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Kingston Inmedia and BFBS take the fibre option
Tuesday, 23 April 2002

The versatility of the BSS Soundweb as an expandable DSP building matrix has moved into a new dimension with Kingston Inmedia’s imaginative use of its fibre technology for carrying broadcast signals.

Kingston Inmedia, a leading supplier of satellite-centric broadband applications, are contracted by Services Sound & Vision Corporation (SSVC) to handle all the technical facilities and engineering support for British Forces Broadcasting Services (BFBS), and transmit to military bases throughout the world, with all programme streams assembled in studios at Gerrards Cross. The content travels from SSVC's Central Technical Area to Kingston's Master Control Room for uplinking to satellites from earth stations situated a few hundred yards away.

Broadcast engineer Dave Gill told us: "SSVC had asked us to investigate alternatives to the analogue copper links between the two areas. We had been looking at A to D converters and proprietary multiplexers, and someone who works for us, and who does FOH sound mixing, suggested we look at Soundweb. We needed a fibre solution - initially for fibre tie-lines, as we were experiencing problems with the copper multicore, for example with lightning strikes. We found this option on the BSS website and took it from there." A pair of fibre interface units are used to replace a standard Cat 5 Soundweb network cable. Each fibre cable will transfer eight channels of digital audio plus control data.

With approval from SSVC, Kingston Inmedia placed an initial order for four pairs of 9088LLs (line) and 9088DD (digital) with LMC Audio

Rik Kirby joins Renkus-Heinz
Tuesday, 23 April 2002

Renkus-Heinz has announced the appointment of Rik Kirby as its national sales manager for the United States and Canada. Kirby takes up his position immediately and will join the company’s team at NSCA 2002, in Denver, Colorado (25-27 April).Kirby has been sales manager and European sales manager at BSS Audio in the UK for over five years, following a two-year career in live sound engineering which included Steve Earl’s UK tour. In his new role he will be based at Renkus-Heinz Inc’s headquarters at Foothill Ranch, California. Rik comments: "I’m really looking forward to it - Renkus-Heinz undoubtedly has some of the most revolutionary technology in the audio business, and their reputation for offering unrivalled support and being easy to deal with was also a real attraction. It’s the type of sales role that I’m very comfortable with - selling people the best products for the job."

Renkus-Heinz president Harro Heinz adds: "We have been looking for some time for the right person to fulfill this demanding position and with Rik’s determination and enthusiasm we’ve found that person. It’s great to have him on board."

(Lee Baldock)

Nexo’s GEO makes its stadium debut in Paris
Tuesday, 23 April 2002

The first commercial installation of the new NEXO Geo sound reinforcement system has been implemented in Paris, at the Stade de France. Although France’s premier soccer stadium is one of NEXO’s most prized showcases for its Alpha arena sound system, the venue went out to full commercial tender for sound reinforcement for its Concourse area.

Independently specified, the tender involved a four-way shoot out between different proprietary systems. NEXO won the contract with a Geo line array system, featuring 18 clusters of 4 x S-805s to cover the large concrete and asphalt Concourse, which covers the underground parking facilities and is home to four Villages of sub-attractions. The 1,750,000 sports and music fans who attend events at Stade de France can visit Animations for video game action, buy apparel and gear at the Boutique Officielle, get refreshments at Kiosque Coca-Cola, or get directions at Point info. Each Village occupies a small square about 20m on each side, attracting customers from a quadrant of the entrance apron, which surrounds the exterior of the stadium.

The NEXO system at Stade de France uses a short curved vertical array or cluster of GEO S805 loudspeakers. Each of these devices is a two-way system with a passive internal crossover network dividing an 8 inch vented woofer and a 1-inch compression driver. The driver is loaded on a patented GEO wavesource with 5° vertical and 80° horizontal coverage. This unusual pattern is achieved by using an hyperboloid acoustical mirror to reflect energy from the compression driver into the 5° arc. In

Shure moves to new HQ
Tuesday, 23 April 2002

Microphone specialists Shure Incorporated are to move from their existing Evanston, Illinois HQ to an award-winning office building at 5800 West Touhy Avenue in nearby Niles, designed by renowned architect Helmut Jahn. The purchase, from CenterPoint Properties, includes the building and 18.6 acres of land and is pending a 60-day period of due diligence for both parties.

"While we are sad to leave our Evanston home of nearly 46 years, Shure is a growing company, and we needed to find a new home that could accommodate that growth," said Sandy LaMantia, President and CEO of Shure Incorporated. "When the opportunity to purchase this new, architecturally significant building just a few miles from our current home presented itself, we jumped at the chance."

(Ruth Rossington)

Soundcraft appoints Audio Warehouse
Monday, 22 April 2002

Soundcraft Electronics have appointed Dublin-based Audio Warehouse to handle their distribution in Southern Ireland. The newly-formed company is run by John Byrne, a pro audio professional for 20 years whose relationship with Soundcraft stretches back 16 years. "In the course of that time we have established a strong reputation for the brand, and enjoyed particular success in the Broadcast and Capital Project sectors," he says.

Byrne is also delighted to be awarded the Spirit business as part of the distribution package. "Who else can boast such a range, starting at a £120 Notepad, and expanding to top-line live and broadcast consoles. The support we receive for both brands is excellent."

While Audio Warehouse’s strengths are in broadcast - they recently supplied a B400 to RTE and have equipped a total of six on-air studios using Soundcraft consoles since they commenced trading - John Byrne sees the launch of the MH4 as "a great opportunity to expand our existing business into the live sector."

Audio Warehouse Ltd can be contacted at: 437b Howth Road, Raheny, Dublin 5. Tel: +353 1 831 2200. Fax: +353 1 839 7170.

(Lee Baldock)

Gregg Wright Praises the Fatboy
Monday, 22 April 2002

Guitarist Gregg Wright has played with some the worlds greatest artists, including Diana Ross and The Jacksons. Based in Los Angeles, Gregg is now writing, producing and performing his own material all around the world. As part of his world tour he will be in the UK during September.

Wright commented: "Carlsbro's new 'Fatboy' amp is one incredible tone monster! After 25 years as a professional guitarist, I've seen and heard a lot of amps come and go, and can truthfully state that the 'Fatboy,' is a guitarist’s dream! It's got everything from massive crunch, to warm creamy Blues tones, and lush rhythm sounds, all in one powerful package! Those familiar with me know how seriously I take my tone - it's the musician's voice, and I'm proud to have the 'Fatboy' do my singing! In fact, you'll be hearing the 'Fatboy' on my new 2002 CD release 'Freak Flag Blues."

Carlsbro Electronics is a British manufacturer which has been designing and building its own amplifiers and speakers since 1961. From its 40,000sq.ft factory in Nottinghamshire, the company supports musicians and singers worldwide, and over 45% of Carlsbro product is sold overseas. Bands and superstars such as The Beatles, Oasis and Sting have used Carlsbro over the years.

"Andrew Bishop and his amazing staff at Carlsbro are really doing their homework in Research & Development. Check it out for yourself - they don't call it the 'Fatboy' for nothing!" adds Wright.

(Lee Baldock)

Omnidrives given the Full Monty
Monday, 22 April 2002

Marquee Audio has supplied Blitz Sound with processing and sound reinforcement products for use on the new West End show, The Full Monty. This includes a wide range of products from the BSS Omnidrive family. Blitz - whose equipment fulfils sound designer Mike Walker’s specifications - have been customers of Marquee Audio for the past eight years.

Blitz consultant, Dave Perry, explained: "Although we had built up a relationship with producer Sacha Brooks when he did The Graduate, we still had to tender for the show." The Full Monty is essentially a strong musical show - with a 12-piece rock band and 21 in the cast - and Mike Walker's sound design for the production needed to reflect this. The production uses a distributed, highly-automated system with a lot of discrete channels. According to Dave Perry: "All 32 matrix outputs of the desk are being used so every output has something inline with it."

Consequently, for the bulk of the processing Mike Walker has deployed nine FDS-366 Omnidrive Compact Plus and three FDS-336 Minidrives, with delay and EQ on the radio mics and then delay on the loudspeakers for the circle and front fills. And because the front of the stage at the Prince of Wales is curved there are three time taps on the front fills.

Mike Walker confirmed that the BSS FDS-366’s are used for outboard processing the main system, including the curve corrections and delay speakers, while the FDS-336’s are deployed on some inventive switching of the surround speakers, and BSS TCS-804 dual time correctors handle

MC2 Audio in Germany
Monday, 22 April 2002

MC2 Audio’s representatives in Germany, Laauser & Vohl GmbH, report sales of both the MC range and T Series amps to a broad base of clients as diverse as the TV company Nederlands Omroepproduktie Bedrijf, who used T1000s in bridged mode to drive their stage monitors during the production of the German version of the 'Big Brother' show, a band using the T1000 for stage monitoring and a high school using an MC450 in one of its lecture rooms.

Laauser & Vohl has successfully completed projects in a variety of venues including multi-purpose halls in the Swabian Alps (MC1250 for front-of-house) and Donaueschingen (T500); a recording studio in Berlin (MC650 driving control-room monitor); a video studio (T1000 for the control monitors for sound pre- and post-production); churches using a mix of T1000, MC450 and MC650; an indoor swimming pool (T500) and a home cinema showroom (T1000).

Rental companies in Cologne and Mannheim have chosen a mix of MC1250, MC750, T1000 and T1500 amplifiers, some with cross-overs, to drive their speaker systems and Laauser & Vohl has supplied four further rental companies with T1000 amps. The T1000 has also been chosen by two prestigious German companies, Carl Zeiss at Oberkochen for their mobile sound system rack and the Max Planck Conference Centre at Tuebingen.

(Lee Baldock)

QSC 8-channel CX168 amplifier now shippingQSC 8-channel CX168 amplifier now shipping
Friday, 19 April 2002

QSC Audio’s new 8-channel CX168 power amplifier is now shipping in Europe. Housed in a compact 2U chassis and featuring QSC’s PowerWave switching power supply technology, active inrush limiting technology, and the renowned DataPort for remote system control purposes, the new CX168 features the world’s highest channel density in a compact, lightweight design.

The CX168 includes contractor-specific features that are standard among QSC’s entire CX Series, including detachable Phoenix-style input connectors that enable the system to be pre-wired prior to rack mounting. The CX168 offers 90W per channel at 8 ohms or 130W per channel at 4 ohms (with all channels driven). Other features include 1-dB recessed and detented gain controls and a custom security cover for tamper-proof installations, user-selectable high-pass filters to reduce transformer saturation and protect speakers and proportional response clip limiters that are independently defeatable.

The CX168 also features DataPort connectors, allowing each channel pair to be governed by QSControl, QSC’s audio networking system. This enables the system operator to control amplifier gain levels, check clipping and thermal status and monitor numerous additional system parameters. Further, the CX168 also allows for an interface with the DSP-3.

QSC’s new CX168 incorporates the Company’s highly regarded PowerWave switching power supply technology to virtually dispense any noise and hum. This powerful amplifier also features Active Inrush Limiting to eliminate AC inrush current, thus re

Wharfedale signals return of the corner speaker
Friday, 19 April 2002

Wharfedale Systems’ new Programme Corner Speakers have been purpose-engineered to achieve the high output/nearfield delivery of background and foreground music in a broad sphere of applications. A wide operating band was required to ensure natural music and speech articulation, which would remain clean at high levels.

These two-way, ported systems thus provide a wide frequency range coupled with high power performance in an acoustically-efficient enclosure. Aside from their sonic quality, the environments for which PCS speakers are designated - such as airports and railway stations, places of worship, retail outlets, restaurants, sports complexes, bars and hotels - all required elegant styling.

The range offers two different models, each with black or white painted finish, and with 70.7V or 100V transformer versions. In addition to the standard finishes, the lightweight, impact-resist ABS plastic enclosure is paintable, therefore allowing the speakers to match a venue’s interior. PCS speakers feature a 125mm Kevlar woofer and 25mm Titanium Neodymium driver.

The progressive/dynamic high-frequency driver overload protection circuit provides sophisticated limiting and protection from extended abusive levels and short-term peaks. The trapezoidal design facilitates a wide variety of mounting (and coverage) options. For instance, PCS speakers can be mounted flush on the wall or in a corner, with the respective brackets that are provided as standard. Alternatively, a compact array of four Corner Speakers will give a smooth 360° sphere of coverage.

(Lee Baldoc

Shure establishes subsidiary to sell direct in Germany
Friday, 19 April 2002

Shure Incorporated, the leading manufacturer of microphones and audio electronics, has announced the establishment of a new company - Shure Distribution GmbH. This new wholly-owned subsidiary of Shure Europe GmbH will begin direct sales to Shure dealers in Germany from 1 June 2002.

"This new arm of Shure Europe is a logical extension of our current activities in Germany, the largest audio market in Europe," said Al Hershner, vice-president of US and European sales. "Shure Distribution will enable us to strengthen our brand both in the home country of many of our competitors, as well as throughout Europe."

Markus Winkler, managing director of Shure Europe and the new Shure Distribution GmbH, added: "Direct contact enables us to benefit from market feedback which is critical for future product development and growth. In addition, our European distribution partners will profit from our experience through improved market development planning and execution."

Along with direct sales to Shure dealers in Germany, Shure Distribution will be providing customer support, order fulfilment and post-sales support. An important part of this support includes the Shure Applications Team, a group dedicated to providing service and technical support. With specialists in various fields such as touring sound, installed sound, and broadcast, the team offers product training for retailers, consulting services for large installation projects and special events, as well as seminars and courses for universities, colleges, and trainee apprentices.

Other than Germa

Turbosound wedges stolen from Rickmansworth theatre
Thursday, 18 April 2002

Hertfordshire Police have advised PLASA Media that two Turbsound TFM 212 monitor wedges were stolen at the weekend from the Watersmeet Theatre in Rickmansworth. The wedges, both the characteristic Turbo blue with grey grilles, were just six months old and carry the serial numbers 121540 and 121541; they were taken from the theatre on Saturday 13 April. The TFM212 is a passive 2-way floor monitor consisting of two 12" LF drivers and a 1" HF compression driver.

If you are offered Turbosound TFM212 wedges for sale, or if you know of anyone who has recently come into possession of a nice new pair of blue boxes, please contact the officer dealing with the case at the e-mail address below, or by phone on 01932 472142.

(Lee Baldock)

Shure’s WH30 headworn performance mic shipsShure’s WH30 headworn performance mic ships
Thursday, 18 April 2002

Shure Incorporated is now shipping the affordable WH30 headworn microphone designed for users, especially performers, who require full mobility along with the professional audio quality of a condenser capsule. The WH30 features a frequency response tailored to enhance the clarity of vocals. Ergonomic and lightweight in design, the hands-free unit features a flexible gooseneck that facilitates optimal microphone placement and an isolation shock mount that reduces vibration noise. Temperature and moisture-resistant, its cardioid polar pattern delivers maximum gain before feedback. Capable of handling high SPLs, the headworn mic comes with its own snap-on windscreen.

The WH30 is available in a hard-wired version, as well as with Shure's T Series, UT Series, LX Series, ULX Series, UC Series, and UHF Series wireless microphone systems.

(Lee Baldock)

Denon launches DN-D9000Denon launches DN-D9000
Thursday, 18 April 2002

Denon has raised the stakes again in the twin CD marketplace with the release of the DN-D9000, designed as a creative tool for DJs of all genres, and now available in the UK through Hayden Laboratories.

For all its complexity, the DN-D9000 is simple, user-friendly and logical to operate. It utilizes high-speed internal processors, offers many new digital features and has a large memory capacity. The world-first Alpha Track facility allows DJs to play two tracks off the same disk simultaneously.This function - not found on any other CD player - allows two completely separate tracks per drive to be selected and replayed - or played on top of each other. Both tracks can then be simultaneously Pitch Bent, and have other additional effects like Scratch applied.

The D9000’s digital ATAPI drives will reliably playback CDR and CD-RW disks. The drives are also user replaceable - a great advantage for installers and venue managers - and each drive can also be removed ‘live’ whilst the other continues playing. The end result is no more down time and no incursion of expensive loan and carriage costs or service charges should a drive need replacing.

In another unique feature, the DN-D9000 offers four Hot Starts per drive including Stutter Start Loops. The Hot Starts can be set up and selected in a variety of ways - as four Loops, four Sutter Start points and two Samplers per drive. An extensive array of effects - Delay, Flanger, Filter, Transform or XFM - can be applied. All effects can be simultaneously activated and are assignable to either the Main Track or t

AS good as it gets for ChameleonAS good as it gets for Chameleon
Thursday, 18 April 2002

Audio rental specialist Alex Schlösser GmbH has formed a new company, AS Audio, to distribute Chameleon amplifiers and other brands throughout Germany from its Cologne base. The decision will allow Alex Schlösser GmbH to concentrate solely on servicing its extensive number of clients in the broadcast and live sound sectors.

Schlösser is no stranger to Chameleon, having purchased DP/2 3500 and 2000 models over the past nine years for use by commercial and state-owned TV stations, RTF and ZDF. Recent contracts where the British company’s amps have played an important role include the 2001 Chancellor Party in Berlin and the Wiener Festwochen in Vienna.

Schlösser says AS Audio intends to build on Chameleon’s success in the UK and his own country by further promoting the brand via its website and through the pro audio media in Germany.

(Lee Baldock)

Outline Bombers hit the crowds at Viareggio CarnivalOutline Bombers hit the crowds at Viareggio Carnival
Thursday, 18 April 2002

Outline’s recently launched Bomber enclosures, first seen just a few weeks earlier at both the Frankfurt and Rimini trade shows, were ‘road-tested’ for the first time at the Viareggio Carnival in March, one of the most famous and colourful Italian festivals known worldwide and attended by over 100,000 people. Michele Brudaglio’s Sound Service rental firm fitted out two floats with Outline sound systems, achieving an enormous concentration of power and sound pressure in a small space: on the first float, there were two Bomber enclosures, four Doppia and four Victor Live subwoofers, whilst on the second there were four Doppia, four Victor Live, two Minisubs and two SM18SWs, all powered by Series T digital power amps and controlled by Outline Genius 6 digital processors.

(Ruth Rossington)

Chameleon’s Salisbury gainChameleon’s Salisbury gain
Wednesday, 17 April 2002

When Salisbury-based PA hire company, Amethyst Audio, decided to replace its existing but ageing amp rack and invest in the best Britain could provide, there was only one choice, according to managing director Chris Wynn - Chameleon. Amethyst Audio’s revamped rack now houses a pair of Chameleon 2750 DP/2s for low-end duties, a 1200 DP/2 to handle the mid, while a 600 DP/2 takes care of the top. "The old amps were a respected traditional brand, but in my opinion they don’t hold a light to the Chameleons. The response is so smooth, even the audience ask why the sound is so good," commented Wynn. He continues: "I have also noticed a sizeable increase in new business since customers discovered that Amethyst Audio was using Chameleon amps. The existing client base, which spans from Cornwall to Kent and the South Coast to Leeds, is delighted with the significant improvement in audio quality."

(Lee Baldock)

VEGA buys D-PAC AS-2 self-powered subwoofers
Wednesday, 17 April 2002

The prestigious Danish venue VEGA has recently bought four AS-2 self-powered subwoofers for use in both Store Vega and Lille Vega, making full use of the self-powered concept. The AS2 is a dual 18" subwoofer, designed to meet the demand for compact, high-powered, ultra-low frequency (31-80Hz (-3dB)) subwoofers for touring and other professional use. Flemming Nielsen, technical manager, says that the power and sound quality were very important, along with the mobile possibilities for clubbing events. Store Vega is equipped with a d&b 402 system processed by XTA DP 200.

Anders Christensen, managing director of D-PAC, said: "D-PAC is proud to have VEGA as one of the first customers for our new line of self-powered loudspeakers. We have done thorough research making our class-D amplifier as powerful and well sounding as possible, and exploiting the full potential of our custom-made loudspeaker components with major success."

(Lee Baldock)

Puy du Fou theme park chooses L-Acoustics sound systemsPuy du Fou theme park chooses L-Acoustics sound systems
Tuesday, 16 April 2002

For the second consecutive year, the Puy du Fou theme park in France has used L-Acoustics sound systems for its Gallo-Roman Stadium Show, which was inaugurated in 2001 and plays between May and September.

Stéphane Gramondo, L-Acoustics’ permanent installation project manager, was in charge of evaluating the needs for this specific attraction at the Puy du Fou. He explains: "We opted for four clusters of three dV-DOSC which were integrated into the columns and tables of the scenery. The clusters were located at a slightly higher point than the actors and animals’ locations during the show, thereby allowing a very even sound pressure level within the arena."

Four SB218 subwoofers were also installed into the columns, with dV-DOSC clusters situated on top. Three dV-DOSC and four EX112 loudspeakers plus 2 SB115 were dedicated to the Governor’s rostrum and three dV-DOSC and two EX112 loudspeakers plus two SB115 were dedicated to the patrician. Stéphane Gramondo continues: "The three dV-DOSC cluster within the stadium has a vertical coverage pattern of 12° (with a variable SPL of between 102 and 109 dB(A)) and the horizontal coverage for each cluster is 120° at -6dB point, thereby enabling an homogeneous and coherent coverage of the entire audience geometry. Laurent Albert, technical director of the Puy du Fou, comments: "Results in terms of intelligibility are astonishing, I have heard people during the show asking ‘where does the sound come from’!"

This particular audio installation is in fact a collaboration bet

Audio-Technica introduces Artist Elite series
Tuesday, 16 April 2002

Audio-Technica gave the European launch of the Artist Elite Series of microphones at last month’s Pro Light & Sound exhibition in Frankfurt. The result of extensive research and field evaluation, the new Artist Elite Series consists of four handheld microphones (two condenser, two dynamic) bring premium sound quality to touring/live performance, club sound, broadcast, corporate facilities and worship venues, say the company.

The flagship in the Artist Elite Series is the AE5400 cardioid condenser microphone, which features a true condenser, large-diaphragm element design. The AE5400 has an aged, vapor-deposited gold diaphragm for a flat frequency response with improved dynamic range and has the ability to handle high SPL’s without sacrificing high-frequency performance. It also features a switchable 80Hz high-pass filter and a 10dB pad. The AE5400 provides natural vocals, with off-axis response which is linear and uniform across the entire frequency range of the microphone.

The AE3300 cardioid condenser microphone has been designed for use in venues ranging from the largest arenas to the most intimate club settings. Featuring a well-tempered cardioid polar pattern with high-quality rejection qualities, the AE3300 provides clear and uncoloured reproduction. Like the AE5400, the AE3300 has a switchable 80 Hz high-pass filter and 10 dB pad.

The Artist Elite Series also includes two handheld dynamic microphones. The AE6100 hypercardioid dynamic microphone delivers clean articulation for great on-stage presence and excellent monitor cut. It features a polar pa

Harris Grant Associates launches new website
Tuesday, 16 April 2002

Harris, Grant Associates (HGA), a leading consultant in acoustic and technical systems design, has announced the launch of their new website. Since 1983, HGA has been responsible for designing some of the world’s most auspicious commercial television, film, and recording facilities, as well as advanced audio, video and control networks in private homes and onboard superyachts. The online portfolio now details over 40 of these projects, from the most successful commercial recording studio in the world - the Hit Factory in New York, to Peter Gabriel’s visionary Realworld in Bath.

Over 20 Virtual Reality images allow you to walk around facilities like Sony Music’s premier European recording facility, the uniquely decorated Strongroom studios and the Cinerama Theatre in Seattle, designed by consultant Neil Grant to deliver "the richest motion-picture surround experience in the world."

This year will also see the design and construction of an acoustically-optimised demonstration theatre and Rocket Powered Pro-tools system at Harris, Grant Associate’s UK headquarters. The step-by-step design, build and commissioning process will be followed on the website news-page over the next few months. Once completed, the facility will demonstrate the company’s expertise in the home theatre market as well as in the professional audio sector, offering custom touch screen control systems, acoustic optimisation techniques and interior design, CATT acoustic prediction and auralisation software, presenting audio simulations of different room scenarios w

PLASA Show 2002 is looking PLASA Show 2002 is looking "positively buoyant"
Tuesday, 16 April 2002

That is the upbeat message from PLASA’s new Show Director, Sue Saint. Celebrating its 25th year, the PLASA Show is the world’s pre-eminent light, sound and audio-visual event, attracting major brands every year, and this year is no exception.

Stand bookings are currently at 82%, with top names such as Vari-Lite, Sennheiser, Martin Professional, Denon, BSS Audio and Total Fabrication already booked. The show pulls in over 13,000 visitors from the UK and abroad each year, having become the main marketplace for the £11billion entertainment technology industry.

"The show is evolving continually," commented Saint, "and one of the key trends emerging is the growing number of manufacturers choosing to exhibit in their own right, rather than rely solely on representation through distributors. In addition, many long-standing exhibitors, including Numark, Peavey, Sound Technology, Avolites and SGM, have reaffirmed the importance of PLASA by booking larger stands. Other major industry players are also recognizing the role the show can play in developing their businesses and this year will see Marantz, Tascam and Duran Audio exhibiting for the first time. All this is happening at a time when the economy generally has been talked down, but the increased interest in the show is clear evidence that the market is picking up and that the PLASA Show is an integral part of the exhibitors’ marketing armoury."

Steve Warren, sales director of Avolites, an exhibitor at the show for the past 13 years, added: "The PLASA Show is clearly the most imp

Cadac's R-Type is on Song with Ian BrownCadac's R-Type is on Song with Ian Brown
Friday, 12 April 2002

The Cadac R-Type lightweight touring console has been enjoying a high UK profile, featuring on the recent Ian Brown tour - handled by UK sound hire company GPA Hire. Former Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown is currently touring Ireland after four weeks and 19 venues in the UK during February and March. The 62-input, 16-out, 8 VCA R-Type was in the hands of Gary Young (pictured) on the Southampton leg of the tour, with a Cadac 72-input M-Type monitor board on stage.

The Cadac name has an unrivalled reputation for audio performance, reliability and engineering excellence. The company's comprehensive line-up of consoles highlights its specialist focus on sound reinforcement and location recording - the R-Type touring console and the M-Type monitor board are complemented by the J-Type and F-Type live production consoles. In additon, the 5.1 C-Type location recording console offers the pure path, low noise analogue facilities demanded for 2.0, 4.0 and 5.1 surround sound recording and monitoring.

Cadac's Sound Automation Manager (SAM) for Windows provides state of the art automation functionality for use with Cadac consoles, integrating the full Windows operating system in a totally user-friendly, intuitive software release. SAM provides the operator with comprehensive facilities - handling cue management, routing, VCA automation, level control and MMC - supported by extensive visual feedback of all routing and variable functions, including fader positions. For additional flexibility, operators can perform all console programming off-line, porting to the on-line PC via the Ether

L’Acoustics announces new Italian distributor
Friday, 12 April 2002

L’Acoustics has announced the appointment of SISME Co as its new distributor for Italy. Established in 1967, Sisme is based in Osimo Scalo, near Ancona, on the East Coast of Italy, and is also the sole Italian distributor for brands such as Shure, Phonic, LA Audio, Crest Audio, and for many other brands.

Due to the wide variety of products that they have distributed, for more than 30 years now, SISME Co. have become specialists in managing permanent installation projects, alongside their more regular sales activities. Claudio Bugari, SISME’s president, says: "We can efficiently support all the technical demands of our customers; with two general support engineers, and a full-time technician we provide a fast and efficient in-house repairing service."

Outside the company, SISME has a sales force of 11 independent representatives covering the whole Italian territory - Sicily and Sardinia included - as well as a sound engineer who works with them as a consultant.

Michel Brouard, L-Acoustics’ sales manager, says: "The first ever participation by L-Acoustics at the SIB trade show held recently in Rimini between March 24 and 27, was supported by SISME. I must admit that I was very impressed with regard to how good their relationship are within the wider pro audio business, and how promising the potential of our collaboration is going to be."

(Lee Baldock)


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