‘The flexibility offered by BlackTrax made it a natural choice’
Canada - BlackTrax brought their expertise to the live sports industry and added a new level of immersive artistry to the recent NBA All-Star events. Whether you were spectating from home or within the arena, the NBA raised the bar by transforming how fans engage in sports broadcasting through the integration of immersive technologies, including BlackTrax, into the games as they happened in real-time.
In collaboration with ASB GlassFloor, the NBA left fans in awe as the traditional glossy hardwood floor was upgraded to a 27m-pixel screen displaying real-time visuals and animations. Certified for the highest level of professional sports competitions by federations such as the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and International Volleyball Federation, ASB GlassFloor is more than just a flooring system; it's a versatile, multi-functional solution.
The surface of the court, known as LumiFlex, became the focal point of the evening, featuring graphics, video relays, and interactive games.
BlackTrax played a crucial role in enhancing the excitement and interactivity of the games, thanks to its seamless integration with GlassCourt OS, the interactive software solution developed in partnership with ASB GlassFloor. Integrated with both LumiFlex and GlassCourt OS, BlackTrax was used to not only track hosts, players, mascots, entertainers, and audience members but also trigger animations that enhanced the players' movements in real-time.
The collaboration between BlackTrax and GlassCourt OS was instrumental in transforming the LED court into a dynamic platform, showcasing graphics, video relays, and interactive games that synchronised perfectly with the tracked talent and elements on the court.
“The decision to use BlackTrax was driven by its unmatched speed, precision, low latency tracking, and the ability to handle a large number of tracked devices simultaneously without increasing the system’s latency or compromising the NBA's vision,” said Dekkar Densham, sales manager at CAST. “The flexibility offered by BlackTrax made it a natural choice, providing the NBA with even more creative freedom.”
During the Ruffles All-Star Celebrity Game, BlackTrax created an immersive and dynamic atmosphere by tracking the movements of 12 celebrity players, including top artists like Jennifer Hudson and Metta World Peace, a former Lakers basketball player. As the games unfolded in real-time, BlackTrax's ability to track players
resulted in spectators at home or in the arena witnessing the top three scorers illuminated with fire trails as they moved across the court.
BlackTrax further enhanced the viewing experience by triggering animations such as a dynamic three-point line, court graphics, special effects, and real-time stats for fans. The visual spectacle included interactive player-tracking technology showcasing the paths taken by players during particularly impressive runs.
“This historic moment demonstrates how BlackTrax is helping to add the next level of immersive interactivity for talent, spectators in the venues, and even for those watching at home,” adds Densham.

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