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Italy- Based outside Turku, Finnish loudspeaker manufacturer Aura Audio Oy is using the magic of Powersoft's M-Force's electromagnetic conversion principle to power its XD30 subwoofer. This was pressed into action at the recent Colors dance festival at Kaapelitehdas, the former cable factory in Helsinki.

Aura Audio's managing director, Mika Isotalo, explains that they worked closely with rental company AMJ Turku Audio Oy, who equipped both the main and second stages with Aura's premier sound reinforcement systems.

M-Force first captured their imagination at its launch during Prolight+Sound 2013 in Frankfurt. "We started working with it immediately, so that by Frankfurt this year we were able to present our own M-Force product, the XD30 subwoofer," stated Mika. At the same time the X-series amplifiers had been introduced.

M-Force features an innovative transducer based on a patented moving magnet linear motor structure, offering unrivalled performance in terms of power handling, electromagnetic conversion, reliability and maximum SPL when compared to a conventional moving coil and cone arrangement, says Powersoft. Driven by the M-Drive amp module, the M-Force motor is the result of years of FEM magnetic and mechanical simulations, while Powersoft's Differential Pressure Control (DPC) creates further performance enhancing active control.

"As a loudspeaker manufacturer focusing on acoustics and new loading techniques we already had a new patented enclosure design which we had been using with different cone drivers for several years. When we saw M-Force we immediately thought it would be good for more compressed loading because of that huge motor strength."

"A single XD30 is able to produce more than 150dB peak SPL in floor and we used four of those in two by two end-fire configuration so we were hitting average of 140dB's at 10m's. Low frequency cut of is around 30Hz, but it does go lower than that if necessary."

So far the system has been heard by dance music aficionados at such events as DBTL Festival in Turku, Helsinki Pride and Raumarock Festival in Rauma and others.

"The reaction from pretty much everyone has been one of positive surprise," says Mika. "They have all been impressed by the size to SPL, the fast transient response and effortless infra bass."

At the same time Aura Audio purchased their first Powersoft X8 amplifiers this year, specifically to drive the top end of their rig - and will be offering them to their clients as a primary choice. "X8 represents an unparalleled package of DSP and electronic power, and it sounds very natural and clear," observes Mika.

At the Colors Festival the system comprised Aura Audio's A2 line array - with six elements per side and six as a delay line to carry sound over 100m to the back of the hall, powered by the X8, fitted with OEM preset libraries. Further A1 point source cabinets were used as front fills.

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