The tour will conclude in Hamburg in November
Germany - Chart-topping band Versengold blends traditional music with more contemporary folk songs, as well as dance and party tunes, all elevated by the artistry of lead singer Malte Hoyer.
The band’s current Nacht der Balladen (Night of Ballads) tour, which began on 18 March and runs all spring/summer, ending on 4 November at Barclays Arena in Hamburg.
Supporting this evocative music is a richly textured and immersive lighting design by Yannik Klimas. Running his six-universe lightshow on his ChamSys MagicQ MQ250 Stadium, he is engaging audiences while reflecting the music with his deep colours, mellow effects, and crisp key lighting. For songs like the band’s hit Das Bier ich in der Rechten trug, when Hoyer connects directly to the audience, Klimas creates engaging crowd lighting. While with other songs, such as Küstenkind which relate to the North Sea, Klimas relies on his lighting to create a more nautical mood.
The flexibility of his console’s MagicQ software has made Klimas’ life much easier on the busy tour,” he said. “I can programme an entire show on a laptop at home without a console, which is very convenient, as is the app that allows me to control the MQ250M from my cell phone.”
Another thing he appreciates about the console is its compact size. Weighing in at only 13kg and measuring 680mm wide by 416 mm deep, the console is easy for Klimas to take from show to show by plane.
Most important though, is the console’s power and flexibility. The bands give Klimas a great deal of leeway lighting the show. He notes that the 10 motorised faders, and 10 playback encoders open a wide range of creative options for him. The console is also making it easy for him to adjust to the needs of different venues. For example, thanks to the Cue Stack feature tracks very easy to navigate. The ease at which position pallets can be adjusted to fit specific venue configurations is also a great help.

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