robe-ledbeam-350-2v3a5595editii-pRobe launches ‘bigger, brighter’ LEDBeam 350
Thursday, 18 March 2021

Europe - Robe has introduced the LEDBeam 350, a 6,000lm variant of its popular LEDBeam 150, which delivers “even more punch and presence for those wanting crystal clear beams and beautifully rich colour washes”.
The new fixture has retained and built on all the features of the LEDBeam 150, including a zoom range of 3.8 to 60° and innovative lens coating technology which keeps the lenses clearer and scratch-free.
Anti-static properties further reduce dust collecting on the lens, and the latest coating treatment brings countless additional benefits like lengthening the intervals needed between cleaning and enhancing the light output.
More advanced technology includes CPulse, Robe’s acclaimed Pulse Width Modulation control system that removes any on-screen camera flicker, making the LEDBeam 350 a match for the most advanced HD and UHD camera systems, says Robe.
All the most popular features of the smaller LEDBeam - including fast movement, colour mixing, zoom and control can be maintained via a ‘compatibility’ mode, allowing for the seamless combination of both 150 and 350 models together on the same rig for perfect continuity, says Robe.
The 12 x 40W RGBW LED multi-chips provide plenty of high-quality output and superior CMY colour mixing control. DataSwatch contains 66 pre-mixed colours and tones including whites for fast reliable colour selection, and Robe’s L3 Low Light Linearity system delivers imperceptible fades to absolute blackouts.
Quiet operation is another benefit of the LEDBeam 350, which features an advanc

etc-launch1ETC to debut new fixtures at online event
Thursday, 18 March 2021

Europe - ETC is hosting an online event on 30-31 March to launch two new theatrical fixtures. This event is open to the public and starts at 16:00 CEST/15:00 BST (09:00 CDT) with a keynote message from David Lincecum, VP of marketing.
Immediately following the keynote, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from Tony-nominated Broadway lighting designer, Justin Townsend, on the impacts of LED on lighting design.
Additional sessions over the next 24 hours include product demos and Q&A with the development team, and a series of classes that focus on incorporating technology into your theatrical workflow to increase efficiency and productivity.
Much of the content will be presented in multiple languages (English, French and German) and multiple time zones around the world making this a genuinely international launch event.
Visit for session details and registration information.

image-theatre-virtual-venue1Image Theatre Virtual Venue calls on Chauvet
Thursday, 18 March 2021

USA - Darren Lussier and his team at Image Production Services in Shrewsbury, MA responded to the lockdown’s impact on their live event business by launching the Image Theatre Virtual Venue.
Rather than converting a small space of their warehouse into a production studio, however, Lussier and his team built two complete sets outfitted with over 40 Chauvet Professional fixtures as well as a large LED wall, plus three high-definition cameras and four high DEPTZ cameras. They also became a production partner of Stellar Tickets, an online streaming platform owned by Goldstar, which allows them to sell tickets to a large audience.
“If you’re going to start something, you should be fully committed to doing it in the best possible way,” said Lussier. “Even during this pandemic, our clients are still looking for ways to reach people. We figured that we’d have a better chance of winning their business if we offered them a full-scale production service for videos and livestreams that would allow them to get their message out without compromise.”
The Image Theatre Virtual Venue accomplishes this goal with two generously outfitted sets: a 40ft x 32ft main stage and a 24ft x 16ft black box. When called for, both of these spaces can be rigged for a single production. “Different clients have different production needs,” said Lussier. “So, we wanted this space to be as flexible as possible.”
This emphasis on flexibility extends to the lighting and video rig, which is anchored by 12 Rogue RH1 Hybrid fixtures, chosen for their output, colo

hope-fellowship-church1Hope Fellowship Church switches to Obsidian
Thursday, 18 March 2021

USA - Hope Fellowship Church in Frisco, Texas, just north of Dallas, made a recent purchase of Obsidian NX4 and NX Wing lighting controllers and runs the intuitive Onyx platform across the ministry’s four campuses. Mark Ellis, production development director at the church, is a past user of M-PC lighting control software but made the smooth transition to the Onyx platform when Hope Fellowship upgraded their lighting control system.
“When I first came to the church they were using a Martin M1 console with M-PC software,” says Ellis, who has been with the church for the past eight years. “When it was time to upgrade to something new, I was looking for something user-friendly that all my volunteers knew. We looked at other consoles but they were more than what we wanted to pay and overly complicated. The Obsidian gear was a great value plus it let me keep familiarity with all our gear, also for our volunteers.”
Ellis’s position involves managing volunteers and interns across the church’s four campuses, but he also handles lighting, lighting design and production duties. About three years ago, the church opened a 1,700-capacity main sanctuary building at its Frisco East location, a site that serves as a broadcast campus to its other three locations. A Frisco West campus and a campus in the nearby town of McKinney, both remodelled supermarkets, hold about 1,400 parishioners each while a mobile campus in the town of Prosper currently holds services in a high school. All told, Hope Fellowship attracts around 7-8,000 to services each weekend (pre-CO

alcons-audio-Inderøy Kulturhus chooses Alcons Audio
Thursday, 18 March 2021

Norway - Despite its rural location, when the concert hall at the Inderøy Kulturhus complex in Norway needed a new sound reinforcement system, its managers were determined that local residents would enjoy the best possible experience. Choosing an Alcons Audio LR7 pro-ribbon system, Inderøy Kulturhus shows that community facilities do not need to compromise on their sound.
Opened in 1990, Inderøy Kulturhus was the first major cultural centre in the historic Innherred region of Norway. As part of a project to add physical education facilities for the primary school and premises for Inderøy Upper Secondary School, a sports hall, concert hall and service areas were built. Operated by municipal limited company Inderøy Kulturhus AS, the concert hall stages a wide range of events to benefit the whole region.
Although this agricultural area has a low population density, the developers did not want to compromise on the audience experience, so the auditorium was designed with high quality acoustics. By the mid-2010s, the previous audio system needed replacing, so general manager Arnstein Langåssve and sound & light technician Lars Erik Fisknes approached Arnstein Fossvik of production technology specialists Trondheim Lyd. He introduced them to the Alcons Audio LR7 pro-ribbon line array system at the Prolight+Sound trade show in 2015.
“We were convinced that the LR7 was the best system for Inderøy Kulturhus and finally, in early 2021, the dream came true,” says Lars.
Trondheim Lyd supplied and installed a complete Alcons system, comprisin

BS 7909 public review to close soon
Thursday, 18 March 2021

UK - The British Standards Institute has published the five-year review of BS 7909, with comments from the public sought until 26 March.
The standard gives recommendations for the management, design, setting-up and operation of temporary electrical systems using low voltage AC electricity, for the entertainment and similar or related industries. It gives guidance on matters of common interest to producers, production companies, event organizers and managers, freelance people, facilities and services hire companies, equipment hire companies, equipment manufacturers, electrical consultants, electrical installation contractors, distributors, suppliers of electricity, venues, local authorities and those responsible for safety.
End-users are encouraged to submit their comments on the proposals during the review period. All comments will be examined by the standard development committee, enabling the public to directly influence the next revision of the standard.
Head over to BSI’s landing page to see the latest proposal and log your comments.

christophe-palluat-de-bessetArbane Groupe appoints sales director for France
Thursday, 18 March 2021

France - Arbane Groupe has hired Christophe Palluat de Besset as its sales director for France. Palluat will work to create new sales dynamics within the company and develop commercial activity with the APG and Active Audio brands which are both part of Arbane Group.
With over 25 years of expertise in the AV industry, Palluat brings considerable experience working with audio manufacturers and distributors, notably Arbane Groupe’s Active Audio. “I worked in a number of roles before founding pro-audio distribution company Perfect Sound in 2009,” Palluat explains. “At the time, Active Audio’s commercial distribution in France was given exclusively to Perfect Sound, so I know Active Audio very well.
“I spent 11 years working for Perfect Sound as their CEO and came to know and respect the APG and Active Audio brands beyond their reputations,” said Palluat. “When both brands announced their strategic partnership in 2016, I thought it was the perfect partnership that would pave the way to a great future for both brands. APG’s product lines are excellent and Active Audio is known as the French manufacturer of the world’s largest range of column speakers. My experience tells me that both product lines will perform extremely well in the installation markets for AV integrators.”
Palluat’s immediate goal is to present Arbane Groupe’s comprehensive and complementary audio ranges and services to AV integrators across France and continue to grow the company base and reputation.
“APG benefits from a fantastic reputation with techn

garter1Shure & SFL provide COVID-secure solution
Thursday, 18 March 2021

UK - Shure partnered with SFL to provide a COVID-secure solution to Royal Star & Garter care homes, allowing residents to stay connected to family and friends throughout the pandemic.
The impact of coronavirus has been devastating for the care home industry. The risk of transmission means that family and friends cannot visit care home residents under the circumstances that they are used to. Royal Star & Garter, a registered charity providing care for veterans and their partners living with disability or dementia in their homes wanted to enable residents to stay as connected as possible to their families during this difficult time and so working with SFL Group, they designed COVID-secure visiting rooms.
Sam Jacobs, project manager, SFL comments: “SFL were approached to provide a holistic audio, acoustic & furniture solution to the custom built rooms, having experienced what we are able to create in live events, Huw Williams, from Royal Star & Garter, gave SFL his brief for the installation, to design & deliver an audio solution that allowed residents and visitors to seamlessly communicate without an audio divide, we needed to consider acoustics in the room to prioritise audio quality and design and manufacture custom furniture, discreetly housing the control elements either side of the glass dividing wall.”
SFL recognised that the system they needed to implement had to be simple to operate whilst also having minimal to zero maintenance requirements. Sam worked closely with the Shure to design and test systems appropriate for t

americans-field-day-2Lectrosonics undercover on Cold War drama
Thursday, 18 March 2021

USA - Starring Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys as Soviet deep-cover agents in the US during the Reagan-era Cold War, The Americans was a major critical success for the FX cable channel. Four Primetime Emmy, one Golden Globe, two Peabodys, and five American Film Institute awards are just the tip of the series’ iceberg of accolades.
Sound mixer Paul Pouthier, whose credits also include Gossip Girl and Orange Is the New Black, recorded nearly all of the dialogue with a portable bag system packed exclusively with Lectrosonics wireless. Transmitters included four SMDWBs, two HMa plug-ons, and a mix of original SM, SMa, and SMV packs. Receivers comprised four UCR411a plus two Dual SR units, the predecessor to today’s SRc. Set comms were handled by IFB-T4 and UM400a transmitters paired with R1a receivers.
“I sort of fell into the Lectro world,” says Pouthier. “I came onto The Americans fresh off of Gossip Girl, under the tutelage of the great Allan Byer. He used Lectrosonics, as did Mike Lonsdale, a commercial mixer in New York whose gear I was borrowing and would eventually acquire. After experiencing Lectrosonics for myself, I knew I would never go back to anything else.”
Lectrosonics’ simplicity of setup was a key player in many in-car dialogue scenes. “In vehicles, the director was fond of French overs,” Pouthier explains. “Those are shots where you’re looking from the back seat at two people talking in the front, and there’s no typical profile or straight-on stuff. Most of the time, I just had t

eric-deniauVitec appoints chief technology officer
Thursday, 18 March 2021

France - IP video specialist Vitec has announced that Eric Deniau has joined the company as chief technology officer.
“IP video streaming continues to grow across all markets as more and more enterprises harness the power of their networks to deliver and manage video traffic,” said Philippe Wetzel, CEO of Vitec.
“The pace of innovation that is taking place in IPTV is accelerating as organizations across industries elevate their dependence on video streaming.
“Eric will be joining Vitec as CTO to lead technology innovation and R&D efforts worldwide. He has a deep knowledge of software and a sophisticated understanding of hardware products that will enhance the experience and capabilities of Vitec’s talented R&D leadership team. He is tasked with developing the next generation of codecs, ASIC technologies, and software solutions that will power Vitec products for years to come.”
Eric was most recently with Enensys as CTO and has over 30 years of experience in the media industry, including experience managing large software projects for major broadcasters, and has played a major role with the standards communities that have brought interoperable MPEG, DVB and 3GPP technologies to market.

grazianoLuca Di Donato joins the Zalight team
Thursday, 18 March 2021

Italy - Pro lighting company Zalight has appointed Luca Di Donato as business development manager.
“To face future challenges the best way, I will have a great friend and one of the best Italian professionals, Luca Di Donato, by my side, comments Zalight owner Graziano Zanini. “Luca has a deep knowledge of the professional market both in the entertainment and architectural fields, due to the many years he spent as commercial manager for companies of international standing. I am sure that together we will bring Zalight to a higher level of diffusion and competitiveness on the Italian market."
"I share with Graziano mutual esteem and identity of views,” says Luca Di Donato. "I’m going to bring my contribution to make Zalight grow and make it evolve into a modern marketing-oriented company following the current path, in which the customer has always been at the very centre.”

Sustainable events platform set to launch
Thursday, 18 March 2021

UK - Sustainable events agency and consultancy, Legacy Events, is set to launch its new marketplace on 13 April.
Legacy Marketplace’s mission is to connect and empower anyone who wants to "create successful, sustainable events and facilitate a positive change in the world. It will include everything needed for a successful sustainable event, in one place".
According to Legacy, the UK events industry emits 1.2bn kg of CO2e every year. However, events are hugely important for evoking positive behaviour change, with 43.1% of audiences stating that they had changed their behaviour as a result of green initiatives or ideas they had discovered at festivals.
Abena Poku-Awuah, founder and managing director of Legacy comments: “We’re so excited to be launching Legacy Marketplace for the events industry. The platform is a modern way to deliver sustainability without compromising quality or ease.
“This one-of-a-kind platform connects event organisers to products and services that reduce their environmental impact and contribute to positive social change. It offers a clear way through the jumble for those who want to make a difference but who do not have the time or expertise to source a sustainable solution themselves. Now more than ever, sustainability is a mainstream issue and increasingly under scrutiny in the events industry and attendees are looking to events to lead the way on this more and more.”
The marketplace will launch with an online event on 13 April which is free to attend for all event professionals. It will include network

martinproultraMartin by Harman launches MAC Ultra Series
Wednesday, 17 March 2021

USA - Martin by Harman has unveiled the Martin MAC Ultra Series with two “extremely bright” new workhorse stage lights – the MAC Ultra Performance and MAC Ultra Wash.
Featuring high lumen output across the zoom range, a new framing system, high-definition optics and low noise levels, the MAC Ultra family is ideal for concert and touring productions as well as noise-sensitive broadcast and theatre applications.
With high output a key design pillar, the MAC Ultra Series is powered by a 1,150W, 6000K proprietary LED light engine, Martin’s brightest to-date. It gives the MAC Ultra Wash the ability to project 63,500 lumens of output and the MAC Ultra Performance, 46,500 lumens. In addition, with higher red content and better daylight balance, the fixtures produce rich, vivid colours and more natural skin-tones, says the company.
Key features of the MAC Ultra series include a wide zoom range, precision focus control, uniform colour mixing, variable CTO, additional colour and spectral correction filters, motorized frost for a softer field, high resolution dimming and strobing. Debuting in the MAC Ultra Performance is the new Martin Extended Framing System, which is said to offer more flexibility, easier programming, quicker response time and precision shutter angling.
To deliver “reliable and consistent result for years to come”, Martin’s new LED engine is rated to exceed 50,000 hours and deliver over 90% of its original output, even after 20,000 hours of use at maximum power, the company says.
“We are so proud to be able to

optimalaudio-logotype-blackFocusrite Group to launch commercial audio brand
Wednesday, 17 March 2021

UK - Focusrite Group is launching Optimal Audio, a commercial audio brand that will join a stable that also includes Focusrite and Focusrite Pro, Adam Audio, Martin Audio, Novation and Ampify.
The new brand will be introduced to the market on 20 April in a virtual event, for which interested parties can register here.
“It’s a rare privilege to create a brand from scratch,” comments Focusrite Group CEO, Tim Carroll. “The commercial audio sector has grown consistently over the years, and even during the pandemic has been more robust than many. We expect that momentum to accelerate in the coming months, so we feel that the timing is perfect for the introduction of Optimal Audio.”
He adds: “Taking a considered view of the commercial audio sector led us to conclude that it represents a maze of often overly complicated products that can be difficult to understand, install and operate. Optimal Audio will set out to do things differently, with a streamlined offering that is straightforward to install and simple to use.”
Carroll concludes: “Alongside its own dedicated staff, a number of colleagues from across the group - most notably within Martin Audio - are helping to bring Optimal Audio to fruition. In the long term, our ambition is that the brand will have its own distinct team.”

hippoHippotizer Karst+ choreographs Strictly visuals
Wednesday, 17 March 2021

UK - BBC Studios' popular celebrity TV contest Strictly Come Dancing returned for its 18th series at the end of 2020, with new visual content choreographed by Hippotizer Karst+ media servers.
Leading the dance was a partnership of a Karst and Karst+, with the same duo serving as backup. An average series audience of more than 10 million Brits watched as the routines played out in front of a colourful array of visual content. The main stage was constructed as a series of arching LED screens, providing an eye-catching backdrop for the cameras.
The visual content included custom-made content for each performance - created by Potion Pictures and led by David Newton - and a mix of loops, full length time-coded tracks, and live rendered visuals.
These utilised Unreal Engine and nDisplay, with the data fed into the Hippotizer Media Servers by an output splitter. Live rendered content was also used, designed by Joe Philips at Potion Pictures, and utilising a camera and lens tracking system provided by Mo-Sys.
The Hippotizers were operated by Matt Lee, with lighting design by David ‘Bish’ Bishop, who has worked on a host of high profile events including the State Opening of Parliament, The Royal Variety Performance and the Queen’s Concerts.
“Hippotizer has been my go-to choice of media server for many years,” says Bishop. “They're very reliable, easy to use and the support from the team in London is outstanding. They provide a great balance of being able to create something very quickly, while also having the option to refine t

ctpoepleRodriguez and Johnson join CT Middle East
Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Middle East - Creative Technology Middle East has welcomed two new additions to its operations. Dailos Rodriguez has joined as venue operations manager for the company’s newly-formed venue services department. He has over 24 years of experience in the hospitality and AV industry and has worked across multiple venues. He has secured various high-profile contracts during his time and implemented in-house AV services for some of the Middle East's biggest hotel chains.
Of his appointment, Rodriguez says: "It is a great honour joining the CT team, and I look forward to getting started on the variety of fantastic projects we already have lined up."
Also joining the team is Mark Johnson, who has been appointed business development manager for venue services. With over 19 years of experience in the AV hospitality industry, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role, says the company. Johnson has secured several large-scale contracts across various venues and has been a key factor in the growth and development of many different AV venue services throughout the region. He states: "It's very endearing to be a part of Creative Technology's new Venue Services department from conception! I look forward to accomplishing many new first with CT."
Andrew Reardon, MD for Creative Technology Middle East, comments: "It is an exciting time for the Middle East as we continue to grow and expand our team of professionals and our offering. It is a pleasure to have both Mark and Dailos on board, and I wish them all the best going forward."

ajr3Rogues light AJR on Squeek’s Ruby Stage
Wednesday, 17 March 2021

USA - "For us, every single one of our songs got big in a different way," Adam Met, one of the three multi-instrumental brothers who make up AJR told an interviewer.
Creativity is one of the things that makes AJR a delight to work for, according to their lighting designer Ezra Donellan. Another is their seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy. Both were on full display in January on Squeek Lights’ Ruby Stage, when after performing their hit Bang on The Late, Late Show with James Corden, the band forged ahead and recorded a video of their new song Way Less Said, supporting by a lightshow featuring the Chauvet Professional Rogue R1 BeamWash.
“One of most impressive things about this band is their ability to keep a high level of energy under all circumstances,” says Donellan. “We were all excited to be able to perform Bang for James Corden’s show, but rather than come down from the TV appearance, the band fed off the energy and recorded the video right there on the same Ruby Stage. In turn, I fed off their energy with my lighting. This is an example of why I’m extremely grateful to work for AJR.”
Donellan credits the versatility of the 280W RGBW Rogue R1 BeamWash in the Ruby Stage rig with helping him achieve the right balance.
“In my view, this is an awesome fixture,” adds Donellan. “I was particularly impressed by the zoom (3.4° - 67.7°). We had a very low trim height, but thanks to the zoom, I was able to get a tight, clean beam where I needed in and a nice wash throughout the stag. Dialing c

glpMicrosoft Xbox goes on stream with GLP
Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Germany - The proposed lavish party for the launch of Microsoft's new Xbox Series X had to be waived due to the COVID pandemic. Nevertheless, the market launch of the new generation of consoles in the Gamescom city of Cologne was celebrated with a live stream (known as the Xbox Dream Stream).
The highlight was a drone show over the Rhine. At the start of the 150-drone extravaganza, Jens Hillenkötter, in his role as both executive producer and director for the drone show and the broadcast of the live stream - on behalf of the agency - deployed 36 Creative Light 1 Plus fixtures from GLP.
For outdoor use in Cologne, Hillenkötter chose the Creative Light 1 Plus model with wireless control. The total of 36 LED effects deployed were attached to six vertically standing pipes in groups of six. In this configuration they offered an impressive backdrop for the exciting drone launch.
"GLP helped me out with test equipment because my own order was held up at Customs," explains Hillenkötter. "I saw the prototypes of the Creative Light 1 a long time ago at GLP in Karlsbad and was immediately impressed."
He has enjoyed a very close relationship with GLP for many years: "As the first point of contact, Andreas Brandt is always there for me and keeps me up to date with new developments, since as a designer I am naturally always pleased to learn about new toys.
“Before using the Creative Light 1 Plus in Cologne, I already used it successfully at a David Vidano concert. With the Xbox Dream Stream, they were used as eye candy in the camera b

fulcrumFulcrum reinforces Cooper Field House
Wednesday, 17 March 2021

USA - UPMC Cooper Field House is the home arena for most of Duquesne University’s major sports teams, including their NCAA Division 1 Basketball team: the Duquesne Dukes. During a recent renovation of the facility, Daktronics installed a Fulcrum Acoustic-based system to deliver the high impact sound that Duquesne was seeking.
Daktronics mounted Fulcrum Acoustic’s FH15 Full Range Coaxial Horns in a centre cluster above the court. Four FH1596s were selected for their 90° x 60° pattern to cover the lower-tier seating, while narrower-coverage FH1565s cover the upper seats. A fifth FH1596 faces straight down to cover the court. The FH’s extended directional control keeps the sound focused on spectators while minimizing reflections, thus improving intelligibility and overall clarity.
Four of Fulcrum’s Sub218L Subwoofers are suspended from the ceiling in a vertical array providing wide low frequency dispersion with vertical control. “The fidelity and output of the Sub218L is perfect for the exciting bass that fans are looking for,” says installer John Carlson. “The fans eyes light up when they hear that bass. Even at lower sound levels, the system maintains a full, clean sound.”
Seven CCX1295s provide supplemental coverage for seats shaded from the center cluster by the overhang from the upper seating deck. Fulcrum’s patented Passive Cardioid Technology™ enables CCX12 loudspeakers to provide high output coverage without energizing reflective surfaces and degrading clarity.
Adjacent to the main arena is Duquesne’s practice gymn

adjADJ video wall makes mark at Impact Church
Wednesday, 17 March 2021

USA - Based in Scottsdale, AZ, Impact Church is a fast-growing, multi-ethnic church known for high-energy worship and relevant, accessible teaching. The church recently moved into a new home, which was purpose-designed to host worship services with a focus on high quality audio, video and lighting.
The anchor point of this new AVL system is the ADJ LED video screen which fills the rear of the stage, while the lighting setup consists exclusively of fixtures from ADJ and sister company Elation Professional.
What began as a bible study for the Arizona Cardinals hosted by player Andre Wadsworth in the late 1990s was opened to the public and soon became one of the fastest growing churches in the nation. Headed up by Senior Pastor Travis Hearn, Impact Church has a reputation for diversity, authenticity and throwing a huge celebration each weekend. These gatherings have become so popular that the church outgrew its previous building, which led to an ambitious project to retrofit a former grocery store into a large custom-designed worship space.
The company responsible for designing, supplying and installing the audio, video and lighting system for the new facility was Illuminate Production Services, headed by Rick Franke.
At the heart of the church’s new video system is a large LED wall comprised of no less than 144 ADJ VS3 panels. This video display surface extends the full width of the stage and provides a constant backdrop to whatever is happening in front of it. This not only allows for the display or song words, pre-produced video content and

sprayingmanhrEF solution aims to make tradeshows COVID-safe
Wednesday, 17 March 2021

UK - EF Infection Control, a part of the EF Group, has announced the availability of a new solution to help ensure the safety of attendees at tradeshows and other major indoor events as industries worldwide move towards post-lockdown operation.
EF has partnered with infection and virus control specialists Aeret UK to develop the service Sanitise 360. Sanitise 360’s technology delivers a non-toxic atomised mist that kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses that are airborne as well as on surfaces including Hepatitis, COVID-19, CoV2, SARS, MRSA plus fungi and mould that are associated with a variety of infections and allergies. Unlike most fogging systems, it is claimed to be completely safe to use around electronic equipment and has been engineered to leave no chemical residue behind in any of its applications.
Undisturbed surfaces can remain protected for anything up to 60 hours, while for high traffic sites an overnight application ensures a high level of safety. For tradeshow attendees, conference delegates, and even audiences at indoor events such as sporting fixtures, concerts, TV shows, or other arts-based events. Areas are protected and ready to use after 30 minutes.
“An atomised mist produces much smaller particles than fogging machines, meaning that it is effectively dry by the time it settles, not only destroying 99.99% of airborne viruses and bacteria but providing the same level of protection to surfaces as well,” comments Neil Goatcher, EF Group CEO. “Tradeshows are already doing their utmost best to provide COVID-secure environmen

Survey names London UK’s events capital
Wednesday, 17 March 2021

UK - A new ranking developed by Leeds-based events specialist AYRE Event Solutions reveals the events capitals of the UK, with London taking the top spot.
The new ranking is based on the number of large event facilities in the city, successful Business Event Growth funding applications, the number of major events held in the location, percentage of corporates and associations which chose the location for events and finally the total number of events related jobs available in the area.
Unsurprisingly, with 60 large event facilities across the city, London takes the top spot across all metrics but is closely followed by Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow. The top 10 locations in the UK for events as revealed by the new study are: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Bristol, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Leeds, Belfast and Brighton.
AYRE managing director, Chris Ayre says it’s the discrepancy between the number of large event facilities which is holding back towns and cities north of London: “Obviously London is the capital city and many businesses have their head offices there, but the Northern Powerhouse in digital and tech business is rising in cities such as Leeds and Manchester.
“It’s still disappointing to see that outside of London, there is a long way to go in terms of building large events facilities to meet the events’ need. Local councils and the Government need to place more investment in these conference centres and arenas outside of London so that these locations can effectively compete with the capital and host big scale

adelphiUnusual completes first phase of Adelphi project
Tuesday, 16 March 2021

UK - When London’s Adelphi Theatre re-opens later this year, it will do so with a new flying system. The refurbishment – stage one of three has involved a complete replacement of the fly tower hemp sets and a new front loading 42 set double purchase counterweight system.
With all theatres across the country having spent the last 12 months in the dark, LW Theatres and Nederlander who jointly own the Adelphi, has taken the unprecedented circumstances as an opportunity to carry out a programme of work across several of its venues. And with no shows or audiences, this has allowed for refurbishment to take place uninterrupted so that once theatres can open their doors, they can do so freely and start recouping lost revenue immediately.
Martin Skelton, technical and building services manager at The Adelphi said: “Phase one has seen the Unusual team come in to initially remove the old system, make good the structure of the wall behind and put in a new, easier to use structure and flying system in the same position. The old system had evolved over time with half of it being one shape and design and in amongst it were some other cradles, three different types of flying weight, two different styles of loading, a huge variation in capacity across the system and not evenly spaced.
“Over the years shows have got progressively heavier so we needed to look at updating the system to be able to accommodate that. Staff safety is also of paramount importance and we wanted to overhaul the system which saw us using very heavy weights to achieve capacity which we

robe-martin-jensen-livestreamRobe lights alternative Martin Jensen shows
Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Denmark - DJ and music producer Martin Jensen has played a series of livestream concerts in unexpected, innovative locations around the country including Copenhagen’s Parken Stadium, aboard Royal Danish Navy frigate HDMS Niels Juhl and aboard historic paddle-steamer Hjejlen, atop the Camp Adventure nature reserve forest tower in Rønnede and amidst Copenhagen’s famous Illum department store.
At the heart of ensuring that all concerts on this tour were visually and sonically engaging experiences was lighting designer Mathias Skall Hansen from Frontsound.
For five of the seven shows, Mathias specified and used quantities of different Robe moving lights – MegaPointes, Spiiders, BMFLs – which were supplied by Nordic Rentals.
Mathias has been using Robe products consistently in his lighting designs for the last six years. “They are very powerful with good colour mixing and gobo selection, very fast, easy to programme and above all reliable and well-engineered,” he commented.
For the Parken show, Martin was positioned right in the middle of the pitch, his DJ booth set up on a 10 x 10m video floor. Around this were three concentric circles of moving lights, the first and second comprising 42 x Robe BMFL Spots in total and the third outer ring made up by 56 x MegaPointes.
The 139m-long Niels Juhl – a fully working Navy frigate – was anchored at the Navy base in Korsør at the time of the concert.
Martin’s DJ decks were set up on the helipad with the 24 x MegaPointes arranged in a V-shape behind him, used to create asso


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