Zero-Ohm is set to launch a two-input, two-output rack mounted system

USA - Montreal-based Zero-Ohm will show MS-4R5, a two-input, two-output rack mounted system at InfoComm 2018. Meanwhile, the new MS-2R (2000W version) will debut at the Las Vegas-based event. The company’s Multispeaker system won a Best New Product Technology award at the Innovations Showcase at InfoComm 2017.

“Our primary product is well beyond the testing phase,” says co-founder George Dracopoulos. “There are existing installations that have been operational for over three years. Our technology already provides the key benefit of full range sound on major installs that far exceed the limitations of traditional 70V and 100V solutions. Building on the revolutionary design, that eliminates the need for transformers, we continue to push the frontiers of big sound with our plug-n-play system."

The Zero-Ohm Multispeaker system is a passive device that interconnects between any amplifier and multiple loudspeakers without worrying about amplifier speaker loads, impedance and extremely long cables runs. This device allows users to connect 20, 30, 40 or more speakers in parallel to one amplifier without the use of transformers. Up until now, the ability to connect multiple speakers in parallel was confronted by the issue of operating the amplifier at a safe impedance. Although there are amplifiers that operate at 4 ohms and 2 ohms safely, any effort to drive them below the rated resistance load led to device failure. The system is ideal for major audio applications:  arenas and stadiums, amusement parks, bars, cinemas and theatres, reception halls, airports, cruise ships, hotels, outdoor malls, restaurants, water parks and more.

Dracopoulos continues: “The response to our technology at InfoComm 2017 was remarkable, but we are not resting on that success. Instead, we are forming networks and building partnerships, while simultaneously pushing the technical limits, to change the perception of what major fixed installs can be. Our solutions provide consultants, integrators and installers with flexible options to win more business. In addition to the clear benefits of full sound range, there are impressive cost saving opportunities on both equipment and labour.”

(Jim Evans)

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