adjADJ Hydro Series shines on Rebirth outdoors
Friday, 24 June 2022

The Netherlands - A significant quantity of ADJ fixtures were supplied by production company Spectrum AV for two of the stages at the Rebirth Festival, a three-day hard dance event which took place in The Netherlands in April.
Six of the festival’s seven dance arenas were enclosed by large circus-style tents, while the final performance stage was outdoors and open to the elements. For this, ADJ’s IP65-rated Hydro Series moving heads and static LED-powered wash fixtures were utilised, ensuring that the lighting rig would be unaffected by any adverse weather, including the storm that hit the festival site during buildup.
With the tagline of ‘Reunite Again’, the 2022 Rebirth Festival was one of the first largescale outdoor dance events to take place in the Netherlands following two years of pandemic-induced restrictions. It also represented a reunion between the organisers and production company Spectrum AV, which worked on the festival in its early years.
“The biggest stages at these festivals are often driven by the riders of headline artists, which means we would have to rent in different fixtures for each show,” explains Spectrum AV’s general manager, Lex Willems. “For these mid-level stages - which are still pretty big - our clients are happy to use the equipment we have in stock, which are all ADJ fixtures. This allows us to maximize our return on the investments we have made and to use equipment that we know we can rely on. This is the sweet spot for our business and how we plan to grow. We have no desire to take on the bigger st

actjames-suitJames Suit re-joins ACT Entertainment in NYC
Friday, 24 June 2022

USA - James Suit has re-joined ACT Entertainment’s regional sales team for the New York City Metro area. Previously, he had served as northeast regional sales manager for the brands distributed by ACT.
“We’re very excited to have James back on-board and to take advantage of the expertise, values and skills that make him such a good fit for the ACT team,” says Doug Mekanik, ACT Entertainment director of sales.
Suit began his professional career in 2005 when he joined 4Wall in New Jersey as a moving light tech. He spent seven years in system integration and sales for Starlite Productions in Moorestown, New Jersey. He later moved to Ushio America where he served as regional sales manager for entertainment, covering the Eastern US for the lighting manufacturer and distributor.
“I’m happy to re-join ACT to continue building relationships with designers and customers that were cut short by the pandemic,” says Suit. “I look forward to working with everyone on the ACT Entertainment team to bring fresh, innovative products to the creative people who need them.”
Ryan Hindinger, ACT Entertainment market manager: concert touring & live experiences, concludes: “James has superb product expertise and never fails to see customer wants and needs in a way they often don’t themselves, which makes him an excellent fit for the ACT Entertainment family.”

zoe-1Chauvet reflects universal sound of Zoé
Thursday, 23 June 2022

Mexico - Zoé won a Grammy Award for Best Latin Rock Urban Alternative Album in 2019. Although the honour was well-deserved, it told only part of this dynamic quintet’s story. The band from Cuernavaca defies easy classification, as they weave an array of global influences into their distinct sound.
Inspired by Brit Pop and Seattle grunge, Zoé has continuously refined their music since the group formed in the mid ‘90s, bringing in synth pop and psychedelic elements to create a rich mix of songs.
The band’s current Unplugged tour will include a stop at Dodger Stadium in December. Reflecting the mood of the music is a balanced and intricately layered Tony Pérez lighting design that features 42 Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by Meridian Pro Audio company.
Playing his design off against a large video wall, Pérez showers the stage with light from his Maverick spot and wash fixtures that changes colours and angles to reflect the jangle-like flow of his client’s music. Crossing wash and spot patterns over each other, he gives the stage a pleasant textured quality that engages audiences. Further strengthening the connection between the band and its fans, he lights the crowd with 18 STRIKE4 blinders.
"The lighting design arose from a set of ideas and general needs that had to be covered, through my conversations with Gabriel Cruz, Rodrigo Guardiola," says Pérez, who has been designing shows for three decades and has been the designer for Zoé since 2016. "In general, the video and the lighting help to generate different sensations at

guildhall-logo-2017Guildhall School of Music & Drama to host summer courses
Thursday, 23 June 2022

UK - The Guildhall School of Music and Drama will host short courses on sound design and video projection at the end of July.
Taking place concurrently from 25-29 July, Sound Design for Theatre and Introduction to Video Projection Mapping are available to anyone aged 16 or over for a fee of £525 (£1,035 inclusive of accommodation). Teaching will take place daily and the training will be given in person only.
Led by Video Design lecturer Angeline Ferguson, Introduction to Video Projection Mapping is aimed at beginners. Learners will find out how to prepare and project video onto a 3D structure using industry standard video projection software Resolume Arena 7 and Adobe After Effects. They will also be introduced to the basic principles and techniques of digital video mapping, including designing concepts for projection mapping, creating content and sourcing material online, preparing digital content (file types, resolutions and codecs), setting up hardware (computers, projectors and real-world objects), keystoning, image correction and distortions. The course is for anyone interested in video projection, or those who would like to try something new, though ideally, learners would have an interest or experience in digital art, graphic design, video editing, technical theatre, gaming etc.
Sound Design for Theatre is for anyone with an interest in sound design, its manipulation and use in a theatrical or narrative context. The course will introduce learners to the practical, creative and technological aspects of sound desi

leealogodigitalrgbLEEA webinar puts focus on entertainment sector
Thursday, 23 June 2022

UK - The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) will hold a webinar for end-users in the entertainment industry.
Held live at 10am BST on 7 July 2022 via Zoom, the one-hour webinar aims to initiate conversations between LEEA members and end users, particularly those further up the supply chain. The webinar will explore how having the right lifting equipment and safe working loads in the entertainment sector is vital for successful productions and concerts - ensuring they run smoothly, efficiently and safely.
Furthermore, sourcing and training staff and contracting for ‘thorough examinations’ with LEEA members will give entertainment sector companies the confidence they seek, as members of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association conform to its ‘gold standard’ when it comes to excellence in the Lifting Industry.
Attendees to this webinar will gain an overview of legislative frameworks, training and best practices applicable to owners and end users of lifting equipment in the Entertainment industry.
Representing the Entertainment sector will be speakers Paul Fulcher, managing director, Rigging Services and Sean Pagel, director of Production Services Ireland & chairman of the National Rigging Advisory Group. LEEA experts presenting will be Keith Tonge, technical services and Dave Tucker, senior training specialist at LEEA.
For more information, visit the link below.

gentlemanphoto-by-moritz-hartmann3Bünemann relies on Onyx for Gentleman dates
Thursday, 23 June 2022

Germany - Lighting designer and operator Andreas Bünemann is using the Onyx lighting control platform from Obsidian Control Systems to run a large lighting rig for German reggae artist Gentleman and says he wouldn’t turn to any other system.
“Our choice is the Obsidian Onyx system and it will be going forward,” stated Bünemann, owner of full-service rental company Bam Bam FX of Germany. “For us, it is the future and the direction we want to go. It’s a powerful and reliable system and we will be recommending it to clients interested in user-friendly lighting control.”
Gentleman is Germany's most successful reggae artist and has been filling venues in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 13 May in support of his latest album, Blaue Stunde. Bünemann has been handling lighting for Gentleman since early this year and runs the current show using Onyx software on an M6 console, a desk he started with years ago.
“I kind of fell in love with the console and operating system and decided it would be my console of choice,” he commented. “When Elation acquired the M-Series and launched Obsidian it was a huge step forward, which was fantastic. There hadn’t been any real progress with the software for a while but once Elation took over things started to happen, specific steps like the Dylos effects engine, which is so straight forward and easy to use. In my opinion, there is no other console that can do what this console can at the moment.”
For the Gentleman tour, Bünemann had at his disposal 36 wash lights, 36 beam fixtur

climate-pledgePowersoft aids efficiency at Climate Pledge Arena
Thursday, 23 June 2022

USA - Since its grand opening in October 2021, Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena has set its sights on becoming the most progressive, responsible and sustainable arena in the world, with a net-zero carbon status, no single-use plastic, water conservation, and zero waste as some of its initial ambitions.
The arena, reinvigorated thanks to $1.15bn of private investment, has been designed to host a number of sports, including hockey and basketball, and live concerts and events, providing with a capacity of up to 18,100 guests.
David Battershell - senior consultant at Idibri, a Salas O’Brien Company - was the AV design consultant for the arena’s new construction, with Idibri acting as the AV component of a larger Populous design machine.
Designed to replace an existing venue, KeyArena, “that was too small and outdated” as Battershell explains, “the [original] arena’s roof is a historic landmark and couldn’t be torn down, so it had to be lifted off for work to begin. The rest of the building was then completely dismantled, the floor was lowered 20ft, and the new arena was built up to where the original roof would eventually be replaced.”
Idibri was brought in to provide high-quality audio in the arena’s suites to support bowl audio extension, background music and local TV audio. Battershell and his team decided that Powersoft’s Mezzo compact amplifier platform would be a suitable fit for such a demanding application.
“We thought that the Mezzo would be well-suited to being installed behind the televisions in each of the s

v14Waves Audio upgrades Waves plug-ins with V14
Thursday, 23 June 2022

USA - Waves Audio has announced Waves V14, the latest version of Waves plug-ins. Waves V14 enables faster load time, new Trim & Mix knobs in Waves’ most popular compressors, and quick new pre-set workflows.
With V14, Waves users can now control and fine-tune dynamics faster than ever, with brand new trim and mix knobs added to Waves’ most popular compressors: the API 2500, the CLA-2A, CLA-3A and CLA-76 Compressor/Limiters, the Renaissance Compressor and the SSL-G Master Buss Compressor. These new features allow users to stay creative, quickly balancing volume and creating parallel compressions in seconds, directly from the plug-ins.
V14 offers faster loading times for plug-ins, pre-sets and sessions in your DAW and enhanced quick drag-and-drop pre-set workflow.
V14 also features new ‘ultra-sharp’ HiDPI graphics for select Waves plug-ins: Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain, API Collection, the CLA-76, CLA-2A, CLA-3A Compressor/Limiters, the F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ, OVox Vocal ReSynthesis and PuigTec EQs.
Also, V14 includes a new standalone application to the CR8 Creative Sampler, allowing users to shape, manipulate and play samples without a DAW.

avixaClear-Com sponsors Women’s Council Breakfast
Thursday, 23 June 2022

USA - Clear-Com was a first-time sponsor of the popular annual AVIXA Women’s Council Breakfast at the InfoComm 2022 trade show. A long-time supporter of Rise, a group promoting gender diversity within the broadcast and media technology industry, Clear-Com is now adding their support to the AVIXA Women’s Council, focused on supporting women in the professional AV industry.
“We have always supported raising the profile of women in the industries we serve, and we were pleased to be part of the AVIXA Women’s Council Breakfast this year,” remarks Clear-Com CEO Mitzi Dominguez. “Attracting, supporting and retaining more women in Pro AV opens opportunities for the next generations.”
Clear-Com’s recent involvement with Rise includes corporate sponsorship as well as active, hands-on involvement in the Rise Up Academy, Rise Up Summer School and Rise Awards. The Rise Global Mentorship programme currently is working with 98 mentees around the world, all of them matched with a Mentor from the industry.
“We are thrilled about the new opportunity Rise has created to bring value to young people through an immersive and hands on summer program,” says Nicki Fisher, Director of EMEA Sales. “Working closely with our youth allows us to help shape the future of our industry.”

cob-cannonADJ expands COB Cannon LED series
Thursday, 23 June 2022

USA - ADJ is expanding its COB Cannon Series of LED wash fixtures as well as its new range of lighting products incorporating lime LED chips with the introduction of the COB Cannon LP200ST.
Featuring a powerful light engine, smooth colour mixing and wide beam angle, this flexible professional wash lighting fixture can be used for a wide variety of applications.
The COB Cannon LP200ST harnesses the power of an efficient 200W COB (Chip On Board) LED light source, which generates a potent and even output with no colour shadows. This efficient light engine combines red, green, blue, amber and lime LED chips to allow the creation of a huge gamut of colours as well as white light with a variable colour temperature of between 2300K and 9900K. The inclusion of the lime LED chip helps certain colours to appear more vivid and also boosts the CRI to in excess of 90. The LED engine has an approximate lifespan of 50,000 operational hours, which essentially removes the inconvenience and expense of lamp replacement.
Offering a wide native beam angle of 80°, allowing a large area to be washed with vibrant coloured light, the COB Cannon LP200ST is also supplied with a useful lens kit. This comprises both 40° and 50° lens options, which easily and securely clip to the front of the fixture to provide a narrower beam angle when required. Barn doors for directing the light output are also available as an optional accessory.
A variety of operational modes make this fixture suitable for use in all kinds of permanent installation and temporary event applications,

lectrosonicsReal estate turns into Reality TV with Lectrosonics
Thursday, 23 June 2022

USA - The hot real estate market in Southern California has spawned an equally hot Netflix TV series, Selling Sunset, now in its fifth season, as well as an upcoming spin-off, Selling the OC.
Audio supervisor Marcos Contreras, CAS, captures sound for these fast and often unpredictable reality shows with the help of his arsenal of Lectrosonics wireless systems, including SMWB and SMDWB miniature wideband bodypack, SMQV belt-pack and Hma plug-on transmitters, as well as SRc portable and DSQD digital receivers.
Selling Sunset is one of the most popular shows on Netflix,” Contreras explains. “The show demands a lot. The wireless must be reliable every time. Lectrosonics is up to the task - no dropouts or interference even over big, open spaces.”
Selling Sunset has a cast of 10, while the upcoming OC show’s cast numbers total 11. The West Hollywood and Newport Beach offices of the Oppenheim Group, the realty agency at the heart of the show, serve as live sets for the shows, and the lavish homes on location are featured prominently as well.
Contreras’ main go-to units are the SMDWB, which are basically a double-battery version of the SMWB. He typically mates them with a Sanken COS-11D omni lavalier mic, but sometimes with a DPA 6060 or 6061. In the LA/OC area he uses the Block 22 frequencies.
Contreras has 18 SRc portable ENG receivers, and in a typical Selling Sunset or Selling the OC shoot he uses six of them in a bag feeding a Sound Devices Scorpio portable mixer-recorder. He de

hayden-james-troygerhardtphoto-2Hayden James gets Lifted with Bandit Lites
Wednesday, 22 June 2022

USA - Australian producer and DJ Hayden James recently wrapped up his North American Lifted tour with a lighting system provided by Bandit Lites.
Production designer David Fairless fashioned a lighting design that stepped out of any typical box with an asymmetrical design that would create large impact in a variety of venue sizes while fitting the desired gear in a 12ft by 6ft trailer that was limited on weight.
“It was a last-minute call to switch to such a tight space and weight restriction but by working with the team at Bandit Lites, we were able to come up with a hugely successful touring package for the limitations we had,” explains Fairless.
“The main element of the design was linear strips of Spectron that are arranged randomly floating throughout the space,” says Fairless. “With a look like this, I was able to play with the height and depth of the design creating interesting lighting and video effects.”
Utilizing the versatility of the Sceptron and controlling them via a Hippo Media Server, Fairless was able to switch between video content and using the strip as a DMX fixture.
“This gave me organic looks when needed, but also sharp and hard hits throughout the set,” he continues.
Bandit Lites also provided JDC strobes, which back lit the floating strips while also suppling additional lighting looks.
“David’s approach and roll with the flow attitude was exceptional was we progressed through the space and weight curveballs. He acted as a true professional throughout the process and I lo

ag01nammbisYamaha AG01 wins Best in Show award
Wednesday, 22 June 2022

USA - Early June saw Yamaha return to the NAMM Show in California, and leave with a Best In Show award for the new AG01 combined condenser microphone and mixer.
Launched in April, the AG01 is a studio-quality USB-C microphone, combined with a high-performance mixer that features DSP effects, loopback functionality and flexible connections for stress-free streaming. Available in black or white, it’s compact enough to be placed on a desk or mounted on a desk arm, is powered via USB or battery pack and can transform almost any environment into a fully-functioning streaming station.
During the NAMM show's first two days, hundreds of products, services and technologies were carefully reviewed by leading industry experts, moderated by Frank Alkyer, publisher of Music, Inc. and UpBeat Daily magazines. The AG01 was awarded a Best in Show ‘Gotta Stock It’ award, highlighting the innovation of the product and Yamaha’s updated AG Controller software.
Alongside the AG01, the AG series comprises the AG06MK2 and AG03MK2 live streaming mixers and the AG03MK2 LSPK Live Streaming Package. All AG series products are bundled with Steinberg’s Cubase AI music production software and WaveLab Cast for streamed audio production and editing.
“Yamaha has a rich history of providing artists with tools to create music and art while providing solutions to amplify their work,” comments Preston Gray, marketing director of professional audio, Yamaha Corporation of America. “With the new AG01 Microphone, artists and creators can now ensure their work is hea

operation-mincemeat-premiere-2Chauvet lights Operation Mincemeat in Mayfair
Wednesday, 22 June 2022

UK - For the star-studded UK debut of the movie Operation Mincemeat at London’s Curzon Cinema in Mayfair, local production specialist Impact Production Services (IPS) was enlisted to create an elegant red-carpet reception.
In keeping with the storyline of the film, which involves the clever use of limited resources, IPS MD James Mason, along with client Limited Edition Event Design and lighting designer Richard Godin, were able to create grand looks that utilised the full power and performance features of their kit.
“We used 10 Chauvet Professional X4IP active LED panels for this event and they had no problem covering a pretty large area,” says Mason. “Richard Godin, who operated the lighting from a ChamSys MQ80 console with two Art-Net nodes used to distribute data signals to the main lighting areas, did a magnificent job.”
The canopy overhang of the cinema’s 1960s functionalist entrance helped the design team endow the premiere event with a palpable air of excitement They positioned the X4IP panels on the canopy’s ledge in a staggered arrangement so as to give an interesting, expanding visual effect, upon which vibrant video content could be displayed over the facade’s entire length.
With each panel measuring in at 1000mm tall by 500mm wide, the team were able to integrate the rectangular shape of the panels into the overall visual aesthetic of the premiere, displaying moving vertical portraits of the main characters within the film across each individual LED panel. Additional graphic content with the film’s logo gav

bromptonBrompton LED stands out at InfoComm 2022
Wednesday, 22 June 2022

USA - Brompton Technology revealed its latest solutions for video processing during InfoComm 2022. The company showcased its LED processing solutions for live events, broadcast, and virtual production.
During the show, Brompton was also recognised with an InfoComm 2022 Best of Show Award in the AV Technology category for its Tessera v3.3 software. This release introduced new calibration features such as PureTone and Operating Modes, which enable rental companies and studios to have more flexibility and scalability with their stock, and also added support for the ACEScg colour gamut and the ability to display tracking markers for the Mo-Sys StarTracker camera tracking system.
Additionally during InfoComm, Rob Fowler, director of business development at Brompton, addressed AV professionals in a session about how virtual production has affected design trends in LED panels and processing. He was joined by Matthew Ward at Fuse Technical Group; Wayne Romanowski, director of LED Services at 4Wall Entertainment; and Cassidy Pearsall, Applications Engineer at ARRI, Inc. for a lively discussion on potential impacts of virtual production and the industry’s future.
InfoComm 2022 also coincided with the beta release of Brompton’s Tessera v3.4 software, which introduces Extended Bit Depth and Stacking features to further enhance image quality and drive new workflow efficiencies.

boschBosch updates Praesensa software
Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Germany - Bosch has announced a new software release for Praesensa, its IP-based public address and voice alarm system. The new software, v1.50, features an improved user experience and enhanced connectivity, especially for large installations requiring multiple controllers and subsystems, along with more options for system redundancy.
System designers will receive more flexibility designing large system networks with this release. It is now possible to better use and directly assign multiple controllers in large networks with subnets, which is very often indispensable in typical projects like airports or oil/gas industrial applications. Up to 3,000 networked devices and 10,000 audio zones can be managed by a total of up to 20 system controllers, while both master controllers and subsystem controllers can be optionally utilised for controller redundancy.
The seamless EN54-certified networked solution allows high-level priority calls from fireman microphones to any zone or group throughout the entire Praesensa system, optimizing security and fallback options. In case of a connection failure of a subsystem controller to the master controller, the subsystem controllers will continue to operate as an independent, self-sufficient system.
Due to extended options to work with multi-controller systems, Bosch has established a new, future-proof and easy-to-manage licensing system; the user now only needs to acquire one license per subsystem, with no additional hardware purchases required.
The latest software allows the user to activate push-to-talk (P

kanyamakan2021jp02017-editjohan-persson-33Zactrack solution for Kan Yama Kan in Riyadh
Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Saudi Arabia - The global premiere of the theatre and dance show Kan Yama Kan was staged in the Global Theatre at Riyadh’s BLVD RUH City entertainment complex, delivered by an award-winning West End and Broadway creative team, with lighting designed by Natasha Chivers, direction and choreography by Will Tuckett and auditorium, set and video design by 59 Productions, who were also technical co-ordinators for producers, Wonderjunkie and Anthology.
With a large cast, a vibrant traverse stage design, fast moving dancers, dynamic scenic items and aerial performers, Natasha - working with associate LD Andy Purves - needed to track up to 15 principal actors, dancers and aerialists all over the performance space using multiple light sources positioned everywhere on the overhead trusses, often simultaneously.
As a solution, they specified two zactrack PRO servers which were working with 14 anchors and 27 active trackers (with full redundancy) in conjunction with 170 moving light fixtures.
Zactrack uses an innovative (Ultra-Wide-Band) real-time radio tracking technology to make this exacting task smooth and flexible.
Due to the stage layout, the cast had to be lit from all angles - on XY and Z axes - right across the stage and in the two entranceways at each end of the traverse. To do this for the near 360-degree audience to get the best experience, three or four light sources had to be diligently applied, also avoiding washing out any floor areas being used as dynamic projection surfaces, so tracking was designed into the show from incepti

nexoNexo Geo tames Java Jazz acoustics
Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Indonesia - Since the first Java Jazz Festival more than 15 years ago, the event has become an annual fixture in the Indonesian entertainment calendar, attended either for work or pleasure by all the most influential music and sound industry professionals in the region.
Like so many events around the world, the festival took a COVID-enforced hiatus over the past couple of years but returned in celebratory style to the Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran over the weekend on 27-29 May, with bands and musicians performing on a total of nine stages.
One of the more challenging acoustic environments at the festival was the GRAB Hall, a former aircraft hangar in which local rental company DSS Sound Systems deployed a Nexo Geo M12 line array, with support from the technical team at local distributor Yamaha Music Indonesia Distributor (YMID).
“With no acoustic treatment on the concrete walls or domed ceiling, the room generates a lot of unwelcome resonance at certain frequencies, making it very difficult to achieve both clarity and impact from the sound system” reports Ryan Indra Kusumah from YMID. “But the Nexo system was able to overcome the challenges and performed brilliantly.”
With Yamaha Rivage PM7 and CL5 consoles mixing FOH and monitors, the full system comprised of two hangs of nine Geo M12s, with 12 x MSUB18 and four RS18 subs, and four PS15s as front-fills. Amplification and processing came from five NXAMP powered controllers.
“Using a Nexo system of this scale in a hall measuring 38x35m obviously gave us plenty of headroo

conferenceTheatres Trust reveals 2022 conference theme
Tuesday, 21 June 2022

UK - Theatres Trust has unveiled details of its 2022 conference. The event will take place under the banner of Theatres Fit for the Future and be held on 11 October (Tuesday) at Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, London.
Theatres Fit for the Future will explore what the new post-COVID ‘normal’ looks like and what this means for the way theatres are designed, adapted and operated. The conference will bring together a mix of speakers and case studies, alongside opportunities for discussion and sharing of best practice.
Sessions will feature theatres that are exploring new business models to ensure they not only survive but thrive in this new environment, looking at how they are generating new income streams and finding different ways to engage with their audiences and communities, and developing partnership approaches to increase resilience and impact.
Architects and practitioners will imagine what a truly inclusive theatre might look like, that takes account of everyone’s access and cultural needs. Theatre operators will share their innovative practices to ensure their buildings are welcoming to all.
The conference will also return to sustainability, the topic of last year’s event, which generated a lot of positive feedback. This will include the latest developments on the Theatre Green Book, including the recently released Home Survey Tool which helps theatre operators create a prioritised plan to reduce their building’s carbon emissions.
Theatres will also share their experience of investing in carbon reduction m

ed-sheeranMark Cunniffe chooses Ayrton for Ed Sheeran tour
Tuesday, 21 June 2022

UK - Lighting and production designer Mark Cunniffe has chosen to light Ed Sheeran’s current Mathematics world tour, with a lighting rig composed almost entirely of Ayrton IP65-rated fixtures (expect a full production report in a future issue of LSi). The design incorporates 138 Ayrton Domino LT, 48 Perseo Profile and 22 of the new Ayrton Cobra laser-sourced fixture. This is Cunniffe’s first specified use of Ayrton fixtures, and the first tour for Ayrton’s new Cobra.
The show design is a huge, in-the-round, stadium setup with an unprecedented open design, with no roof, a large circular video screen over the revolving stage and six mammoth masts held in place by a cable net system. This major feat of production design was the brainchild of Cunniffe and engineered by Jeremy Lloyd of Wonderworks and Rasti Bartek of Cundall.
“This kind of set up has never been toured before on such a scale,” says Cunniffe. “With such an open design it is important not to create a barrier between the artist and audience with the show infrastructure. I therefore wanted to maintain the clean lines, with no visible crew on stage, and most importantly, no ugly waterproofing in view, so IP65 rating was imperative for all the fixtures we chose.”
Cunniffe’s fixture requirements were also very precise and put out to tender with plenty of lead time. “My wish list was clear and detailed,” he says. “I wanted a long throw LED unit that was IP rated, with a specific zoom, beam quality and flat field, and really crisp and subtle colours with ful

robe-bidvest-future-now-show-2022-zio251828109Bidvest returns with Future Now extravaganza
Tuesday, 21 June 2022

South Africa - The first major live post-pandemic corporate event staged in South Africa was organised by international services, trading and distribution company Bidvest for key clients, suppliers and staff. Taking the theme Future Now, the large and impressive show returned live after a two-year absence, staged for the first time at the Time Square Arena in Pretoria with newly appointed CEO Nompumelelo Thembekile Madisa.
Future Now was a special commission for Bidvest created and produced by the team of David Bloch of David Bloch International and choreographer Debbie Rakusin, who commissioned Gearhouse South Africa as technical supplier together with Pieter Joubert as technical director.
Stage, set and lighting design was delivered by Tim Dunn from nVisible agency, who flew in from the UK to programme and run the show lighting, which he did in close collaboration with Robert Grobler from technical contractor, Gearhouse South Africa (GSA).
Tim and Robert created some eye-catching lighting that ramped up the drama and the fun factors with the help of over 250 Robe moving lights.
Previously, Tim has lit the show when living in South Africa and working for Gearhouse, and for this occasion the company supplied additional lighting kit that was added to the substantial Times Square house lighting rig.
Gearhouse Group company Sets Drapes Screens built the set. This comprised of a series of interlocking geometric shapes including three hexagonal thrust stages at the front surrounded by a series of triangular shaped facias outl

imverseImverse receives $4.8m backing
Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Switzerland - Imverse, a company providing volumetric pixel solutions, has secured $4.8m to develop its software platform, expand its team, and roll out its products globally.
Imverse has created a solution for volumetric content and live hologram, which uses a proprietary volumetric pixel (voxel) graphics engine which is capable of live capture, rendering and streaming of multiple holograms in real-time for telepresence applications. This is in contrast to polygons, which currently dominate the virtual and augmented reality space.
As a result, Imverse can create full-body volumetric 'humans' without industrial cameras or powerful computing equipment, and with low latency, says the company. This enables the delivery of volumetric content at the same rate as mainstream video conferencing technology such as Zoom or Teams.
Imverse Holo enables creators and businesses to set up multi-camera systems for live volumetric video capture with no need for green screens or cloud services. It is currently compatible with between one and 10 Microsoft Azure Kinect cameras connected to a single PC, enabling both real-time and recorded holograms. Features include 3D videoconferencing, holoportation and holographic calls.
Holoportation, allows remote virtual work, collaboration and real-time interactive 3D content creation and consumption. It also enables producers and consumers to edit, interact, and manipulate content in real-time.This is the foundation of highly personalised virtual experiences where people can control nearly every aspect of the content th

flipside-website-laptopFlipside Soundsystem becomes Flipside AV
Tuesday, 21 June 2022

UK - There is a new name in the UK’s AV installation market - Flipside AV. The new brand is a result of the changing business model for the London-based systems integrator, Flipside Soundsystem, which has seen the company close its rental business to focus purely on installed AV projects.
“This name change has not happened overnight, it is the result of a gradual shift in our priorities at Flipside,” explains Flipside AV MD, James Cooper. “As we have evolved as a company, the AV installation side of the business has gone from strength to strength and become the main driver for where we see our future.”
Alongside the name change, Flipside AV has also completely redesigned its website to provide a clear focus on what the company does. The redesign covers the services Flipside AV offers, as well as the solutions it can provide and the venues that it will typically serve. In addition to this are a series of case studies and insight articles that provide a greater understanding of the way that the company works.
“The new website that we have created provides a much better reflection of who we are as a company and what we can do,” says Cooper. “We have loved going back through some of the amazing projects we have worked on to put together the case studies, while the ability to share some of our insights into AV integration has been an interesting process for the whole team.”
With the new site launched and the name change official, the Flipside AV team are looking forward to the start of a new era of growth for the AV installation

michael-mason-leftBritannia Row joins Chelsea Cutler on tour
Tuesday, 21 June 2022

North America - Britannia Row Productions has provided audio support for singer, songwriter, and producer, Chelsea Cutler, whose When I Close My Eyes tour kicked off in Austin, Texas in March.
The tour - which marks the start of the young artist’s relationship with Brit Row - was followed by her Coachella debut in April and saw her play The Governors Ball stage in June. The tour is running under the care of New York based Mutual Friends, an artist management company.
“I’d never worked with Brit Row until now,” comments production manager, Alex Slohm. “The overall service has been excellent, and the gear has been immaculate. I heard from our account manager, Marc Soame, after the first couple of shows to check in but all I had to say was how pleased I was with everything.”
One of the major advantages for Slohm was the ability to alleviate some of the inconsistency that the audio crew was sure to encounter when using house PA systems.
“The fact that I was able to walk into rehearsals on day one knowing that my FOH / monitor engineer, Michael Mason, had everything he needed made me feel super comfortable,” Slohm says. “There are so many variables that go along with each venue's rig that can cause problems. Being able to remove any inconsistencies with a collection of audio equipment that is set up the same way and a mix that's pretty much ready to go, makes me feel quite relaxed and ready to take on the other tasks required of me.”
Concord Touring's Dylan McDougle worked with Chelsea Cutler’s management team at


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