heliosRoe launches Helios processing platform
Thursday, 12 March 2020

China - Roe Visual introduced a new processing platform at this years’ ISE exhibition. Showcasing its new Ruby LED panel on the Helios processing platform, the large display screen showed content in full 4K HDR.
The Helios processing platform is the result of a close cooperation between Roe Visual and Megapixel VR. Combining their forces and in-depth knowledge of LED- and processing technology the result is a future-ready processing platform that reimagines processing to support large-format LED displays for use in demanding pro AV, broadcast and installation applications. The Helios processor will be exclusively available for Roe Visual LED screens.
Designed as a flexible growth-system, the platform offers a versatile solution with modular slots. The inputs and outputs of the Helios LED processing platform utilize SFP+ ports, a compact hot-pluggable network interface. Using the SFP+ ports, the processor capacity can easily be scaled to meet your requirements. Furthermore, the fact that Helios works as an AVoIP based system makes it very easy to use and implement. Multiple units can be used to create a redundant system, and multiple inputs can be stitched to achieve canvas resolutions up to 16K wide.
“One key advantage of the Helios processing platform is its scalability; you can invest in this system to have it grow with your demands. Starting with a Helios Junior package, you can scale the system up to become a full-fledged 8K processing system,” comments Victor Kortekaas, technical manager for Roe Visual.
“With its modular slots an

kinesysWe Will Rock You on the road with Kinesys
Thursday, 12 March 2020

Canada/USA - A Kinesys automation system and Vector control system have been on the road with a new and updated North America touring version of the musical We Will Rock You, directed by JP Thibodeau and featuring the music of Queen, produced by Annerin Theatricals of Alberta, Canada.
This is the first time Annerin has used Kinesys products – two half-ton Elevation vari-speed hoists and the Vector – which is being supplied to the production by Christie Lights – and operated by Pippa Bagley who is also the video systems tech together with the tour’s production manager. The LX systems tech is Adam Volk.
The tour’s director of production is Bruce Hennel and Scott Christensen from Annerin Theatricals is the general manager.
Variable speed motors were needed to facilitate the lifting of a large centre stage video screen measuring 2.5M x 4.5M (8.2’ x 14.8’), a movement that’s vital to the artistic and technical interpretation of the show.
This central video wall provides the main thoroughfare for the majority of the set pieces and an entry / exit point for principals and cast members.
Several fast and slow screen moves were needed to ensure the pace of the show stayed fluid and consistent for over 150 performances on this most recent leg of the tour, and that’s why they chose Kinesys.
Scott explains that he was aware of Kinesys as a brand and that Christie Lites had recently invested to carry it in their rental inventory. Annerin Theatricals has worked with Christie Lites for many years as a lighting vendor su

taminoChauvet creates ethereal visuals for Tamino
Thursday, 12 March 2020

Belgium - Jan Van Lindt captured the power and complexity of singer Tamino’s music in light for a recent one-off the star performed at the Lotto Arena in Antwerp in advance of his upcoming North American tour. Drawing on a collection of over 90 Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by Splendit, Van Lindt created an appropriately transcendent mood on stage by balancing warm, intimate moods with intense theatrical effects.
“Because of the size of the stage, I tried to go for a more dramatic look,” he said. “However, the lighting also needed to be subtle and small to relate to the emotions of Tamino’s music. By balancing the right lights, we were able to be punchy and big at the appropriate times in order to fill the large arena, without losing that sense of intimacy.”
Anchoring this lighting concept were 36 Nexus AW 7x7 fixtures that were hung from nine centrally positioned pantographs. Quite unusually for a venue the size of the 5,000-capacity Lotto Arena, the fixtures provided a soft and inviting focal point created with saturated warm white beams.
"The arrangement of Nexus fixtures helped me achieve the desired theatrical look - even from a height of 10m above the band - with the distinctive column-like beam effects," commented Van Lindt. "They looked fantastic in conjunction with the hanging pantographs, which was quite an unusual yet effective addition to overall look of the stage."
Another key visual element of Van Lindt's lighting concept was his inclusion of 44 Strike P38 fixtures, which helped him achieve the seemingly p

static-cycleStatic Cycle brings Boxes to life at Bandit
Thursday, 12 March 2020

USA - When Alaskan rock band Static Cycle found themselves in need of a location to shoot their latest music video, Boxes, Bandit Lites offered use of their rehearsal space, Venue One, a 10,000sq.ft facility equipped with the capabilities of hanging a rig, virtual programming rooms and more. The band, comprised of Jared Navarre, Andy Sheridan and Lester Estelle Jr. have been dubbed the “hottest rock band out there” by MTV.
Lighting designer Carter Fulghum configured a versatile plot using a box truss that could transition between big, concert moments and tighter, more intimate looks. The band started in the centre of the box with a mid truss above them outfitted with GLP Impression X4 fixtures. These not only painted the set but also supplied zooms for beams. GLP X4S lights were placed on floor-standing side trusses for a low side light as well as beams for the high-energy, concert looks. Elation Paladins provided big washes of color across the set, and Chauvet Rogue RH1 and Martin MAC Vipers supplied punchy beams.
“VL 3500 Spots were there for lighting the band, mainly because of their framing capability,” Fulghum said. “This gave the band a different look from everything else. The Freedom Pars worked great for lighting the set due to their wireless DMX and battery power; this allowed us to move them anywhere we needed in case there were dark spots that needed filling.”
To evoke the look of a big top circus, Fulghum up lit a parachute as the centrepiece for the shoot using Chauvet Freedom Pars, later hanging it to give the ban

christianlifeDanley revives Christian Life Assembly audio
Thursday, 12 March 2020

USA - Christian Life Assembly is a thriving church in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. Its pie wedge-shaped sanctuary seats approximately 2,000, a capacity that is met many times over during the staging of its regionally-famous Christmas pageant.
However, the church struggled to deliver high-impact services and feedback-free performances. Its 38-box distributed loudspeaker system couldn’t deliver the goods. Local AVL integration firm Emmaus Media & Design came up with a plan to replace those 38 loudspeakers with just five Danley boxes, including two Danley J2-96 Jericho Horns, as well as new Danley systems in the youth and the kids’ rooms – all for less than half of what other firms bid for the sanctuary system alone.
“Danley’s well-designed point-source loudspeakers can do the work of numerous line array elements, which makes a Danley system way less expensive than a comparable conventional system,” explained Tim James, owner of Emmaus Media & Design. “On top of that, Danley’s phase coherence and fidelity make their boxes sound better than conventional designs. The pattern control is amazing. In short, Danley boxes cost way less, sound way better, and give me all the pattern control I need.”
The main sanctuary now has a stereo pair of Danley J2-96 Jericho Horns, each powered by its own 20,000-Watt Danley DNA 20k4 Pro amplifier with integrated DSP and model presets. A pair of Danley SH60’s provide mezzanine-fill, and a single Danley BC415 subwoofer flown in the centre of the room gets underneath the already low response of the Je

infocomm-tnInfoComm 2020 ‘proceeding as planned’
Thursday, 12 March 2020

USA - InfoComm’s organisers have issued a statement revealing that, at present, the show is ‘proceeding as planned, June 13-19, 2020 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.’
The statement, posted on the show’s website, continues: “The show management of InfoComm and the executive staff of AVIXA are continuing to monitor the evolving situation around the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on a day-by-day basis, and our thoughts continue to be with those affected across the world.”
Stay up-to-date with the very latest on InfoComm's status regarding coronavirus via this page on the show’s website.

tomtomHippotizer makes light work of storytelling
Thursday, 12 March 2020

New Zealand For the welcome event of the annual Conventions & Incentives New Zealand (CINZ) conference in Queenstown, local visual production specialist TomTom Productions provided a cultural and historical storytelling experience with the help of Hippotizer media servers.
The presentation, highlighting the lesser known cultural history of Queenstown and the story of Lake Wakatipu, used rich graphic content and soundscapes to relate the captivating story, which included traditional Maori legends of the origins of the lake and landscape.
TomTom’s Hamish Edh and his team collaborated with representatives from Destination Queenstown and event design agency, Watson & Wyatt Events, to deliver the story content for the opening session.
TomTom specified two Hippotizer Karst media servers, one as the main playback unit, with the second as backup. The main Karst fed the visual content to a high-res (2.6mm pixel pitch) DB Series LED screen from VuePix which backed the conference stage. The content had been used on a previous event where it was played to a 6:1 ratio screen: for the CINZ show, however, the screen ratio was limited to 4:1, so Edh adapted the content to fit using Hippotizer’s Aspect Mode.
“We used the Hippotizer Karst as a media manager to store the content and to manage the playback and mapping,” explains Edh. “We triggered the clips externally from a lighting console, which also triggered the audio and lighting playback, keeping everything sync’d.”
He adds, “Hippotizer’s lighting console integration is awes

sydneyJands delivers Australia’s first L-ISA install
Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Australia - The new Sydney Coliseum Theatre is the first of its kind in the rapidly developing region of Greater Western Sydney and features L-ISA Hyperreal Sound technology.
“Rooty Hill draws on a very large catchment area that stretches from the Blue Mountains to Canberra, Hornsby and the city. Visitors are coming to a world class theatre without having to pay toll fees or parking charges. With a new international airport being planned close by, the road and rail infrastructure are excellent,” says The Coliseum technical operations manager Bicci Henderson.
Henderson had served 12 years at the Lyric Theatre and had no intention of moving, until he saw Sydney Coliseum. A visit to the venue became the turning point for Henderson; as he was so impressed with what the team was working to achieve that he wanted to be part of it.
Soon after joining the theatre, Henderson made a trip to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre to hear The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra perform John Williams’ Oscar-nominated film score live for a screening of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, presented in L-ISA Hyperreal sound. “I was greatly impressed, with the incredible multi-dimensional definition. Soon after, I went to see a performance using an L-C-R point source system and felt there was no connection with the audience. It stopped at the stage and the show suffered as a result.”
Henderson was determined to use the technology in The Coliseum. “The L-ISA experience was the reference and I knew we had to get it,” furthers Hen

paul-siebertPaul Siebert goes Rogue with Menzingers
Wednesday, 11 March 2020

USA - Paul Siebert makes no bones about it: every night, as soon as punk rockers Menzingers strike the first snarling note in one of their Hello Exile tour sets, he kicks his lightshow into fourth gear. “I really try to introduce a lot of energy into the room as early as possible,” he explained. “This is a punk show at heart, so all the transitions between songs are really fast, and most of the band’s songs come out of the gate swinging. The earlier I can get the crowd moving, the better the show will be for everyone.”
Helping Siebert launch his show with supercharged ferocity is a collection of Chauvet Professional Rogue fixtures supplied by Squeek Lights. With four Rogue R1X Spot fixtures on side truss and four Rogue R1 Wash units hung on pipe and positioned by the drum riser, he has plenty of firepower to cover the stage with intense colours and patterns, while also creating aerial effects.
“Both of the fixtures are fast movers, and both have an intense output, which helps me convey the energy level called for by the music,” said Siebert. “The washes add a strong colour to the upstage area, and when zoomed all the way in, they have a nice, tight look to them, which is useful for so many of the cross-stage effects. I leave the washes zoomed out in venues with sparse lighting in order to get a good coverage. The R1X Spots are often in white, or in one of the lighter colours of the palette. They dictate the main shape of most of my positions. I like the way their hard edge reflects my client’s sound and stage presence.”

gls-logoGLS Lighting invests in Elation
Wednesday, 11 March 2020

UK - GLS Lighting, based in Southampton, is celebrating 25 years of offering lighting solutions to all walks of the entertainment industry. Recently, GLS invested in Elation Professional Artiste Picasso LED profile moving heads, along with multifunctional Paladin Panel lights.
“Elation is, in my opinion, one of the most exciting brands out there today. They are charging to the front now, bringing products that are head and shoulders above the rest,” stated Ian Turner, one of two founding directors at GLS. “Everyone has been waiting for a product to do what Picasso does. We all need a bright workhorse spot fixture, LED, good framing blades, bright and crystal-sharp optics – simple! The noise level is also important, and the Picasso is so quiet.”
GLS worked with Elation's distribution partner in the UK and Ireland, Entedi, to evaluate and demo the Elation products. Turner has worked closely with Entedi managing director Cally Bacchus for years. “Cally understands the business we are all in,” Turner says. “He isn’t just a box shifter; he understands and cares about what we all need from a supplier. The world is very reactive these days, very last minute, and we need suppliers to be able to help us keep up. Entedi have some great brands already in their portfolio and Elation was an exciting addition.”
GLS has built a reputation for quality and dependability over the years, offering complete systems to handle all aspects of show lighting be it an arena concert, music festival, wedding or awards dinner. “We provide a lot of archite

prolights-huddersfieldHuddersfield hall upgrades with Prolights
Wednesday, 11 March 2020

UK – The Prolights LED lighting range is helping Huddersfield Town Hall to meet its improved energy efficiency and production value goals for events.
The multi-purpose venue’s concert hall is at the heart of the Huddersfield community’s cultural activities, hosting concerts, comedy shows, awards ceremonies, conferences and other events.
Andrew Wrixon, technical manager for Huddersfield Town Hall and other venues managed by the Kirklees Council, chose Prolights fixtures when the concert hall’s traditional rig was due to be upgraded to an energy-efficient LED system.
He commented: “We invested in Prolights fixtures as we have been very pleased with them at our other venues. Their price is very good and they achieve excellent results for us.”
The venue invested in over forty fixtures, including EclipseFC full colour LED profiles, Stark400 LED wash/beam lights with pixel mapping effects, Jetspot4Z compact LED spotlights, and Eclipse Par TU tungsten-colour LED PARs.
Andrew added: “We are very happy with the fixtures, which are performing as well as expected. We look forward to getting the most out of the additional effects we can now create for shows, to give visitors an even better experience, as well as helping with our running costs and the environment.”
The fixtures were supplied by Ben Taylor at A.C. Entertainment Technologies, Prolights’ UK & Ireland distributor, who also supplied an Avolites console as part of the lighting system upgrade.
Andrew summarised: “We’re really pleased with the service we

variliteVari-Lite expands VL800 series Event line
Wednesday, 11 March 2020

USA - Vari-Lite has announced that the Vari-Lite VL800 Eventprofile is now shipping. Originally debuted at LDI 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the VL800 Eventprofile is the newest member of the popular VL800 Series of event luminaires.
The VL800 Eventprofile brings the DNA of Vari-Lite in a compact profile luminaire designed for the event market. “The VL800 Series has already been embraced by designers on tours and installations alike,” says Martin Palmer, senior product manager, Vari-Lite and Strand Luminaires at Signify. “This latest member of the family is a compact framing profile with a high output and professional-grade features, making it the ideal tool for a variety of applications.”
With a tour-ready build and a small form factor, the VL800 Eventprofile was designed to look and feel like a Vari-Lite, with full CYM+CTO colour mixing and the signature “Vari-Lite smooth” movement designers expect. “The VL800 Eventprofile offers the same colour palette as the industry-standard VL2600 Profile,” adds Palmer. “With the Eventprofile, designers get a fixture built on that same popular innovation, but in a more compact package and a feature set targeted specifically at the mid-market.”
“We continue to expand our popular VL800 Series so we can address more needs for more designs,” says Fernand Pereira, head of marketing and product management, Vari-Lite and Strand at Signify. “We are committed to ensuring the VL800 Series brings the quality and capabilities customers expect from us in fixtures targeted at event applications. We ar

psaworldtheatredaycampaignPoint Source Audio supports arts education
Wednesday, 11 March 2020

USA - With World Theatre Day 2020 fast approaching on 27 March, Point Source Audio is marking the occasion by offering one non-profit youth arts organisation the chance to win $5,000 worth of microphones from the Embrace series. Featuring ‘a concealable design that stays firmly in place even during the most energetic of productions’, the Embrace microphones are suited to young performers.
Having previously donated Point Source Audio products as part of its Decade of Innovation competition back in 2018, the manufacturer is once again championing arts education by asking its social media followers on Facebook to nominate non-profit organisations who they think are deserving of the prize. From youth theatre groups to schools, the competition is open to any non-profit community-led organisation or group that is supporting young people in the arts.
At the core of this World Theatre Day initiative is a mission to celebrate the unsung heroes who are providing invaluable arts education and development to young performers. “It’s so important to recognize the work of individuals and organizations who are making a difference for young people through performance,” explains Yvonne Ho, vice president of sales & marketing at Point Source Audio. “Running this competition is our way of raising awareness of what these fantastic companies are doing to nurture and instill confidence in young talent across the globe.”
Everyone is welcome to enter a worthy school or non-profit simply by visiting Point Source Audio’s Facebook page, and tagging or namin

adjADJ debuts Vision Series LED video panels
Wednesday, 11 March 2020

USA - ADJ has introduced the Vision Series of LED video panels. The new range offers a versatile modular system, with features including front serviceability, magnet-aided rigging, and fold-out corner protectors.
The ‘VS’ Vision Series of LED video panels offers a versatile modular solution that has been developed to make life easier for video professionals installing LED walls on either a temporary or permanent basis.
Each panel in the range features four individual modules, which are front serviceable, making it ideal for temporary hanging as well as permanent installation. Across the range, the modules are all mounted to the same frame, allowing panels of different resolutions to be used together and meaning that the same rigging bar and other accessories can be used for all VS models.
The VS5 offers a 5.95mm pixel pitch (84 x 84 pixel density), the VS3 has a 3.91mm pixel pitch (128 x 128 pixel density) and the VS2 offers the highest resolution in the range with a 2.97mm pixel pitch (168 x 168 pixel density). All three panels utilize 3-in-1 RGB SMD2121 LEDs with a brightness of 1000 NITS and a very high refresh rate of 3840Hz. They offer a wide viewing angle of 160° (horizontal) / 140° (vertical) and a high contrast ratio of 5000:1, allowing for the delivery of exceptionally vibrant video reproduction.
Every panel in the range is equipped with a Novastar A5s data receiving card and features DataLock securely-locking ethernet input and output sockets that allow the signal from a compatible video processor) to be linked from panel to pa

astera-alfred-garciaAstera goes intergalactic with Alfred Garcia
Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Spain - Lighting designer Joan ‘Teixi’ Teixidó used 30 x Astera AX3s ‘Lite Drops’ on the most recent tour for singer Alfred García, who played over 50 dates around Spain.
Emerging from popular TV talent show Operación Triunfo, this was Alfred Garcia’s first full production tour to date and the first time that Teixi had worked with the artist, who headhunted him to be part of his creative team after the series’ 2017 season. Alfred Garcia’s first studio album 1016 was released at the end of 2018 and shot straight to number 2 in the Spanish album charts, and the tour campaign to support it ran from February to November 2019.
The lighting design was initially inspired by scenographer Lluis Danes’ set, and the brief was to bring a bit of extra ‘magical touch’ to the stage with the lighting. From Earth to Mars is one of Alfred Garcia’s biggest hits, so the aesthetic took an intergalactic direction.
A textured piano and matching risers onstage were a central part of the look, ideally lending themselves to being lit. Together with an upstage set piece constructed from metal plates, a spaceship-like appearance started to evolve.
It was onto this metal surface that the 30 x AX3s were fixed each day in a six wide by five high matrix pattern.
It was the idea of working with a back wall of light that had originally made Teixi choose AX3s because the fixtures can simply be snapped on to the metal plates via their magnetic bases.
The last concert of the Alfred Garcia tour was in Barcelona’s Sant Jordi Club

athens-fecTechnically Creative complete Athens project
Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Greece - Technically Creative are in the midst of completing a project in Athens. The Xplore FEC just outside of the capital, is due to have the second phase of installation completed, with the Technically Creative project spanning five months from September of last year.
The family entertainment centre is split into three sections, the Exploratorium, Adventureland and the Aquarium. Children and parents have the opportunity to play a laser harp, or a giant piano. They can design and service a car, or race each other in the racing simulator. You can even feed virtual fish.
There will also be a new product debuting from Technically Creative at Athens FEC, Virtual Village. The product design and programming for this exhibit has taken the team nearly six months of preparation, and once installed visitors will use various transport types, such as boats planes, trains and automobiles, as physical hands on models to place on the sensing internal projection table. The sensing system knows where and what transport type has been placed down on the table, and through the use of live rendering software builds the virtual village in real time
In addition to the interactive exhibits for children, Technically Creative has also provided the centre with all of its lighting, show control, electrical control system, audio and PA systems throughout.
Director Marc said, “From inception, through design and with great input from the client team I’m very proud for the company and my team to have played a major part in delivering this magnificent project. I’m su

pls2020-mainPL+S: Robe, Chauvet & ROE among latest to pull out
Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Europe - The list of exhibitors to withdraw from the postponed Prolight+Sound tradeshow has continued to grow today, with Artistic Licence, Ayrton, Chauvet Professional, Robe Lighting, Robert Juliat, CLF Lighting, and Roe Visual among those who have cancelled their plans to attend the fair.
“The latest Covid-19 developments in Europe and the potential threat for those travelling to Frankfurt from around the world have led us to take a sensible and measured decision after considering the current facts and the dramatic spread of the virus,” commented Robe CEO, Josef Valchar. “I am sure that the industry will pull together to get through these challenging times. Prolight+Sound is the busiest and most important European trade show for us in terms of the rental and staging sectors, and an important showcase for new and emerging technology. We look forward to being back in 2021 to enjoy the dynamic mix and positive energy once again!”
Meanwhile, Chauvet Professional will focus on the European leg of its planned Force of Nature road show. The decision to skip PL+S is due to scheduling conflicts, said Michael Brooksbank, general manager of Chauvet Europe: “We will miss connecting with our friends and industry peers at PL+S, and certainly wish we could have accommodated the change in schedule, but have decided to forge ahead with ongoing commitments to more intimate and targeted outreach efforts in Europe.”
Robert Juliat said in a statement: "Robert Juliat has taken the decision to withdraw from

coronavirusPLASA offers support to members during health scare
Tuesday, 10 March 2020

UK - Following the news of the postponement of Germany’s Prolight+Sound exhibition and cancellation of Italy’s Music Inside Rimini due to health concerns surrounding the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), PLASA has revealed that it “is monitoring the situation carefully and working to provide the best support it can to its members at this difficult and uncertain time”.
With cases of the virus on the rise in the UK, there is understandable widespread concern about the spread of COVID-19. Currently, the UK government is still at the ‘Contain’ phase, but could move to the next phase, ‘Delay’, in the near future in a bid to help slow the spread of the virus. It remains unclear how this will impact large-scale events throughout the rest of the year. Already, the governments of Switzerland and France have banned public events of 1,000 people or more, including the Geneva Motor Show and various large-scale concert tours, whilst Italy entered a state of complete lockdown yesterday (9.3.20).
Organisations are rallying to ensure the needs of the industry are heard at government level. PLASA is representing members in the UK where a letter has been sent to both the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport and the Department for International Trade to arrange an urgent meeting to discuss the impact on the event and entertainment industries. PLASA will make the outcomes of this publicly available. Meanwhile, in Italy, the Centro Studi Doc organisation has coordinated a support group and petition to the Italian government to support companies

paul--ianSolotech opens central London hub
Tuesday, 10 March 2020

UK - Solotech has expanded its global operation by extending its video department into the UK and has opened new offices in central London.
As part of Solotech’s expansion strategy in the UK, the company has appointed Ian Woodall as director of video, and Paul McCauley as video business development manager in the UK and European markets.
Ian ‘Woody’ Woodall has worked at XL Video as sales director and has also been a freelancer, designing and building AV systems in European venues and as a touring video engineer on projects including Nile Rodgers and Chic who have been with Cher for the past year.
Meanwhile, Paul ‘Macca’ McCauley has extensive experience in the both the live events and integration industries.
Woody comments: “We decided that it was important to build on the huge reputation of Solotech for video in Canada and the US and therefore necessary to start organically, building it from a clean slate so that we can maintain the same Solotech service across the UK and Europe.
“We will bring our new offering of video services to the project delivery teams and existing customer base, alongside the development of new business that Macca and myself can introduce under the banner of the new Solotech UK Video department.”
Mickey Curbishley, president live productions division at Solotech adds: “Projects across the board now increasingly call for a 360° service, where a single vendor supplies sound, lights and video. This is equally applicable in both live production touring and the sales and integration market

britsBritannia Row meets Brit Awards challenge
Tuesday, 10 March 2020

UK - The 40th edition of the Brit Awards, held on 18 February at London’s O2 Arena, featured the event’s most challenging audio production to date; designed and executed by long-term audio partner, Britannia Row Productions.
Brit Row delivered a multi-stage sound system with a secondary PA in tow, utilising Out Board TiMax 3D spatial audio control. This enabled performances - which included a highly anticipated appearance from Stormzy - to take place under - not in front of - the PA and allowed host Jack Whitehall’s vocal to be localised into the nearest audio system as he worked the busy room.
Delivered to both people in the venue a live television audience, “there is never a compromise on the audio,” says Britannia Row sound designer Josh Lloyd. “The high standard expected is driven by the level of performances; every artist knows this is a huge platform, and the sound has to be perfect.”
Created once again by Misty Buckley, the show design allowed for a sympathetic main PA position, while the secondary system was flown high to keep out of shot. Lloyd designed a centre sub array for both stages to provide even energy in the room.
The main stage audio system comprised mains hangs of K1 with K2 for down-fills and side-hangs, centrally, a flown end fire array of KS28s was deployed. Stage 3’s PA comprised K2 arrays with Kara down-fills and a central flown array of KS28s, designed to give even coverage whilst maintaining maximum rejection over the performance space. Delay hangs were a mixture of K2 and A15s with part of th

dreamgirlsVari-Lite VLZ range delivers for Dreamgirls
Tuesday, 10 March 2020

USA - To update his original 2008 lighting design for a modern touring production of Dreamgirls, lighting designer Ken Billington chose the LED-based VLZ fixtures from Vari-Lite. After seeing a demo of the VLZ fixtures, he was satisfied with them as the luminaire that would reproduce the look and feel of his original Vari-Lite rig.
Billington specified 32 VLZ Wash, 22 VLZ Spot and 12 VLZ Profile fixtures to form the show’s entire overhead lighting rig. “The fixtures are bright,” he says, “in fact a bit too bright! We run them at 50-70% most of the time. When you fade the LED, there is no beam degradation, which you would see if there was a shutter dimming a discharge fixture.”
A key aim for this production was recreating the original colour palette, which the VLZs matched well. “The colours are really clear, clean colours that don’t muddy the beam or hurt light output,” comments lighting programmer, Jackson Miller.
The VLZ’s four-blade framing system was also praised. “It’s impressive how much beam control you can get without compromising the soft edge of the wash or the intensity,” says associate lighting designer, Ben Travis.
“The shutters are pretty great,” agrees Miller. “They all seem to exist on the same plane, optically speaking. All four can be sharp at once, which is some sort of amazing witchcraft, considering every other full-frame shutter unit I’ve seen will only sharpen to one or two at a time.”
Overall, the fixtures have been widely welcomed by the Dreamgirls lighting team. “The qu

ghost-stories-2-chris-payneWhite Light in good spirits for Ghost Stories
Tuesday, 10 March 2020

UK - White Light has provided the lighting equipment for the UK tour of Ghost Stories, having also supplied its recent West End run at the Ambassadors Theatre (see LSi March).
Written by Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman, Ghost Stories has been terrifying theatregoers for over a decade. The show invites audience members to enter a nightmarish world, full of thrilling twists and turns, where their deepest fears and most disturbing thoughts are imagined live on stage.
The lighting designer for the show is James Farncombe, who comments: “What was clear from the outset was that the design needed to be as much about the absence of light as much as anything else. I really like this idea that it’s more of a darkness design and that, due to the nature of the staging and the various tricks therein, I had to hide as much as I revealed. Ultimately it’s all about creating that atmosphere for an audience.”
Farncombe continues: “The lighting works in tandem with Nick Manning's extraordinary sound design. There is a slow, shadowy build-up of tension. then each jump moment is part release, part punchline, and all very much in the spirit of a B movie. To a large extent, Ghost Stories is about the anticipation of what might happen next, what might be lurking in the shadows.
“When the show is firing on all cylinders, it really creeps

broaman-optocoreOptocore to host webinar
Tuesday, 10 March 2020

World - Optocore will host a free New Fiber Solutions webinar on 11 March (Wednesday) at 15:00 CET.
Company representatives will discuss the latest solutions and innovations from Optocore, along with partner company, BroaMan. They will explain how to use Optocore and BroaMan devices and network solutions in installations, from basic one-device solutions to advanced fiber networks.
To take part in this webinar, follow this link.

brookSouthampton’s Brook upgrades with TW
Tuesday, 10 March 2020

UK - Over the last 25 years The Brook in Southampton has established itself as one of the favourite independent music venues in the south of England. The venue has developed this reputation by putting audience and artist experience as its top priorities, and this has been seen again with a completely new sound system from TW AUDiO.
Opened by founder Bryn Lewis in 1994 as a 300-capacity music venue, The Brook has a long history of supporting original music and has welcomed many artists at every stage of their career to its intimate stage. The venue had sported the same second-hand sound system since its opening, even after the capacity doubled to 600 in 2004. However, after 25 years of service this system was starting to feel the strain.
“It had become a little bit like running a car with a classic engine where you have to drive it carefully and look after it,” says Nick Lewis, director at The Brook. “It had got to a stage where you weren’t able to replace a lot of its components.”
“When we first came in it sounded great,” adds Dylan Clarke, director at The Brook. “When it moved to 600 it was still the same rig, and ever since that time, I've thought that it's been running right at the top of what it can do.”
Following a system failure that left the venue without sound for a week, the team at The Brook worked closely with the Music Venues Trust and Arts Council England to secure funding which would allow them to invest in a new, modern sound system. “Having hit 25 years, we were thinking ‘how do we make sure we’re here f


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