Prism Sound Lyra 2 Special Edition
UK/China - Audio interface specialist Prism Sound is fighting back against counterfeiters who have been copying its award-winning products by launching special edition units with distinctive red front panels.
These unique converters are only available in China - and only through the company’s official distributor, Digital Media Technology Co. Ltd (DMT).
“We are taking this action because we want audio professionals in China to have a quick and easy way of recognising legitimate products so they can avoid being fooled by inferior fake ones,” says Prism Sound’s CEO James Woodburn.
“It was hugely disappointing to find counterfeit Lyra audio interfaces on sale in the Far East and we are determined to stamp out this illegal trade - not just because it is very damaging for our brand and reputation, but also because it is unfair on our loyal customer base. Our customers choose Prism Sound interfaces for their audio quality, reliability and build quality, characteristics that are all absent in these fake units.”
Prism Sound’s Lyra 2 and Callia interfaces will both be given the new red livery and will be available immediately through DMT.
Clement Choi, managing director of DMT, says: “Prism Sound is making every effort to stop the counterfeiters and we are giving them our full support. These attractive and highly distinctive Callia and Lyra 2 units are immediately recognisable as the ‘real deal’, and we urge Chinese customers who want to own a Prism Sound converter to come directly to us and avoid making a costly mistake.”
Since discovering illegal units on sale in the Far East, Prims Sound’s technical team have been examining them thoroughly and have run numerous tests that indicate just how substandard the fakes are. Prism Sound and DMT have established a customer feedback channel. Anyone who has concerns about the authenticity of a Prism Sound product can email for guidance on how to distinguish a real unit from a fake one. This approach has already helped several customers successfully defend their rights.
“Counterfeit interfaces may look convincing but under the surface they are poorly made and not worth the money people are trying to sell them for,” James Woodburn adds. “They fall a long way short of the audio performance and build quality of legitimate products.”
Prism Sound has reiterated the advice that anyone offered a cut price Prism Sound unit should have it checked by the company or by an official Prism Sound distributor before they buy. Legitimate units, including second-hand ones, can be easily identified so that customers are protected. It is also important to remember that illegal copies won’t be covered by Prism Sound’s usual warranty and buyers should be aware of this before they part with any money.

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