lautwerfer-event-technology-and-tlt-event-invest-in-kl-panelBerlin companies invest in Elation KL Panel
Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Germany - Lautwerfer Veranstaltungstechnik and TLT Event AG, both based in Berlin, have each invested in Elation’s new broadcast-quality KL Panel LED softlight. The motivation behind the decision is primarily the increased need for high-quality and flexible softlights due to the growing live streaming business
With an attractive joint rental pool of KL Panels now available in the greater Berlin area however, the full-colour-spectrum and color temperature-adjustable soft light also fulfills the demanding requirements of film and television productions.
The KL Panel with its RGBW + lime + cyan LED array was developed with stringent demands placed on adjustable colour temperature and precise colour mixing, says the company. The KL Panel not only covers the full colour spectrum, it also enables for the stepless selection of colour temperature in the range from 2,000 to 10,000K.
“For several years, Lautwerfer has been looking for a surface light with a good price-performance ratio that can also be used in events. We are sure that we have found this product with the KL Panel. The KL Panel enables us to provide high-quality area illumination in streaming, TV productions and event lighting. This versatility and flexibility is exactly what we expect from luminaires these days,” says David Beyer, managing director and project manager at Lautwerfer Veranstaltungstechnik.
Jan Schimming, managing director of TLT Event AG, adds: “The event technology market is currently facing the greatest challenge to date, and a clear rethinking of the well-trodd

smith--myers1Chauvet lights Smith & Myers drive-in
Wednesday, 4 November 2020

USA - When he was busy touring with the likes of Jinger and Devil Driver, Wes Youngblood immersed himself in creating searing intense looks to match the thrashing sound of his clients.
That all came to a halt when the pandemic hit, but on 21 October, Youngblood got to flex his design skills again; only this time instead of lighting metal music, he was working a drive-in show for Smith & Myers, an acoustic side project by Shinedown frontman Brent Smith and guitarist Zach Myers.
Although the melodious harmonies emanating from the mobile stage at the Malco Summer Theatre on that warm Wednesday night were worlds apart from the sort of music Youngblood is accustomed to lighting, he was able to draw on his metallic experience to meet some of the unique challenges of lighting a drive-in concert.
“The promoter and I spoke at great lengths about steps we could take to create a fully encapsulating experience in a setting where the stage is relatively small and the audience is very spread out in cars,” said Youngblood, the owner of Skunk Werkz Productions. “We had delay towers for audio scattered around the parking lot, and had IMAG on three screens to bring the show closer to people.
“From a lighting standpoint, I relied on a concept from my electronic jam band and metal time - that is to have some light on the crowd, some on the stage and some on the band, then keep flipping them.”
Helping Youngblood accomplish this were his rig’s 14 Rogue R1X Wash, eight Rogue R2X Wash and 10 Rogue R2X Spot fixtures supplied from his own Skunk

uberKilowatt AV delivers at Uber safety summit
Wednesday, 4 November 2020

South Africa - Kilowatt AV is known for delivering a polished production, and they did exactly that at the Uber’s Tech for Safety Summit hosted at Levelthree Premium Venue in Kramerville, Johannesburg on 22 October.
With hybrid events on the rise, the Kilowatt AV team are implementing the same passion and dedication they would for a large-scale show, and for the latest progressive event for Uber South Africa, a client for the past three years, supplied the design, manufacture and full technical.
Hosted for the second consecutive year, Uber’s Tech for Safety Summit, attended by 120 people and joined by 2 000 others via live stream, tackled Africa’s most pressing safety-related concerns now further complicated by the Covid-19 Pandemic.
With the participation of various leaders, innovators and talent across the spectrum, and journalist and former radio presenter Redi Tlhabi stepping in as the master of ceremonies, the event incorporated numerous speakers and panels both at the venue with others interacting via a live stream.
While social distancing measures were in place, Kilowatt AV utilised equipment to create an enticing atmosphere and the important visual element. The equipment included the use of an Absen 2.9mm D2V LED screen (Kilowatt AV own 400 panels). “The set-up for the LED was pretty straight forward with a 16:9 format (4.5m x 2.5m),” explains Neil Zaayman, chief operating officer at Kilowatt AV. “We've always been very happy with Absen, it’s a solid product.”
While Kilowatt AV has worked numerous virtual and hybr

powersoftPowersoft supports Jungla with Turbo and K-T
Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Poland - Jungla, located within the Forum shopping centre, is a vibrant new restaurant and cocktail-bar in the heart of north Poland’s largest seashore city, Gdańsk. The restaurant, modern and spacious, with tropical décor, boasts a breath-taking view of the city, and needed a sound system that could support not only the restaurant and cocktail bar, but also the live bands that play within.
Designing and installing the sound system was Offstage. Przemysław Waszkiewicz, Offstage’s owner, worked with closely Patryk Kozak from Sound Service, who assisted with tuning the system. Together, they created a system that could support Jungla using Turbosound, Klark Teknik and Powersoft products, supplied by Poland-based distributor SoundTrade.
Waszkiewicz explained that part of designing the audio system was optimising costs and energy consumption, as it would have everyday use. “The Klark Teknik DM8000 processor sends signals to the Turbosound iQ12 P.A. via the Ultranet protocol, which has simplified wiring and bypassed all unnecessary signal conversions to analogue. With this, Turbosound iQ12 was the choice that optimised costs.
“For energy efficiency, we turned to Powersoft’s Duecanali and the Ottocanali amplifiers,” Waszkiewicz said. “Powersoft offer very energy-efficient amplifiers, in which losses are minimised with power stages working in the efficient class D. While primarily the choice of Powersoft was determined by the energy efficiency of the products, it was also the flexibility of the product that really drew us to it.”

musically-fed-01Bandit Lites backs Musically Fed initiative
Wednesday, 4 November 2020

USA - With the live events essentially shut down since March, those in the touring, concert and live entertainment industry have found themselves trying to tread water. Musically Fed, World Central Kitchen and Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee partnered with Rhino Staging at Bandit Lites Nashville facility to deliver boxes of food to 100 families at a drive-through event held on 24 October.
“Live music literally shut down overnight, and there is no indication when tours and concerts will be back up and running on a large scale,” said Maria Brunner, founder of Musically Fed. “There is so much need among touring crews, musicians and related vendors in the Nashville entertainment community, and we are so honoured that chef Jose Andres and the World Central Kitchen have selected Musically Fed as a partner for food distributions. We are grateful to Clair Global and Bandit Lites for hosting our events and to Second Harvest for providing produce and dry goods to supplement the meals for World Central Kitchen.”
One hundred boxes of dry goods and fresh produce will be prepared by Dega Food Restaurant Group on behalf of World Central Kitchen and distributed twice a month this November and every week in December. To qualify, families must work in the live entertainment industry and be vetted through a phone interview to ensure they are unemployed, underemployed or have lost SNAP.
“Bandit Lites is so honoured and humbled to be a part of this great endeavour,” said Bandit Lites chair and founder, Michael T. Strickland. “Maria Bruner an

keith10K Used Gear’s Keith Dale passes
Wednesday, 4 November 2020

UK - 10K Used Gear has announced the passing of co-founder Keith Dale who lost his battle with cancer on 29 October. He was 61.
Dale began his career as a lighting designer in the early 1980s working for bands such as Haircut 100, Culture Club and mostly for Joe Jackson with whom he kept in touch with until the end. Keith then joined forces with Tim Bridle, Andy Reed, and Matt Deakin to form Celco, a leading force in lighting control in the 1980s.
“I guess it must have been late 1980 or early ‘81 when Keith first came to our shop in Surbiton to show us his new lighting console,” said John Lethbridge whose company Cerebrum Lighting was Celco’s distributor back in the day. “I cannot remember if it was the prototype Gamma 300D or an earlier desk with a pin matrix, but I do know that the first time we showed the Gamma 300D was at Showlight ‘81 at The Barbican, London.
“Keith was a guy always ahead of the curve when it came to technology. He was the first LD I saw use colour semaphore units on a rock show with Joe Jackson. He was also the first person to introduce me to email, as that was how we kept in touch when he was on a world tour.
“In the early days, we made the mistake of focussing too much on the rental houses. It was Keith who was the person to recognise that we should be targeting the top lighting designers, rather than the rental houses. Our big break came when we went to visit ex-Yes lighting designer, Michael Tait at his Tait Towers rehearsal studios in Lititz, Pennsylvania. Michael was a former console designer himsel

naturkraftprimage1Genelec harnesses the elements at Naturkraft
Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Denmark - Naturkraft is a new experience centre in the Danish town of Ringkøbing, West Jutland, which aims to increase awareness of nature and the forces that shape our world as a way of encouraging more sustainable behaviour. Visitors are treated to a rich array of exhibitions and learning experiences - outside there are eight different types of natural environment whilst indoors, a 5,500sq.m building designed to integrate into the flat coastal landscape offers a range of exhibitions.
Digital experience creators, No Parking, were responsible for the design and development of the main installations inside the Exploratorium including IT and AV equipment. No Parking selected a Smart IP sound system from Genelec as the audio partner for their designs.
“Our background is AV production and integration with a focus on experience design,” explains No Parking director, Morten Ranmar. “We were chosen for this particular task because of the complexity and scale of the project which required a lot of careful planning to ensure the best visitor experience. From an audio perspective we decided to use Genelec’s Smart IP solution for two of the installations for the simple reason that it was absolutely perfect for our needs and we know we can count on great support if it’s required.”
The exhibitions in the main building are dedicated to the forces of nature as they exist in the local environment of West Jutland. Naturally, the sea plays a huge part in the lives of West Jutlanders, so one of the main installations is the majestic recreation of a North

prolightsFull AVL to distribute Prolights in the Netherlands
Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Europe - Prolights has appointed Full AVL as its distributor for the Netherlands. Full AVL Distribution is a wholesaler of professional AV, lighting and sound equipment, selling to the Dutch market.
“We focus on high-quality manufacturers with terrific products that could have a positive impact to our market,” commentsPatrick Leijten, CEO of Full AVL. “We trust Prolights have the right solution that our customers have been requesting, and a diverse enough portfolio to fulfil the markets we are present in.”
Prolights' own R&D and technical vision was at the centre of Full AVL's decision to take on the brand. “We were surprised how technically-oriented the company is, and we certainly see a lot of innovation happening at their headquarters. Our customers will definitely benefit from that.”, adds Leijten.
Paolo Albani, Prolights international sales manager, says: “We were eager to work with Full AVL since they can reach a broader network of professionals, and we will be able to promote our wide product portfolio in several industries while we navigate through these challenging times. Full AVL have specialists in different fields of entertainment but is also well established with system integrators, film and TV markets, and that will make a difference in the way we operate in the Netherlands.”

ald-awards-2020-winnersALD announces Awards for Excellence winners
Tuesday, 3 November 2020

UK - The ALD has announced the winners of this year’s Awards for Excellence, which recognise the new generation of young production talent emerging from UK universities.
The winners created portfolios that “succeed in demonstrating their skills to best advantage, in a disrupted year where the number of lighting opportunities available to them may have been reduced,” says the ALD.
Winners are traditionally announced at the association’s Annual Lighting Lunch but will this year be showcased to the ALD membership via its bi-monthly magazine, Focus, and then through the ALD’s social media channels in a two-week series of posts.
The Fred Foster Award for Production Electrics, the most recent addition to the awards portfolio, proved to be a popular choice among applicants, receiving a large number of submissions this year, but Guildhall School of Music and Drama’s Liam Sayer rose to the top of the ranks to win the award. The judges appreciated his attention to detail, his innovation and problem solving. They also commented that his testimonials were impressive and shone alongside a clearly articulated work ethic.
The coveted Michael Northen Award for Lighting Design was won this year by Euan Davis of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA). The judges were very impressed by his research and demonstrated collaboration abilities which he used to break a complex play into parts to find a language for each piece. They also commented on the flair he showed in the use of his rigs.
Josie Ireland, studying this year for A-Levels,

nova-eventandlaserworld-groupwebNova Event Group adds Laserworld distribution
Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Switzerland - The Laserworld Group has announced Nova Event Group as its new exclusive distribution partner in Switzerland.
The Nova Event Group has many years of experience in the sales of laser systems, as they used to be the Swiss distribution partner of Kvant lasers.
With the new partnership, the CEO of the Nova Events Group, Vano Soleymani, makes a significant step for the future: “The ongoing transformation process in our industry allowed us to restructure our partnerships and extend our portfolio even further. The Laserworld Group offers the large variety of products we need to satisfy the requirements of our customers. We monitored the product developments and technological advancements of the past years and are very confident we have found a strong partner for the future.”
The Nova Event Group not only handles laser sales in Switzerland, but also supports customers in Switzerland and, with their German company, all over Europe with project implementations. Currently, Nova Event also handles sales and service for GLP, Fusion by GLP, Fantek, LEDium, LAX Audio and Absen in Switzerland.
“We are looking forward to a great partnership,” states Norbert Stangl, CMO of the Laserworld Group. “The experience of the Nova Event team with lasers, the special requirements of highly professional users and the well-established network makes them the perfect partner for the Swiss market.”

adorn-complete-rangeMartin Audio Adorn now shipping
Tuesday, 3 November 2020

UK - Martin Audio has announced that it has now started shipping the Adorn series ceiling loudspeakers to Europe and North America (following the first shipments to the APAC territories in September). The extension to the installation series was first announced back in February this year.
Along with the ceiling speakers is the availability of the company’s first ever pendant speaker, which comes in black or white as standard.
All the new ceiling models have a nominal impedance of 16 ohms, enabling four or more speakers to be driven in parallel by one amplifier channel, thereby maximising efficiency and minimising cost. The new ceiling additions are also fitted with an internal high-quality 70V/100V multi-tap line transformer with a switch to select the output level. For full-bandwidth protection, the low and high frequency sections are individually protected against overload in all models.
Comprising a 4” (100mm) LF driver and a 0.75” (19mm) silk-dome tweeter, the ACS-40TS in-ceiling speaker produces 108dB peak output at 1m and its ported design delivers strong bass that extends down to 73Hz. The very wide 180° conical coverage of the ACS-40TS makes it particularly suitable for low ceilings and reduces the number of speakers required for even coverage - leading to a reduction in installation cost. It features a shallow backcan for installation in ceilings with a minimum cavity depth.
Martin Audio MD, Dom Harter, says: “We’re excited to be continuing shipment of these additions to the ADORN range, which is already becoming a firm fav

jhsJHS appoints distributor for Poland
Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Poland - JHS has announced the appointment of Grupa ZIBI S.A. as distributor for its brands in Poland.
Grupa ZIBI will distribute a variety of JHS’ popular brands including Vintage guitars, Encore guitars, Antoni violins and KAM sound and lighting.
Founded in 1989 by Zbigniew Pietrzak, Grupa ZIBI became established as importers of watches, which in turn helped in the rebuilding of the Polish economy, opening its first retail store in Warsaw in 1991.
One of the key dates in the company's history is 2004, when ZIBI became the owner of the only music store chain in Poland - Riff stores.
Currently, the musical part of the ZIBI Group is its own Riff retail chain, with 16 stores covering the entire territory of Poland and an extensive network of wholesale partners with over 100 leading music dealers.
JHS export manager Adam Butterworth comments: “I am pleased to appoint ZIBI as the new distributor for various JHS brands. Vintage in particular, is a brand which many Polish retailers, consumers and musicians have a strong connection to, so it’s great to have a new partner on board to grow Vintage along with the other JHS brands which are in our export portfolio.”
Krzysztof Klejnowski of Grupa ZIBI states: “We’re very happy to be working with JHS - the Vintage brand is a great brand and range for the Polish markets. We’re looking forward to a long and fruitful business cooperation.”

laeric-chou1L-Acoustics delivers Eric Chou arena shows
Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Taiwan - While the pandemic has forced millions of music lovers into their homes across the world, the appetite for live shows was clearly demonstrated when Eric Chou’s 2020 How Have You Been concerts sold all 42,000 tickets across four concerts in Taipei, and Kaohsiung in just 15 minutes.
Thousands of fans gathered together under the roof of Taiwan’s biggest venue, Taipei Arena, to enjoy the magic of Chou’s performance, brought to life by an L-Acoustics K Series sound system delivered by the team at Winly Engineering & Trading, who had previous experience of working with Chou on his first concert at the arena last year.
“It was an absolute pleasure to be working with Eric once again on what became the first large-scale live event in Asia since social distancing measures were first introduced,” says Winly system engineer, Mike Lee, who has contributed to the system design of virtually every concert at Taipei Arena in the past few years.
Lee and colleague Andre Lai, monitor engineer and head of the sound crew, used L-Acoustics Soundvision to design and configure the sound system. “We really appreciate how Soundvision helped us with the design, as well as implementation stage,” explains Lee. “Not only did it make our work much quicker, it also delivered a highly accurate simulation of the system performance.
“Taipei Arena is such an iconic venue; it really is a pinnacle of Taiwan’s entertainment industry. With these concerts, we had a deep sense of responsibility to deliver an event like no other in its audio splendour, s

robe-funny-girl-malmo-opera-200827funnygirl1360Robe lights Funny Girl at the Malmö Opera
Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Sweden - Lighting designer Fredrik Jonsson - like all on the crew and cast of Funny Girl at the Malmö Opera – was ecstatic to be back working on a live show, as the Opera’s production of Funny Girl went ahead and is playing to socially distanced audiences of 50 per show.
Fredrik used Robe’s little LEDBeam 150 luminaires to provide an ingenious solution to a complex staging requirement
Recognising the critical social and cultural value of live entertainment, especially during the pandemic, Funny Girl, which runs through until mid-December, is part of the Opera’s autumn / winter repertory programme. It was planned over two years in advance and completely sold out many months in advance, So Malmö Opera thought laterally and decided to push ahead in delivering all their acclaimed seasonal main house productions as budgets were already allocated and spent.
The venue is in the fortunate position of receiving state and regional funding rather than being fully reliant on ticket revenue to sustain, a situation making this model a viable option.
The first 50 to book their tickets for the shows on each of the days it is running were allocated the 50 available seats in the massive 1232 seat auditorium, while everyone else who had booked for that show could have the option of a live stream – via the Malmö Opera website – for free.
Fredrik was initially approached in 2018 by the show’s director Ronny Danielsson having worked with him before on the popular Kinky Boots also at Malm

timaxTiMax TrackerD4 makes Hong Kong debut
Tuesday, 3 November 2020

China - Out Board’s TiMax TrackerD4 precision stagetracking recently made its Hong Kong debut in a new musical play, The Originals, staged at the territory’s Hong Kong Cultural Centre. The tracking accuracy of TiMax TrackerD4 delivered real-time control of vocal localisation throughout the musical’s fast-paced staging.
Provided by Hong Kong’s L-Supply, TiMax TrackerD4 precision stage-tracking enabled the principle eight performers, all eminent stars of Hong Kong musical theatre, to move freely across and around the stage without working strictly to pre-assigned cue-points.
Discreet TTd4 Tags worn by the performers are small enough to be secured into virtually any costume location with no interference. Meanwhile, the accuracy of TiMax TrackerD4 not only gives peace of mind to performance directors, but substantially reduces rehearsal times, providing not just a highly effective sound design enhancement but also the significant benefit of big savings in production costs.
Just four TTd4 Sensors installed among the overhead stage lighting rig granted full coverage of the actors’ movements. Multiple sensor viewpoints add redundancy as only two Sensors need to see a Tag for reliable 3D tracking to be achieved. The system’s dual-mode ultra-wideband RF scanning uses hybrid AOA and TDOA technology which affords huge flexibility and also helps mitigate any slight tracking errors caused by reflections, body blocking and scenery obstruction.
L-Supply’s Omega Lam, explains: “The TTd4 Sensors were so easy to install that, with the th

firehouse-center3Events United lights Firehouse fundraiser
Tuesday, 3 November 2020

USA - Normally, the intimate theatre at the Firehouse Centre in Derry is bustling with activity, as it hosts a wide variety of performances from violin recitals to Broadway revivals. Sometimes, even major stars like Howie Day and Tom Rush drop in to support the non-profit with benefit shows.
Since the arrival of COVID-19, however, the stage at this 191-seat venue has fallen largely silent. The absence of shows has not only cut off a vital source of funds for the centre’s far-reaching programmes, it‘s also deprived the talented young people that Firehouse Centre supports with an opportunity to perform in public.
This October, the centre’s organisers did something about both issues, when they journeyed 37 miles from their coastal Massachusetts town to Studio Lab in New Hampshire where Events United produced Firehouse Ignites, a fundraising livestream that required a donation (suggested at $75) to access online.
Reflecting the diverse range of the centre’s programmes, the 95-minute livestream featured 20 different performers. The Events United team kept pace with this diverse entertainment mix with help from a versatile lighting and video rig that featured 60 Chauvet Professional fixtures and a 52.5’ by 13’ curved LED wall made of F2 LED panels.
“This was a fun project for us,“ said Tim Messina, owner of Events United. “The scope of the programme was quite broad since we had so many different acts. This opened a lot of creative possibilities for us.“
Providing a warm and inviting background for the Firehouse Ig

zero-88-congress-theatre-cwmbran-img0392Cwmbran’s Congress creates virtual theatre
Tuesday, 3 November 2020

UK - It’s been a tough time for all performance venues and especially for community theatres like The Congress in Cwmbran which cancelled all its shows in March as COVID-19 took hold, mid-way through one of its busiest seasons.
However, through successive lockdowns, the venue has been reimagined as The Congress Virtual Studio, a fully equipped streaming facility encouraging local artists and businesses to record and broadcast music shows and engage in events, generating interest and at least some income during this period.
Cwmbran is also the home of Zero 88’s manufacturing facility. There are close ties between the popular lighting control brand and the 300-seat venue, which has Zero 88 Chilli dimmers installed, and furthermore, Zero 88’s international sales manager Tyler Holpin is actively involved as a volunteer on the technical side.
The Congress Theatre opened in 1972 and became a charity run venue in 1992 after being faced with closure. Martyn Redwood then assumed its management 16 years ago has seen many challenges over that time, but it’s always managed to keep going.
Jon Salman and Green Room Events based nearby in Abertillery are also regular technical suppliers to the theatre, and he, Tyler, Martyn, and a few others came up with the idea of transforming the space into a studio.
Green Room Events are providing video including six cameras - two operated and four PTZ cameras - plus a PPU, LED screen, media servers and additional audio equipment together with lighting control which happens to be a Zero 88 FLX console the

3lr3LR widens portfolio, strengthens team
Tuesday, 3 November 2020

UK - ETC representative organisation 3LR Lighting has added broadcast, film and TV lighting and control to its portfolio as the exclusive ‘rep agency’ for ETC in the UK and Ireland.
Jeremy Roberts, regional sales manager for the UK and Sub-Saharan Africa comments, “It is great to have 3LR supporting the broadcast sector for ETC and especially well-timed as we have recently released our innovative new studio line of fixtures – fos/4. The new Fresnel and Panel lights are designed specifically for the broadcast market with their unique eight-colour LED mix and intense brightness.”
The addition of broadcast lighting and control complements 3LR’s work in the growth of ETC’s architectural product lines. 3LR acts as an additional resource to ETC’s dealer network, bringing its expertise in the field to progress the company’s studio and architectural products in the market.
As part of this extension into a wider market, 3LR Lighting has announced the appointments of experienced industry figures Barry Grubb and Sean O’Callaghan.
Barry Grubb joins 3LR as business development manager for broadcast, television and film lighting. In a 25 year career, Barry has worked with some of the biggest names in the imaging industry both in the UK and overseas, and has forged lasting relationships with stakeholders at all levels. He has contributed to a host of large productions and delivered a wide range of theatre and broadcast solutions with leading brands.
Sean O’Callaghan takes up the post of business development manager for architectur

claypakybathamburg5Claypaky Xtylos in Hamburg drone show
Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Germany - British American Tobacco launched glo, a Tobacco Heating Product (THP) utilising new tobacco heating technology, with a display in the sky over Hamburg’s waterfront on 19 September.
Tasked with creating a drone light show as a guerrilla-marketing action by agency Inovisco Mobile Media, Jens Hillenkötter deployed 30 Claypaky Xtylos fixtures, the first moving head light with a laser light source, to light up the sky with a dynamic backdrop for an intricate drone ballet.
Hillenkötter, a well-known designer and creative director for international shows, is no stranger to big events having been involved with the ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China and the Summer Universiade in Kazan, Russia.
The glo display, which ran parallel to Hamburg’s salute to club culture known as Reeperbahnfestival, featured 150 drones equipped with LED lighting. They flew for eight minutes forming 16 animations and motifs, including the product logo, packaging and slogan’s hashtag.
The lighting spectacular marked the first time that Hillenkötter used Claypaky Xtylos laser-source fixtures. “We had several shootouts with outdoor moving lights,” he reports. “But none of the fixtures could deliver strong colors over long throw distances of 400 meters or more. I’m always keen to use new technologies, and laser fixtures are something I find very interesting. So I invited Jens Konstanti of Claypaky for a shootout with Xtylos. The Xtylos’s colors over long distances are second to none compared to other moving lights.”

5gDT reaches new heights with AO Drones
Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Germany - AO Drones’ fleet of drones lit up the sky above Munich’s Olympic Park in October to mark the launch of Deutsche Telekom’s 5G network in the city.
The GPS-guided, 300-strong swarm of drones performed a 10-minute night-sky performance, creating Deutsche Telekom’s logos and messages in white and Telekom’s brand colour, magenta for the video cameras below.
Tasked with creating the launch event, Düsseldorf-based event management company DO IT! brought in their regular production technology partner, AO Creative. They in turn called on their Dubai-based AO Drones team to deliver the state-of-the-art drone technology. Responsible for the overall production design was Jerry Appelt of JALD (Jerry Appelt Licht Design).
The AO Creative team, including show producer Marco Niedermeier, technical director Matthias Meyert, and project manager Tim Klopp, working within the strict procedures required during the COVID-19 pandemic, successfully realised Appelt’s creative vision, including the illumination of the stadium itself and the carefully choreographed drone show.
With just three weeks from go-ahead to show day, time was tight, explains Klopp. “But thanks to the great working relationship we have with DO IT!, it was extremely smooth. Achieving a project like this in such a relatively short time is only possible with a great client, and outstanding teamwork.”
Key to the success of the project was the advanced, integrated hardware and software of the drone system. Developed in the USA by Verge Aero specifically to meet the req

chef-aLEA amps support themed restaurant
Tuesday, 3 November 2020

USA - After more than 12 years of growth and success, West Kendall, Florida, chef Adrianne Calvo, the owner and manager of Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant & Wine Bar, decided it was time to move to a larger, more customised location.
Chef Adrianne took over and completely renovated an existing 8,000sq.ft restaurant space. The new space features a large indoor dining area, two private dining rooms, and a social-distance-friendly terrace outfitted with a large retractable projection screen and other AV tools throughout to accommodate special events. The new space has been designed with a warm, modern, Napa Valley wine country décor featuring tall ceilings and wide-open spaces. It can accommodate 270 patrons - a sizable jump from the old location's capacity of 60.
With audio support playing an essential part of the restaurant experience, Calvo turned to audio expert Ivan Sotomayor, president, and owner of ISF Enterprises, a south Florida-based audio and AV integration firm that focuses on restaurant, club, retail, and multi-use facilities.
“This installation was fun but also a bit challenging,” said Sotomayor. “There are multiple indoor audio zones we need to control, and outdoors, the facility is next to a waterway, so we needed an appropriate volume level and control for optimum sound quality and intelligibility for music as well as presentations - and they even needed surround-sound capabilities outdoors.”
Sotomayor explained that the team used a programme called Ease to help map out the number, size, and speakers' location

spizzolite-1536x1024DAS Audio of America appoints VP of sales
Tuesday, 3 November 2020

USA - DAS Audio of America has announced the appointment of Scott Pizzo to the position of vice-president of sales - professional audio, North America. Pizzo started with DAS Audio in September and is stationed in Peabody, MA.
Pizzo brings considerable experience to his position at DAS Audio. Most recently, he was with Harman Professional Solutions, where he served as national sales manager, production audio. Prior to this, Pizzo was a regional sales manager for L-Acoustics US of Westlake Village, California. He has also worked at EAW and Renkus-Heinz.
“Throughout my career in pro audio, I have been keenly aware of DAS Audio and its reputation as a manufacturer of innovative solutions for performers, installers, and audio technicians, says Pizzo. “The company has a solid reputation for its well-designed, sonically superior, and reliable loudspeaker systems that enhance music reproduction and speech intelligibility.”
Jaime Villegas, general manager at DAS Audio of Americaadds, adds: “Scott brings a rich set of skills and experience to our company and I have every confidence in his ability to make a significant contribution to our efforts. All of us at DAS Audio welcome him aboard.”

macjohnson-headshotMac Johnson joins Point Source Audio
Tuesday, 3 November 2020

USA - Point Source Audio has named Mac Johnson as its market development manager. Previously, Johnson toured as a production sound engineer on a variety of Broadway productions, as well as working as a sound designer for theatrical productions, music festivals and corporate events.
With 30 years of experience in the professional audio industry, Johnson understands where the sound starts and how to capture it. As well as being a mixer and designer, he is also a performer and knows how microphones are an extension of an artist’s instrument. Prior to joining Point Source Audio, Johnson was the managing partner of an event production company in Charleston, SC and became an integral part of Meyer Sound’s team in 2007, where he spent 13 years working in various roles across multiple departments, markets segments and all sales regions.
Having championed Point Source Audio’s new AVIXA CTS training Johnson will be working closely with all of the company’s clients to support them in education and development of new markets for Point Source Audio.
“Having had extensive experience as a production manager, sound designer and FOH engineer, it is a privilege to have Mac join the team,” comments Point Source Audio’s president, James Lamb. “He is proving himself to be a great asset by providing our customers with targeted training courses, including our recently developed MIKE’s Academy, and I’m positive he will continue to develop lasting relationships with our clients and deliver effective marketing strategies in this important role.”

arx-pr-usb-q-front--rear-angledARX Systems launches courtroom interface
Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Australia - ARX Systems has announced the global launch of the USB DI-Q USB-Analogue interface. Designed by ARX in response to a specific request from the Australian Court System, the USB DI-Q provides a solution for interfacing and monitoring the playback of audio evidence files in a courtroom or similar environment.
The USB DI-Q allows the user to monitor and cue audio files in a closed headphone environment and switch/ enable the audio output to a Public address / sound system as required. The simplicity of the setup of the USB DI-Q means that this product can be integrated easily into the existing AV infrastructure of a building. Once in place, the USB - DI-Q only requires touch button operation and the simple user interface means that it is easy to use by non-technical operators.
The USB DI-Q is suitable for interfacing any USB equipped computer (especially notebook computers) with the balanced inputs of professional sound systems. The USB DI-Q installs as a fully compatible plug’n’play generic USB audio device, requiring no special driver program installation on Mac OSX, Windows XP, 7/8/10 and includes a premium quality USB-A to USB-B cable.


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