The UK-based Craft Guild is made up of over 500 award-winning creative talents
UK - The Association of Motion Picture Sound has announced the contenders for excellence in sound for a feature film awards. The movies are: Barbie (Warner Bros), Mission Impossible (Paramount), Oppenheimer (Universal), Saltburn (Amazon) and (A24).
AMPS chair Andrew Wilson, expressed enthusiasm for this year's nominees, stating: "The nominees showcase a remarkable blend of creativity and technical mastery. These exceptional films highlight the varied and dynamic landscape of the craft of sound in film, each presents distinct audio demands executed to a fantastic degree, making the decision for AMPS voters a truly challenging one.”
Final voting will start on 15 January and close on 25 January. In addition to supervising crew members, AMPS honours key 1st assistant sound/boom operators and supervising dialogue/ADR editors.
The announcement of the winners on 27 January will contribute to the ongoing legacy of AMPS Awards, marking another milestone in recognising outstanding achievements in film sound.
The UK-based Craft Guild is made up of over 500 award-winning creative talents working in the fields of film, TV and games.
Sponsors of the AMPS Awards are Dolby Laboratories, Pinewood Group, Sennheiser and Bubblebee Industries.
AMPS Awards is dedicated to advancing its mission of celebrating excellence in sound and fostering the growth of the next generation and welcomes collaborations to enhance these objectives. Interested parties are encouraged to contact AMPS via to explore opportunities for involvement.

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