shanghaiastronomymuseumMeyer creates celestial experience in Shanghai
Monday, 24 January 2022

China - The new Shanghai Astronomy Museum, now the world’s largest museum devoted to the celestial sciences, echoes the ‘music of the spheres’ with its bold curvilinear exterior devoid of any straight lines or right angles. On the inside, the museum’s two primary venues enhance stellar visual programs with complementary Meyer Sound immersive audio systems supplied by Shanghai Broad Future Electro Technology Company.
Designed by Ennead Architects of New York, the 39,000sq.m museum encloses three main exhibition zones - Home, Cosmos, and Odyssey - with the free-flowing architecture encompassing three dominant architectural features: Oculus, Inverted Dome, and Sphere.
Occupying the interior of the Sphere is the 8K Dome Theater, which hosts an audience of 250 for a 20-minute all-enveloping spectacle covering 4.6bn years of cosmic evolution.
Designed using Meyer Sound’s MAPP 3D system design and prediction tool, the theatre’s immersive audio system comprises of 32 Meyer Sound UPJ‑1P loudspeakers that encircle the 20-meter dome in three tiers. A cluster of four 900‑LFC subwoofers delivers visceral low frequency emphasis, while three-dimensional spatial sound trajectories are created using the Spacemap feature in CueStation. Up to 64 tracks of audio programme source are available from the DWTRX recording/playback module of the D‑Mitri digital audio platform.
The Optical Planetarium, nestled inside the Home Zone, combines realistic recreations of constellations and planetary movements with a film about nature and the universe. Here t

laursynowculturalcentre2Warsaw cultural centre installs L-Acoustics L-ISA
Monday, 24 January 2022

Poland - Opened in September 2021 and situated in the largest district of the capital city of Warsaw, Poland’s new purpose-built Ursynów Cultural Centre Alternatywy (Alternatives) was commissioned to provide a versatile public space ‘representing the very best in modern innovation’.
The venue’s name, which references a popular 1980’s Polish television series, Alternatywy 4, was selected through a competition amongst residents and encapsulated the centre’s vision of offering a rich and varied cultural programme for the entire community. Crucial to achieving its goal and pivotal to the project's success was the audio system design featuring breakthrough technology in the form of L-Acoustics L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound - specified and installed by Audio Plus.
“The South-West Warsaw community had waited a long time for a decent cultural centre,” says Łukasz Kaźmierczak, system design and project manager at Audio Plus. “It was a very personal project for me because I live next door. When we found out that this was also a crucial project for the city, we immediately knew the cutting-edge L-ISA technology would be a perfect fit. We introduced it, and it was exactly what the investor was looking for.”
The development cost 21.4m Polish Zloty (4.5m Euro), and boasts 3,400sq.m spread over three storeys, comprising a gallery, music club, a complex of teaching rooms, and a multifunctional room suitable for hosting events and dance training. The jewel in the crown is the 350-capacity Szekspir (Shakespeare) theatre with state-of-t

ruby-leigh-image0-005Sarah Brightman soars with ChamSys MagicQ
Monday, 24 January 2022

USA - The Music Centre at Strathmore, Washington DC, is a modern glass-and-steel multidisciplinary arts space. Well-appointed with excellent acoustics, it is like many other performance venues in American suburbs. But last month, this fairly typical space became, in the words of one critic, “a heavenly place to be”.
That happened when Sarah Brightman walked onto its stage as part of her A Christmas Symphony tour. The classical/crossover soprano brought her magic to Strathmore and 16 other venues across the US during the tour, mixing an array of music from Puccini to John Lennon into her two-hour (plus an intermission) show.
Supporting her was lighting and show design by Nathan Taylor. The timecoded lightshow was programmed by Plymouth, UK-based LD Jason Hyne using the suite at NEG Earth, and run during the US tour by Austin, Texas-based LD Ruby Leigh of Allume Live Productions.
Travelling with the team on the tour was the ChamSys MagicQ 250M Stadium. “Portability was critically important in light of the travel schedule,” said Hyne. “I visited ChamSys in the UK for a demo of the 250M in late July 21. Right away, I knew that this is the desk for me. I have used the Chamsys 250M desk over the autumn in the UK with the Kaiser Chiefs festival shows and Roger Taylor’s The Outsider tour, and it has been a revelation to me the power this compact desk can give whilst programming and operating shows.”
Hyne is quick to point out, however, that portability could not come at the expense of performance on the Brightman tour. In this respec

indonesiaparalympics1Clear-Com meets Paralympic Games challenge
Monday, 24 January 2022

Indonesia - The 16th National Paralympic Games were hosted in Indonesia last year from 2-13 November at the Mandala Stadium in Jayapura, Papua. Clear-Com’s Indonesian-based Partner, 86 Inc., was contacted by the organising committee of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies (OCC) to assist with the show management and live broadcast communications for the complex events. 86 Inc. recommended a solution based around Clear-Com’s HelixNet Digital Network Partyline and FreeSpeak II Digital Wireless Intercom.
“The OCC, the Paralympics COVID task force, and the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) of Indonesia all had different concerns needing to be addressed by the comms system,” explained Dino Gonggalang, CEO, 86 Inc.
The OCC’s concerns were related to logistics given the overall scale of the event - in one of the key moments of the show, 950 dancers were performing at one time - while the MCIT was tasked with securing sufficient spectrum frequencies in a limited RF zone, and the COVID Task Force was charged with enforcing increasingly strict national safety protocols.
“Basically, they told us their concerns and left everything to us to run it as seamlessly, reliably, and as safely as possible,” continued Dino, “which is why we went with Clear-Com for the event.”
The HelixNet and FreeSpeak II system configuration facilitated the required communication channels for the performances and the broadcast, but it was no easy task.
“We deployed 46 drops of Clear-Com, where the main channel was designated for Sh

ruio16-d-front-tilt-tnYamaha launches VST3 plug-in solution
Monday, 24 January 2022

Europe - Yamaha has launched the RUio16-D/VST Rack Pro solution, which allows users to add VST3 plug-ins to any Dante-based audio system and is ‘small, light and rugged enough to be part of every sound engineer’s toolkit’.
Measuring 180 x 125 x 42mm, the low-latency RUio16-D can be connected to a Windows PC or Apple Mac computer via USB, working seamlessly with VST Rack Pro software (licence included), to easily add VST3 plugin functionality to Dante-based audio systems. It radically expands the range of sound creation options in any live sound situation, for streaming and many other audio applications. As well as digital audio systems, it can also be used with analogue mixing consoles.
The straightforward Mac / PC user interface of VST Rack Pro makes it simple to use VST3 plugins, even in the most pressurized live situations, allowing performers to use the same plug-ins they use when recording. It can also manage custom presets by rack, effect and scene, contributing to shorter setup times.
As well as allowing engineers to use their favourite VST3 plug-ins, VST Rack Pro is bundled with more than 30 plug-ins from Yamaha and Steinberg. These include hardware emulations of classic compressors and equalizers using Yamaha Virtual Circuitry Modelling (VCM), as well as the industry-leading REV-X reverbs. Bundled Steinberg plug-ins include versatile sound-shapers like Quadrafuzz v2, the REVerence sampling reverb and VST Amp Rack, problem solvers like Cloner, the MultibandEnvelopeShaper and SuperVision, an unrivalled suite of visual monitoring tools.<

lakatsushika4Tokyo cultural centre switches to L-Acoustics
Friday, 21 January 2022

Japan - Located in the east end of the Tokyo metropolis, opened in 1992, Katsushika Symphony Hills cultural centre serves the ward with a range of cultural programmes. The centre consists of two halls. The main 1,318-seat Mozart Hall, which was named in honour of the ward’s friendship city agreement with the Floridsdorf district of Vienna. The hall boasts some of the best acoustics among Japan’s numerous concert halls. Its smaller companion, the 298-seat Iris Hall, takes its name from the symbolic flower of Katsushika ward.
Both spaces offer classical and pop music concerts by Japanese and international artists. Along with dance, theatrical and art performances, the centre also offers a diverse range of events for people of all ages since its opening in 1992.
As the centre’s 30th anniversary approached, and in response to audience feedback regarding the quality of the venue’s existing audio system, the management team decided to upgrade the sound systems in both performance halls, while simultaneously renovating the building’s architecture. Requiring a flexible and easy-to-use system that could reinforce sound for the various types of content in the halls, several providers were invited to demonstrate solutions for review by a team that included an acoustic consultant and a facility construction company. Following the comparative demo, the team chose an L-Acoustics Kara II system from Tokyo-based L-Acoustics certified provider Bestec Audio.
The system design in the Mozart Hall - which possesses a similar shoebox interior architecture as th

robe-den-national-scene-bergen-den291045366Bergen National Theatre adds Robe Fortes
Friday, 21 January 2022

Norway - The first Robe Fortes in Norway were delivered to Den National Scene (the National Theatre) in Bergen, one of the country’s oldest permanent theatres, where they joined Robe Esprites that were another recent investment.
Opened in 1909, Den National Scene was initially built with a single stage, but currently hosts performances in three different spaces, which have just re-started with full capacity public shows post pandemic.
Head of lighting Geir Hovland explained that these latest moving light investments are part of an ongoing process to ensure the theatre is equipped with the best and most appropriate technology to facilitate its busy - and highly acclaimed - repertory schedule.
The positive relationship with Robe - via distributor Norsk Sceneteknikk - began in 2017 when 25 x Robe’s DL7S Profile and 15 x DL7F Wash fixtures were purchased for their overhead rig, with which they were extremely happy.
When the Esprites arrived, the DL7S Profiles were moved to the FOH lighting array, allowing Geir and the team to change-up the previous front lighting fixtures – from another manufacturer. The Esprites have replaced them on the over-stage rig.
The Fortes were then specified as the end-of-pipe (over-stage) fixtures, filling the positions with the longest throws.
“We were delighted with the DL7s,” explained Geir, “so when it came to this update, we naturally looked at Robe as well as other options.”
He and his colleagues like “everything” about the Espritess and in particular the quality of the l

mgx-film-7MGX Studios use disguise to drive commercial
Friday, 21 January 2022

Turkey - To advertise the launch of the Istanbul Financial Centre (IFC) in January, Istanbul film production company Autonomy partnered with Formula 1 on a dynamic commercial featuring virtual production by MGX Studios and powered by the disguise Extended Reality (xR) workflow.
Holding 1.4m square metres of office space, a shopping mall, conference and exhibition centre and a five-star hotel, the IFC is a founding partner of the Formula 1 Rolex Turkish Grand Prix 2021. The metaphor of the IFC as a Formula 1 race car “driving forward the world of finance” provided a high-energy scenario for a commercial promoting its imminent opening.
The commercial features extreme close-ups of a Formula 1 race car cockpit, complete with revving sound design, as the vehicle speeds through Istanbul and glimpses of the IFC are reflected on the driver’s helmet visor.
Since the race car and driver are seen in extreme close-ups, Autonomy was eager to shoot the commercial using virtual production. The production company approached Turkey’s first virtual production facility, MGX Studios, to simulate the Formula 1 vehicle and capture the beauty and modernity of the IFC site.
“Together with the Autonomy team we wanted to create a production that looked great quickly, using all the amazing possibilities provided by virtual production technology and disguise. The xR features provided by disguise and the innovation and creativity enabled by disguise and virtual production were key to delivering a great project,” says MGX Studios’ virtual production operati

duneChauvet LED panels for Dune London premiere
Friday, 21 January 2022

UK - There were some showers during the red-carpet premiere of Dune outside the Odeon Leicester Square in London, but that did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the crowds or global press corps who turned out for the star-studded affair, produced by Limited Edition Event Design.
Impact Production Services (IPS), which provided technical services for the event, deployed a powerful the Chauvet Professional F4IP LED panel for setting up the outdoor video walls.
The IPS team used 236 of the 4.8 mm pixel pitch panels to create a 28m wide by 4m high video wall that ran almost the entire length of the red carpet. Displaying a series of dramatic images from the movie that were supplied by the film company and played back via a Disguise Media Server, the wall added a powerful and engaging cinematic flavour to the event, in addition to providing an attractive backdrop for videos and photos featuring the hit film’s stars.
“One of the main reasons for the premiere was to attract media coverage, and with such a large display being installed, it was essential that all the technical production elements not only looked great, but were also reliable,” says Tom Warden of IPS. “The first consideration, given that the installation was outdoors, was to choose an all-weather, IP-rated panel. IPS have already used the Chauvet F4IP and X6IP LED screen systems extensively in outdoor applications, so we knew that they would perform well, even if the weather was against us.
“The next consideration was the resolution and refresh rate, as it was esse

curling-olympic-qualification-2021photo-by-henk-jan-dijksElation KL Panel meets Olympic standards
Friday, 21 January 2022

The Netherlands - The Olympic Qualification Tournament in curling took place in the Netherlands in December and the ice has never looked better thanks to MHB AV and Elation’s tunable Kl Panel LED soft lights. Held at the Elfstedenhal sports complex in the town of Leeuwarden, a professionally illuminated surface of the highest standard was a must for the Olympic qualifying event.
The Olympic Qualification Tournament was the first international curling tournament to be hosted by the Netherlands. Teams from across the world competed in the two-week event in the hopes of advancing to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, which starts on 4 February.
Months prior to the event, MHB AV had contacted Bert Schmeits, key account manager Benelux at Elation, and as a result invested in the full-colour-spectrum and colour temperature-adjustable KL light panels. Schmeits reports that the company was so enthusiastic with the high-quality illumination and enormous output that they immediately saw the soft light as the right candidate to illuminate the curling event.
MHB AV has plenty of experience designing and suppling audiovisual solutions for sporting events, having worked with clients such as Triple Double sports marketing and EMG media group. For the Olympic Qualification Tournament in curling, MHB delivered a complete lighting, audio, video and rigging package.
“We needed a bright, high CRI lighting setup that we could place above the curling lanes in order to deliver at least 1400 lux onto the ice so that the curling players and television cameras

victor-petitjeanFollow-Me stengthens team
Friday, 21 January 2022

The Netherlands - Follow-Me has announced two new members of its team - Victor Petitjean and Sander van der Meij.
Victor Petitjean is a French software developer, living in the Netherlands for five years. “I’m excited to finally discover the secrets behind the scene and to do my best to make show lighting even better,” he says.
Follow-Me founder and lead product developer, Erik Berends states: “Victor’s strong background in computer graphics matches perfectly with Follow-Me's ambition for upcoming product releases, we are excited to have him onboard.”
Based in the Netherlands, Sander van der Meij has been in the entertainment industry for almost 20 years as a lighting technician, rigger, dimmer tech, system tech and more recently as crew chief and project manager.
Product manager Tim van Dijk, who will be working closely with Sander in the Follow-Me team, states: “Sander has a lot of hands-on experience in the entertainment industry, working as project manager for a large variety of shows and events. Due to this we believe he will be of great value to our team, he will take the lead on Follow-Me integration for projects all around the world.”

scott-pizzoFulcrum appoints Pizzo national sales manager
Friday, 21 January 2022

USA - Fulcrum Acoustic has announced Scott Pizzo will join as the U.S national sales manager. In this role, Pizzo will be responsible for overseeing the US sales rep network and coordinating the activities of Fulcrum’s rep force.
“Scott and I first worked together at EAW back in the early 2000s,” says Fulcrum Acoustic director of sales Todd Foster. “When we decided we were ready to expand the team, Scott was the first call that I made. He brings an impressive knowledge of the industry with him, and we are excited for his expertise as we look ahead.”
Scott is joining us at the perfect time,” says Fulcrum Acoustic president Stephen Siegel. “Todd Foster has done a tremendous job single-handedly managing our North American sales effort since 2013. Now, the growing interest in our products presents us with more opportunities than he can manage alone. Todd and Scott have substantial combined experience that will allow us to respond to the operational needs of our rep force without sacrificing the focus required to properly handle longer-term strategic projects.”
In addition to his time at Eastern Acoustic Works, Pizzo’s resume includes L-Acoustics, Renkus-Heinz, and Harman Professional Solutions. Prior to joining Fulcrum Acoustic, Pizzo was the vice president of sales - professional audio for the North American subsidiary of the Spanish manufacturer DAS Audio.

metallica40thanniversary7Meyer rig reinforces Metallica celebrations
Thursday, 20 January 2022

USA - In mid-December, Metallica celebrated its 40th anniversary with four days of events dubbed the San Francisco Takeover, culminating in two concerts for fan club members only at the city’s Chase Centre arena. As with nearly all Metallica shows in recent years, the band relied on a Meyer Sound reinforcement system - here a massive 286 loudspeaker in-the-round configuration.
The longstanding Metallica - Meyer Sound relationship has evolved into a partnership between musical artists and a technology supplier, a collaboration that has pushed the technology envelope for large scale audio production.
“We have never worked with a vendor or manufacturer where we’ve had the kind of close, collaborative relationship we have with Meyer Sound,” says Dan Braun, Metallica’s creative director and production designer. “They are not simply equipment providers, but really partners in what we do. It starts with John and Helen and extends down through everybody we work with in the company.”
A key collaborator on the team is Meyer Sound director of system optimisation Bob McCarthy, who was principally responsible for ensuring that the sound for the anniversary concerts would maintain the Metallica standard despite the size and weight of the massive, oval loop video screen.
McCarthy’s design comprises 10 main arrays interspersed with the video screens, with long throw arrays of mixed Leo and Lyon line array loudspeakers and short throw with Lyon only. The six inner down-fill arrays employ Leopard line array loudspeakers, except for two long-thr

av-distribution-websiteStage Audio Works launches AV Distribution
Thursday, 20 January 2022

South Africa - Professional audio, AV and broadcast specialists Stage Audio Works has launched AV Distribution, a new company dedicated to "managing those markets chiefly served through a reseller/integrator channel". Anything that is project-based will remain the remit of Stage Audio Works.
The executive and management teams of the Stage Audio Works group remain unchanged and the company continues to invest in the market with the ongoing development and expansion of local manufacturing under its Stage Plus and Pixel Plus brands.
According to SAW CEO Will Deysel, the decision to form AV Distribution was a logical evolution of the process already started in March 2021 when the company restructured its sales operation into two distinct verticals - namely projects and distribution. The creation of a separate company sees the process through to its conclusion.
“We’d already concluded that having separate teams would allow us a better focus on the specific needs of each vertical, and our experience since March last year has borne that out,” explains Deysel. “The requirements for each vertical are really very different, so it made complete sense for us to give the distribution wing its own identity and a certain measure of independence by creating a new company. Whilst remaining part of the Stage Audio Works group with access to all the resources that we have to offer, AV Distribution has its own website, its own branding and of course its own team who will be focused specifically on the needs of the reseller/integrator channel.”
Ashley C

harrogatePro Audio Systems scores at Harrogate stadium
Thursday, 20 January 2022

UK - In August 2020, Harrogate Town FC were promoted to the English Football League (EFL) for the first time in their history. With promotion came new responsibilities.
The League’s regulations precluded the use of the club’s Wetherby Road (EnviroVent) stadium’s synthetic pitch, and, as a narrow window of time did not allow the work on a replacement to be completed before the start of 2020/21 season, Harrogate Town arranged a temporary ground-share at Doncaster Rovers’ Keepmoat Stadium. Comfortably maintaining their new League status during a season largely played in empty stadiums due to COVID-19 restrictions, the club, with work on a new grass pitch completed, prepared to return home.
Other EFL infrastructure criteria also had to be met at the EnviroVent, one of which was provision for a permanent public address system, which according to the League’s regulations required ‘adequate speaker output to relay information to all spectator areas, as required by the local authority, with the ability to interrupt for safety announcements from the stadium control room’. With the possibility of a future further development of its facilities, the club sought to install a high quality, future-proof system, that could be expanded if required.
Sheffield-based technical services specialists AVLS Technical, who had previously supplied temporary pre-match PA requirements on a hire basis, were engaged by the club to consult over the permanent installation. The club’s plan at this stage was to upgrade audio provision in four of the ground’s six dis

osakaMartin Audio Japan moves outside in Osaka
Thursday, 20 January 2022

Japan - Martin Audio Japan (MAJ) recently staged an outdoor showcase demo at the ancient ruins of the Ama Site Park in Takatsuki, Osaka. This park was newly opened in 2021, having refurbished the land that was previously used as a university campus. Now the park is open to everyone.
Martin Audio Japan had been unable to hold any demo showcases over the last 18 months due to COVID19 restrictions. Once the pandemic calmed down the company restarted its activity programme - and planned something special.
Director of MAJ, Sam Yamashita, explained the rationale. “Holding the demonstration outside ensured there would be sufficient space for the social distancing as well as fresh air. We had originally wanted to introduce WPL to customers back in 2019, but due to COVID it was postponed.”
In any case, he concluded that showing the capability of WPL to its optimum potential in the previous theatre context may not have been the best solution. “WPL has long throw capabilities that could not be properly evaluated in a theatre. So, I had the idea that by holding the demonstration outdoors, it would solve both social distancing issues and give us the space to evaluate this powerful system to its full potential."
The MAJ crew knew that everybody had been frustrated by the COVID situation and wanted to listen to the music loud. “Having them enjoy the music so much was a pleasure for the MAJ team as well,” acknowledged Yamashita.

speaker-tunings-connect-series-lea-professionalLEA Professional adds Renkus-Heinz speaker tunings
Thursday, 20 January 2022

USA - LEA Professional has announced the immediate availability of Connect Series amplifier speaker tuning data for Renkus-Heinz CX and TX Series loudspeakers. LEA Connect Series speaker tunings provide integrators with the DSP settings they need to optimize system performance for speakers that pair with LEA amplifiers.
“We work hard to make sure our products offer the best and easiest amplifier solutions available, and our support doesn't end after the install,” says Bradley Drummond, director of application engineering and consultant relations at LEA Professional. “Integrators and end-users alike need quick ways to customise their systems for optimum performance. Our Connect Series speaker tunings are a big part of that continued service, and we're delighted to bring this feature to Renkus-Heinz CX and TX Series loudspeakers.”
The LEA Professional Connect Series amplifiers use a Web UI to configure speaker tunings on a per-channel basis. This includes all DSP settings for each individual channel, such as input settings, Smart Power Bridge, HiZ and LowZ, Signal Generator settings, crossover settings, EQ settings, limiter information, and load monitoring settings. Once the DSP settings are complete, users can export the data as a speaker tuning file which can be saved and loaded onto any other channel or other Connect Series amplifiers.
“When it comes to industry-leading engineering, product performance and customer service, Renkus-Heinz and LEA Professional have a lot in common,” says Graham Hendry, vice-president of strategic developme

ryanAudio Process goes fully digital with Lectrosonics
Thursday, 20 January 2022

Canada - The team at Audio Process in Toronto are long-time Lectrosonics users, and recently made the leap from their Digital Hybrid Wireless to the fully digital D Squared line.
Their cart and bag rigs run the gamut of digital receivers: DSQD four-channel, DCR822 dual-channel, and DCHR compact stereo units. Sending signal to these is a host of DBSM body-pack transcorders, the DPR-A plug-on transmitter for boom work, and DCHT camera hop transmitters. Communications are all-digital as well, thanks to the M2 Duet system’s four-channel M2T transmitter paired with M2R beltpack receivers.
“We dove into the Lectro digital world headfirst,” says lead location recordist Rob Morrice. “This past summer we did a show which follows a teenager who wins a singing competition, not unlike The Voice. It covered the behind-the-scenes of his life and the other contestants and was challenging because at any time we were jumping between musical performances and scripted scenes, with as many as eight talent members at a time needing wireless. We used the DBSMs and DSQDs in this application, and with those plus comms for producers, there were a lot of frequencies flying around. It all worked flawlessly the first time out.”
When asked what improvements are noticeable in the D Squared system, Morrice doesn’t need to pause to think. “First and foremost is range,” he explains. “The legacy gear - say, SMVs being picked up by SRCs - was always pretty robust. But with any transmitter, you could get dropouts or a bit of a noise floor if you got out of ran

jan-walterAV Stumpfl strengthens screens sales team
Thursday, 20 January 2022

Austria - AV Stumpfl has announced the creation of a new management position inside their screens sales department. On 1 January, Jan Walter joined the team as global business development manager, screens.
Walter began his AV industry career as a field application engineer and recently worked as a senior regional sales manager for an internationally known technology manufacturer. The focus of his new role will be expanding AV Stumpfl‘s international projection screens distribution network.
Walter comments: "Ever since I started working in the wider area of projection technology, AV Stumpfl screens have been a household name. I always associated their products with the highest quality possible and a great drive towards innovation. I see great potential for expanding the existing distribution network further and am looking forward to tackling this exciting challenge."
Stefanie Niederwimmer, AV Stumpfl's executive director, screens, adds: "In addition to technological innovation, we as a family company attach great importance to the interpersonal market presence as well. In order to strengthen this key factor even more, we decided to add the new global business development manager position to our screens department. Jan Walter is perfectly suited for taking on this new role and to support our screens team."

phil-goldsworth-ryan-thomsa-for-press-releaseSolotech UK confirms senior management changes
Thursday, 20 January 2022

UK - Solotech has announced two significant appointments to its UK management team. Ryan Thomas and Phil Goldsworthy have taken over UK sales and systems integration leadership for SSE Audio, Wigwam Acoustics, Capital Sound and BCS Audio.
Both will report to Solotech UK MD Bryce Jewell and work in close collaboration with Solotech Live Productions leaders as well as overseeing corporate functions. They take over after the departure of Alex Penn, who served as sales and systems integration managing director at SSE Audio before leaving to pursue other professional interests.
Goldsworthy brings over 17 years of experience at Wigwam Acoustics and two years as the UK Group’s systems integration manager to his new role as head of systems integration.
Thomas will serve as head of sales for Solotech’s UK companies. With over 20 years of experience in various pro audio sales functions, he was previously SSE Group sales manager.
Bryce Jewell comments: “Thomas and Phil bring experience and enthusiasm to these critical new roles in our UK sales and integration business. They have both been instrumental in helping us maintain our position as the UK’s leading supplier of AV technology. We are in a great position with Ryan and Phil as leaders of talented and crucial teams that contribute to our continued growth in the UK market.”

marc-thorntonFull Production adds director of live events
Thursday, 20 January 2022

UK - Production services company Full Production has appointed a new director of live events and touring. Marc Thornton steps into the role after several years as lighting director and programmer for artists including Foals, Charli XCX and Goldfrapp. He will be overseeing the live events and music arm of the business.
Marc is a BRIT school graduate who began working alongside Full Production MD Steve Richardson early on in his career, whilst they were both working at White Light. Marc worked with Full Production as part of a successful freelance career for the past eight years, before joining the company on a temporary contract in February 2021. He played an integral part in some of Full Production’s biggest projects of 2021, including the Warwick Castle Sundown Spectacular.
“I’m delighted to be coming on board full time with the team at Full Production,” adds Thornton. “Steve has played a big part in my career from the moment I started in the industry, so to find myself with the opportunity of joining the team on a permanent basis is really fantastic. I have always enjoyed seeing what projects Steve and Full Production have been doing and I think together, we are going to create some really interesting and exciting pieces of work.”
Steve Richardson comments: “2021 was a fantastic year for us, which saw us return to the exponential growth we were seeing pre-COVID, and with 90% new business. As a result of this continued success, we’re delighted to be in a position where we can continue with our planned expansion of the Full Product

telegrafenTelegrafen Oslo opts for Bose-based solution
Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Norway - Bose Professional has been selected as the solution provider for Telegrafen Oslo. Located in the heart of one of Europe’s fastest-growing cities, Telegrafen offers a mixed-use experience in the Nordic Baroque-Nouveau landmark building. With almost 270,000sq.ft, the historic building provides a place for visitors to enjoy a range of activities from an upscale restaurant to meeting spaces - easily navigating between business and leisure.
“We needed a partner who could ensure high-quality sound in big, flexible spaces, larger educational facilities, restaurants, bars - in other words, we needed distinct solutions suitable for everything from fun, experiential sound to clear audio for conferencing,” explains Steffen Johansen, technical project manager for system integrator Bravo. “We needed a provider that could deliver products that met all of our needs, and Bose was the clear answer.”
The final solution included 14 distinct products serving different roles throughout the venue for a cohesive, elegant audio experience. Products included Bose DesignMax in-ceiling loudspeakers, Panaray MA12 modular columnar array loudspeakers, PowerSpace and PowerMatch amplifiers, and the Bose Videobar VB1 all-in-one USB conferencing device.
While the diverse selection of loudspeakers provided a superior sound experience by integrating the different styles throughout the building, the Bose Videobar VB1 in the meeting room ensured transparent conferencing technology for high productivity and ease of use for guests.
“What’s so cool about this p

birminghamsmithfieldsmainstage1410211aODP appointed official supplier to Birmingham 2022
Wednesday, 19 January 2022

UK - Outdoor Digital Productions (ODP), a collaborative enterprise between ADI, JA Productions and Outdoor Places Unusual Spaces (OPUS), has been chosen to deliver the official Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Festival Live Sites.
ODP aims to transform multiple city locations from large capacity venues, such as Smithfield, to civic and community green spaces, into accessible hubs for cultural placemaking and collective celebration during the 2022 Commonwealth Games. The Live Sites will include showpiece creative staging, participatory activations and live arts performances with a focus on locality and sustainability.
Emily Muirhead, Live Sites project manager at Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, commented, “We’re excited to have the Outdoor Digital Productions team on-board to facilitate our Live Sites during a momentous occasion for Birmingham and the surrounding area. With strong links to the city and its local talent, ODP will bring their vast experience in live events and culture to the project, helping us promote Birmingham to global audiences, whilst actively engaging spectators and visitors for the duration of the Games.”
Caroline Davis, managing director of OPUS and Director at ODP added, “For the first time the Commonwealth Games Live Sites sit within the Culture Division, highlighting the importance of this particular element within their delivery. This is an area where Outdoor Digital Productions can bring huge value; we’re deeply engaged with local artists, creatives, performers and community groups, and see this as a hug

pioneerDiscostore installs complete Pioneer system
Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Belgium - Dining-out long since ceased to be about simply eating. The modern restaurant seeks to provide its customers with an ‘experience’; often investing significantly in specialist designers to assist the creation of a unique atmosphere and ambience that reflect its particular vision. Amongst the plethora of ideas and styles that characterise the sector, one aspect is common to virtually every setting. Music, of whatever genre in a restaurant environment, is fundamental to the vibe, and as such, demands the best possible audio provision. Two examples of new restaurants which recently opened in the Belgian ‘capital of cool’, Antwerp, support the principle that good sound is an essential ingredient for the dinner table.
Erwin Nuyts, co-owner of Antwerp based audio and lighting integrator Discostore, was called on to create systems for both Sergio Herman’s “New Italian” style, Le Pristine, and Maven, a concept meat restaurant created by renowned butcher Luc De Laet, catering entrepreneur Wim Van Der Borght, and young manager Jules Koninckx.
Sergio Herman’s reputation for reinvention is well-known, but having successfully overseen the installation of Pioneer Pro Audio systems at other sites, there was to be no breaking of the mould at Le Pristine, as Willem Van Ben Brock explains: “We’ve already established a very successful relationship with the Pioneer Pro Audio brand in other restaurants of the Sergio Herman Group like Blueness and AIRrepublic. We knew what we could expect, so we relied on their expertise. We wanted to experience one


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