SPL Increased at ARX
Monday, 21 May 2001
ARX's range of SPL Series Powered Integrated Loudspeakers has been expanded with the release of the new SPL 20 Powered Arrayable Trapezoidal Sub Woofer. Featuring a single 18" (460mm) long-throw driver, the SPL 20 provides extended low frequency output from 35-100Hz in an Arrayable trapezoidal reflex-loaded package, for use in flown or ground stacked multi-cabinet loudspeaker systems. The SPL 20's fully integrated amplifier/speaker combination offers ARX's propriety ISC system protection and CoolPort technology, ensuring maximized high power output whilst retaining low distortion and providing sonic accuracy. Designed as a complementary sub-bass cabinet for SPL 12 and SPL 10 arrays, the SPL 20 can easily be used with other speaker systems. Since its control electronics and amplifier are built-in, the SPL 20 is the perfect add-on when more extended low frequency output is required. The all-new amplifier design inside the SPL 20 uses existing proven ARX analogue amplifier technology for predictable operation in all professional applications. Its transformer based power supply and Mosfet drive circuitry both enable a reduced parts count for long term reliability. Plus, with their inbuilt self-regulation, Mosfets are accepted as being the most thermally reliable and predictable amplifier output stage currently available. ARX’s SPL range of powered loudspeakers are now widely used in concert halls, auditoriums, hotels, convention centres and other venues requiring high quality predictable sound reproduction worldwide.

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