ADT's Serial Digital Analyzer
Monday, 26 November 2001
ADT's Serial Digital AnalyzerADT's new SDA11 digital analyzer.
According to manufacturers Audio Digital Technology, its new SDA11 digital analyzer is a 'Digital Swiss Army Knife' for anyone who works with digital audio, verifying the final link in the audio chain. Visual indication is provided to indicate sample rate, line errors and channel status. The three output BNC connectors when connected to an oscilloscope will allow further investigation of data word length, eye patton and jitter. Word clock output is also possible from the incoming AES/SPDIF signal.

The small, hand-held, battery device will accept sample rates up to 96kHz at 24bits and will allow monitoring via headphones or internal loudspeaker of the incoming AES or SPDIF signals. For cases requiring a 'get out of trouble' fix, the analyzer is also capable of editing and re-transmitting the channel status bits causing the problem in communication, establishing a temporary working connection between two devices, while the hold function is a useful addition to tracing intermittent faults.

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