The Mimik 120 delivers extended spectral bandwidth and cinematic colour fidelity
USA - Kino Flo, a Chauvet Professional sister brand, won the 2023 NAB Show Product of the Year award for its new Mimik 120.
This full spectrum image-based lighting tile mirrors video content while applying a very high tonal and colour rendering range. As a result, it delivers extended spectral bandwidth and cinematic colour fidelity when lighting talent and set elements in virtual production environments.
Utilising Kino Flo’s patented Matchmakker technology, Mimik 120 translates an incoming RGB video signal into five individual emitters (warm white, cool white, red, green and blue), generating synchronised foreground lighting that creates the utmost realism on virtual sets. The new tiles output an impressive 10,000 NITs, far surpassing the 800 – 1,200 NITS output of typical LED screens. They also have the capability to shoot up to 960 frames per second and offer as many as 32 Alpha channels at 30 frames per second.
The result is a cinematic fidelity that seamlessly creates a realistic and fully integrated image. This was dramatically evident to visitors to the company’s NAB booth. At its centre was a meeting table, that looked not much different from any other table at the show. But when visitors looked at that table on a monitor, they saw it, and the people sitting at it, circling on a giant ferris wheel in an amusement park in real time. The effect was powerful enough to win this lighting tile the Product of the Year award.

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