Akaash Singh (photo: Nathan Lindstrom)
USA - Production sound and re-recording Mixer Thomas Cassetta has always loved live theatre and events, so when presented with the opportunity to work on comedy specials back in 2014, he jumped at the chance. Cassetta has worked on projects around the globe for platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Tubi, Peacock, HBO and ShowTime. He also helps generate laughs with comedians such as Andrew Schulz, Jim Jefferies and Hasan Minhaj. Cassetta’s most recent stand-up production work includes recording and mixing comedian Akaash Singh’s first hour-long comedy special, as well as Pete Davidson’s new Netflix special entitled Pete Davidson: Turbo Fonzarelli.
Working on so many streamed comedy specials, Cassetta knows he needs to recreate the experience of being at a live show, while also ensuring the comedians feel connected to their audience. For Cassetta, the best way to accomplish this is with DPA Microphones solutions such as the d:facto 4018VL Vocal, 4017B Shotgun, 4018C Supercardioid and 2011 Twin Diaphragm Cardioid Microphones, as well as the brand’s newest 2012 Compact Cardioid and 2017 Shotgun Microphones. A selection of the brand’s in-line preamps and accessories also allow him to adapt to a variety of venues and locations.
“I believe DPA has a bright future in standup comedy,” says Cassetta. “Comedians are very in tune with how their microphones sound and feel. They like familiarity, something that feels natural and a sound that honours the relationship they’ve cultivated with their audience. Those are the three most important factors. Beyond the superb performance, DPA microphones offer a benefit for comedians who have a loose microphone technique - the very simple reason being the off-axis linearity.”
With the desire to capture the natural sound of the audience, Cassetta finds that DPA allows him to accomplish this goal. “Half of the equation in comedy is the audience,” he explains. “The beauty and power of DPA microphones is that they give you the ability to EQ and control the massive energy in the room while tailoring it to what you want from that audience.
“With DPA, the speaker system won’t have a different colour based on what microphones I choose to capture the room. The mics make it possible to hear every nuance of the house, rather than just a wall of laughter. When I’m listening to the recordings, I feel like I’m right back in the venue.”

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