L-Series Plus - ‘a new generation of LED Fresnels’
Germany - With the new L-Series Plus, ARRI has announced ‘a new generation of LED Fresnels’. Up to 90% brighter than the original L-Series, direct network data input and the intuitive onboard control interface known from ARRI SkyPanel, the new L-Series Plus provides additional benefits while retaining appreciated features such as continuous focusability from spot to flood; a smooth, homogenous light field; and complete control over the colour and intensity of light.
Originally introduced in 2011, ARRI L-Series LED luminaires were the first professional alternatives to popular tungsten Fresnels on a like-for-like basis, offering additional LED advantages like independent control of colour temperature and brightness along with instant cost savings through major reductions in power draw and cooling requirements.
Precise light field control can still be achieved with barndoors and flags, permitting the beam shaping and cutting upon which lighting designers depend.
In addition, the fully tuneable white light to achieve the best results for different skin tones, camera sensors, and mixed light environments, while specific colour shades can be matched through full gamut colour mixing.
The new ARRI L-Series Plus fixtures come in two sizes: the L5-C Plus features a five-inch, while the L7-C Plus features a seven-inch Fresnel lens. Despite being approximately the same size and weight as their predecessors, the L-Series Plus products provide up to 90% more light output, making them much more powerful and versatile as lighting tools (average output increase, depending on model, beam angle, and colour temperature is 60%).
Existing barndoors and all other L-Series accessories are fully compatible with the new Plus range. L-Series Plus introduces enhanced connectivity by implementing network data input and lighting control via the ArtNet and Streaming ACN industry standards. Workflows are simplified by the familiar onboard control and user interface of the classic SkyPanel, while light output is specifically calibrated for optimal reproduction on broadcast and digital cinema cameras, ensuring pleasing skin tones and vividly rendered colours.
L-Series Plus build quality and flexibility make them suitable for a wide range of use, from studio and location work on movies and television to live entertainment, photography, theatre, and corporate productions. A combination of passively cooled housing and a discreet encapsulated fan guarantee the most silent operation even in the most critical environments.
At the heart of the L-Series Plus concept remain the core benefits of tuneability, colour fidelity, rugged durability, and ease of use, now upgraded to the latest connectivity standards.

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