indie folk rock band Dispatch is back touring with a lighting package from Bandit Lites. Comprised of Chadwick Stokes and Brad Corrigan, the Boston-based band were ready to release an album and tour when the COVID-19 pandemic happened. The band utilised the time to retool and deconstruct songs and released their eighth studio album Break Our Fall in August 2022.
They kicked off their summer tour with performances alongside the National Symphony orchestra, requiring lighting designer David Singleton of Datum Creative to engineer a design that could adapt to the special shows and additional festivals.
“The design came about from various conversations with the band and the band's management,” explained Singleton. “They love the look and feel of tungsten fixtures. I wanted a little more flexibility than just the tungsten look, so I went with fun unique fixtures that would allow us to have full colour mixing as well as produce tungsten style looks. The design had to be flexible enough to work in both show scenarios whilst keeping continuity of the look without major changes.”
Bandit provided Chauvet Rogue R2X Washes, Elation DTW Blinder 350 IP 65, Elation Seven Batten 72, Elation Protron Eclypse Strobe IP 65, Mega-Lite Circa Scoop LED, Mega-Lite Circa Scoop XL LED, Astera NYX Bulbs and a grand MA 2 Full console for control.
“The main challenge with this design is maintaining the desired looks for each song whilst also keeping the environment ideal for the musicians in the orchestra,” he said. “They need to be able to see their music at all times and not be distracted by what we were doing with the lights.”
To that end, Singleton placed a row of Khamsins as the powerful spot fixtures while the Protron Eclypse were used for strong backlight and beam looks. Downstage among the band and orchestra were the Astera NYX bulbs on stands staggered at various heights.
“Given that this show had no video wall or upstage scenic elements, we needed a visual piece to create a backdrop to all the performers,” said Singleton. “I went with the Circa Scoops in two sizes to create a bold backdrop. The fixtures were laid out in an asymmetrical design to keep things a bit interesting; I didn't want to see something perfectly symmetrical.”
“A row of Elation Seven Battens created separation between the band and the orchestra for moments in the show and during the band's acoustic set,” he added. “A further four spots were used also for these moments and specific band backlights.”
“Touring operator Ben Gilbert and Dave, along with PM Sami Slovy are great to work with,” said Bandit client representative Mike Stanley. “They are super direct with concepts and needs while being flexible at the same time; I couldn’t ask for more.”
Singleton described the process of working with Stanley and Project Manager Matt Dean as a great experience from start to finish.
“On the Bandit end, this job didn’t stop on the prep floor,” added Stanley. “Our tech services department and the facility guys played a big part in successfully getting the Dispatch rig on the road and everyone did killer work.”

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