Gordon Henning, Sam Monica, Kyle Thompson and Chris Norwood from Norwood Productions with DWR’s Jason Johnstone and Robert Izzett
South Africa - Norwood Productions, a technical supply company based in Johannesburg, has announced the recent acquisition of Absen NT2.9 panels. This development significantly enhances their capacity to provide LED panel solutions, particularly catering to larger venues such as the prestigious Sandton Convention Centre.
Chris Norwood, owner of Norwood Productions, had already integrated Absen NT2.9 panels into the company's inventory during a strategic acquisition in August. Now, in November, an additional influx of these hardworking units has been warmly welcomed, thanks to a collaboration with DWR Distribution. Anticipating continued growth, more shipments are expected in the coming months.
"Our stock is growing rapidly and is pushing us to the next level," says Chris Norwood. "Before we could cater for up to four hundred people but now we can supply the much larger conference events.”
Norwood Productions has been particularly active in the conference and music markets. "While our corporate engagements typically wind down at the start of December, the surge in live entertainment events has been remarkable," notes Norwood. “Because we have been putting more time into the music scene we love, we’ve noticed a big pick up from the live entertainment bands and DJs.”
The music scene is experiencing a resurgence, with an increasing number of live events drawing enthusiastic crowds. "The return of live events and the freedom to experience multiple artists have reinvigorated the industry," shares Chris. "We are witnessing a significant rise in festivals, with weekends featuring up to ten major events. This trend is not only beneficial for production companies like ours but also for the thriving music community."
Using the Absen screen in a curved formation has also been a useful tool for things like DJ or film shoots, and Chris says that Absen hit the nail on the head when creating a user friendly product.
Dylan Jones from DWR Distribution expresses gratitude for the collaboration and the growth of Absen. "Working with Chris Norwood and his team has been a pleasure,” says Dylan. “Their work ethic and attention to detail shows in the exponential growth of the company. They consistently deliver amazing work and are a real inspiration to our Industry."

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