UK - BBC Radio 1 and their 'One Big Weekend' (OBW) spectaculars have a long and fruitful association with Britannia Row Productions, but this year's event in Earlham Park, Norwich was a little different.

The BBC has, in the last decade, grown the stature of OBW to the extent that top line international stars readily abandon days off in their busy touring schedules to make an appearance on the Main Stage at OBW. That's where Britannia Row Prodduction's (Britrow) expertise comes to the fore, having a particular and proven track record for managing high turnover performances of prestige acts, "It's a pressure situation," confirmed Britrow's project manager Lez Dwight, "with simultaneous live broadcast and relatively short changeover periods between what tend to be full

UK - Taking place in the Walled City of Derry - Londonderry, Ireland, The Walled City Tattoo showcases the best of local and international talent in a production based on the rich tapestry of cultural expression compiled from the diverse people within the city.

Entering its second year it was one of a number of events benefiting from KV2 Audio products courtesy of Irish partner Just Lite.

Featuring traditional favourites including the Massed Pipes & Drums and Highland & Irish Dancers, The Walled City Tattoo was a fast paced show also featuring world famous motorcycle display team The Imps and rhythmic comedy from Swiss group Starbugs.

Audio reinforcement the previous year was provided via an "industry leading" Line Array system but according to the shows organisers the change to KV2 Audio's True Point Source approach significantly improved the experience for the 15

Korea - Wireless Solution Sweden has announced its newest distributor of W-DMX products, Tongsuh Technologies and Trading Co. Ltd. in Korea with the arrangement confirmed during the KOBA Show 2015.

Tongsuh is a leading distributor of high end lighting brands including Clay Paky and Philips Showline. The company has been in business for 20 years and celebrated this milestone at the KOBA Show.

Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution says, "Tongsuh has proven itself as a leading distributor of quality products as well as a strong partner in their region. We look forward to a long a profitable relationship."

H.R.Shin of Tongsuh commented, "Wireless Control is the future, we want to work with strongest company in the field and for us Wireless Solution Sweden is the best choice."

(Jim Evans)

Qatar - Qatar hosted the International Handball Federation's 24th Men's Handball World Championships this January and February, a massive event that saw 24 national teams compete in 88 matches to a total attendance of over 300,000.

The championships were held across multiple venues, with three purpose-built just for the event, including the 15,300 seat Lusail Sports Arena. The Arena was the backdrop for the most important games of the championships, as well as the spectacular opening and closing ceremonies. Australia's David Atkins Enterprises produced the celebrations, with technical assistance from Auditoria's Scott Willsallen. With experience earned on major sporting events around the globe including Olympic and Commonwealth Games, Sydney's The P.A. People was chosen to provide communications services throughout the championships.

The P.A. People needed to be onsite as the

USA - LED screen manufacturer PixelFLEX, known for their lightweight and flexible video screens, has designed and released an enhanced version of the FLEXLite LED tile known as the FLEXLite Plus.

The original FLEXLite series was designed for clients who wanted an economical solution to meet the needs of permanent installations and lightweight screens. The FLEXLite Plus line builds on the FLEXLite's success by adding very important features for the rental and touring markets.

Currently available in 3.9, 6.9 and 8.9mm pitches, the FLEXLite Plus line features a curveable and rigid product in one frame that is capable of creating a 15-degree curve in either direction via the unique radial fastener - the greatest curve in any PixelFLEX product line to date. It also adds positioning guide pins and captive screws for safe handling of high module changes. Optional touring frames are a

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