audiopros-logo-tnAudioPros to represent EAW in Northeast region
Monday, 17 August 2020

USA - Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has appointed AudioPros as its manufacturer’s representative serving Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island and both metro and upstate New York. This provides dealers, rental houses and regional production companies with access to EAW’s entire suite of products including its new ADAPTive Anya and Anna speakers, and Otto subwoofer.
“Based on its solid reputation, we know that AudioPros will provide exceptional service to dealers and customers in the region,” says Paul Lamarre, national sales manager, EAW. “The Northeast territory is important for us as that is where our corporate headquarters is based, and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with our neighbors at AudioPros.”
Settling into its new greater Hartford County, Connecticut space, AudioPros is a manufacturer’s representative marketing and sales firm. The company services a wide range of dealers including live sound production, independent retailers/e-tailers, integrators, and consultants. AudioPros’ philosophy is that success is achieved through building strong alliances between the dealers, rep, and the manufacturer. As an audio, video and lighting representative, AudioPros strives to offer ‘complimentary lines that are of the greatest value to its dealers’.
“For over 40 years, EAW has been a leading manufacturer of speakers in our own backyard,” says Andrew Shillo, AudioPros principal. “EAW’s innovative approach to professional sound reinforcement has made them an industry leader worldwide.

robe-lightsared-cape-town-stadium-2-image-by-skypixels-saRobe supports #LightSARed campaign
Friday, 14 August 2020

South Africa - The South African entertainment industry joined forces on 5 August for the #LightSARed ‘Code Red’ activation.
The campaign aims to raise awareness about the critical state of the country’s live entertainment industry and its support infrastructure. The industry is yet to receive financial support from the government five months since mass gatherings were banned due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving the whole sector out of work and with no cash flow to depend on.
Over 500 buildings, structures, monuments, venues, spaces and places all over the country were lit including the side of Cape Town’s most famous natural landmark Table Mountain. Robe moving lights were used on many of the installations, and the various action was coordinated by project teams in major cities including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Free State, Port Elizabeth, East London and Kimberley. Industry friends and colleagues from neighbouring Namibia also enthusiastically joined the action.
Under a month ago, #LightSAred was initiated by Duncan Riley of DWR Distribution and quickly gained momentum and support from the Southern African Communications Industries Association (SACIA), the Technical Production Services Association (TPSA) and the SA Events Council.
Duncan and Sharif Baker, chair of the TPSA, energised a wide range of industry sectors including rental and production companies, venues, artists, promoters, agents, technicians, producers, directors and creatives working across all disciplines for this hugely successful consciousness-raising even

hong-kongSSL trio on song for Hong Kong charity concert
Friday, 14 August 2020

Hong Kong - A charity concert aiming to raise funds for industries hit the hardest by COVID-19 recently employed an array of SSL Live consoles for the historical event.
The Live is so much better with Music Eason Chan Charity Concert was the first ever event held by the HK LPPIA - Hong Kong Live Performance and Production Industry Association, and was streamed worldwide on YouTube, Facebook Live and Tencent QQ platforms with an estimated 10m live views. The consoles were supplied by Miso Tech Co Ltd, Hong Kong.
The event was in fact made up of two separate shows. The first was a sunrise show broadcast from Victoria Dockside against the backdrop of the Hong Kong skyline, which was recorded in one take on the previous day to prevent the gathering of large crowds. The second show at sunset was a rebroadcast of the sunrise show, followed by a fully live performance from inside the Hong Kong Coliseum.
Three SSL Live consoles were used across both shows - an L550 for live broadcast, L500 for band mix, and L350 for the artist’s personal IEM mix. Stability was always the main priority when it came to console choice, as sound engineer Frankie Hung, who has used SSL on almost all of his shows since 2014, revealed: “SSL desks are very stable and sound the best in terms of live consoles. Because I’m a studio and a live guy, the L550 is the perfect fit for me. I use a lot of stem processing which is from studio style mixing, so I do all the routing for stem processing and FX offline. During sound check, I programme snapshots for each song and I rea

fuze-wash-frElation expands Fuze series with Wash FR
Friday, 14 August 2020

USA - Designed as a fusion of performance, features and value, Elation’s Fuze series of LED fixtures has found a niche in the market. Elation is now expanding the series with the Fuze Wash FR, an automated LED Fresnel fixture with framing designed for a wide array of precision lighting applications and ideal for the refined performance required in theatrical venues.
The Fuze Wash FR features a new 480W (6,500K) 92 CRI engine that utilises a five-colour homogenised LED array of red, green, blue, mint and amber sources, the same colour system found in the Fuze Profile and Fuze Spot.
High colour quality and colour manipulation are central to the Fuze Wash FR. A virtual gel swatch book, virtual colour correction, magenta/green adjustment plus CMY emulation give designers access to an impressive LED colour array including a mixed white. The carefully-tuned RGBMA LEDs and high native CRI ensure accurate colour reproduction while delivering a powerful output up to 14,000 lumens.
The Fuze Wash FR features a specially designed Fresnel lens for a smooth and even wash and houses an 8.2° to 42.1° (beam) and 12.7° to 62.1° (field) motorised zoom for tight to wide coverage. A full blackout framing system with four rotating blades gives full control of the beam shape when required and can index +/- 60-degrees. A variable frost filter can be added at any time for an extra layer of smoothing. The fixture dims seamlessly all the way to zero with 16-bit selectable dimming curves included. An iris for advanced beam control and high-speed electronic shutter and st

st-marysSLLFX helps The Hub at St Mary’s go red
Friday, 14 August 2020

UK - Teams from SLLFX, JK Entertainments and Pfphotographics joined forces to light The Hub at St. Mary’s in Lichfield red. The event was part of a day of action from the UK live entertainment industry to highlight the challenges the sector faces at a time when events are essentially banned.
The Hub at St. Mary’s was one of more than 700 buildings across the UK that were lit in red on Tuesday, 11 August. The #LightItInRed night of action served to highlight the cultural institutions and companies that form a vital sector of the UK’s culture and economy.
“It seems there is no industry untouched by the impact of COVID-19. However, some sectors have been hit harder than others and it's important for people and more importantly the government to realise that it's an entire ecology that is affected when it comes to the impact on the Arts,” says Anthony Evans, creative director at The Hub at St. Mary’s.
“It's not just artists, dancers and actors that will feel the pinch - technicians, electricians, producers, promoters and wardrobe seamstresses, to name a few, will lose livelihoods without performances and audiences in venues. The announcement of the Cultural Relief Fund is welcome, but more support is needed if venues like The Hub at St Mary's and all its supporting staff and arts freelancers are to survive.”
While the £1.57bn fund for the arts, culture and heritage industries is a welcome first step, this only supports a very small part of the industry and will not filter down to the vast majority who work in this sector.

led-tnAmber Solutions secures AC direct LED patent
Friday, 14 August 2020

USA - Amber Solutions has announced it has secured a patent for a solid-state power supply technology for use in LED lighting architecture.
The AC Direct Integrated Driver Solution offers benefits in terms of size, cost, capability and reliability, says the company, adding that using its technology in lights, manufacturers can achieve smaller, lighter and brighter products that are more energy efficient.
Amber's solution uses silicon chips to replace conventional power converters that depend on a system of capacitors, rectifiers, magnetics, transformers, TRIACs and relays. According to company founder and CEO Thar Casey, typical commercial LED power supply bricks measure 9” x 2.8” x 1.5”, a total of 37.8 cubic inches. By comparison, Amber’s power supply is just 5” x 3” x 0.25”, for a total of 3.75 cubic inches, and it’s only a quarter inch thick. “This reduction in size allows designers to eliminate both weight and bulky internal spaces in commercial LED lighting fixtures, opening the door to LED products with much slimmer profiles and more flexible installation requirements. While in small, discrete board today, Amber’s technology has a clear path to silicon, where the size will be even smaller,” he explains.
To protect the circuitry, the newly-patented technology benefits from 'autosensing', which enables end-points to act as circuit breakers. The product also benefits from wireless connectivity to enable remote management. The product has universal AC or DC switching capabilities and is adapted to all known semiconductor sw

genelecGenelec delivers premium audio for Miltton HQ
Friday, 14 August 2020

Finland - Miltton is a consultancy that has grown since its origins two decades ago to become a leading Nordic advisor in communications, leadership, marketing, insight and stakeholder relations. The company has recently transformed an old red brick factory building into their new Miltton House headquarters in Helsinki. High quality audio visual technology plays a key role in the new venue.
Systems integration specialists, Digisähkö Oy, who were charged with designing and installing the AV systems, selected Genelec loudspeakers throughout, for a premium audio experience. Designed as a physical meeting place and an inspiration hub as well as a workplace for Miltton’s talent and its stakeholders, high quality AV systems were a priority from the start.
“The investment in Miltton House represents the next phase in Miltton’s growth story,” explains Camilla Linniemi, partner & director at Miltton Group. “The ways of working are under constant change and the best ideas happen when people connect in a meaningful way.” To that end, in the early stages of the project, Miltton engaged top acoustic consultants and AV designers, Akukon Oy, to come up with an initial design, which was then developed and refined by Digisähkö as the project progressed.
“Akukon had specified that the speakers should be ‘separate, high quality active loudspeakers,’ so as far as we were concerned, Genelec was the obvious choice,” relates Digisähkö CEO, Jani Hirvonen. “The brand is synonymous with quality and matched all of Miltton’s criteria concernin

production-team-photoWhite Light expands technical production services
Friday, 14 August 2020

UK - Following the recent announcement of a strategic partnership with SFL, alongside its appointment of several new roles, WL is continuing to expand its production department, offering a complete technical service.
With so much recent change within both the wider world and live events industry, WL saw this as the ideal time to look at its existing production offering and assess how this could be broadened in order to further benefit the huge range of projects it delivers annually.
As such, it has restructured its existing team and created roles which will see them work even closer with clients in order to fulfil their creative requirements.
With many years of experience both at WL and in the technical production sector the account management team now consists of key account managers, Stuart Crane, Dominic Yates and Richard Stirzaker who have been joined by technical account manager, Joseph Smyth, adding additional technical skills, experience and knowledge in specific areas targeted for growth within the company.
Whilst certain job titles and roles have changed, the personal customer service and level of expertise will remain the same and any historical, existing or prospective Production clients are encouraged to contact the team as they would normally for any project.
Crane explains: “As a company, we are all about building and maintaining those relationships with our clients and offering them the best service possible. In my new role of Key Account Manager I look forward to continuing to work with customers old and new, listeni

astera-colossal-metronome-installation-20191026er1323-edit-pColossal deploys Astera Titans for Metronomes
Friday, 14 August 2020

New Zealand - Colossal is a lively, dynamic, and inventive street theatre and performing arts company based in Wellington, founded by brothers Zane and Degge Jarvie and Imogen Stone, with backgrounds in circus, architecture, and design.
Over the last three years, Colossal has started working light in various different forms into their pieces which have become popular at light festivals, a path that’s highlighted their passion for detail and innovation combined with fun and audience connection that lies at the heart of all their performance concepts.
For the 2019 HighLight Carnival of Lights in Lower Hutt, the company purchased eight Astera Titan Tubes specifically to provide a solution for their invigorating Metronomes installation. Since then, they have found numerous ways to integrate the highly practical and portable Asteras into other ideas and activities.
Developed for a large scale audience, Metronomes was based on the themes of space and time, and juggling these in a massive physical work for which they needed lights to be rigged to the end of eight 4m metal tube metronomes. These were counterbalanced via pivoting axels and mounted in square steel bases - ballasted and secured - that, once manipulated manually, swung back and forth juggling the two dimensions and establishing a sense of rhythm.
The light source had to be light and strong enough to be attached to the end of the metal poles with their weight balanced correctly through the axel allowing the motion to create an inertia as Zane and Degge triggered the swing

burgerVerge Aero drones spell it out for MrBeast
Friday, 14 August 2020

USA - Fireworks by Grucci, the latest partner company to invest in Verge Aero’s drone show technology, recently completed a project with a difference for YouTube superstar MrBeast when he decided to have a little fun with some serious fireworks in the Nevada desert.
MrBeast - real name Jimmy Donaldson - is a YouTube phenomenon, attracting over 38m subscribers with his videos of elaborate challenges, attention-grabbing stunts and jaw-dropping philanthropy. With each video quickly drawing tens of millions of views, he brings his unique brand of fun to an impressive worldwide audience.
For his latest video, I Bought The World’s Largest Firework, MrBeast commissioned Long Island-based Fireworks by Grucci to design and produce all the professional fireworks effects. Filmed at a site not far from the fabled Area 51 (a location long associated with strange lights in the sky), the video sees MrBeast and friends fire an increasingly spectacular range of explosive effects, from a $1 consumer firework through to a giant array of 16 handcrafted 24-inch aerial shells, manufactured by Grucci.
Adding a touch of ‘light relief’ to the pyro demonstrations, Fireworks by Grucci showcased its investment in a fleet of Verge Aero drones, with which the company is expanding its pyro and firework capabilities. The drones were used to play a gag in which words were spelled out in the night sky, apparently in response to instructions spoken on a walkie-talkie. A fleet of 120 GPS-guided drones formed the words, which were pre-programmed prior to the flight.

downtownWestview has designs on Long Beach Loop
Friday, 14 August 2020

USA - The Loop, a public architectural feature in Downtown Long Beach, California, recently joined the nightly neighbourhood celebration to honour first responders with a spectacular light show.
With original content design by Ryan Mueller and the team at TheatreDNA Creative, the structure that sits on a 7,700sq.ft lot at the southeast corner of Ocean Boulevard and Pine Avenue is a steel mesh infinity loop that sparkles and dazzles with a variety of shows that rotate randomly throughout the night. Westview provided the fixture installation and programming, as well as a robust controls system with remote management.
The newest element is a daily five-minute light show at 7:00 p.m. designed and programmed by Westview. Its computer-driven LED system can display an infinity of colours, making for a spectacular array of lights to brighten up the city. This latest initiative originated with the Long Beach Downtown Alliance wanting to show support for the residents who stood on their balconies every evening clapping and cheering for first responders, health care workers, nurses, grocery store employees, and many more who were working so hard to keep the communities safe.
“At times like this, we are honoured to be part of the celebration,” expressed Eric Bloom, president of Westview. “This is a significant way to send a genuine and collective ‘thank you’ to the entire healthcare community as they work diligently to fight this pandemic and keep us safe,” he added.
(Jim Evans)

prolyteProlyte participates in #WijMakenEvents
Thursday, 13 August 2020

The Netherlands - The UK’s #WeMakeEvents campaign received support in the Netherlands, where local companies took part in a nationwide Red Alert action under the banner of #WijMakenEvents.
More than 250 buildings across the country were lit in red on the evening of 11 August. The original campaign is a PLASA initiative that was adopted by the VTTE (the Association of Technical Event Suppliers) in the Netherlands.
Trussing, staging and hoist supplier Prolyte participated in the protest action on the night. The event industry and sectors have been at a complete standstill since the very beginning of the coronavirus crisis earlier this year. It has been more than five months, which means there are all costs but no turnover. Despite the government’s support during this period, companies are now on the verge of collapsing.
In order to draw attention to this crisis-like-situation in a peaceful and public-friendly manner, the Prolyte building was illuminated in red at 9pm local time and pulled the plug out exactly at five to 12 (11:55pm). “Together, we hope to get the support packages for the event industries extended and a clearer prospect is outlined until we can go back to work normally without the 1.5m restrictions. Without this commitment, a large number of companies will end up going bankrupt and employees will end up on the street,” says Prolyte.
“Politicians need to wake up and understand that if nothing happens, the entire event sector is in danger of disappearing.”

wycombe-swan-and-old-town-hallMartin Audio supports #WeMakeEvents campaign
Thursday, 13 August 2020

UK - In support of the PLASA-led #WeMakeEvents campaign, which culminated in a day of action coordinated across the UK on 11 August, Martin Audio joined other well-known entertainment technology manufacturers in backing the campaign. Alongside fully supporting the industry with social media - its Facebook posts alone reaching one million people on the day - Martin Audio helped organise a full TV production and livestream of the activities in London, including a helicopter swoop across the city.
These included many of the capital’s major landmarks being lit up in red and people gathering along the banks of the River Thames and bridges, dressed in red t-shirts, wearing red masks and waving their own red lights. Martin Audio also supplied its loudspeakers as the main PA for the boat that took members of the press and industry professionals on a trip along the River Thames past the illuminated landmarks.
Closer to home for Martin Audio, the company also supported the Wycombe Swan Theatre and High Wycombe Town Hall being lit in emergency red, alongside its own headquarters.
“Martin Audio has been extremely lucky to continue to operate during COVID-19 with the amazing support of our worldwide sales partners and end users, but most of our friends in the UK live event industry have had zero revenue since this all began,” reflected Martin Audio managing director, Dom Harter. “Without further funding from the Government the industry is at risk of collapse and we simply wanted to do everything we could to support their plight.”

red-sky-at-night-for-calrec-audio-compCalrec backs #WeMakeEvents
Thursday, 13 August 2020

UK - As part of the #WeMakeEvents campaign, Calrec lit up its historic Nutclough Mill building in red on the night of 11 August to help raise the alarm for the live events and entertainment sector.
Backed by a wide range industry bodies and companies, a series of events was held on Tuesday across the UK to highlight the plight of those struggling for work as a result of the pandemic. The live entertainment sector has been particularly badly hit, with calls to the government to step in and provide more assistance.
Sid Stanley, Calrec’s general manager, comments: “This has affected our customers in every territory, and the impact on live events like sports and entertainment has been devastating. In the UK alone there are over one million people employed in delivering events, 72% of whom are freelance, and many of which have no access to any financial support. We worked with other companies in the valley where we are based, including the Hippodrome, one of the UK’s largest volunteer-run theatres, to bring as much attention as possible. We hope that by coming together to support one another our voices are heard.”
Calrec has worked with A1 craft mixers during this period to help promote their achievements as widely as possible. The company has also worked with customers to create flexible technical solutions to allow as much live coverage to occur as possible.
“But, of course, massive challenges remain and the UK government needs to provide support to allow the sector to return to its former glory,” Calrec says in a statement. “We st

bangkokThai Bank benefits from Dante-backed system
Thursday, 13 August 2020

Thailand - The Bangkok headquarters of TMB - previously known as the Thai Military Bank - is a 33-story building located in the Chatuchak district of the city. Inside the facility is a 500-seat, multi-purpose auditorium on its seventh floor that hosts conferences, press events, presentations, and even live music.
“The auditorium at TMB sees some very diverse use and it gets quite busy,” comments Alfonso Martin, head engineer at Sonos Libra, the contracting firm that designed and installed the Dante-based audio network. “We knew from the start that the AV system needed to be cutting edge, it needed to be scalable and it needed to be high quality. When we submitted a bid to upgrade the facility, we knew from the start it needed to be done with Dante.”
Martin believes his company won the bid in part because they can offer Dante capabilities that enable flexible and future-proof solutions.
“It may seem a bit strange at first to think of a bank seeking out this level of audio capability,” Martin explains. “But banks are associated with having extremely impressive technology, not just related to their banking, but in all levels of their work.”
Martin explained that the bank required a highly-customisable solution as the auditorium occasionally needs to reposition its equipment - and that needed to be accomplished with little effort. Further, the system needed to be capable of a quick upgrade if a demand for such a change arose. Specifically, Martin said, the system needed to be capable of adding additional remote I/Os.
The au

lso-st-lukesbLSO and Yamaha keep classical music live
Thursday, 13 August 2020

UK - Audience and community engagement, music education and global co-operation have always been at the heart of the London Symphony Orchestra’s activities. Working with long-term partner Yamaha, the orchestra has accelerated its digital outreach programme in recent months, helping its musicians to perform together again and for worldwide audiences to enjoy the unique experience of live classical performance.
Familiar to millions through its music for films, including the Star Wars and Harry Potter series, as well as classical music fans, as lockdown took hold the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) was reaching out to new and existing audiences through online archived performances. Working with Yamaha, a commitment to taking its live performances to a global audience is now bringing musicians and music fans closer together in these challenging times.
A number of the LSO players are official Yamaha Artists, with the company’s flagship CFX Concert Grand Piano also installed at LSO St. Luke’s, the orchestra’s rehearsal and performance space in Islington, London. Yamaha is helping to mix and broadcast the live lunchtime recitals of LSO’s Always Playing summer programme online, thanks to a Rivage PM10 digital mixing system installed at LSO St Luke’s.
“At Yamaha we connect technology, art and audiences at the highest level,” says Alex Warren of Yamaha Music Europe. “In partnership with the LSO, we are working towards bringing live music to as wide an audience as possible, at a time when the entire entertainment industry is fa

jumpsky3Chauvet DJ colours JumpSky Inflatable Park
Thursday, 13 August 2020

Belgium - Completed shortly before the COVID-19 lockdown led to it to suspend operations, but since reopened, the 2000m² indoor JumpSky Inflatable Park, which is located in Gent’s trendy Dok Noord shopping area, treats young eyes to a veritable metropolis of inflatable structures of every conceivable shape. Adding to the delightful panorama is a crayon box palette of bold and vivid colours from Chauvet DJ SlimPAR Pro H USB fixtures that glow throughout the massive room.
“This is a playful venue, so I wanted to use all the colours in the rainbow,” said Wim Zwarts, owner of DiverZe, which designed and installed the lighting and sound system at JumpSky Inflatable. “Colour is transformative, so we sought to include as much of it as possible in our design. Thanks to the closed character of this venue, we are able to use the UV function of the SlimPars to give us an even bigger and brighter rainbow.”
Walking through the inflatable park, children of all ages enter a wonderland of spectacular colours that seem to have leapt out of the pages of a fairy tale, or perhaps from the Beatles Strawberry Fields. There are lemon meringue posts set against expanses of purple; and cherry red structures on seas of deep blues and greens, all tied together in a happy kaleidoscope of whimsical images.
Underpinning this magic is a network of 84 SlimPAR Pro H USB fixtures hung on aluminium tubes set just below the ceiling of the concrete building. The low profile of the RGBAW+UV wash fixtures allows them to hang unobtrusively, so only their transformative e

audacAudac launches ‘click and play’ solution
Thursday, 13 August 2020

Belgium - Pro audio manufacturer Audac has launched the ATEO2S into the market, a ‘click and play’ solution featuring the ATEO2 design wall loudspeakers. This compact loudspeaker is equipped with the innovative ClickMount mounting system, which is specifically designed to make mounting the speakers in corners an easy task. The ATEO2S includes both the speaker and the mounting system bundled together.
The professional system has the advantage of making the speaker cabinet click onto its mounting bracket either horizontally or vertically via a 6.3mm jack connector. After installation, the speaker angle can be adjusted by using the bracket arm, allowing the speaker to be inclined in any direction you choose.
The ATEO2S’ versatile mounting system allows the loudspeaker to be used in various fixed indoor applications like modern residential environments, retail stores or offices. Like the ATEO2, it is designed to blend into its surroundings, creating a subtle but effective solution.

american-ninja-warriorseason-121Elation and Obsidian on American Ninja Warrior
Thursday, 13 August 2020

USA - On 12 March, Season 12 filming of NBC’s primetime series American Ninja Warrior was postponed in the middle of production in Los Angeles, and just one day before the reality competition was set to get underway beneath an Elation lighting rig with Obsidian control system. Delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the show eventually headed into production again in July with a crew happy to be back to work and a number of health measures to abide by.
Lighting was under the capable hands of two long-time industry pros and Warrior lighting veterans, Adam Biggs (lighting design) and Ed Motts (lighting direction). “We were all ready to shoot when the producers called us in and announced they were postponing the show as a health measure so we immediately started loading out that night,” recalled Motts, now in his eighth year with the show. “Then we sat at home like everyone else in the industry until we got a call in early June about possibly coming back for one city. By our 25 June tech meeting we knew it was a go and we were excited to be coming back.”
Season 12 of American Ninja Warrior was filmed at The Dome at America’s Centre in St. Louis during the middle of July and will air this fall on NBC. This was the first time a season has been shot in just one location as they usually film from three or four different cities across multiple weeks. Season 12 should have started in Los Angeles before moving to St. Louis and Washington, D.C. with the finale in Las Vegas. Instead, four preliminary rounds, two semifinals and a finale were ta

radioitatiaiavistoolLawo technology powers Brazil’s Rádio Itatiaia
Thursday, 13 August 2020

Brazil - Broadcaster Rádio Itatiaia, with a network of 52 affiliate stations in the state of Minas Gerais, has installed a new Lawo routing system to switch, process and distribute programming from its headquarters in Belo Horizonte.
Lawo integration partner Rádio Partes installed the system, which features Power Core mixing engines, Nova17 routing frames, and custom touchscreen controls designed with Lawo VisTool Unlimited graphical control software.
Project planning began in 2018, with the goal of replacing an aging digital router with a true AES67 system that could work with AoIP equipment from a variety of manufacturers, and be easily expanded to accommodate future needs. Itatiaia also wanted a system with DSP capabilities to enable audio shaping of sources on-the-fly, and, being a network content provider, operational redundancy at every level.
Rádio Itatiaia’s vice president, Cláudio Carneiro, comments: “The company who made our mixing consoles does not have dedicated routing hardware, or a system to accomplish this. Lawo has greater expertise and know-how with dedicated routing matrices. While we looked at other vendors, when compared with similar systems Lawo’s was more mature and ready to serve us.”
All Lawo radio products employ AES67-compliant Ravenna networking, so accomodating Itatiaia’s array of AoIP, analog and digital audio sources was easily accomplished. The system’s redundant routing core utilises two Lawo Power Core engines, each of which is paired with a Nova17 routing frame equipped with dual, redundant m

redalertlsi#WeMakeEvents day of action makes waves
Wednesday, 12 August 2020

UK - The UK events industry proudly came together in a show of solidarity under the #WeMakeEvents campaign banner yesterday (11 August) to ask the government to ‘throw us a line’ in the form of on-going and increased financial support.
As part of the movement, over 715 buildings across the UK lit up in red to symbolise the imminent danger over one million people in the live events industry face unless the government provides additional financial support.
20 of the UK’s biggest cities hosted events to raise awareness of the struggling supply chain that facilitates events across the country. From the Minnack Theatre Cornwall to The Queen’s Hall Edinburgh, Principality Stadium Cardiff and the Millennium Forum Northern Ireland, the message was spread far and wide – the situation is urgent. In Manchester, 200 technicians pushed redundant flightcases through the city centre as part of their protest, observing COVID-19 safety protocols at all times.
The capital’s finale began aboard a boat at 20:30, which made its way down the Thames - passing iconic buildings including the Royal Festival Hall, the London Eye, the National Theatre and the Tate all illuminated in emergency red. Some 4000 socially distanced supporters dressed in red lined the banks of the Thames and bridges including the Millennium Bridge and Jubilee Bridge to further drive the message home.
Level 42 frontman Mark King and folk singer Frank Turner performed on the boat, both expressing the importance of their skilled crews. The call to action focused on raising awareness

chauvetdemodaysChauvet takes holistic approach to online demos
Wednesday, 12 August 2020

UK - Chris Hale is working out of his garage in Ashford, Kent. Ritchie Reed is 180 miles away in Nottingham. Yet, both are coming together (virtually) every day to offer a valuable service to designers, programmers, event specialists, and integrators with their 30-minute Chauvet Online Demo Sessions.
Working in tandem, the two lighting professionals take a holistic approach to their educational sessions, which air daily at 10am BST, demonstrating fixtures in a way that reflects how they are actually used in real world applications. For example, rather than showcase one fixture in isolation, they will look at paired fixtures, such as the Maverick MK3 Profile and Maverick MK3 Wash; or Rogue Outcast Hybrid IP65 and Rogue Outcast Beam IP65.
“For us, it makes more sense to look at fixtures from the perspective of how they are going to work together in real life,” said Hale. “We want our session to be meaningful, not just abstract product presentations.”
The daily demos also offer a thorough 360-degree look at products. While Hale takes care of the actual product demos, Reed complements this material by providing photometrics, images and weblinks.
“Our goal is to do a full product demonstration, “said Reed. “We share everything that we can get our hands on, whether it’s acoustic reports or DMX layouts etc. We also like to show families of products. This has been a great way for us to stay engaged with our friends in the industry and hopefully provide them with information that will enhance their work in the future.”

polish-poolLEA Professional makes splash in Polish pool
Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Poland - The town of Tomaszów Lubelski in southeastern Poland is home to a new, modern sports and recreation centre. The complex includes a large swimming pool, smaller recreational pool, 60m slide, multiple exercise rooms and a café. When local pro-AV distributor, ESS Audio, was asked to design and deliver a complete full audio solution for the centre, they turned to LEA Professional for their audio amplification needs.
ESS Audio has been providing pro AV design, consultation, training and distribution services in Poland for 30 years.
“We have worked with the team at LEA Professional in different capacities over the years and knew the wealth of their experience,” said Maciej Baranski, system designer, ESS audio. “They were the perfect partner for this unique installation.”
This project features the addition of a new, six-zone, 100V audio system. So, the team decided to use the LEA Professional Connect 704, a professional-grade audio amplifier suited for small-to medium-scale installations, featuring three ways to connect.
Users can engage the built-in Wi-Fi access point, connect to a facility’s Wi-Fi, or use the fast ethernet to connect to any local area network via Cat5 or Cat6 cable. The Connect Series also features cloud connectivity allowing users to harness the power of the cloud for remote control, monitoring, and more from any personal device. Additionally, the Connect Series features HiZ and LoZ channel selectable analogue inputs, Dante inputs, and external I/O control for remote on/off and fault monitoring.
For Bara

vivitekdu4371zstaugust2020Vivitek debuts short throw laser projector
Wednesday, 12 August 2020

The Netherlands - Vivitek has introduced the DU4371Z-ST short throw laser projector. With a screen size of up to 278 inches and a brightness of 5,100 lumens with WUXGA resolution, this new device is suitable for almost all demanding applications and environments - from conference rooms, to universities, galleries and museums, says the company.
Vivitek's DU4371Z-ST laser projector is easy to use and offers flexible installation thanks to its 360 degree positioning options. Furthermore, thanks its 0.5 short-throw lens, the projector only needs a distance of two metres from the wall to achieve an impressive image size of 185 inches. At a distance of three metres, it can still deliver a razor-sharp projection with a diagonal image of 278 inches.
In addition to the brightness of 5,100 lumens, the integrated DLP DarkChip3 and BrilliantColor technologies ensure a ‘brilliant picture’. The advanced laser phosphor light source also always ensures optimal brightness and colour uniformity. With these qualities, the DU4371Z-ST is suitable not only for mapping projections, but also for everyday applications in educational institutions or private and public sector organisations.
The lamp-free design also ensures maintenance-free operation of up to 20,000 hours. Using the HDBaseT interface, the image signal can be conveniently transmitted to the projector over long distances by cable, and a standard Cat 5e / 6-LAN interface which has been integrated in the DU4371Z-ST for digital audio content.
This short throw projector is shipped from the factory with Cr


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