Crown International announces that IQ for Windows software version 5.1 is now currently available for free download. The new application is an upgrade from version 5.0 released last fall and offers two key improvements over its predecessor. First and foremost, IQ for Windows v5.1 fully supports Crown’s six new CTs Series amplifiers, including the four-channel CTs 4200 and eight-channel CTs 8200, all of which debuted at the NSCA Expo in Denver.

Secondly, and very importantly, the new software now implements a drag-and-drop methodology for the creation of custom user control panels. For example, by simply clicking on a desired control, such as a fader, on the standard control panel and dragging it onto the control surface, v5.1 automatically links the component into the signal chain. To group faders together, all one needs to do is take another fader from a different control panel and drop it on top of the first fader and the program will link them together as a master control.

"With previous versions of IQ for Windows, linking controls required many more mouse clicks and consumed a greater amount of time, especially in large installations," says Jim Stembel, Crown International marketing director for IQ and networking. "However, our new drag-and-drop approach vastly reduces both programming time and labor making it much faster and easier for contractors to set up and implement IQ Systems."

The software is available for download from the website address below:

(Lee Baldock)

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