The design team relied on adroitly balanced lighting effects and colour washes
UK - For the 16th edition of the annual Performance Marketing Awards ceremony at London’s Grosvenor Hotel, Bristol-based production specialists Pytch were tasked with creating an impressive array of visuals for the awards ceremony, hosted by television personality Joel Dommett, as well as for the club-like, high energy afterparty.
Responding with a lighting concept anchored by an assortment of carefully curated Chauvet Professional fixtures, the company’s design team was able to create a colourful, immersive, and multi-level visual production that endowed the stately hotel’s ballroom with a stylish air of contemporary elegance and festiveness.
With little to no scenic elements upon the actual stage to carry the visual communication and branding of the awards ceremony, Pytch was ultimately given something of a blank canvas to work with, as the design team relied on adroitly balanced lighting effects and colour washes to create the desired atmosphere.
Key to fulfilling the client’s directive to create a glamorous look and feel were the 20 Rogue R2 Wash fixtures that were positioned from above stage trussing. Thanks to the brightness of the 19 15W RGBW LEDs and the saturated colour effects of the fixtures, the team was able to throw deep, vivid wash colours onto the stage, thus creating a natural and attractive focal point within the room for the evening’s award ceremonies.
Pytch's concept revolved heavily around creating an immersive atmosphere throughout the whole room. At key moments, they called upon the Rogue fixtures in their rig to engulf guests in bursts of light.
Central to achieving this transformative effect was a combination of eight Rogue Outcast BeamWash and eight Rogue RH1 Hybrid fixtures positioned from the lattice of trussing above the audience area. When the award ceremonies were concluded, these fixtures provided varied and multifaceted to reflect and enhance the kinetic energy level of the afterparty.
Lending an additional element of glamour to the event were 34 WELL Fit portable wireless fixtures, which were positioned around the fringes of the room and also in the foyer area. Thanks to the fixture’s DiFi wireless control, the team could set up the entire collection of portable fixtures quickly to create the feeling of visual depth and expansion.
The Pytch team successfully loaded, set up and dismantled the rig within a 48-hour period.

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