Clockwise from top left: Kelly Feild, Tim Keller, Katie Feltes and Hayley Elliott
USA - With summer productions back in full swing, Bandit Lites has announced the hiring of Kelly Feild, Tim Keller, Hayley Elliott, and Katie Feltes as full-time, touring lighting technicians.
“Bandit is pleased to announce the addition of these four great people to our full-time team, on the career path.” says Bandit Lites chair Michael T. Strickland. “Please note that three of the four hires are women, another indication of our focus on gender equity. But do not believe that is what this is about, it is not. We bring on the best and the brightest and Kelly, Katie, Tim, and Hayley are just that – stars! We thank thme for joining the team and look forward to long, accomplished careers for each of them!”
Feild graduated from Belmont University with a BBA in Music Business before working full time as event staff for Belmont's Curb Event Center arena. Feild then began touring with Bandit Lites team in 2018 and has worked as a lighting technician on various productions including ZZ Top, Reba McEntire, and Jason Aldean.
Keller previously worked at a production house in North Dakota where he honed his skills providing lighting, video and audio for corporate events and concerts for three years. He has already provided support on multiple Bandit Lites gigs including Jackson Browne, Hangout Festival and Zach Williams.
Elliott graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Show Production from Full Sail University. While in school she worked as a local hand for Rhino Staging. Her current Bandit credits include Zach Williams, Black Music Honors and Dude Perfect.
Feltes graduated from Coe College BA in Theatre Arts. Prior to joining Bandit’s team, Feltes worked in Cedar Rapids, Iowa at RHCR Theatre as their technical director, lighting designer, and set designer. Additionally, she worked with various Midwest theatres, toured with VStar Entertainment as well as worked frequently with UpLight Technologies. She’s been a lighting technician on Alice Cooper’s national tour and has also provided support on various Bandit projects.
“I am really excited to have these crew on board,” said Jake Tickle, vice president of business, and Innovation. “They all have individual skill sets and an excellent work ethic. I look forward to watching them grow and excel in the industry; the sky is the limit for this group.”

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