living-heroes-10Manchester’s key workers to be celebrated in light
Wednesday, 10 June 2020

UK - A call has gone out for people to nominate their hero to feature as a portrait, digitally projected onto one of 33 trees in and around Manchester City Centre, as part of a project being delivered by Greater Manchester charity City of Trees, Hits Radio and projection artists, Illuminos.
Hits Radio launched their Hero Hour to promote the people who are going out of their way to keep us healthy, safe and fed during this time.
Greater Manchester-based projection artists Illuminos - the force behind many large scale art projects including the Lunar Loops Blue Dot festival illumination at Jodrell Bank last year, and the ‘Momentous’ projections on Leeds Civic Hall - were inspired by Hits’ Hero Hour. They have teamed up with charity City of Trees, who aims to plant and nurture at least 3m trees - one tree for every person living in the city region, for this project.
City of Trees has created a tree trail in Manchester City Centre, which identifies 33 notable trees in key areas such as Manchester Cathedral, Stephenson Square as well as green spaces across the city such as Sackville Park and St John’s Garden. Trees include a Giant Sequoia, Tree of Heaven and a Paper Bark Maple.
During June these trees will be connected to 33 individual key workers through video projection of one portrait onto each tree, created over several evenings.
Rob Vale, artist with Illuminos explains: “Sentinels is our response to the coronavirus outbreak, and a way of using our artistic practice as celebration of those people who must continue

alan-march-smallerRemembering Alan March (1963 - 2020)
Tuesday, 9 June 2020

UK - Sennheiser has reported that Alan March passed away on Saturday 30th May after a short battle with cancer. The statement reads: “It is with a very heavy heart that we have to inform you that our friend and colleague, Alan March, has been prematurely taken from us and his family. Alan sadly passed away peacefully on Saturday 30th May with his wife Kate by his side. After a short but brave battle with cancer Alan is now out of pain and at peace.
“Alan took up his employment with Sennheiser UK in 2008 as a ‘Business Development Specialist’. Alan’s 21 years’ experience in the pro audio industry in various roles, for HW International and Shure Distribution UK, meant that he arrived at Sennheiser with a wealth of experience and knowledge and was an instant fit within the Sennheiser team. Alan helped drive both new and existing business for Sennheiser with his exceptional reputation in the industry and he contributed greatly to the success of the Professional and Install Sound business areas.
“Alongside Alan’s Sennheiser role he also worked tirelessly as part of BEIRG’s steering team regarding the retention of radio spectrum for the entertainment industry. Alan’s enthusiasm in this aspect later led to his role as ‘Senior Manager for Spectrum Affairs’ for Sennheiser, where he continued to make headway for the industry and Sennheiser alike.”
Dr. Andreas Wilzeck, head of Spectrum and Innovation at Sennheiser, gave the following statement on behalf of his team, including Norbert Hilbich: “As musician and in his role at Sennhei

plasa-docsPLASA illustrates scale of events sector jobs at risk
Tuesday, 9 June 2020

UK - Working to support government officials in understanding the unique issues facing the events industry due to COVID-19, PLASA has produced two infographics illustrating how the events supply chain will be impacted without further government support.
The graphics reflect the number of people it takes to deliver just one performance - on average 443 professionals, spanning planning, design, preparation, warehouse and venue staff. Additionally, the graphics show how valuable the sector is, delivering £100 billion to the UK economy and employing approx. 589,000 people.
It is hoped that information contained in the graphics will help highlight to government officials how many jobs are at risk in the events industry without support beyond October.
PLASA says in a statement: “Whilst many industries will be looking to return to some normality from July onwards, experts are predicting that with continued social distancing rules, many events won’t be able to fully return until spring next year, which will put a tremendous financial strain on companies and professionals working in the industry.
“The events sector has suffered enormously due to the worldwide shut-down of live events caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, when cash grants worth up to £51,000 were made available to ‘Leisure, Hospitality and Retail’ businesses, they weren’t extended to the events supply chain, and many of the 72% of freelancers working in the industry fell through the gaps of receiving any income support, due to them either working as limited c

abttloopABTT releases seminar programme
Tuesday, 9 June 2020

UK - ABTT Theatre Show organisers have released a seminar programme running across 10-11 June - the days when the postponed 2020 tradeshow would have taken place.
"In light of the postponement of the 42nd ABTT Theatre Show until 2021, the ABTT felt that it was necessary to mark the occasion and provide our usual attendees with something to commemorate this event during the current pandemic," say the organisers. "While we cannot recreate or replace the experience of the ABTT Theatre Show, we hope to enable some of the conversations and discussions that take place when theatre people come together."
The schedule comprises 10 seminars (five per day), each set to last no longer than 90 minutes including Q&A.

The schedule is as follows:

10 June (Wednesday)

ALD: A spotlight on better conditions for the lighting industry and the future of lighting: ALD chair Johanna Town will be joined by industry representatives in discussing the need for clearer contracts and letters of engagement for all freelance lighting staff and the best ways of using LED lighting and how in light of the EU regulations taking effect.

Technical training in a new world: TEC chairman Sebastian Barnes, Mig Burgess (GSA), Jo Franklin (GSA), Roz Madison (RCS) and Rachel Nicholson (Backstage Academy) explore the next steps for education an

jimmy-oElation lights Jimmy O. Yang comedy special
Tuesday, 9 June 2020

USA - Lighting for comedy has its own special characteristics and lighting designer Marc Janowitz, who recently lit comedian Jimmy O. Yang’s debut stand-up comedy special on Amazon Prime - Jimmy O. Yang: Good Deal - using Elation Rayzor 760 and Fuze Z350 LED wash lights, knows all about them.
“In the concert industry, you can end up with a thousand different ways to use a light in a single show but in comedy you work hard to come up with a perfect look that stays throughout the entire show and needs to look right from a multitude of camera angles.”
Recorded last fall at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle and aired in early May on Amazon’s paid subscription service, the Silicon Valley and Crazy Rich Asians star laid down a hilarious hour of comedy in a blossoming career as a stand-up comedian.
“When lighting a comedy special, there is typically an intro look with a bit of fanfare as the comedian walks on stage,” Janowitz says, “but then that settles into a look that stays for the rest of the show. It’s a different way of thinking about lights. You study a bunch of different features of a light simply so you can find the one feature that makes it on camera as opposed to finding a light that has a lot of features because you need a multitude of flexibility.” There is a walk-out look as well, typically similar to the walk-on look, but Janowitz says it often ends up on the edit room floor.
Chief designer at lighting and production design firm E26Design, Janowitz’s extensive lighting experience includes a decade with Blue Man

magdolna-ruzaMLA backs Magdi Ruzsa Band in Budapest
Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Hungary - The Magdolna Ruzsa Band recently played two concerts at the Papp László Budapest Sportarena through a Martin Audio MLA PA, supplied by their Hungarian partner, BG Event.
Magdolna ‘Magdi’ Rúzsa herself won the title of Megasztár (Megastar), Hungary's nationwide talent search, back in 2006, and now she was filling the 12,500-capacity venue for two consecutive nights, supported by a classic five-piece rock band line-up.
To ensure sound was broadcast evenly to all corners of the venue BG Event used a total of 46 MLA cabinets, and four MLD Downfill enclosures as main PA and side-hangs. They also provided monitors.
But this doesn’t tell the full story. In achieving this exceptional coverage BG Event’s Balázs Szentiványi notes the inherent challenges faced. "This is a difficult venue compared to an average arena in Europe due to its larger size,” he explained. “It measures 120m across by just around 80m deep. Moreover it ends in smooth flat vertical concrete surface and a huge glass sided room for the follow spots. There is a significant slap back with delay coming from there - and there is also a VIP section et the end of the venue high up above last seats.”
He said many production companies had come to grief at this venue over the years. “However, we have had several occasions in recent years when we have been able to demonstrate just what MLA is capable of - including Sir Tom Jones, Sting and Slayer, to name a few. In fact our technical team is excited every time we go into the Papp László Budapest Sportar

dgatheatre2DGA flagship theatre upgrades with Meyer Sound
Tuesday, 9 June 2020

USA - The Directors Guild of America recently completed a renovation of its flagship motion picture exhibition space at the DGA Theatre in Los Angeles.
Guided by a Guild committee of six leading filmmakers, the renewal project has moved the 600-seat theatre to the forefront of cinema technology with installation of custom-built Dolby Vision laser projection and a Dolby Atmos immersive sound system encompassing more than 70 Meyer Sound cinema loudspeakers.
To translate their creative concepts into design specifics, the Guild committee engaged the noted Gensler architectural firm. In turn, Gensler assigned the critical role of AV specification and engineering to Tom Schindler, senior vice-president at the San Francisco-based Salter consulting firm.
According to Schindler, from the outset the committee had insisted on the absolute highest level of audio reproduction. “We first measured the acoustics of the room, but this element was well done with the original design. Background noise and reverberation both were well within standards. So the critical factor came down to loudspeaker selection.”
Working in consultation with Dolby engineers Jose Castellon and Gary Meissner, Schindler drafted a comprehensive performance specification with options for different loudspeaker manufacturers.
Drawing on their unique perspectives as filmmakers, the Guild committee members insisted on a live audition in order to make a final decision. “When the speaker system decision was going to be made, we decided that, no, we’re not going to decide this ju

teleclubTeleclub production centre relies on DirectOut
Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Switzerland - Founded in 1982, Swiss private broadcaster Teleclub is considered one of the oldest pay-TV stations in Europe. Following the dawn of the digital era, a modern broadcast and production centre was built in Volketswil in 2002, featuring a playout centre, live broadcast control, digital archiving, transfer, editing and encoding/transcoding. The centre in Volketswil is connected to another Teleclub studio in Fribourg, where the French version of the content is being produced.
Recently Martin Reich and Gregor Baumann from Audioconsulting AG were commissioned with the audio extension of the production centre in Volketswil. Just a few weeks ago the studio in Fribourg received its latest upgrade. A PRODIGY.MP replaced an older ANDIAMO.XT unit in order to convert a huge number of analogue commentary signals to the Dante network. Thanks to the powerful and flexible DSP processing of the PRODIGY.MP, the location in Fribourg is well prepared for future upgrades and requirements.
The new studios in Volketswil, mainly used for sports and discussion programmes with a live audience, had been designed, using systems of DiGiCo, Meyer Sound, Waves and DirectOut. For seamless connectivity and conversion of these components and brands a broad range of DirectOut gear was chosen to act as the central backbone for audio interfacing, -routing and IP migration between base-band (MADI) and AoIP (RAVENNA/ST2110 and Dante) formats.
The control room is therefore equipped with a handful of DirectOut’s powerful MONTONE.42 AoIP bridges receiving a number of MADI fe

virtualisland4Rogues and Mavericks land on a virtual island
Tuesday, 9 June 2020

USA - The weather in eastern Maryland never got much past 70° on 23 May, but the vibe in the improvised studio at Showtime Sound’s Baltimore warehouse was decidedly tropical.
Aaron Kovelman, the company’s director of design and production, saw to that by creating breezy, colourful, beach-like visuals for its one-hour Virtual Island Festival featuring Jah Works.
“From a design perspective, it was very important for me to consider the audience point of view given the platform they would be watching the performance on,” explains Kovelman. “I wanted to give viewers the feeling of an intimate performance, as if this stream was being done straight for them. Yet, at the same time, I wanted to deliver large enough landscapes through the video looks and depth of lighting to make the audience feel as if they were outside on lawns listening to music amidst summer vibes.”
Helping Kovelman create this look for the show, which was streamed on Facebook, was a collection of Chauvet Professional Maverick MK3 Profile and Rogue R2 Wash fixtures from Showtime’s own inventory.
Kovelman positioned 13 Maverick MK3 Profile units on the 40ft by 40ft stage, six hung on upstage truss and seven flown down stage. “The upstage Profiles did most of my stage texturing through gobos and prisms,” he says. “I knew aerial beams wouldn't be much of a heavy-hitter with the camera angles, so I wanted to do as much texture within the band performance space as possible. The zoom range with the MK3s allowed me to do this easily within the tight stage area.

robe-a2c5t-brussels-technical-03A2C5T celebrates with light art experience
Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Belgium - Creative director and lighting designer Koert Vermeulen wanted to do something extra special to celebrate 25 years of his Belgian-based creative design practice ACTLD, so he and his team crafted ‘a fluid and mesmeric large scale spectacle of lighting art’ - A2C5T - which was presented to the public for three weeks at the See U event space in Brussels.
The 45,000sq.m former police barracks provided an atmospheric backdrop for this multi-level light art experience, which was inspired by the core tenets at the heart of ACT - Art, Concept and Technology.
Within the installation, these three values were represented by three abstract intersecting works of creative lighting, carefully curated by Koert to offer a different but equally compelling immersive experience for guests. The three elements could be enjoyed individually or as one, or as a user-definable mix of several different components.
Complete with a special soundtrack compiled by Solemn Eye / 70 Hills Music / Marco Macaluso, visitors could lose themselves in the ephemeral magic of light, colour, texture, and other visual effects.
The central piece was Technology, and this was created using 36 Robe Spikies, 20 SilverScans and 16 T1 Profiles.
While the emphasis was on the technology, this was delivered as a sculpted work of art.
The SilverScans were rigged at one edge of the installation space on a scaffolding frame flown from the ceiling, arranged four wide and five deep, while the Spikies stood on a series of low wooden plinths stood in front of and around

theo-roodViral Armour Sanitiser available at DWR
Tuesday, 9 June 2020

South Africa - Due to the COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa all events and large gatherings have been put on hold. As a result, Theo Rood from MJ Event Gear is taking on extra work as a forklift driver and warehouse manager for Viral Armour Sanitiser based in Johannesburg. Viral Armour Sanitiser is also now also available for purchase at DWR Distribution.
“I was very fortunate as a good friend of mine owns Mad Giant Brewery, the makers of my favourite craft beer,” Theo explains. “I have been a fan of their product for a few years.” With a ban on alcohol sales in South Africa - which was only lifted at the start of June - the Mad Giant Brewery has ingeniously been converted into a sanitiser manufacturing plant. Not long after, Theo was offered a job to keep himself busy during the lockdown.
Meanwhile, DWR Distribution is now, thanks to Theo, also selling Viral Armour Sanitiser. “In a time where people are adapting to continue to employ their staff, we have to commend Mad Giant Brewery,” comments Duncan Riley of DWR. “I realised that Viral Armour Sanitiser was a well-priced product and that it was something that we could offer to churches, schools, theatres and businesses or for personal use. Discount will be given on bulk orders and clients can expect the same level of service - with a smile - from our team, whether they are purchasing sanitiser or equipment. We look forward to hearing from you.”

codaLJKE supplies Gaant with Coda Audio N-RAY
Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Belgium - Gaant?! is a Belgian events organiser based in the city of Lokeren, whose name in the local Belgian-Dutch dialect Lokers, means “Are you ok?!” In the light of the current impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the question has perhaps never been more relevant, and the creative team at Gaant?! recently reached out to locked-down music fans by staging a livestream event featuring DJs DEEDEE, J.Roots and Hakimm. The charity event, aimed at getting people to dance at home, took place at Cultuurcentrum, Lokeren’s 400-capacity multi-use theatre, although for obvious reasons, no fans were present in the building...
Production specialist LJKE is Gaant?!’s exclusive rental partner, and works on a wide range of the brand’s events, featuring top Belgian bands like The Van Jets and Goose as well as a number of top DJs. On this occasion they supplied audio, lighting, visuals and live stream facilities for an event that had to comply with the stringent requirements of the local authorities. LJKE recently purchased a brand new CODA N-RAY system, the first in the Benelux region (and one of the first worldwide), and decided it would deliver the perfect audio for the centre stage DJ booth.
Stefaan Vanderbeeken of LJKE takes up the story: “The idea for the event was great, but at first we were not sure if we would obtain permission from the authorities. They expressed some concerns that it might attract people out of lockdown in the direction of the venue, but having spoken with the local police and council officials the Gaant?! team got the go-ahead to s

steinbergSteinberg releases production starter kit
Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Germany - Steinberg has released the Steinberg Production Starter Kit. As the name implies, this hardware/software bundle includes “all the essentials for recording and making music productions from A-Z”.
The Steinberg Production Starter Kit features the UR22C USB 3.0 audio interface, Nektar’s Impact LX25+ keyboard, the ST-H01 studio headphones and the ST-M01 studio condenser microphone. On the software side, Steinberg’s Cubase Artist 10.5 is the centrepiece of music productions, with HALion Sonic 3, WaveLab LE and Cubasis LE, the sequencer app for the iPad and iPhone, rounding out this bundle and making it one of a kind.
The UR22C is a two-channel audio interface with USB-C connectivity, housing two TRS/XLR combo inputs that include studio-grade D-PRE microphone preamps, two TRS outputs, MIDI I/O and one headphones output. Other highlights are latency-free hardware monitoring, superb audio quality with a sampling rate of up to 192kHz, as well as seamless connectivity to Windows and Mac computers and the iPad and iPhone.
Cubase Artist 10.5 is based on the same technologies offered within Steinberg’s advanced music production system, Cubase Pro. The Artist edition combines audio and MIDI recording and production, with many creative tools and instruments. To complement the array of sounds and instruments already included in Cubase, HALion Sonic 3 also provides over 3,200 instrument sounds together with many effects for further audio processing.
Also included in the Steinberg Production Starter Kit are WaveLab LE 10 and Cubasis LE. Wave

Four draft TSP standards in public review
Tuesday, 9 June 2020

USA - Four draft standards have been posted for public review on ESTA's Technical Standards Programme website. Materially affected parties are invited to review them at
BSR E1.6-1, Powered Rigging Systems. ANSI E1.6-1 – 2019 is being opened for limited revision, with the scope of revisions applying only to section 6.6 of the standard. The revisions are necessary to correct errata in that section only. No other revisions will be considered or made at this time. Comments are due no later than 28 June.
BSR E1.39, Entertainment Technology - Selection and Use of Personal Fall Arrest Systems on Portable Structures Used in the Entertainment Industry. This standard establishes minimum requirements for the selection and use of personal fall arrest systems (PFAS) on portable structures in the entertainment industry. In addition, the standard establishes minimum requirements for products and portable structures used in the service of PFAS. The requirements for other methods used to protect workers from fall hazards such as safety nets, guard rails, and rope access techniques are not included in this standard. Comments are due no later than 28 June.
BSR E1.54, ESTA Standard for Colour Communication in Entertainment Lighting. The draft standard is a revision of the existing ANSI E1.54. It specifies a standardized way of specifying colour to facilitate the communications between lighting controllers and color-changing luminaires. The method is generic and is neither manufacturer-specific nor colour technology-specific

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Arts Sector Exposed - A cut in public funding has left the arts sector more exposed to the threat of COVID-19, new figures suggest. The latest Arts Index, published annually, showed public investment in arts per head of the population fell by 35% in the last decade. However, earned income by arts organisations from things like box office ticket sales increased by 47%.
The Arts Index is published by The National Campaign for the Arts (NCA), and acts as a snapshot report of the health of England's arts and culture. It is published in partnership with the Creative Industries Federation and King's College London and compares year-on-year figures using 20 key indicators.
The latest index, published on Monday, puts the recent figures in the context of the last decade, which saw a UK recession prompt a shift in the income streams for arts organisations.
After the 2008 financial crash, the arts sector witnessed a significant drop in public funding, business support and philanthropic giving. The chair of the NCA, Samuel West, said: "Arts organisations rose to the challenge following the financial crash; we salute them for increasing earned income in response to a triple whammy of cuts to public funding, business sponsorship and philanthropic giving.
"It's bitterly ironic that the arts sector's resourceful response to the 2008 financial crash is now the very thing that makes it vulnerable to the COVID-19 crisis, with theatres closed and income from tickets and bars dropping off a cliff."
Providence Pays - Sky News reports that

ayrtonAyrton appoints A17 distributor for Belarus
Monday, 8 June 2020

Belarus - Ayrton has announced A17 Stage Systems as its new, exclusive distributor for Belarus with immediate effect.
A17 Stage Systems was established in 2019 with the mission to service its customers’ projects from concept to completion using only the best, most reliable brands in the industry. The company is composed of experienced technicians with many years of expertise in the lighting, sound, rigging, staging, conferencing and video markets. Its customer base includes VVIP and government organisations.
“From the very beginning, A17 Stage Systems has hunted out the best brands in all areas of its activity,” says A17’s engineering director, Vitaly Kazakevich. “We look for future leaders, not just current brands, and see that Ayrton is a fast-growing company with interesting new technologies, and a very good, professional team.
“The Ayrton product range fills us with great confidence because all of its new products carry the ‘Ayrton DNA’ which guarantees a combination of superb quality and innovation across a range of products that serve all applications. It’s not only our team, but also our clients who feel this and we like it!”
A17 Stage Systems has plans to show the full range of Ayrton products in different regions of the country as soon as current health restrictions are lifted. In the meantime, the team is making good use of their industry contacts with local dealers and rental companies to introduce them to the Ayrton brand, whilst A17 has integrated Ayrton products into several of its own upcoming projects.

robert-juliat-sully-familyRobert Juliat reveals new Sully LED family
Monday, 8 June 2020

France - Robert Juliat has launched a new range of luminaires – and the latest introduction to its LED lines – Sully.
Sully is a new family of LED products based around the same exclusive 115W white LED engine, with an output that equals or exceeds that of a traditional 1kW tungsten fixture.
Robert Juliat has developed a new LED compartment which will enable customers to upgrade current traditional profile installations to LED by simply swapping the tungsten lamp base on their existing RJ 600SX Series for the new T650SX LED module. The new accessory is also compatible with Robert Juliat’s Aledin Series, Figaro, and Quincy, and with its tungsten Cricket and MSD Buxie followspots.
This new development is kinder to the planet as well as your budget. Any 600SX Series profiles can be transformed from tungsten to LED sources whilst retaining the iconic, ergonomically-designed, steel bodywork that has become synonymous with the Robert Juliat name. By simply changing your existing tungsten lamp base for a Sully T650SX LED base, you can have a new LED rig without the cost, inconvenience and waste of replacing your existing rig. What’s more, you can retain all your existing 600SX Series accessories (iris, gobo holders, etc…) which are compatible with the new module – recycling at its best! Your reward for helping to save the planet? Lower power consumption and running costs too!
The newly-developed Sully LED compartment is also the key element in a whole new range of fixtures from Robert Juliat which offers a choice of profiles, beam spots

robe-leisuretec-ukLeisuretec Pointes light Wigan’s DW Stadium
Monday, 8 June 2020

UK - Event production specialist Leisuretec UK, headed by Phil Jameson, has utilised imagination and resources to light up Wigan’s DW Stadium in a variety of vibrant colour combinations, showing support for the National Health Service (NHS), essential workers and various community initiatives as everyone pulls together to beat the coronavirus pandemic.
The venue is used by both Wigan Athletic football club and Wigan Warriors rugby league club, and Leisuretec UK is the preferred event technical supplier, which entails providing kit, services and crew for numerous corporate activities happening there – around two to three a week for most of the year.
With all that and other work on hold, the idea of firing up some lights started at the Leisuretec UK warehouse in support the UK’s weekly Thursday night Clap For Carers action which Phil illuminated with their 12 x Robe Pointes.
It is located in a mixed industrial / residential area, and, to his surprise, a bunch of the neighbours noticed the lighting and started coming out into their back gardens to get a better look, cheering him on!
That positive reaction made Phil think about taking the Pointes down to the stadium – which is a local landmark and a great source of pride in the area. Initially, he proposed a pilot session to venue manager Andy Birch to see how it would look.
The first week, the 12 Pointes were positioned on the roof of the stadium’s retail area and blasted beams into the sky which looked spectacular.
The second week they took the lights inside the stadium

aldridge-marketing-logoEAW appoints Aldridge to cover Texas
Monday, 8 June 2020

USA - Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has announced that Aldridge Marketing, Inc. (AMI) has been appointed as its manufacturer’s representative serving Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.
“Aldridge Marketing’s stellar reputation and proven results made them an obvious choice to be EAW’s representative in the South-Central U.S. region,” says TJ Smith, president for EAW. “We selected Aldridge because of their customer service as well as the company’s history of brand-building. We look forward to working together with Aldridge in creating long lasting relationships with our existing as well as new customers in the area.”
Based in Austin Texas, Aldridge Marketing is an AVL sales and marketing firm that has been serving the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana since 1992. AMI offers more than just products, it assists its customers throughout the entire sales process, including training, on-site demonstrations and evaluations as well as design assistance. EAW complements the other high-quality brands it represents in the AVL and MI industries.
“We are absolutely thrilled to represent EAW once again,” says Randall Aldridge, president, Aldridge Marketing. “Since we have worked with the brand, EAW has added several new product series that are perfect for our market. The new MKD Series is a great complement to the QX Series boxes and will work extremely well together in distributed systems for stadiums, arenas and HOW projects. Also, the new KF800 Series line arrays are a great complement to the line – not only do they

stage-rightStage Right lights 6 Feet Together concerts
Monday, 8 June 2020

USA - Over the last two months, Stage Right Lighting of Virginia Beach has been hosting a 6 Feet Together livestream concert series that has put some much needed joy and optimism into the live event community. Stage Right’s final livestream concert was held Saturday, 6 June and featured Celtic-inspired rock band The Fighting Jamesons.
The 6 Feet Together benefit concerts are streamed live from Stage Right Lighting's own studio and are decked out using their extensive inventory of lighting gear including Elation Proteus Rayzor 760 moving heads, Seven Batten 72 linear lights, ZW37 II moving heads, Cuepix 16IP matrix panels and Protron Eclypse multi-effect lights.
The 6 Feet Together benefit concerts raise money for out-of-work musicians and crews with donations going to Hampton Roads musicians and local stage technicians, as well as the technicians that make the 6 Feet Together series happen. Sponsorship opportunities are also available.

remotecheererYamaha trials remote reaction system
Monday, 8 June 2020

Japan - With competitive sport now returning ‘behind closed doors’ in several countries, a key problem is how to recreate the experience of passionate supporters, both for sporting participants and those cheering them on. To address this, two of Japan’s top professional football clubs recently helped Yamaha to trial its Remote Cheerer powered by SoundUD system at the 50,000-seat Shizuoka Stadium ECOPA.
The passion of a noisy crowd is an essential part of many sports, from team games like football, rugby and cricket, to racquet sports and all forms of racing. For the foreseeable future, returning sports will need to be played without supporters present. So, in May, Yamaha collaborated with the Júbilo Iwata and Shimizu S-Pulse football clubs to field test the new system in one of Japan's largest stadiums.
Remote Cheerer powered by SoundUD allows fans following a game remotely - via TV, radio or live stream - to have their cheers, clapping and other sounds of support broadcast at the venue. By tapping buttons on a smartphone application, their chosen sound is delivered via speakers placed around the pitch, court or course, with fans able to choose the part of the venue where their audio is delivered from.
For this first test, the system’s usability was tested by placing 58 speaker units around Shizuoka Stadium, with testers in multiple remote locations outside the stadium sending cheers, applause, booing, club chants and more via the app.
It was the first time Remote Cheerer powered by SoundUD had been trialled at an outdoor venue. In a

silversunCathcart lights Silversun with Chauvet DJ
Monday, 8 June 2020

USA - Eric Cathcart begins the design process by forming an idea for a distinct look in his head. Then he goes to his rental company contacts, does his best to describe his vision down to the smallest detail, and asks which fixtures in their inventory can help him achieve it.
This sums up what happened late last year when Cathcart envisioned expanding the look of his show to better reflect the free-flowing sound of Silversun Pickups. Understanding Cathcart’s inspiration as they did, his contacts at Upstaging recommended the COLORband PiX from CHAUVET DJ.
“I have been working with Silversun off and on since 2016,” said Cathcart, owner of Bigtime Lighting Design. “The album cycle started June of 2019 with a very minimal floor package, consisting of strobes and small movers. For the new year, I wanted to create a wall of light to close the gap between the floor package and the local production. Silversun’s music has a lot of dynamics with a lot of rhythmic underlying synth that I wanted to capture with the use of LED pixels.”
This goal led Cathcart to the COLORband PiX. “Given what I wanted to accomplish, I went straight to this fixture,” he said. “We took off the trunnions, and replaced them with eye bolts. Then we added in a few bits of aircraft cable, half-couplers, as well as some carabiners and straps - and presto, we had a wall of light.”
Cathcart arranged 28 COLORband PiX fixtures in seven columns of equal height. Pixel mapping the fixtures, each of which have 12 cells, he was able to create a constant stream of unique

wirelessmanagerAudio-Technica updates Wireless Manager
Monday, 8 June 2020

Europe - Audio-Technica has released the version 1.1.1 update of its Wireless Manager software, available for immediate download.
Wireless Manager is a Mac OS/Windows application for remote configuration, control, monitoring, spectrum management, and frequency coordination of compatible Audio-Technica wireless devices. For those customers who have A-T Wireless Manager previously installed the software will be automatically updated.
Updated features in version 1.1.1 include improved usability, layout and control; enhanced scrolling capability; improved visibility of all frequency coordinated devices; updated and expanded channel list reports; upgraded user tools; and minor bug fixes. The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 8.1, 10; macOS High Sierra (Version 10.13), macOS Mojave (Version 10.14).
A-T Wireless Manager software is compatible with all wireless devices operating in the UHF spectrum. When used with Audio-Technica 5000 Series (3rd Gen) and 3000 Series (4th Gen) with network control and monitoring, the software can coordinate and control all connected systems. The software can also interface with and monitor the latest 3000 Series networked chargers.
A-T’s updated Wireless Manager software (version 1.1.1) is available for download from Audio-Technica’s website.

layamahal-isaL-ISA brings object-based mixing to Rivage
Monday, 8 June 2020

France - L-Acoustics has announced that its L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology will soon be natively controllable via Yamaha Professional Audio’s entire line-up of Rivage PM digital mixing systems, including the newly launched PM5 and PM3, thanks to a DeskLink co-developed by the two manufacturers.
As a feature of Rivage PM firmware version 4.0, which will be released simultaneously with the PM5 (CS-R5) and PM3 (CS-R3) hardware in the coming months, DeskLink enables Yamaha’s newest consoles to be fully capable of controlling L-ISA mixes, just like their larger siblings, the flagship PM10 and PM7 mixing systems.
Within the Rivage PM desks, for every mono or stereo input channel, direct control of L-ISA Objects or Groups will be available on the console control surface and touch screens. The five main L-ISA parameters - Pan, Width, Distance, Elevation, and Aux send - will also be stored for each object in the console Scenes, with dedicated recall scope.
“More than three decades ago, Yamaha helped pioneer the digital mixer market, and has since remained one of the premier live console manufacturers,” says Sherif El Barbari, director of L-ISA Labs. “With the recent additions of the PM5 and PM3 to their Rivage range, Yamaha can now accommodate a much broader user base and allow them to each experience the future of live sound reinforcement in a very intuitive way, via L-ISA’s object-based mixing approach.”
“Yamaha is delighted to have been able to include L-ISA system control integration for the newly expanded Rivage PM


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