Vectorworks Spotlight training with Jade Manicom
South Africa - Jade Manicom from DWR Distribution recently delivered comprehensive Vectorworks Spotlight training over a two week period in Johannesburg and Durban. With the live events industry in the midst of a busy season, the classes were small but allowed her to provide personalised one-on-one training.
“The training went very well,” said Jade Manicom. “People were engaged and were asking questions. Having chatted with them afterwards, I could tell they had gained something from it. In Durban, only one delegate had used Vectorworks before, while the others were new to it. They were impressed with what it could do.”
The Johannesburg session took place from 28 August to 1 September at DWR, offering a range of training levels from basic to advanced. The curriculum encompassed various subjects such as layouts and palettes, basic tools, classes and layers, Spotlight tools, Renderworks, intermediate tools, worksheets and reports, 3D modelling, resource management, and file import and export.
The Durban training took place on 4-5 September at the Durban Jewish Club, where each delegate acquired proficiency in 2D drafting skills, 3D modelling, and the ability to create venue plans.
Jade believes that a 3D programme is something people should consider, particularly when in the process of planning the intricate details of their events, including fixture counts and related elements. Importantly it allows clients to see the concept come to life visually, making it more engaging than just a verbal description.
“With Vectorworks Spotlight, whether you're a production company or a designer, you can effectively present your vision to your clients,” Jade goes on to explain. “This means you'll have a clear understanding of the requirements. As a production company, this enables you to identify precisely what needs to be sourced, such as draping, tablecloths, flats, staging, and equipment.”
“I love Vectorworks,” Jade concludes. “I’m still constantly learning and there are still years and years of information that I still have to explore, but I absolutely adore the programme.”

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