rode-wigo2-product-front-3-quarter-jan-2021-1000x1000-rgbRØDE releases Wireless GO II system
Thursday, 25 February 2021

Europe - The RØDE Wireless GO II is an ultra-compact and versatile dual channel wireless microphone system. The system offers ‘the same pocket-sized form factor and sound quality as the Wireless GO, with a host of incredible new features making it even more powerful and flexible’.
“The original Wireless GO was a gamechanger,” says RØDE CEO Damien Wilson. “It truly revolutionised sound capture for everyone from vloggers to business professionals producing content while working from home. The form factor and feature set had never been seen before and many have attempted – and failed ­– to replicate it since.
“The Wireless GO II is a huge leap forward in terms of useability and versatility, while retaining all the elements that made the first edition such a success. It represents RØDE’s mission to innovate and continue evolving our product lines, always with creators in mind. The Wireless GO II is once again going to change the way people record audio for their content.”
Each Wireless GO II kit contains two transmitters and a single receiver, allowing users to capture two sound sources simultaneously – suitable for a wide range of filmmaking scenarios, from recording interviews to two-person vlogs. It can also be used as a single channel wireless microphone for recording just one sound source.
The Wireless GO II features a 3.5mm analog TRS output for plugging into cameras, plus a digital audio output via USB-C for plugging into smartphones, tablets and even computers. This universal compatibility with any device makes th

annie-brobst3Chauvet joins Annie Brobst livestream
Thursday, 25 February 2021

USA - Over 1,700 miles separate Image Productions Services from Ryman Auditorium, but that didn’t matter much on Saturday 23 January when Annie Brobst and The Jake Ash Band took the stage at the improvised livestream studio in the company’s warehouse in Shrewsbury, MA.
Brobst, the New England Country Music Awards Artist of the Year, and Ash’s band, which was formed by four firefighters from nearby Brockton, projected a down-home vibe that would have fit right in on Nashville’s Second Avenue.
Contributing to the welcoming atmosphere of the pay-per-view show was a warm and immersive lighting and video design by Darren Lussier and his team at Image Production Services that featured 44 Chauvet Professional fixtures and a collection of PVPX3 LED video panels.
Seeking to evoke an intimate music club image on their relatively small stage, Lussier had it bathed in deeply saturated colours, broken up by dashes of white light. “Colour intensity was important to this show,” he said. “The Rogue and COLORado fixtures gave us that. They created a nice backdrop that was bright enough to be balanced with the video wall.”
Lussier had 12 Rogue R3 Wash fixtures arranged along the upstage edge of the set to provide back washing on the stage and performers. A group of 12 COLORado 1-Quad Zoom tours added to the colourful backdrop.
For specials, side lighting, and downlighting, Lussier and his team called on their rig’s 12 Rogue RH1 Hybrids, four of which were hung on an overhead truss bar, with the remainder being divided evenly between sta

glpGLP launches Streamer Duo Kit
Thursday, 25 February 2021

Germany - Building on the success of the Streamer, GLP’s new LED light for video conferencing, live streaming and home office work, the company has announced a new packaging variant for those wanting multiple sources, called the Streamer Duo Kit. Simultaneously, the free-to-download app has been updated, offering significant expansion of the remote-control capabilities of all Streamer units.
The Streamer Duo Kit packages two of the GLP Streamer units together with a pair of extendable tripods, USB-C cables and USB-A to USB-C adapters for both units. This comprehensive accessory set also comes with a pair of soft drawstring bags to protect the units whilst in transit. The packaging insert has been cleverly designed to be placed directly into standard portable hard cases, reducing the products’ environmental impact.
The Duo package has been designed for applications specifically where two units would be beneficial to place more evenly spread light coverage on a presenter from multiple angles, thereby creating more professional studio-like situations.
With the launch of the Duo set, comes a new version of the control app. Free to download for both PC and Mac platforms, it allows the user to intuitively control up to 16 Streamer units - either locally or remotely from a single device - and is compatible with both existing and new Streamer units.
GLP US president, Mark Ravenhill, said: “This expanded capability provides significant new functionality, especially to those making use of the remote facility for corporate streams as well as full

ashingtonFlipside sound enhances Ashington church
Thursday, 25 February 2021

UK - Flipside Soundsystem has recently assisted Ashington Parish Church with a new audio installation, helping the parish modernise the building by delivering a balanced sound for energetic performances, streaming sessions and small communal services. The systems integrator installed a variety of speakers and amplifiers from TW AUDiO and Powersoft to cover the space.
Renovated 15 years ago with additions such as a new kitchen and underfloor heating, the church has been stripped back of some of the décor and furnishings from the stage area, allowing a low reverberation for a somewhat traditional space. “It’s a friendly layout for a church,” says Flipside managing director, James Cooper. “It’s not a particularly reverberant room and with the audience capacity being around 300, you don’t need anything massive to fill up that type of space.”
As the needs of the church have grown of the years, the new audio installation needed to be stable and produce a quality sound. “Our original set up included speakers up on the front and third beams and down the aisles, but there were some ‘dead zones’ in the top corners and there was no ability to time align the delay speakers,” says Simon Barrett, sound engineer for Ashington Church. “While it did mean we had a better signal to noise ratio, the speakers just couldn’t reproduce the sound we wanted, the dispersion was too wide and thus the sound was mushy – I even had to bring in a sub from time to time just to balance everything out, which wasn’t ideal.”
Barrett turned to Flipsid

solotech-morrisSolotech grows portfolio with Morris brands acquisition
Wednesday, 24 February 2021

USA - Solotech continues its expansion programme with the acquisition of Nashville-based Morris Light & Sound. The purchase was announced yesterday by Martin Tremblay, president and CEO of Solotech.
Morris Light & Sound was formed nearly 30 years ago by industry ipersonality Dale Morris to outfit tours for the country music supergroup Alabama. Morris changed the landscape of touring by creating a business model that not only represented and managed artists but also provided full production services all under one roof.
“The audiences that Alabama drew were unprecedented in country music at that time,” Morris stated. “We needed a sound system that would project their music over the sounds of the crowd, so I turned to an audio company in L.A. who configured sound systems for rock groups which was what we needed to start in production.”
The InteRise systems integration division, a more recent addition, also thrives under the Morris Light & Sound umbrella. This group was formed out of a recognition that so many houses of worship and corporate campuses were enhancing their audiovisual experiences.
“The Morris Light & Sound and InteRise brands will be strong additions to the Solotech family, perfectly complementing our corporate goals and expanding our capabilities as well as our footprint in the United States. With this acquisition, the increased reach of Solotech as a leader in audiovisual and entertainment technology will reinforce our positioning as an industry innovator,” says Martin Tremblay.
“The Morris na

wmeresponse2#WeMakeEvents responds to UK lockdown roadmap
Wednesday, 24 February 2021

UK - Prime Minister Boris Johnson has revealed the four steps England is set to take towards “cautious yet irreversible” easing of lockdown restrictions over the coming months. The roadmap indicates that theatres, cinemas and other indoor entertainment attractions could reopen with reduced capacity and social distancing measures in place as part of step three, provisionally set to take place from 17 May. Johnson specifically said that as part of step three “theatres and concert halls can reopen their doors”, with pilots of larger events set to take place using enhanced testing. If coronavirus rates continue to fall as predicted, step four could see all restrictions lifted in England from 21 June. This will mean all sectors should be able to reopen.
The #WeMakeEvents campaign has issued the following statement in response to the announcement: “We welcome the Prime Minister’s statement on a national roadmap to recovery and hope these measures will help plan the return of live events by June. While the steps are positive, our sector needs more detail and we urge the government to extend financial support in the upcoming budget to stop the current talent drain and ensure that the supply chain to live events can plan to return. For this to happen we need government-backed insurance for events, financial support for the self-employed, and grants, not loans, along with continued furlough, for all companies in a supply chain that has had little-to-nothing for over a year and will be the last to return to income generation.”
To support th

dpaDPA microphones capture sounds on Mars
Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Mars - NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover touched down on the Red Planet last week, with DPA Microphones along for the historic ride. Outfitted with DPA’s 4006 Omnidirectional Microphone, MMA-A Digital Audio Interface and MMP-G Modular Active Cable, the rover provided the first sounds from the surface of Mars (see LSi December 2020 for our in-depth article on the project).
After being put through vigorous testing by NASA scientists, the DPA equipment, affixed to the Mars Perseverance Rover, officially launched into space aboard the Atlas V-541 rocket in July 2020. Over the past seven months, the DPA equipment has faced pressure changes while leaving Earth’s atmosphere and again when entering the Martian surface, and extreme temperatures - as low as -100 Celsius/-148 Fahrenheit - on Mars. Additionally, the DPA gear has endured the massive vibrations caused by the rocket launch and subsequent landing on Mars.
“It is an honour to have been chosen for this space mission, and we are so pleased by the results,” says DPA product manager René Mørch. “Everything about the mission - from the launch to the landing - is hostile insofar as a microphone is generally concerned. It’s very exciting to know that DPA was able to record something from so many millions of miles away, and have the sound travel back to us so quickly. We are proud to have wo

david-bissett-powellBissett-Powell steps down at Void Acoustics
Wednesday, 24 February 2021

UK - Having guided Void through four years of growth and structural change followed by a profitable year, David Bissett-Powell has stepped down as chairman of Void Acoustics.
Alex Skan, co-founder and managing director of Void Acoustics has made a statement on behalf of the company. “We are extremely sorry to lose David as our non-exec chair. Over the past four and a half years David has brought tremendous opportunities to us all in the company, and shared with us his wealth of expertise and knowledge of the audio sector.
“The company has benefitted from David’s guidance and unending enthusiasm for Void Acoustics. We will be forever grateful for the input he has given and owe David a huge debt of gratitude for all his energy and encouragement. He will be sorely missed by the Void family across the globe.”

rigging-conference-logo-2021New World Rigging Symposium registration opens
Wednesday, 24 February 2021

USA - Registration is now open for the New World Rigging Symposium (NWRS), produced by ESTA and USITT, which will take place online 6-8 April, 2021. The NWRS provides a virtual opportunity for riggers and those interested in the entertainment rigging industry to network, discuss current issues and new technologies, and help shape the future of the industry. The cost has been reduced to $99 and the symposium carries up to nine ETCP education renewal credits for re-certification.
Participants will be given a range of opportunities to further their technical knowledge in sessions on video wall rigging, automation and motorization, performer flying and rescue, and types of ropes. They’ll have a chance to learn about how the installation of a tension grid is working in a major facility, to get their questions answered by a panel of the industry’s most knowledgeable structural engineers, learn about working in cinema rigging, and how to be aware of and address the mental health impact of the pandemic. Visit to see a complete schedule, session descriptions and presenters.
The symposium has been expanded to three days to allow more time for discussion and virtual networking over lunch and during the Rigging Cornucopia Happy Hour that will close each day’s sessions. During the 6 April Happy Hour, Roy Bickel will receive the ESTA Lifetime Technical Achievement Award which will be presented by Rocky Paulson and Chris Schmidt.
The keynote speaker will be Jeanette Farmer, whose career spans three decades of professional theatre technical

audio-technicaes945ofm5Audio-Technica unveils boundary variations
Wednesday, 24 February 2021

UK - Audio-Technica has announced several new variations of its ES945 Omnidirectional Condenser Boundary Microphone and ES947 Cardioid Condenser Boundary Microphone, developed as a direct response to market feedback. All models are intended for surface flush-mount installation and include Audio-Technica's UniGuard RFI-shielding innovations for unsurpassed immunity from radio frequency interference.
The existing standard ES945 and ES947 models are being replaced and enhanced by the new ES945O/XLR (omnidirectional) and ES947C/XLR (cardioid), which feature upgraded functionality including IPX4 water resistance. These mics are designed for surface-mount applications such as conferencing, recording, monitoring and other demanding sound pickup applications.
Audio-Technica is also introducing new miniature, space saving variations, known as ES945O/TB3 and ES947C/TB3. These mics are suitable for the same applications as the ES945O/XLR and ES947C/XLR, but the ultra-compact design enables extra-inconspicuous tabletop, ceiling and wall mounting.
The existing ES945/LED and ES947/LED (models intended specifically for conferencing) are being upgraded/replaced by the new ES945O/FM3 and ES947C/FM3. These mics feature a highly visible two-state RGB LED ring (seven selectable colours + OFF) to indicate mute status and a touch-sensitive capacitive user switch that enables local muting, making them ideal for conferencing applications.
Finally, new to the line are the ES945O/FM5 and ES947C/FM5, which are similar to the FM3 models but feature a 5-pin XLR output

cape-town-riggingDWR hosts basic rigging training in Cape Town
Wednesday, 24 February 2021

South Africa - DWR Distribution will present Basic Rigging Training in Cape Town, a two-day workshop presented by Robert Izzett which covers basic rigging hardware and calculations according to SANS 10366. The course, limited to 20 delegates, will be held at the on 15 & 16 March 2021 at the Cape Audio College in Observatory.
With a focus on safety, delegates can look forward to gaining a better understanding of the rigging laws applied in South Africa, and on a practical level, the handling and use of rigging hardware, shackles, steel wire ropes, trussing, endless rounds and chains.
“The main emphasis of the course is for technicians to familiarise themselves with the technicalities of hardware,” said Robert Izzett. “Not every shackle is a shackle and not knowing the difference can have serious consequences. There is also a misconception that there are no laws governing our industry in South Africa. Our goal is to make everyone aware of the correct technique and rules to follow.”
The cost is R1 700.00 and includes a Certificate of Attendance. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the class will be limited to 20 students, and does not include catering. Delegates should wear masks and adhere to the necessary Covid-19 safety protocols. Registration is via

ayrtonAyrton Perseo lights Chevelle’s Self Destructor video
Wednesday, 24 February 2021

USA - So Midwest, Inc. provided turnkey creative and technical services for Self Destructor, the new music video for rock band Chevelle. Executive producer and production designer, Robb Jibson, selected Ayrton Perseo fixtures for the video, which So Midwest concepted, designed, directed, produced and edited.
Focusing on science deniers and written before the coronavirus pandemic, Self Destructor is the lead single from the band’s upcoming, space-themed ninth studio album, Niratis (an acronym for Nothing is Real And This Is a Simulation).
“Coming up with a theme of a visitor from space carrying a glowing energy orb that would ultimately suck the band inside its energy, we back-tracked the story to come up with the script and the shot list,” says Jibson of the concept, which combines performance footage with clips of Chevelle on a night hunt for the spaceman.
Jibson chose a complement of Perseo-S fixtures for the project, the first compact multi-function luminaire with an IP65 enclosure rating developed by Ayrton for intensive outdoor use. He was impressed by Perseo’s output per watt and IP rating since So Midwest was shooting in late November in Chicago. “We were able to run them off a really small and quiet generator,” Jibson recalls. “The Perseos could sit in the mud and get rained and snowed on; we could have many per circuit and deliver a ton of output with really crisp optics.”
The Perseos were used to create otherworldly lighting effects for the night-time pursuit of the spaceman. “We wanted the for

oresundbridgeMartin pro lights the way on Øresund Bridge
Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Sweden - Harman Professional Solutions recently partnered with LiteNordic and Light Bureau to update the Øresund Bridge with a revitalised architectural lighting design to celebrate its 20th anniversary.
Originally constructed in 1999 and opened in 2000, the Øresund Bridge that connects Sweden to Denmark is the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe, with a total length of more than five miles. The bridge - an instantly recognisable landmark to worldwide viewers of the hit Nordic drama series The Bridge is financed and operated by a joint-stock company owned by the Danish and Swedish governments.
In 2020, the bridge’s operating company hired European architectural lighting consultants Light Bureau to update its aging lighting solution with a more robust and vibrant lighting design in celebration of the bridge’s 20th anniversary. Light Bureau appointed lighting designer Frederik Waneck Borello and project manager Henrik Rohde Nielsen as lead designers for the project.
After conducting an extensive research and bidding process for suitable replacements, Borello and Nielsen collaborated with Swedish lighting provider LiteNordic to outfit the bridge with a Martin Professional architectural lighting solution. Light Bureau and LiteNordic selected Martin Exterior Wash 300 and Exterior Wash 310 fixtures for their output, long-lasting operation and increased energy efficiency.
“Martin has a proven track record when it comes to large-scale projects like this,” said Mikkel Toksværd, director of business development, projects,

lolekcinematheatreCinema Teatro Lolek opts for Outline
Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Italy - The Cinema Teatro Lolek stands in Italy’s first oratory with NZEB (nearly zero-energy building) classification and features a modern structure, technology and systems are concerned.
The complex, located in Rezzato, on the outskirts of Brescia, occupies an area of 2,700 m2 above ground and includes a series of buildings at the service of the local community and neighbouring areas.
At the centre of the structure, there is a multi-function hall, the project’s key element: a large oval-shaped space designed for use as a theatre and cinema, but also to host exhibitions, events, conferences and much more.
A feature of this hall is the fact that, thanks to a special shutter system, it opens outwards, enabling to hold events with the stage used in the opposite direction, looking out over the rear outdoor audience area.
In a context in which great care has been taken with every aspect, top-grade audio was a must for the client. Headquartered in Rezzato, Cipiesse, a full-service company specialising in concert production and system integration, installed Outline systems.
For the oval theatre’s sound system, three Vegas 15 CX enclosures were installed above the proscenium and two Eidos 118 S subwoofers below the stage, powered by three Outline M2008-4 amplifiers.
Behind the screen, there are three Outline Movie MV2CX enclosures, specifically designed for cinema applications. The installation is completed by eight surround Movie FX 101 speakers distributed along the room’s walls, and this set-up is powered by the same M2008-4

lfpsmadfestStream Stage scores broadcast hat-trick
Wednesday, 24 February 2021

UK - Agency client Generate Events turned to the Stream Stage team to deliver a trio of broadcasts on behalf of clients MAD//Fest.
Based in Borehamwood on the edge of North London, Stream Stage is a fully equipped broadcast studio & gallery from established technical experts Light Fantastic Production Services.
MAD//Fest is a forum for leveraging technology in marketing, advertising & disruption. MAD//Fest events bring together global brands to share ideas, challenge the status quo and network. Events typically attract a high calibre of speakers and delegates who naturally expect high production values. Used to running highly successful ‘bricks and mortar’ events, the MAD//Fest team had a vision of how they wanted to take their content anywhere and make it accessible to all in the midst of a global pandemic – and the concept of MAD//Anywhere was born.
They turned to Matt Hudson at Generate Events to take the project to fruition in the digital sphere. The concept comprised a mixture of live content with presenters and pundits in the studio and a large number of remote presenters from brands including Google, Waze, GSK, Mars, Vodafone, Telefonica, Huawei, Amazon and Unilever. Every show featured in excess of 80 remote presentations across two days with each followed by a live Q&A with the studio hosts.
Managing the large number of remote presenters and their associated digital content was the most challenging element of the brief and was delivered seamlessly from the Stream Stage gallery.
Commenting on the project, Gener

eric-claptonRoyal Albert Hall celebrations salute live music
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

UK - The Royal Albert Hall has launched its 150th anniversary year with a 90-second tribute to live music entitled Your Room Will Be Ready, narrated by Mick Jagger, directed by BAFTA-nominee Tom Harper and scored by Academy Award-winning composer Steven Price.
The short film, which focuses on the anticipation and energy of live events, pairs images of the empty venue with more than 40 pieces of archive event footage from 1933 to the present, accompanied by Sir Mick reading from For Friends Only by W.H. Auden.
Sir Mick said: “Without doubt, the Royal Albert Hall is one of the greatest concert venues in the world and so I was delighted to be asked to read a short poem by W.H. Auden as part of this excellent short film by Tom Harper.
“I have some wonderful memories of performing there with the Stones in the 1960s when once or twice it did get a bit wild, with enthusiastic fans joining us onstage and almost bringing the show to an abrupt end – but we soldiered on and had a great time.”
Director Tom Harper said: “"I have desperately missed live performance – there is something electric and fundamentally human about the shared experience of being in a room surrounded by other people, part of an audience. The Royal Albert Hall is a magnificent building even when it's empty, but what makes it truly special is the connection it fosters through those shared experiences. That is what this film is about; not only a celebration of performances from the Hall's glorious past, but also the sense of anticipation of some of the thin

leisuretecLeisuretec to distribute Void Acoustics in the UK
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

UK - Leisuretec, trade distributor of professional and commercial audio, lighting and video equipment, has partnered with Void Acoustics to distribute its professional audio products in the UK.
Leisuretec will become Void’s largest distribution partner in the UK, supplying AV installers, hire production houses and events companies with strong stock holding, knowledgeable technical sales support and efficient after-sales service.
Mike Henden, managing director of Leisuretec, comments: “We are very excited to bring Void into our diverse portfolio of professional audio brands. Not only do their speakers sound incredible, they behold an attractive aesthetic that will offer our customers a unique and stylish alternative when planning their projects.”
“We are delighted to welcome Leisuretec Distribution Ltd to our already expansive network of Void dealers in the UK,” adds Mike Newman, sales manager at Void Acoustics. “Leisuretec are going to be a great addition to the family and with their knowledge and expertise, we are confident they are going to be able to bring the Void brand to a wider audience.”
Leisuretec is already stocking the main product lines from the Void Acoustics, for more information visit the Leisuretec trade website.

pixel-artworksPixel Artworks opens Middle East facility
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

UAE - Pixel Artworks has announced the official opening of its new Middle East office and immersive showroom, located in Dubai’s Design District (d3).
Pixel Artworks employs a combination of experiential design and technical expertise, together with animation, immersive audio and interactive elements, to create ‘virtually limitless concepts from giant airport activations to choreographed live shows to 360-degree immersive environments’.
Dan Alldis, global development director, Pixel Artworks, said, “With 15 years of innovation, creativity and technical expertise behind us, we’ve been able to deliver some of the Middle East’s most ambitious AV installations over the past two years. When you see some of the incredible work we have produced, it is easy to forget that it starts with a single pixel – so we are excited to be able to welcome visitors to our new regional office and immersive showroom and demonstrate just how we push the boundaries in light technology.”
Recent installations in the Middle East include Essence of Expo – an AV installation featuring 10 x 10m tall LED sculptures that transformed Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 3 Arrivals Hall into a giant LED and audio installation.
For Gulf Air – Bahrain - one of the world’s tallest projection mapping shows ever was displayed onto the Four Seasons Hotel in Bahrain. The project produced for Gulf Air featured an aviation style projection for the launch of their new aircraft, the 787 Dreamliner
The showroom experience at Pixel Artworks’ new facility giv

5yr-warrantyPowersoft extends free warranty
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Italy - Powersoft has announced a further 12-month warranty on their rack amplifiers for all customers who register their product for free to MyPowersoft, the company’s online portal. This free extension brings the total warranty length, including the four years standard warranty, to five years.
As of the Monday 22 February 2021, all customers buying Powersoft amplifiers on or after this date will need to register their product on MyPowersoft within 30 days of purchase to benefit from the extended extra year warranty.
All customers who have previously purchased a rack amplifier prior to this date, that is still covered by the standard four years warranty, can extend their warranty by a year by registering their product into MyPowersoft by the 23 April 2021.
Iacopo Vannucchi, Powersoft’s customer care and service centre manager, commented, “In the last year, we’ve all seen and experienced unprecedented struggle within our industry. This is our way of offering a helping hand during these trying times.”
By registering a product to MyPowersoft, users can check their product’s history and current warranty status. Users also benefit from direct technical and commercial support from the team, as they can request and track their product repairs. Other benefits include access to the Power-Sharing and Comparison tools, examples of Powersoft designs, and webinar session access with Powersoft’s audio experts.
“We want to provide our customers peace of mind that we have their products covered for years from the first day of purchase,

wharfedaleWharfedale Pro debuts three-way Reason-X
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

UK - Wharfedale Pro has announced the release of the Reason-X series, a three-way passive series with matching subs.
The three-way configuration delivers a response which is almost impossible to achieve from a standard 2-way system, says the company. Wharfedale Pro has used new concepts and new components to make Reason-X the premium loudspeaker series in their passive, point-source portfolio.
The full range models (Reason-X12 and X15) feature a new Z38 HF compression driver which has enormous cooling fins to disperse generated heat and a 1.5 inch ring-shaped polyethylene flat diaphragm to bring a precious feeling of space and air to high frequencies.
The 100° x 70° waveguide is also rotatable, making Reason-X suitable for vertical or horizontal applications.
The mid-range of the three-way comes from a custom Wharfedale Pro 8” driver with an aluminium basket and ferrite magnet. The LF driver boasts a 3.0” voice coil and large φ190mm ferrite magnet.
The series is completed by two substantial subwoofers - single 18” and a "floor destroying" 2000 watts AES, 148 dB Max SPL dual 18”. New LF drivers have been manufactured which feature NOMEX spiders for extreme suspension and durability.
All models are constructed of premium Baltic birch and use thick steel front grilles for extreme durability.

mpalivestreamstudioADJ helps create livestreaming studio
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

The Netherlands - A production company that usually supplies lighting and sound for festivals and theatre concert tours has reinvented itself as a video livestreaming studio. Using more than 30 ADJ lighting fixtures, the owner of MPA Geluidstechniek has transformed his offices into a permanent video studio, which has been used over the past year by a wide variety of bands, singers and other performers to live-stream shows and create other video content.
Based in the city of Gorinchem, Martin van Tricht established MPA Geluidstechniek over 30 years ago. Initially focusing purely on audio and operating the business on a semi-professional, part-time basis, while also running another company, Martin expanded into lighting around a decade later and went full-time 15 years ago. Prior to COVID-19, MPA was a very well-established production company with a packed diary of theatre concert tours, festivals and corporate projects. Having always had an interest in photography, Martin was quick to make the transition to video production when the global pandemic hit last March.
“I have visited a lot of professional TV studios during my career, and most studios are actually very small, so I thought I could make my own,” explains Martin. “I knew my office space was big enough, and I had all the ADJ lighting and pro sound gear I needed on hand so, when coronavirus hit, I decided to buy some cameras and setup my own livestreaming studio.”
ADJ lighting comprises the majority of the fixtures in the MPA studio, which reflects the company’s overall rental invent

aura-visualVoid Acoustics appoints distributor for Thailand
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Thailand - Void Acoustics has announced a new partnership with new company Aura Visual System based in Bangkok. Aura Visual System is headed up by Pankom Klaykum who has an extensive career in AV product distribution across the region as well as a strong knowledge of Void products.
“We share a similar drive for the provision of excellent audio to our customers, and my team and I are excited to be aligning with Void Acoustics as their exclusive distributor for Thailand,” comments Pankom.
“Whilst we have done some business in Thailand in the past, there is a huge amount of potential for Void with the country being an important tourist destination and with Bangkok being a major entertainment hub in South-East Asia,” says Sean Iskhandar, APAC sales manager for Void Acoustics from his base in Singapore.
Pankom explains further: “The club sector is a prominent part of our business plan with Void going forward. And our experience has taught us that the club market and the DJs playing in these clubs have exacting needs and often request Void systems. We recognise the performance products the brand offers and so Void Acoustics is a very welcome addition to our portfolio.”
Aura Visual System also provides installations for the high-end residential sector – something which aligns with Void’s extensive product range.
“Alongside the club sector, we know that Void has a strong foothold in the high-end domestic market for residential audio installations and so this is another area where we can specify the beautifully crafted (bot

deutsches-theater-berlinDeutsches Theater Berlin invests in Robe
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Germany - The Deutsches Theater in Berlin is one of Germany’s foremost producing houses. In the last year, the venue has added 20 x Robe T1 Profiles which are available across its stages, a move specified and overseen by head of lighting Robert Grauel and his team including Linus Zahn who is the lighting systems tech and person in charge of new technologies.
The main stage was originally built in 1850 and the building now consists of two adjoining stages – the 600-capacity main stage and the 280-seat Kammerspiele established by the legendary Max Reinhardt in 1906 for modern drama – sharing a common, classical façade.
The Box is a black box studio space located in the Kammerspiele foyer with seating for 80 people, and there are extensive rehearsal rooms, workshops, and storage facilities in a new building behind.
The Robe T1 Profiles were selected from a shortlist of three fixtures from different manufacturers explained Linus, who is part of a 35-strong lighting department working across all the stages and rehearsal areas.
Robe fixtures first appeared at the Deutsches Theater in 2016 for a production of Man in the Holocene directed by Thom Luz with lighting designed by Matthias Vogel.
They needed a compact moving light that had a sharp narrow beam that could shoot across the stage, reflect off five mirrors and interact with the main actor.
Like all theatres and any live entertainment venues, 2020 has been a tough year for Deutsches Theater due to the pandemic, but, looking forward to 2021, Linus is hopeful that the r

alpsRhythm & Alps closes 2020 with Hippotizer
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

New Zealand – It is re-assuring that somewhere in the world, 2020 ended with a music festival. That’s what happened in the shadow of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, where the Rhythm & Alps Festival saw off the year with a celebratory vibe enhanced by TomTom Productions, whose Hippotizer Media Servers from Green Hippo delivered the visuals for three separate stages.
Rhythm & Alps, which has become South Island’s biggest New Year’s Eve party, was also celebrating its 10th anniversary with this event, which was held over the last three days of December. TomTom, based in nearby Queenstown, is the festival’s regular provider of full production design and supply services. This year, their contributions included the provision of Hippotizer Karst Media Servers to meet the varying playback requirements of all three performance stages: the Alpine Arena main stage, the Where The Wild Things Are stage and the Log Cabin DJ stage.
“For the Alpine Arena, we had a standard upstage LED wall, complemented by 156m of Martin VDO Sceptron strips,” says TomTom’s Hamish Roberge. “These covered the side walls, ceiling and part of the rear wall, allowing us to extend the LED wall content out, or run separate content for contrast.”
He continues, “Hippotizer control was via the lighting console over Art-Net, and the Media Servers were at FOH, which gave the LDs a direct GUI-view of what they were playing back. The Hippotizer integrates directly with the Martin P3 PC, which maps and controls the VDO Sceptron, both for control as a DMX fixture and a


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