UK - Racquet Studios, a Sussex-based operator in the realm of virtual production, celebrated a successful student open day with East Sussex College at their Eastbourne facility on 22 February, offering more than 120 attendees from a range of creative courses a ‘deep dive into the transformative world of virtual content creation and filmmaking’.
The event, which was hosted in partnership with Canon Cinema EOS Cameras and Croatian specialist manufacturer, stYpe, illustrated the evolution of virtual production, highlighting its significant advantages over traditional filmmaking methods while emphasising the various creative and technical skills that feed into the cutting-edge solution.
The event solidified Racquet Studios' commitment to fostering innovation and excelle

UK - Production Futures has announced that Talks, a feature of the organisation’s On Tour events, is to be developed as a podcast and YouTube platform. The new format will feature a series of live-streamed, recorded discussions with a variety of production industry experts covering a range of topics, all of which will be designed to provide a valuable resource for young people interested in careers in the sector.
The initiative will be launched on 12 March when lighting designer Tim Routledge will join a Q&A session chaired by Production Futures’ Hannah Eakins in an online session from 11am GMT, broadcast from the organisation’s Strawberry Studios set in Manchester.
Tim, who is looking forward to taking questions from the young people in attendance, is enthusiastic about the event: “I was never academic at school and despite my school wanting me to do some

The Netherlands - Renowned trance music festival Transmission transposed to the Gelredome in Arnhem in The Netherlands for the first time, presenting its newest Elysium show concept at the end of 2023 and keeping the winning international production and supply teams that have helped make the event such a success in its native Czech Republic and globally.
Organisers United Music turned to their long-term lighting, audio and LED screen supplier, Ministry Rentals to supply the production kit - every bit of the kit came from Banska Bystrica in Slovakia - and lighting designer Bas Kempers to create an eye-catching visual environment to work in conjunction with their spectacular scenic design.
Bas’ lighting scheme included over 250 Robe moving lights, a dynamic combination of Fortes, MegaPointes, Pointes and BMFL WashBeams, together with multiple strobes and LED w

China - This year marks a significant milestone for Brompton Technology. The opening of the Shenzhen office in March 2019 strategically positioning the company in High-Tech Industrial Park, Nanshan, was prompted by customer demand and the city's status as a hub for LED panel manufacturing.
Brompton’s decision to establish a dedicated office facilitated seamless communication and support for local clients. Fast forward five years, and the company’s Shenzhen team support Brompton’s customers with account and project management, calibration, operations, technical product queries, training, field application engineering, and marketing.
To mark the occasion, the team will host a celebratory event at the office on 7 March. Brompton’s CEO, Richard Mead, will be joined by Elijah Ebo, director of APAC operations, Pokman Chu, general manager (China), Summer Zhang, depu

Patagonia - George Vlad, a professional sound designer, recordist, and composer, packed his bags and set off on an adventure to Patagonia. His goal was more than just braving extreme weather conditions and noisy environments to record sounds. George was on a mission to capture the unheard symphony of nature, to bring attention to the significance of sound in our visually saturated world and the unique beauty that lies within the noise of our acoustically polluted globe. His journey wasn't just about collecting sounds; it was about making us listen.
Armed with Rycote's audio equipment, George Vlad had a clear purpose in mind. This time he wasn't just out to record sounds, he was on a mission to push the boundaries of what's possible. He ventured into extreme weather conditions and noisy environments, testing the limits and exploring the constraints of sound capture. His goal

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