The Vantec 15A is equipped with a 15" ‘F' series woofer offers a 45 Hz -20 kHz frequency range
USA - At NAMM this month, D.A.S. is set to launch the new Vantec series of portable systems. The Vantec series is comprised of four models available in both powered and passive configurations. The completely new series incorporates 12", 15" powered two-way systems, a double 15" powered three-way system employing a "dual-band" configuration and a single 18" powered subwoofer system.

The Vantec series is equipped with the new 'F' series loudspeakers, developed by D.A.S. to provide exceptional performance and reliability. The new M-28 compression driver features a FEM (Finite Element Modeling) optimized motor, phase-plug and diaphragm. Attached to the D.A.S. designed CD-horn, the assembly provides brilliant high frequency reproduction and optimum control of dispersion with 90º x 50º coverage angles.

The Vantec 12A is a 12" biamplified system powered by a two-channel amp providing 1500 Wcontinuous of power. Performance-wise, the cabinet offers a frequency response of 60 Hz- 20 kHz and a maximum peak SPL of 135 dB.

For those needing wider frequency response, especially in the lower frequencies, the Vantec 15A equipped with a 15" 'F' series woofer offers a 45 Hz -20 kHz frequency range.

The Vantec 215A is equipped with twin 15F woofers for applications requiring higher SPL overall and a more powerful bass response, such as mobile DJ systems. The three channel amplifier offers 750 Wcontinuous per channel for a total power of 2,250 Wcontinuous. The Vantec 215A operates in a "dual-band" configuration where each loudspeaker operates in a specific frequency range.

The Vantec series includes a single 18" subwoofer, the Vantec 18A, powered by a Class D amplifier with switch mode power supply, digital signal processing and a 2000 Wpeak power rating.

(Jim Evans)

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