jsa-teamJSA Stage Company to distribute Sixty82
Monday, 1 April 2019

Latvia/Ukraine - In response to significant business growth across Europe, Sixty82, a manufacturer of trussing and staging systems, has announced it has entered into a strategic agreement with JSA Stage Company as its exclusive distributor for Latvia and Ukraine.
From this point forward, JSA will serve its customers by providing a complete range of Sixty82 solutions.
“JSA’s distribution with Sixty82 is a crucial step to better serving our customers in Latvia and Ukraine,” says CEO Fokko Smeding. “With their history of representing leading manufacturers of trussing and staging equipment, they have built an excellent reputation in the industry and form an opportune extension to our already existing distribution network. In the many years that we have worked together we have established mutual trust, which is crucial in this ever-changing industry.”
Alexander Strizhak, CEO of JSA, comments: “JSA has been working in this business for more than twenty years and has always used constructions from the best manufacturers in the field. Sixty82 is a new progressive brand on the market, with a lot of experience in the manufacturing of innovative technologies.”
He continues: “In addition, Fokko Smeding, the founder of Sixty82 is an extraordinary person, who put together an amazing team of professionals. Therefore we are extremely excited to present SIXTY82’s products to our potential customers and to start this journey with the Sixty82 team. I am sure that the Sixty82 products will be a great success in the market.”
(Jim Evans)

esdcubePL+S: KV2 launches compact ESD Cube
Monday, 1 April 2019

Germany - PL+S 2019 heralds the global launch of the most compact loudspeaker yet in the KV2 Audio range. The ESD Cube ultra-compact passive 5-inch loudspeaker utilises a trans-coil design for superior vocal reproduction, extended high frequency response, increased dynamic range and low distortion.
According to KV2’s founder and chief engineer, George Krampera, the ESD Cube’s design makes it stand out from the crowd sonically, even though physically it is designed to blend seamlessly into its environment.
“What sets the Cube apart from similar offerings by other manufacturers is the unique trans-coil technology incorporated into its 5-inch twin cone speaker,” he states. “We had already seen excellent results using our AIC technology in other, larger systems, and I was determined to develop it still further for the Cube. The results have been beyond even our own expectations with perfect phase response, increased dynamic range and the lowest distortion of any speaker in its class.”
The ESD Cube may be used as a standalone system with up to eight Cubes powered by a single ESP1000 amplifier or with the ESD1.10 single 10-inch passive subwoofer for applications requiring more low end reinforcement. One ESP1000 amplifier will run up to four Cubes and two ESD1.10s. A simple, proprietary flying bracket completes the system for a low profile look and easy installation.
KV2 Audio sales director, Dave Croxton, adds, “The Cube is our small solution to many of today’s big audio problems. How do you fill an area with high quality sound witho

impressionfr10barPL+S: GLP launches linear FR10 Bar
Monday, 1 April 2019

Germany - Following on from their X4 Bar series, GLP is introducing the FR10 Bar, a linear format fixture.
With a new optical system, the FR10 Bar uses a larger size output aperture, as featured in the impression FR1, giving a new look from a familiar style. The FR10 Bar contains 10 sources, each with a high output 60 Watt RGBW LED that colour matches with the entire GLP X4 and FR series of fixtures. Each individual source features smooth, full range colour mixing with strong, punchy output from a homogenised Fresnel lens. Along with individual colour control, the FR10 Bar contains a series of built-in colour macros and a large reference of industry standard colour filters.
The GLP FR10 Bar has a 10:1 ratio zoom range of 3.5 to 35 degrees, but what separates the FR10 from any other product on the market is the ability to control each of the zoom lenses individually and independently. This functionality brings a whole new level of creativity, design possibility and flexibility to the concept of linear lighting.
At its narrowest angles, the FR10 Bar produces clean, seamless flat sheets of light that are incredibly dramatic and piercingly beautiful, along with arrays of pin point beams of light. At wider angles, the FR10 Bar can wash areas and surfaces of stages, walls, cycloramas and much more. The addition of individual zoom control gives huge mid-air possibilities, along with the subtlety when needed, to get clear focus control on specific performance areas, at an individual pixel level.
The GLP FR10 can be rigged in any orientation and has i

lotoPL+S: Powersoft debuts raft of new products
Monday, 1 April 2019

Germany - Powersoft returns to Messe Frankfurt in force for this year’s Prolight + Sound (PL+S) with a full suite of industry audio solutions, including the new X4L amplifier; the LOTO DSP 1-2 in / 4 out Advanced DSP board; the DSP-Lite ETH 1-2 in / 3 out DSP interface; and an update for its Snapshot Selector mobile app.
The company’s stand, which can be found in Hall 8.0 (G40), will also feature some of its more established products, including the T Series amplifier platform.
As the latest addition to Powersoft’s range of amplifiers, the X4L, has been created to drive modern high SPL woofers that require very high voltage in order to deliver their full potential. The product is specifically designed to deliver up to 300 V (peak) to the loudspeakers, which translates to more audible impact from the music itself.
“In our research activity and during interactions with producers of loudspeaker components, it has become clear to us that this is the next logical step for the powering of these solutions,” said Klas Dalbjörn, Powersoft product manager.
Even in applications where high output voltage isn’t required by rental staging professionals, the X4L remains an extremely attractive product. This illustrated by the product’s ability to deliver the same or more power per loudspeaker while driving more cabinets in parallel when compared to other amplifiers, which will save users both money and truck space on portable applications.
LOTO is a 1-2 in / 4 out advanced processing board specifically designed to provide advanced DSP f

ki10-ki12PL+S: Outline majors on Monaco and more
Monday, 1 April 2019

Germany - Italian loudspeaker and FPGA-based technologies manufacturer Outline will be showcasing a series of new products at Prolight+Sound.
The new Monaco 215 CX SP is a powerful self-powered point-source system featuring 2 x 15” woofers plus a coaxial 3” diaphragm compression driver. Configured as a ‘two-and-a-half’ way system, this loudspeaker delivers audio performance approaching a three-way design with extended low frequency.
The built-in amplifier platform with four selectable EQ pre-sets and input gain enables to use this enclosure as part of a plug & play solution. The maximum available power from the amplifier module is 2 x 1500 W EIAJ at 8 ohm, 6000 W peak (total). The SPL is 140 dB (peak @ 1 m). Monaco is also available in passive version (Monaco 215 CX). Thanks to Outline’s exclusive internal crossover designs it can be driven by a single channel of amplification or can be bi-amped using two amplifier channels to drive the co-axial LF and Mid / HF sections separately.
The Ki-Series is an application-flexible compact loudspeaker concept designed for a broad range of installed applications. Both models (the Ki-12 and Ki-10) maximise efficiency and cost effectiveness with internal crossover networks, a small footprint, integral mounting points and very high SPL capability. Both products also feature another Outline first, a new design of rotatable waveguide. Many comparable loudspeakers offer this facility but Outline’s Ki-series are the first to allow the installer to quickly and easily rotate the entire horn and HF sec

toi-whakaariChauvet colours NZ drama school shows
Monday, 1 April 2019

New Zealand - Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School puts on six productions a year covering a range of genres, from drama, to comedy, to musicals. In 2019, these shows will not only be more rewarding for the community to watch, they’ll also afford students at New Zealand’s largest theatrical arts school with a more enriching learning experience, thanks to the addition of 55 Chauvet Professional Ovation fixtures, supplied by MDR Sound & Lighting.
“Colour mixing with LED fixtures is playing an increasingly important role in stage productions, so I think the school felt that adding these lights was essential to helping their students develop the skills needed to prepare for their future careers in theatre,” said MDR Sound & Lighting’s Brodie Noon. “The school received a Lotteries Grant to upgrade the kit in its main Te Whaea Theatre, which had consisted of generic tungsten units, enlivened by a number of Rogue R2 Washes that had been added in 2016.”
Based on its experience with the Rogue units, Toi Whakaari was interested in Chauvet Professional stage lighting. After comparisons were made with competing brands, the school elected to add 20 Ovation E-910FC RGBA-Lime colour-mixing ellipsoidals, 25 Ovation F-915FC RGBA-Lime Fresnels and 10 Ovation F-55FC and Ovation F-55FC 3-inch Fresnel-style units that are used for short throw applications.
“It’s been impressive to see the impact that the new kit is having on the school’s productions,” said Noon. “The light on the stage is much more even, and the colours are more realistic and

btsraffleLRLR raise funds for BTS at USITT raffle
Monday, 1 April 2019

USA - The Long Reach Long Riders (LRLR) celebrated their upcoming ride with a raffle and live auction to benefit Behind the Scenes during the USITT Stage Expo last week in Louisville, KY.
A myriad of activities including sales of raffle tickets, a live and silent auction, challenge grants, swag sales, and sales of Neal Preston’s books, posters and prints raised over $18,000 for the charity. The LRLR 2019 ride, dubbed the Altimeter Tour, starts on 7 July in Denver Colorado. The riders cover all their own expenses so everything they raise goes to the charity. Sponsor a rider today at www.behindthescenescharity.org/lrlr.
The booth featured a display of some of The Lightpower Collection’s photographs by Neal Preston including those of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Robert Plant, Bob Marley, Ray Charles and others.
Raffle festivities led off with the traditional kazoo parade led by Bill Sapsis and Eddie Raymond (yes, they were the T-Rex’s), and many of the LRLR. Following the parade, BTS Pledge-a-Product partners ETC (irFR and aRFR application for iOS and Android devices), ACT Lighting (The dot2 Series of Lighting Control Solutions from MA Lighting) and InCord (Theatrical Safety Netting Systems) presented checks from the sales of their products pledged to BTS.
Live auction items included a hand-tooled seam ripper and serving tray created by Shan and Trish Ayers, a special pack of Amberient’s industry trading cards which included a signed Richard Pilbrow Rookie card, and a hand crafted pen and pencil set donated by Indianapolis Stage in associ

adboceanPL+S: ADB highlights Ocean and Orkis
Monday, 1 April 2019

Germany - Ocean is an innovative lighting console, designed for theatres, opera houses and multi-purpose venues. The Ocean's most striking feature, as well as one of its main strong points, is its high-resolution touch screen, with a 70-cm-wide (27½-inch-wide) viewing area. It provides operators with full access to all functions and control of all parameters through a single screen, which greatly simplifies control desk ergonomics.
Due to its ultra-stretched display format, the console and screen itself are still very compact, both in depth and height. This means the operators have a perfect view of the stage from every angle, regardless of where they are sitting, and can place the console on small surfaces. Moreover, its shallow depth allows them to access the touch screen very easily.
The ergonomic and practical advantages of the Ocean, however, should not be allowed to overshadow the advanced software and hardware technology it is equipped with. For example, to respond to the ever-increasing need for multiple connections, it is the only console on the market with four Ethernet outputs, which means you no longer have to provide additional Ethernet access.
The Orkis is ADB’s new colour LED fresnel or pebble luminaire, which brings the modernity of innovative technology to the stage in a simple, versatile, heavy duty unit.
Its CRI remains stable at values of at least 97 thanks to a modern six-colour LED system and advanced software. The Orkis’s performance really comes into its own in colour production: the colour range obtainable is wid

tmb-conaPL+S: TMB offers new technology
Monday, 1 April 2019

Germany - This year, TMB introduces a wide range of products. The one-of-a-kind, multiple award-winning ProPlex IQ Tester LV will be on display for hands-on demos.
Also a tradition at select Messe Frankfurt shows, super-bright Solaris Flare IP fixtures will be seen lighting the Grandhotel Hessischer Hof facade, opposite the Messe main entrance, every night during the show. HD single-head and HR dual-head versions of the LED Flare IP are available for a variety of architectural applications and can be seen up close at our show stand.
Premiering this year is the latest member of the Solaris product family, the Solaris Flare 210 IP. First in the new Flare 200 Series, this compact, IP65 outdoor wash fixture features Flare brightness, brilliant colours, and ultra-smooth colour mixing at any distance – even skimming surfaces. Complementing the fixture are a complete range of sealed, holographic beam shaping accessories.
The ProPlex IQ range of data distribution devices now boasts three new Ethernet-DMX bidirectional nodes, each with double EtherCon ports, PoE power-in, and RSTP-enabled redundancy features. New models include the IQ Two 88 2x RackMount, IQ Two 66 2x PortableMount, and the newly designed IQ Two 1616 2x. To complement the entire IQ range, a new, full-featured version of the user-friendly ProPlex Software will be available for demonstration. Also, new to the ProPlex Devices range is the GBS Network Selector, a four-way Ethernet source selector/merger in a rugged ProPlex RackMount “blue-box” chassis.
Three new additions to the Pr

tourflexPL+S: Tourflex Cabling offers customisation
Monday, 1 April 2019

UK - Tourflex Cabling has invested in new state of the art machinery to provide customers with a service that offers even more customisation options for their cabling and connectors, including overmoulding, engraving and different colours.
Cabling and connectors can be overmoulded and sealed in a thermoset material, making them highly resistant to fluids – suitable for outdoor use. The overmould makes products more robust to withstand shock, vibration, and continual flexing without damage to the termination point. Customers can also opt to have their company logos moulded onto their connector to clearly identify it as their property.
Tourflex Cabling now has the capability to provide customer personalisation by laser engraving, allowing the customer’s logo or other information to be etched onto the side of a range of connectors. Engraving provides a permanent identification solution that will not fade or wear away over time.
The manufacturing service can also offer colour options for connector bodies and locking rings. When using a large number of cables, whether it is a live gig or a theatre show, it can be difficult to discern which cable is powering which equipment. Coloured connectors can be attributed to different equipment to make them easily recognisable and can be used to avoid cross connection.
Tourflex Cabling is exhibiting samples of its new offerings, as well as a range of other products (Hall 12.1, Stand D50).
(Jim Evans)

gdtfbuilderPL+S: Vectorworks GDTF 1.0 now available
Monday, 1 April 2019

Germany - On its first anniversary, the entertainment industry’s open file format, General Device Type Format (GDTF) version 1.0 is available. Through collective feedback from the GDTF founders, MA Lighting, Robe lighting and Vectorworks, Inc., as well as other participating manufacturers, the file format has received numerous updates since it was first introduced and can now be used by manufacturers around the world.
GDTF 1.0 and the My Virtual Rig (MVR) file format - which creates a two-way connection between planning, previz and console systems - are now implemented with Vectorworks 2019, Vision 2019 and grandMA3.
“A driving force for creating the GDTF was to fix a glaring problem of disconnected workflows for professionals within the entertainment community,” said Dr. Biplab Sarkar, CEO at Vectorworks, a global design and BIM software solutions provider. “With this latest version of GDTF, it marks a monumental step of this initiative with GDTF and MVR in our products.”
Previously in private beta, the web-based fixture builder, which allows manufacturers to create GDTF files for their fixtures, is updated in GDTF version 1.0 and available at https://gdtf-share.com/. The fixture builder also allows manufacturers and end users to create GDTF files for lighting fixtures. Manufacturers interested in moving forward with creating GDTF files for their fixtures can receive access to the fixture builder and a private beta of grandMA3 onPC xPort Node and grandMA3 onPC software to import GDTF and MVR files for testing their build process with rea

mydmx-go-ipadADJ debuts DMX control system
Monday, 1 April 2019

USA - ADJ has announced the expansion of its range of DMX control solutions with the introduction of the mydmx GO tablet-based system. Designed for use by mobile entertainers and for installation in bars, leisure venues and small nightclubs, this revolutionary new lighting control system is extremely powerful but also incredibly easy to use.
ADJ’s mydmx GO combines an app-based control surface with a compact interface that connects wirelessly to an Apple, Android or Amazon Fire tablet and provides a standard 3-pin XLR output for connection to a lighting system. Thanks to its design, the mydmx GO app requires no programming but can be used to create synchronized lightshows across any combination of DMX compatible lighting fixtures.
The app is supplied pre-programmed with a wide variety of easily customizable effects which can be used on any type of fixture. It features a distinctive layout that is built around two FX wheels – one for colour chases and one for movement patterns – which each contain eight effect options. These can be selected independently, customized (by altering the colour palette, speed, size, shift and fan) and combined to create a vast number of different unique effects which can then be stored for instant recall to one of 50 user-defined presets.
In addition to the main FX wheel controls, dedicated buttons are also included within the interface for GOBO, Iris, Zoom and Prism. This allows the software to be used to control even professional-caliber moving head fixtures with advanced feature-sets. There are also five ‘flash

PL+S: WORK upgrades LightShark software
Monday, 1 April 2019

Germany - WORK PRO has announced a significant software upgrade for its LightShark DMX-based hardware lighting console, resulting in major improvements to its features and functionality. The company has also revealed that from April 2019, LightShark users can purchase a new bundle incorporating a Capture Visualizer licence from Capture Sweden.
WORK PRO’s software version 1.1.2, which is available as a free download from the company’s website, makes LightShark even more intuitive and responsive by giving end users enhanced control over a much wider range of features.
“Since launching LightShark in 2017 we have paid close attention to the functionality of our software and have already incorporated numerous upgrades,” says Juan Jose Vila, CSO of Equipson, WORK PRO’s parent company. “Software version 1.1.2 seamlessly integrates all of these developments and adds many more, thus considerably improving the user experience.”
Available in two versions - the LS-1, which includes a hardware console, and the more affordable LS-Core – LightShark is an intermediate lighting control product that offers completely integrated hardware and software control via smartphones and tablets. It can handle up to 4192 DMX channels and works with industry-standard DMX and Artnet lighting protocols, enabling easy integration into existing production environments and lighting rig.
“LightShark is changing the lighting landscape by offering an incredible range of features at an exceptionally low price point,” Vila adds. “LightShark’s software is very

grand-theatreStage Electrics supplies Grand Theatre sound
Friday, 29 March 2019

UK - Opened in 1894, the Grand Theatre Wolverhampton is one of the city’s finest examples of Victorian architecture. Next year will see it celebrate its 125th anniversary and whilst much of its original façade remains intact, its technical infrastructure has undergone significant upgrades, most recently with a visually discrete yet powerful K-array KY102 PA and DiGiCo’s latest SD12 digital mixing console, provided by specialist installer, integrator and reseller Stage Electrics.
The origins of the project date back to the end of 2017, when the theatre’s head of lighting and sound Anthony Aston and Mark Ryal, associate director technical services, contacted Stage Electrics’ audio division and spoke to audio specialist Jamie Gosney to discuss a new sound system. It has been a truly collaborative process that has, Anthony asserts, delivered exceptional results.
“Our system was 20 years old and really needed replacing,” Anthony recalls. “We had a budget in mind, so we looked at the options that were available. What could we get straight out of the box that would fit our requirements?”
Stage Electrics had had great success at Bristol Hippodrome, Kings Theatre Glasgow, Edinburgh Playhouse and the Royal Opera House with K-array systems, so Jamie introduced the Italian manufacturer to the Wolverhampton team.
“They hadn’t heard of K-array before and asked if there was anywhere they could hear it, so I sent them to Bristol Hippodrome to listen to their KP102 system,” Jamie continues. “They loved the sound of the system but wer

cti-multiverse-wireless-dmx-demo-at-usittPL+S: City Theatrical stages live demonstrations
Friday, 29 March 2019

Germany - City Theatrical will be demonstrating new technology in Hall 12.1, Booth B12 at Prolight + Sound 2019. Live demonstrations by City Theatrical will include wireless DMX technology with the award-winning Multiverse family of wireless DMX/RDM products, extended DMX control with Pathway Connectivity controllers and other solutions.
Also featured will be troubleshooting with the DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool, bright and flexible linear LED lighting with QolorFLEX NuNeon, plug and play pixel control with QolorPIX, ultimate colour blending and control with QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED Tape and QolorFLEX 5x8A Dimmers.
Each product demo will showcase how the product can be used for professional theatre, TV, and film projects, as well as architectural installations.
Multiverse marks the fifth generation of City Theatrical's engineering development for wireless DMX technology. The Multiverse system can deliver more data while reducing the amount of radio energy required for wireless DMX by as much as 90%, enabling scalability never possible before. Every product in the Multiverse system is built around a tiny radio, the Multiverse Module, which can carry up to five universes of data, depending on the frequency used.
Due to their low cost, increased data transport, and ease of design integration, the Multiverse Module marks the first time that the implementation of a wireless DMX chip in every DMX device is possible.
The Multiverse SHoW Baby is the fourth generation of the original plug and play wireless DMX transceiver system by City Theatrica

alcons-lichtfest-stage-nightAlcons amplifies Leipzig Lichtfest
Friday, 29 March 2019

Germany - Since 2009, the city of Leipzig has been commemorating the peaceful revolution annually on 9 November, that started from the Saxon metropolis and made a significant contribution to the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989. As in previous years, more than 15,000 people gathered on the Augustplatz between the Gewandhaus and the Opera.
On behalf of the Leipzig Tourism and Marketing GmbH (LTM), ils medientechnik once again assumed overall responsibility for all technical support. After ils had successfully implemented the large-format LR28 line array of the Dutch manufacturer Alcons Audio at a major event in the autumn, managing director Thomas Ils again opted for the "big silverware" at Lichtfest.
The main stage was placed in front of the opera, where a moving synthesis of sound, spoken theatre and speeches was realised. The staging focused on women this year.
Conductor Eva Meitner conducted the Free Orchestra Leipzig, consisting exclusively of female musicians and formed for the occasion. Only works by female composers were performed with one exception. Actresses and contemporary witnesses conveyed the female perspective on the events of autumn 1989 and the role of women in the civil rights movement.
ils medientechnik was responsible for the entire technical implementation and supplied all necessary equipment. In addition, the team led by the managing directors Thomas and Mario Ils also supplied the technical advice for the artists.
The main PA hangs consisted of two 15 Alcons LR28, the large-format pro-ribbon line array sy

2-firRCF releases updated RDNet software
Friday, 29 March 2019

Europe - RCF has announced the release of RDNet software version 3.1. The RDNet Networked Management System sees much improvement such as direct control of the on-board hi-pass filter, and new Shape Designer and Bass Shaper function. With total integration among hardware components - transducers, amplifiers, DSP and inclination - RDNet is one of the most advanced sound system management software packages in the industry.
RDNet now integrates a straight-forward prediction feature to assist with line array set-up in simple systems. The software performs a two-dimensional calculation providing system curvature, system rigging point, and cabinet angles.
The new RCF Bass Shaper tool helps the sound system engineer adjust the desired timbre on low frequencies. With three slides and a few steps, it is easy to correct the low-end behaviour, maintaining a tonal balance across the entire system.
RDNet takes direct control on the internal high-pass filter on each cabinet, improving system flexibility and simplifying satellite-to-subwoofer phase alignment.
The interface is improved for faster adjustments, with high contrast colours and comfortable controls for touchscreen devices. New views like the single channel equalisation view are added.
(Jim Evans)

zero-88-prolight-2019-product-collectionPL+S: Zero 88 highlights multifunctionality
Friday, 29 March 2019

Germany - UK lighting control manufacturer and specialist Zero 88 highlights four new multifunctional products at Prolight 2019 on Stand E52 in Hall 12, alongside its German distributor Ultralite.
These are Betapack 4 - one product with six dynamic variants; the ZerOS Server - one product with three different uses; new Data Distribution products – the first of a complete new range, and the latest ZerOS 7.9.5 software release for all ZerOS consoles.
Zero 88’s robust Betapack has served the entertainment and installation industry for 30 years. Betapack 4 builds on this heritage and experience with a solution for distributing both dimming and “hot power”, suitable for a mixed rig featuring both tungsten and LED fixtures – all in one single, affordable device.
Each 10A channel provides a dimmed /and a “hot power” socket for simple and easy power distribution around any venue or space. New variants include Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 TOP and a CEE17 / 15a split unit. The versatile design allows the unit to be 19” rack mounted, wall mounted or portable and there are also a number of carried options to suit all scenarios and environments.
The new ZerOS Server is a slimline 1RU fully featured lighting control system for use in performance installations and networks requiring show replay, tracking backup or architectural system integration. One product can be used for three primary actions:
Show replay – it can be a stand-alone or remotely triggered controller for permanent installations such as building facades, landscapes or them

nx-4-1PL+S: Obsidian to show powerful NX 4
Friday, 29 March 2019

Germany - Obsidian Control Systems will be showcasing the powerful NX 4 lighting controller and will be providing a first look at the new DYLOS pixel composition engine. Designers, programmers and operators are invited to Hall 12.1, D56-58 for a look and hands-on demo of this newest console in the intuitive ONYX platform and have the opportunity to get a first-ever look and hands-on demo of the new creative possibilities with DYLOS.
Equipped with a range of professional features and using the latest in industrial components, the NX 4 is designed to handle even the largest show with ease. With a well-arranged combination of motorized and manual faders, along with an array of playback buttons, the NX 4 offers 44 total playbacks in a compact yet extremely powerful package.
The NX 4 includes a high-brightness, 15.6”, full-HD multi-touch screen with support for two external 4K touch displays. Eight assignable parameter encoders, a dedicated Intensity encoder, an assistive mini-touch screen, full keypad and command section, and a dedicated grand master make for a dutifully intuitive control surface.
Two independent playback sections offer instant access. The main playback with 10 motorized faders plus 10 play-pairs allow for quick page changes while the sub playback with 12 faders and 12 button playbacks mean that important cues are always at your fingertips.
The DYLOS preview is “the first of many exciting steps for the ONYX platform to provide a comprehensive toolset of dynamic fixture animation, exciting content generators and powerful med

vericalPL+S: Data Strategy showcases VeriCal
Friday, 29 March 2019

Germany - At this year’s Prolight + Sound show, Data Strategy will demonstrate its innovative safety test and logging systems for the event and media production industries, showcasing for the first time in Europe its VeriCal system for the QC-Check workstation.
VeriCal provides a complete inspection of the QC-Check system to ensure that it is working within its operational specifications. The add-on is the latest Data Strategy product to combine hardware with intelligent software ensuring the appliance test units within the QC-Check Workstation produce verified and accurate results.
A typical QC-Check workstation will also be demonstrated, employing the advanced, heavy-duty electrical safety test capabilities of Out Board’s PAT-4 and CAB-5 automated portable appliance testers and cable testers. QC-Check fulfils all PAT, cable and RCD testing required under UK and International regulations including VDE 0701 & 0702 and IEC PT 62638 (Recurrent test and test after repair and modification of electrical equipment).
The latest version of QC-Check and Out Board’s testers address the ever-increasing focus on electrical safety and quality standards in the entertainment, media and presentation industries, with the added benefit of enhanced workflow efficiency. Out Board’s PAT-4 Test Processor comes in single-phase and 3-phase versions with 16A, 32A and 125A variants; add-on CAB-5 modules allow testing of power, control and data cables from 5-100 cores.
QC-Check uses an SQL database to record the test results to provide a comprehensive audit

ssl-sixanglehigh-560SSL SiX desktop mixer now available
Friday, 29 March 2019

UK - Solid State Logic and UK distributor Sound Technology have announced the immediate availability of the SiX desktop mixer. SiX is a classic SSL design, with a carefully considered feature set that is driven by an obsessive desire for total flexibility, to encompass every creative eventuality. It carries the DNA of 40 years of expertise in creative studio workflow.
As a condensed professional console for use in the studio, in post-production, on stage, and for podcasting, SiX offers big console sound and an impressive set of utility features in a format that is small enough to stick in a bag. SiX offers two recording channels with SuperAnalogue mic pres, an essential one knob version of the classic SSL Channel Compressor, a new two-band Channel EQ, inserts and 100mm faders.
There is a two-knob version of the G-Series Bus Compressor on the main mix bus and the unique Listen Mic Compressor on the Talkback. In mixdown mode it is a very capable twelve channel summing system that offers analogue detail, depth and width to your mixes.
“With over 30 years’ involvement in the design of SSL consoles, when developing the concept of SiX, I really thought hard on what our users appreciate about our larger consoles; what helps their workflow and delivers quality results for them” comments Niall Feldman, SSL director of new products. “The big challenge then was how to deliver those values and features in a compact product. Working with a great team and focussing on audio quality, workflow and flexibility, the resultant SiX mixer is one our proudest a

ron-stagemaster-8000PL+S: Eilon launches Ron StageMaster 8000
Friday, 29 March 2019

Germany - Eilon Engineering will show the new Ron StageMaster 8000 hoist load cell. This patent-pending load cell turns any hoist into a smart hoist, allowing for greater motion control, safer handling of complex loads, advanced data acquisition, increased productivity and reduced downtime.
Hanging tons of lighting, sound and video equipment above spectators and performers involves great responsibility. With ever-increasing load weight and movement, complex lifting of expensive equipment requires a highly accurate and advanced single/multi-point load monitoring solution. The Ron StageMaster 8000 can fit any hoist and is a solution for safe and advanced motion control, industrial automation and complex lifting. It easily retrofits to existing hoists and includes a chain compensation mechanism, adjusting for hoist imbalance as the chain accumulates in the bag.
Two new load monitoring solutions are available: a donut hoist load cell with high load cell accuracy of 0.25% and zero headroom loss, and a hook hoist load cell with high load cell accuracy of 0.1% and minimal headroom loss. High load cell accuracy is crucial for early detection of overloads the moment they start to develop and allows for quick, preventive action like rebalancing the loads while minimal headroom loss is critical for indoor use.
The Ron StageMaster 8000 is not only increases load safety, it can also reduce costs by justifying lower insurance premiums. The new Ron StageMaster 8000 is compatible with wireless Ron StageMaster 6000 and wired Ron StageMaster 5000 systems.

thrice1Chauvet adds extra dimension to Thrice shows
Thursday, 28 March 2019

USA - California-based Thrice seems to move effortlessly in multiple musical directions at once, weaving elements of punk, alternative, hardcore, and even indie rock into their passion-driven and beautifully balanced sound. This virtuosity has earned the quartet an ever-expanding following, so it came as no surprise when they were tapped to provide direct support for Bring Me The Horizon on the US leg of the UK band’s First Love tour, which ended in February.
The tour, which stopped at larger live music venues and small arenas, allowed Thrice to reach more music fans. At the same time, though, it also raised some issues for the band’s lighting designer Lenny Sasso, who had to contend with short breakdown times. He was able to meet this challenge and create a dynamic, multi-faceted lightshow by drawing on the compact size and versatility of Chauvet Professional Rogue R1 FX-B and Rogue R2 Wash fixtures, supplied by Squeek Lights.
“Being on this tour was a great experience, but I had to make adjustments since we were a direct support act,” says Sasso. “I had to make sure my rig rolled on and off seamlessly and fast, so having things set up on carts that Squeek provided was a lifesaver. I created a loom that had connections directly at the back of each cart. As soon as the set was over, stagehands were able to just break the connection at the cart and roll it right off stage. It worked out perfectly. Also, the luxury of having half my fixtures pre-rigged was great.”
It wasn’t just the cart arrangement that aided Sasso in dealing with the

pearl-hartstynesightphotographyAllen & Heath in the mix at SXSW 2019
Thursday, 28 March 2019

USA - From bar band performances to the ‘hot-ticket’ sets, Allen & Heath was once again all over this year’s South by Southwest Music and Media Conference (SXSW) in Austin, Texas.
Mixers from across the whole range were in attendance, from ZED, Qu, and SQ mixers in lively bars, through to the flagship digital dLive system, powering events like Billie Eilish’s pre-supernova set at the Uber Eats House and the eclectic new music British Music Embassy (BME) showcase.
Hosted at Latitude 30, the BME events highlight the best up and coming British musical talent, with four nights in partnership with BBC Music. Some of the standout acts on the bill this year included Annabel Allum, Grace Carter, The Pearl Harts, The Howl & The Hum and recent Brit Award winner, Sam Fender.
Running at a rapid-fire pace, the BME showcases welcome a new act and engineer every 40-minutes, the frenetic turnarounds facilitated in part by dLive’s interface and extensive built-in processing.
“Time and time again, visiting engineers are blown away by how quickly they can get up-and-running on a dLive and have the confidence to deliver the set,” comments Léon Phillips, Allen & Heath’s live sound & touring manager. “In a high-pressure environment with serious technical requirements, it’s a testament to dLive’s slick workflow that engineers can walk up and mix with just a few minutes’ orientation.”
To deliver the performances, the BME kit list included three independent dLive systems, linked together via gigaACE to cover FOH, monito


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