The upgrade will be shown for the first time at The NAMM Show 2024 and ISE 2024
Europe - Following its release as an infrastructure matrix, DirectOut has announced the first major upgrade of its PRODIGY.MX. The upgrade will be shown for the first time at The NAMM Show 2024 and ISE 2024.
Bundled in the ‘Advanced’ system licence, the DirectOut development team has added a number of new features to extend the scope of its latest PRODIGY mainframe. The smart platform now offers a 64x64 Matrix Mixer (MatMix) and 64 Flex Channels, which can be loaded with IIR Filters, Dynamics and Delay PlugIns. 64 Input Managers and EARS for all Input channels add an extraordinary level of redundancy and resilience to the system. To tailor cost-effective solutions, all features can be purchased as part of smaller plugin bundles or in combination as part of the ‘Advanced’ system licence.
“We are excited to see how our Audio Solution Model (ASM) comes to life with this big upgrade of the PRODIGY.MX,” says DirectOut’s CTO Claudio Becker-Foss. “ASM is an innovative approach developed by DirectOut that focuses on providing comprehensive audio solutions. It is structured as a five-layer model, based on hardware platforms in combination with skins, control protocols, GUI and add-ons. The model allows for flexibility, precision, and the ability to tailor solutions to specific needs. The PRODIGY series is our top line hardware platform and the power we can unleash by adding Software and Firmware features is just stunning.”
DirectOut also announces the availability of the HOME control licence, enabling the full integration of its PRODIGY Series into Lawo’s HOME ecosystem. This means that PRODIGY converters benefit from instant IP discovery and registration throughout a RAVENNA network, intuitive stream routing, device monitoring, parameter control and the security features offered by the HOME platform, all enabled through a single control API.
The PRODIGY's parameters can now be conveniently tweaked from a LAWO mc²-series console with built-in HOME functionality. The decision to support HOME natively is based on the benefits the platform offers to DirectOut’s user base.
“With this tight integration, audio operators will be able to access our devices’ comprehensive feature set directly from the convenience of, e.g., an mc² console surface,” Becker-Foss notes. “Conversely, this tie-up will allow users to benefit from our gateway options into the Dante and Ravenna realms at all sampling rates supported by Lawo’s A__UHD Core.”

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