The Introduction to Navigator course gives students an overall view of the principles of entertainment automation systems and teaches the basics of how to configure and program automation systems using FTSI's award winning Navigator hardware and software.

This class gives a basic overview of the current state of the art in entertainment automation and introduces students to the basic principals involved in mechanical methods, rigging, and show automation. Mechanical system components, network architecture, safety systems and considerations, motion control techniques, system programming tools and instructions, console operation, and basic troubleshooting will all be introduced, with examples and exercises provided for all students. This three day course costs £380 to attend. The course is ETCP recognized for 28 renewal credits for Electrical and Rigging certifications.

This course is suitable for both technical persons new to the world of automation as well as professional automation programmers and operators wishing to gain hands-on experience with the Navigator family of automation control.

presented by: TAIT
Monday - Wednesday 9.00am - 5.00pm

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Please note: This three day course costs £380 to attend.

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