CT chose Tessera S8 LED processors for the flexibility of Brompton’s Tessera feature set
Singapore - Creative Technology APAC has recently added Tessera S8 LED processors to its existing Brompton Technology inventory. These have already been deployed on two high profile, internationally broadcast esports events hosted by Riot Games.
“Brompton Technology has always been thought of highly in the industry, and with in-camera productions growing rapidly in the last couple of years, it made complete sense to capitalise on the opportunity and invest in Tessera LED processors,” says Juay Minghee, operations director at CT Singapore. “Brompton’s presence in the APAC region and the company’s pro-active engagement with our team in Singapore has already been beneficial.
“Brompton’s industry-renowned 24/7 customer support also gave us confidence in our investment. We know there will always be someone from Brompton’s team available to answer our questions should we need their support.”
CT chose Tessera S8 LED processors for the flexibility of Brompton’s Tessera feature set and easy-to-use software. Powering ROE Visual’s DM2, 2.6mm pixel pitch LED panels, the Tessera S8 deliver exceptional contrast, brightness, and ultra-realistic visual experience.
“For League of Legends: Mid-Season Invitational in Busan, South Korea, we deployed a system that uses over 300 ROE Visual DM2.6 panels together with three Tessera S8s in various configurations such as nine sets of window-like design, each measuring 1m wide by 2.5m high, and a breakout design overhanging the players and measuring approximately 8m wide by 4m high,” Minghee explains.
CT then immediately shipped both screen and processors to Singapore for another Riot Games event, the first-ever Wild Rift Icons Global Championship. Originally planned to be hosted in Madrid, the event was moved to the Singapore’s Suntec Convention and Exhibition centre due to the Covid-related complications. Here, a giant customised LED wall comprising three rectangular screens, with wings each measuring 6m wide by 3m high, and a player walk in LED at 9m x 4mH made up of ROE Visual DM2.6 panels and powered by Tessera S8 LED processors, took up key positions around the set.

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