green-hippoHippotizer in command at Panorama Museum
Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Egypt - Green Hippo reports that its Hippotizer Media Servers are driving a range of custom high-resolution displays at the newly renovated Panorama 6th October Museum in Cairo, which commemorates the 6 October War of 1973.
Using Hippotizer’s advanced mapping capabilities and flexible third-party integration options, local AV specialist Audio Technology was able to meet the many challenge of this complex installation, which includes custom HD projection mapping solutions in three interior halls, as well as on the outside of the building itself. The museum is now able to pursue its educational remit with a full-day entertainment program which brings the history of this troubled period back to vivid life for audiences of all ages.
The building’s exterior is the projection surface for 4k resolution content, mapped and fed to six high-power 30,000 lumen laser projectors by a Hippotizer Karst+ Media Server. Inside, three halls feature high-resolution projection. In Hall 1’s 150-seat 5D cinema, a Hippotizer Amba+ provides full HD, 3D stereoscopic content, while in Hall 3 a Hippotizer Boreal+ feeds a 10K resolution U-shaped display, via six 13,000 lumens Christie Digital laser projectors, filling the audience’s visual field for a truly immersive experience.
Finally, in Hall 4, another Hippotizer Boreal+ provides Full HD content for an immersive, 360° projection using nine 10,000 lumen Christie Digital laser projectors. Here, the footage features scenes from Egypt’s more recent political times - the 2011 and 2013 revolutions.
“Mounting, b

pakistan-super-leagueBild Studios invests in disguise hardware
Tuesday, 29 October 2019

UK - disguise studio partner and workflow specialists, Bild Studios has invested in the new gx 2c hardware.
Bild is a London-based visual engineering studio with credits including the opening ceremony for the Pakistan Super League, where 50 minutes of AR graphics replaced traditional pre-rendered content that usually is mapped onto projection surfaces or LED screens inside the venue.
Founders David Bajt and Rowan Pitts have been working with disguise for over 10 years, delivering hundreds of software training sessions globally, while also using the technology on some of their most ambitious projects.
“We've always put a lot of effort and detail into the pre-production, where precise system designs and creative content workflows are developed. We see ourselves living in the great world between tech and cutting-edge visual design, advising people and companies from both technical and creative backgrounds ” David Bajt says.
On top of their existing fleet of disguise servers, Bild has invested in the latest in the gx range, the gx 2c. “We see now more than ever that there is an increasing need for real-time content and interactivity in production design, opening up huge possibilities for replacing traditional pre-rendered content.” With this latest investment, Bild are hoping to utilise it towards further exploring xR shows and interactive installations as well as serving as a rock-solid master server on very demanding shows.
“The requirements for higher resolutions and added photo-realism are increasing, and for that, we simply n

timallisonlucagiannichris-mcaleeseNewton processes Mariah Carey in Dubai
Tuesday, 29 October 2019

UAE - Protec recently took delivery of the first Outline Newton in the region. Newton product specialist Middle East Luca Gianni helped to organise a demo in the field during an event in KSA and hosted a complete in-depth training course exclusively dedicated to Protec technicians, to ensure that the new processor’s possibilities were exploited to the utmost and the team was able to make the best possible use of its great processing capacity and versatility.
Tim Allison, head of Protec’s audio department, stated that the Newton processor would be put to use on large-scale events in the UAE and KSA, and continued, “I envisage the Newton as an integral part of all our FOH main processing racks.”
Luca Gianni confirms: “The Protec team is highly qualified and will definitely make the very most of the Newton, thus increasing the company’s in the field and particularly during festivals and large-scale events.”
One such event that gave Protec the opportunity of immediately putting the Newton through its paces was the Mariah Carey concert, held on 20 October at Burj Park - part of the celebrations of the One Year To Go Expo 2020 campaign.
Gianni concludes: “For a product specialist, explaining the technology and features to a team of professionals is always extremely satisfying and this was definitely a truly great start for a long-lasting collaboration with one of the largest production companies in the Middle East.”
(Jim Evans)

you-can-danceVari-Lite’s VL2600 Profile in the spotlight
Tuesday, 29 October 2019

USA - Multiple EMMY Award-winning lighting designer Bob Barnhart chose 80 VL2600 Profile luminaires from Vari-Lite as his “workhorse” tool for the 16th season of Fox’s popular TV show, So You Think You Can Dance. The new LED fixtures helped Barnhart to deliver an endless variety of looks in the tightest of time-frames.
Produced by 19 Entertainment, Dick Clark Productions and Conrad Sewell Productions, the show sees around 900 dancers compete to be declared “America's favourite dancer”. During the show’s final stages Barnhart needed to light almost 80 dances, usually with just 20 minutes available to decide each different design.
“The challenge is keeping the different looks fresh, so we try to use lighting equipment that can do a wide variety of things,” says Barnhart. “A ‘workhorse’ in this situation is much more valuable to me than a ‘one trick pony’.”
Key to that flexibility is the fixture’s framing capability. “The shutters give us a whole new tool to play with,” says Barnhart. “It’s been really helpful in finding that variety we need to separate each dance.”
In addition, Barnhart praises the camera-friendly features of the VL2600’s light output and color temperature control. “I really like the VL2600’s flat field and consistent color temperature,” he says. “The VL2600, with that consistency, and tools like the variable CTO, is good to have in your workbox.”
Completing in September 2019, the 16th season of So You Think You Can Dance was won by Bailey Muñoz.

boomtown-pagoda-plaza-stage-copyright-oz-jefferiesProlights raises the roof at Boomtown
Tuesday, 29 October 2019

UK - Lighting designer Elliot Baines of Spiralstagelighting utilised Prolights Panorama IP Airbeam moving beam and Panorama IP WBX wash lights to raise the roof for DJ sets on the main stage in the Metropolis district of Boomtown – one of the UK’s largest independent festivals.
Held for five days at the scenic Matterley bowl estate in Hampshire, the 66,000 capacity event fuses “immersive theatre and arts with a global, genre-spanning music bill”. During the festival, its 14 fully immersive districts come together as a fictitious city with its own story narrative.
In the futuristic Metropolis district, the main Pagoda Plaza outdoor stage’s eclectic global bill included US house DJ, Kenny Dope, techno from Dr Rubenstein, retro house grooves from Sally C, electronica from Horse Meat Disco, and soulful disco from The 2 Bears.
For Elliot’s lighting design, he and co-operator, Christian Smith utilised Prolights Panorama IP Airbeam discharge moving beams and Panorama IP WBX LED wash lights to work up the crowd with massive beams and eye candy pixel-mapping wash effects during the hi-energy sets.
He comments: “I decided to use the Panorama Airbeams after being very impressed by their massive output last year. They are absolutely incredible and one of my favourite beam fixtures because of their brightness. We really got a lot out of them compared to other stages using many more beam lights!”
Elliot was also impressed by the Panorama IP WBX LED wash lights, which he used for the first time. “We loved the pixel-mapping effects, w

ben-vos-large-size-9665Black Coffee backs Hilton Arts Festival
Tuesday, 29 October 2019

South Africa - With limited funds available for festivals in South Africa, it takes people who are able to give of their time and resources to keep the arts alive and to support the organizers who so tirelessly give of themselves. One such individual, is Brandon Bunyan of Black Coffee, a Durban-based technical supply company. Black Coffee is the main technical sponsor of The Hilton Arts Festival.
This year, the show was hosted from 13 to 15 September at Hilton College in KwaZulu Natal. In the early days Bunyan worked on the event as a young technician and for the past 16 years, Black Coffee has sponsored gear and technicians to the Hilton Arts Festival which has grown from one to eight performance art display venues, making it the second largest festival in the country.
“I first became involved because of my passion for theatre, to keep in the theatre game as a marketing tool for Black Coffee and also because we could at the time,” says Bunyan. “The festival was much smaller and we could actually manage it. I don’t think other companies were really interested back then. Today it’s huge.”
Hilton College’s Main theatre is the only proper venue at the festival that is equipped with hanging positions, power and existing lighting and sound. Black Coffee has the task of transforming spaces such as classrooms, examination rooms, sport centres, the art block, marquees and seminar rooms, into makeshift theatres or exhibition areas. “Some productions that come along will suit a lecture room which will then be turned into a little theatre, bu

eddie-izzard-wps-press-2Capital’s WPS array debuts with Eddie Izzard
Tuesday, 29 October 2019

UK - Martin Audio has announced the first sale of its new Wavefront Precision WPS array into the rental community. The 8” ultra-compact system -featuring scalable resolution optimisation technology - met the requirements of its premier partner, Capital Sound, and has gone out on Eddie Izzard’s UK and Ireland tour.
Izzard has toured with Martin Audio PAs on many occasions in the past, but it was his sound engineer Alan Behr, a fan of the Multi-cellular Loudspeaker Array (MLA) technology on which it is based, who had requested the brand.
However, looking at the tour itinerary, Capital realised that while some venues would require the comedian to play through existing house systems, in others the restricted rigging and loading points would preclude the hanging of heavy incoming rigs.
Capital account manager Robin Conway comments: “We had to look at lighter options, and besides that, we had been wanting to replace our old W8LM for a while. The 10” MLA Compact would have been too big and the 6” MLA Mini too small, whereas the 8” WPS was light weight, flexible and used MLA technology which Alan liked, so it ticked all the boxes.”
He noted that some venue rigging points would only support a few hundred kilos but with each WPS weighing just 27kg, a 12-box hang each side could easily be accommodated. The rig is powered by Capital’s newly-acquired Martin Audio iKON iK42 amplifiers in the most efficient 1-box resolution, to provide ultimate control. The WPS is supported by four Martin Audio SX218 subs, two per side, with six DD6 front fil

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Property Moves - An immersive Monopoly experience is the first show to be announced under a new partnership between Selladoor Worldwide and games company Hasbro Inc. The collaboration will see the theatre company and Hasbro adapt more boardgames into live experiences in the future. While further productions have not yet been confirmed, other boardgames in Hasbro’s portfolio include Cluedo, Risk, Trivial Pursuit, Twister and Operation.
Monopoly will run at a location in London which is yet to be announced in 2020. The experience will include a 75-minute segment where teams will compete to win tasks in order to move along the board, buy properties, and attempt to win the game. Features from the game including famous London landmarks, chance, community chest and jail will all be “brought to life” in a space that will also feature cafes, bars and shops.
David Hutchinson, chief executive of Selladoor Worldwide, said: “We’ve been working for over a year with Hasbro on this exciting partnership, developing our concept and vision to bring one of the world’s biggest board game brands to life in this thrilling experiential theatre landscape. Trends in our sector are moving in a very exciting direction with demand from a new generation of theatregoers looking to experience live theatre differently, and to be immersed in the world of the narrative in a different way.”
Vice-president of location-based entertainment at Hasbro, Matt Proulx, added: “Launching the Monopoly experience in London n

bethesda1Live for Broadcast shortlist announced for KOI-USA
Monday, 28 October 2019

USA - The organising committee of the 2019 Knight of Illumination Awards USA (KOI-USA) has announced the third and final shortlist for this year's awards.
KOI-USA honours the talents and achievements of lighting and video designers for their work across the United States in the sectors of Theatre, Concert Touring & Events, and Live for Broadcast. The judging panel in the Live for Broadcast category have reviewed this year's submissions and selected the final shortlist of nominees, which is as follows:
The Vari-Lite Award for Awards Show
Jon Kusner for Billboard Music Awards 2019
Jon Kusner for CMA Awards 2018
Tom Sutherland for People's Choice Awards 2018
The Green Hippo Award for Digital Content
Trevor Burk for CMA Awards 2018
Yussef Cole, Michelle Higa Fox, Jorge Peschiera & Marc Janowitz for Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj (Netflix)
Drew Findley for Breakthrough Prize Awards 2018
The ARRI Award for Unscripted Series
Oscar Dominguez for The Voice - Season 16
Dan Rousseau for Cuomo Prime Time (CNN)
Kieran Healy for American Idol - Season 2 (ABC)
The Ayrton Award for Live Performance Special (Music)
Mike Grabowski for MTV Push: Billie Eilish episode
Joshua Hutchings for Amazon Prime Day Concert
Christien Methot for Kelly Clarkson Performs at US Opening Night 2018
The Astera Award for Live Performance Special (Non-Music)
Steve Brill & Monica Rose for Funeral of Former President

astera-lord-of-the-flies-1-0887Astera Titans light Lord of the Flies
Monday, 28 October 2019

Australia - Lighting designer Alex Berlage used 36 Astera Titan Tube battery-powered wireless LED fixtures, each rigged on two individual winches, to produce a range of lighting, location effects, architecture and scenic elements for a new production of Lord of The Flies staged at Roslyn Packer Theatre by the Sydney Theatre Company.
Directed by Kip Williams, the production has been acclaimed for many aspects including its diverse mixed gender 11-person adult cast who brought new energy and insight into William Golding’s tense psychological novel that explores some brutal, uncomfortable and uncompromising issues related to chaos, power and human behaviour.
Alex is a theatrical director as well as a lighting designer and he’s constantly looking at different and more spatial ways to use lighting for building dramaturgic foundations and challenging some of the more traditional rules of lighting. “The Tubes were almost like cast members,” he explains, “transcending the set, lighting and direction.”
Each tube was flown on the two individually controlled Orbisfly winches so they could be used to change shape and definition of the space and interact with the cast. Towards the end of the play, eight were unclipped from their catenary flying wires and used as luminous sticks by the cast.
It’s the first time that Alex has utilised Astera products in one of this shows, and the decision came when he, Kip and set designer Elizabeth Gadsby had all decided that a wireless kinetic lighting element would assist in creating the specific desi

harmanclourdworxbannerpressrelease1920x950Harman launches CloudworX Manager
Monday, 28 October 2019

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has introduced CloudworX Manager, the first application from its cloud-based CloudworX software.
CloudworX Manager is a browser-based (available from utility that unifies the configuration, deployment and monitoring of Harman professional audio, video, control and lighting systems. Initial supported devices include the AMX by Harman Acendo Core meeting space collaboration system as well as AMX Acendo Book scheduling touch panels.
Key features include support for private or single sign-on accounts; sorting, filtering and searching of discovered devices; simultaneous configuration of like or unlike devices; simple connection of local installations using CloudworX Gateway software; device firmware management; and template creation and deployment.
Future applications are being developed to offer additional design and management capabilities. All CloudworX applications will share the same support pillars - unifying disparate platforms into a single ecosystem, integrating the industry’s most reputable and well-regarded security protocols and delivering a resplendent, second to none user experience.
“CloudworX Manager represents a first look at the power of the CloudworX platform,” says Iain Gregory, director of software, Harman Professional Solutions. “With a simple firmware update, CloudworX brings mass configuration to the existing Acendo Book and Acendo Core devices. As more products are supported and additional software applications are added to the suite, CloudworX will el

tdcc11101902arenajoeokpako-108Brit Row backs Two Door Cinema Club
Monday, 28 October 2019

UK - Northern Ireland’s new wave indie pop returned to touring with their fourth studio album, False Alarm, continuing a worldwide relationship with Britannia Row Productions. At FOH is Ian Laughton, a long-time Britannia Row customer who has live engineered the Club’s shows for over five years.
“A great thing about mixing this band is that they want you to put your own stamp on it. They want a pretty different vibe compared to their recorded sound, and I love that; I have to be able to put my own touch on whatever I work on,” says Laughton, who works closely with monitor engineer Steve Donovan.
The band’s engineers are joined by Britannia Row’s seasoned system tech Cesar Lopez, newly qualified stage tech Jacopo Fois and second system tech Giacomo Gasparini. The audio team’s combined efforts have been noted in the band’s close circles.
“I’m very happy with how this tour’s going,” Laughton continues. “The band’s management came to the first of two nights in Manchester and said not only was it the best gig they’d heard at that venue (the notoriously tricky Victoria Warehouse), but possibly the best they’d ever heard the band sound live.”
Laughton says this is where Britannia Row’s Training Academy comes into its own and ensures its engineer are a real asset to any tour he works on. “The best thing you can do is get trainees on the road and into real life touring experience. The quality and enthusiasm of the crew they send us is great. They’re producing very dedicated and intelligent audio techs w

nexo-combinedSenior appointments at Nexo
Monday, 28 October 2019

Europe - Nexo’s Celso Papadopulos has moved into the role of European sales manager. Papadopulos has been part of Nexo’s sales team since 2003 as LATAM sales manager, tasked with building the company’s export network and sales in Mexico, Central and Latin America. His first task as Europe sales manager will be the development of Nexo’s European commercial department following the departure of Alain Boone.
Papadopulos comments: “It’s a new challenge, and challenge renews life,” says Celso. “In South America, I was working in many different countries with different cultures, so I recognise that every place offers new opportunity. he skills of distributors are critical to our success, and I hope to boost our outstanding network to achieve great things, drawing on my own wide-ranging background in both of NEXO’s main markets, touring and fixed installation.”
Meanwhile, Bertrand Billon has joined Nexo’s engineering support division. He will assume special responsibility for the company’s top-of-the-range modular line array systems, including the STM Series. He started his engineering career working on tours and events as a PA technician and engineer for the French production services company Dispatch (later known as Dushow) and then joined the newly-created Stage Entertainment France as head of sound.
“Coming to Nexo gives me the opportunity to focus once more on PA systems, which was my first occupation and passion,” says Billon. “I am excited to be doing this job on behalf of a manufacturer, which will raise my skill

gv-voltstack-locationGreen Voltage introduces VOLTstack
Monday, 28 October 2019

Europe - Green Voltage has launched VOLTstack, a new range of portable, battery powered, silent generator units.
Designed and developed specifically to address the demand for environmentally-conscious power within the film and TV industry, VOLTstack provides crews with easy access to clean, reliable, silent power. Completely emission-free and with an IP54 rating, the VOLTstack range includes a number of highly capable power units in a selection of sizes, from 2kW and 5kW to 13kW and 200kW variants. With a rapid charge time of just 2.5 hours and available with a solar panel recharge option, the systems’ continuous power delivery is enough to handle almost any temporary application, says the company. Units can be series linked to provide for extended operating times and the system is IP54-rated (protected against dust ingress).
David Sinfield, gaffer on Alladin and Wonder Woman, comments: “These battery powered units deliver robust, convenient and emission free power, they are an excellent power source, wherever you are. Used in conjunction with the latest LED technology VOLTstack can easily handle all manner of lighting installations, with no compromise in performance, no fumes and no noise.”
(Jim Evans)

sixeye-pathway-diagramCity Theatrical expands Pathway offering
Monday, 28 October 2019

Europe - City Theatrical has expanded its Pathway Connectivity product offering in Europe with five products now offering SixEye cloud-based remote management.
The expansion includes three Pathport DMX/RDM Ethernet Gateways - the Pathport Quattro, Pathport Octo, and Pathport 4-Port Gateway - as well as VIA16 PoE Ethernet Switches and Vignette Controllers, which can now be managed and monitored securely from anywhere in the world using a PC or smartphone.
Pathway products extend the functionality of DMX control, and have created the next generation of lighting networks with open system products that harness the power and convenience of Ethernet to create spectacular visual experiences for live audiences worldwide, says City Theatrical. The integration of SixEye cloudbased remote management provides users with secure access to monitor state, uptime, port status and other mission critical functionality online, potentially saving users time and reducing the carbon footprint of this lighting control technology.
The Pathport Quattro is a compact four-port DMX-over-Ethernet management gateway. Powerover-Ethernet operation makes the Pathport Quattro suitable for truss-mounted locations, while its silent, fanless operation allows it to be placed immediately next to the lighting console. The encoder knob/LCD screen interface provides front panel access to all common configuration parameters.
The Pathport Octo is an eight-port rack-mountable gateway, providing compact installation for any size system. Status LEDs provide instant confirmation of port d

legends-casino-events-center1Elation at Legends Casino events centre
Monday, 28 October 2019

USA - Located in Toppenish, Washington, four hours southeast of Seattle on the Yakama Nation reservation, is Legends Casino Hotel. Wanting to attract new guests by expanding their entertainment programme, Legends recently built a new events centre and sought to maintain their high standards by equipping the space in modern entertainment technology systems.
Legends contacted Elation Professional dealer Morgan Sound of Lynnwood, Washington, for a vision to transform a 200' x 200' ballroom into a top-notch 1,750- seat concert and performance venue. Contracted to design and install the audio, lighting, video, staging, and drapery systems at the new events centre, Morgan Sound called on its team of AV experts to transform the space into a first-class venue. 1,750- seat concert and performance venue
Morgan Sound equipped the centre with a cutting-edge Elation lighting system. “We chose Elation products for their flexibility and brightness and the experience onsite has been very positive,” comments Stephen Weeks, senior A/V consultant for Morgan Sound.
Needing a technical system flexible enough to support touring acts ranging from comedy, pop and country all the way to hip-hop and rock, Morgan Sound designed an all LED lighting system consisting of 34 Seven Par 19IP Par lights, 16 Rayzor 760 moving heads, 12 Artiste DaVinci moving head spots, 10 Colour 5 Profile ellipsoidals and 6 Cuepix Blinder WW2 luminaires.
A key aspect of the lighting system is its energy efficiency and less need for maintenance, two factors that directly lead to lower co

nickjrlive1Chauvet colours Nick Jr. Live on tour
Monday, 28 October 2019

USA - Part Broadway-style stage show, and part story-driven concert, Nick Jr. Live! Move to the Music is on a national tour. The lively and colourful show, which is Vstar Entertainment’s third collaboration with Nickelodeon, has many of the network’s characters like The Bubble Guppies, PAW Patrol, and Dora The Explorer sharing the same stage for the first time.
Supporting this cast of children’s favourites as they sing, dance and charm their way into young hearts is a collection of 47 Maverick and nine Ovation fixtures from Chauvet Professional.
Colour rendering is very important when it comes to working with such a recognizable intellectual property, according to Jessica Mrovka, technical services manager at VStar Entertainment. Because the audience loves the characters presented on this tour and knows everything about them, even slight deviations from familiar colourisations would be quickly noticed.
Light blue is the dominant colour scenically. To coordinate with this scenic design, the lighting team used softer blue tones for the stage production’s lighting. Everything shifts just a little cooler in the colour scheme for washes and key lighting. This contrasts with some of the more dramatic colours being used by the LED neon embedded in the scenic elements, and the LED acrylic panels lining the scenic platform. Having the LED neon and panels on stage, along with the LED Video Wall behind the performance space, means that the lighting must have enough punch to stand out against these elements.
The Chauvet Professional fixtu

aclfest4Sola Series drives the ACL Honda Stage
Monday, 28 October 2019

USA - High End Systems’ Sola Series automated luminaires drove the main Honda Stage at the 2019 Austin City Limits Music Festival in Austin, TX. For two consecutive weekends in October, 28 SolaFrame 3000 and 18 SolaHyBeam 2000 cut through day and night performances for Tame Impala, Billie Eilish, The Cure, Idles, Third Eye Blind, Cardi B and Robyn, among others.
Houston-based LD Systems provided the gear, while its LDs Nathan Brittain and Lance Williamson worked with ACL Music Festival designer Chris Lisle on the overall design.
The team deployed the 37,000 lumens of each SolaFrame 3000 for profile fixtures and band specials, while the SolaHyBeam 2000 washed the downstage with bold beams, animated gobos and effects. This year’s larger stage was 20ft wider, measuring 80ft wide by 60ft deep.
Weather was a study in contrasts for the event with intense record-breaking heat transforming into chilly wind and rain. Despite the changes in temperatures and humidity, the Sola Series fixtures were a success, benefiting from the patented Lens Defogging System.
“Everything worked very well,” Williamson says. “We didn’t have any weather-related issues either with high heat the first weekend or the crazy cold front that came through the second weekend.”
LD Systems added the Sola Series fixtures to its inventory in time for last year’s ACL Music Festival, and has since unleashed its powers on a range of large events from festivals such as Lollapalooza to the Texas rodeo circuits.
(Jim Evans)

radiovibration1XCPH calls on Chauvet for du Tour Vibration
Friday, 25 October 2019

France - For the past five years, XCPH has been responsible for designing the lighting rig for du Tour Vibration, a popular five-city back-to-school tour sponsored by Radio Vibration.
Each year, their designs have been greeted with enthusiasm by the event organizers, performing artists, and the fans who turn out by the tens of thousands in France’s Central Region for the free concerts. This year, in a bold departure from precedent, Maxime Perrey scaled back the role of LED video walls that had dominated his previous designs in favour of a more lighting-oriented rig that featured Chauvet Professional fixtures.
“The tour has continuously grown,” said Perrey. “This was the first year that I had carte blanche to create a plan. I wanted something different from the four previous editions. Before, video was much more present, with larger, more imposing, surfaces. So, previously when encoding, I first chose the media to put in the screens, and then composed a light panel to accompany them.”
This year things were very different. Instead of having large columns of screens, Perrey and his staff arranged the screens in horizontal lines, creating a smaller video impression. “In reality, we have the same number of video panels, but to the eye it looks smaller,” he said. “Our lighting projectors are better distributed in space, and they play a much more prominent role in the design. So, this year, when encoding, I first established light tables and then added video dressing.”
Perrey’s decision to change up the design process reaped st

vectorworksRegistration opens for Vectorworks Summit
Friday, 25 October 2019

USA - Global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks has announced open registration for its fifth Vectorworks Design Summit.
From 22-24 April 2020 in San Diego, California at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa, design professionals, educators and students in the architecture, landscape and entertainment industries will have the opportunity to attend industry workshops, product training for all levels of expertise, keynotes, networking opportunities and a customer appreciation party.
“This is our first time hosting the Design Summit on the West Coast, and we look forward to the networking opportunities, training workshops and events we’ve planned for attendees in beautiful San Diego,” comments Vectorworks director of channel operations, Tara Grant. “With the resort’s numerous activities and this year’s speakers, we know everyone will have the perfect mix of business and pleasure. Most importantly, they’ll obtain inspirational takeaways and lessons from the Summit structured to enhance and develop their design careers.”
From now until 31 December, attendees can register with early bird pricing for just $499. Plus, with each paid registration, attendees can buy a second registration at half price. Attendees who book a hotel room by 30 November will receive a $25 SWAG store gift card.
This year sees the introduction of two exclusive training courses: Basecamp for Spotlight Users and Basecamp for Architect & Landmark Kick off the Design Summit with eight hours of in-depth training for a $200 discount off the normal price

ldiLDI 2019 expects record attendance
Friday, 25 October 2019

USA - With just less than a month to go until LDI 2019, organisers have announced they expect record attendance and participation in this year’s events.
LDI runs from 18-24 November at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, starting with the LDInstitute and LDIntensives sessions and LiveXperience Symposium, culminating in the exhibit hall tradeshow from Friday 22 to Sunday 24 November.
“We’re thrilled that this year’s LDI Show looks set to be the most well-attended yet, bringing the global live production community from over 80 countries to Las Vegas to share ideas, exhibit and do business,” says LDI's managing director, David Johnson. “Our registration process shows us that people are coming from a wide range of international live and broadcast venues - festivals, corporate events, theatre, concerts, clubs, theme parks, architainment, and houses of worship. LDI has more to offer than ever, to more people than ever.”
LDI 2019 will expand its focus with emphasis on the next generation of design and technology, including AR/VR, drones, live for broadcast, and experiential design. The move will make LDI the place to discover what’s hot and what’s next and what it means for the industry.
This will be in addition to LDI’s ongoing commitment to the core live event categories of lighting, staging, video, and sound, and the awards ceremonies that take place during the week.
The LDI Debuting Products and Booth Awards Ceremony is back for 2019 and will be presented on the show floor at the end of the day on Saturday 23 November, i

demo-inviteL-Acoustics demo in Durban
Friday, 25 October 2019

South Africa - DWR Distribution is inviting interested parties and companies to attend an L-Acoustics demo on Tuesday, 29 October in Durban.
Taking place at the Glenridge Church in Stamford Hill, the free event will run between 12:00 and 15:00, with a focus on the L-Acoustics Kiva II and the A15 (Wide & Focus). Those wishing to attend should register at

nationalNational switches on to Martin MAC Encore
Friday, 25 October 2019

UK - Since the National Theatre’s initial investment in 42 MAC Encore Performance LED moving heads for the Olivier Theatre in May 2018, a planned roll-out has seen the venue on London’s Southbank install MAC Encores in the Lyttelton and Dorfman Theatres and add further units to the Olivier. In total, 156 MAC Encore Performance and Wash fixtures are either permanently installed or held in shared lighting resources.
Selected for their feature set, durability and near silent operation, the roll-out has been supplied by a number of Martin dealers including White Light, Stage Electrics, Hawthorn and Flashlight - all themselves supplied by UK Martin distributor Sound Technology.
In the Olivier Theatre - the largest of the three theatres within the National - lighting supervisor Jack Williams is preparing to install additional MAC Encore Performance CLD fixtures as the process of replacement and updating continues. “We did a shoot out of a number of CLD fixtures and found this to be the best,” he says.
The Olivier Theatre alone now hosts 16 MAC Encore Performance CLD, 31 MAC Encore Performance WRM and 32 MAC Encore Wash WRM - installed both above stage and front of house.
“Our biggest change was 18 months ago when we swapped the TW1 at FOH for WRM Encore Performances and that gave us a lot more control of the lighting than previously.” Jack continues. “The Martin fixtures are always consistent - they are workhorses and really reliable in terms of positioning. For productions requiring a really intimate feel, the MAC Encores with their

notchNotch Builder software upgrade released
Friday, 25 October 2019

Europe - Notch, the visual creation tool for interactive motion graphics, has released a new version of its Notch Builder software for motion graphics artists and designers. The update brings a path tracing solution to the tool, which already features accessible real-time rendering and ray tracing technology.
Path tracing is used by many leading high-quality renderers. It simulates the paths of real light including the way light bounces, reflects and refracts through a 3D scene. It also takes into account the materials it interacts with, making near photo-realistic results possible.
The new GPU path tracer is seamlessly integrated into the existing Notch toolkit. The same real-time WYSIWYG environment and nodes our users know and love are now unified with the path tracer. This includes particles, procedurals, cloners, lights, post-processing and compositing. Available as a drop-in component, path tracing can be introduced to scenes and toggled on and off when needed.
The increase in render quality using the new path tracer node makes Notch viable for a whole new range of use-cases.
Matt Swoboda, founder of Notch, comments: “Our R&D team has spent months pushing Notch’s creative boundaries. For the first time, we’ve combined the familiar immediacy and intuitiveness of Notch’s toolset with our own full GPU path tracing renderer. Much of what we have launched to date has been building up to this. Today’s release shatters the ceiling for rendering quality available in Notch.
“Near realistic rendering in an easy to use package


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